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Live Again
Chapter 7
Plot Line
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It had been a few weeks sense Serena and her family had appeared and began staying at the dojo. Not wanting to impose Serena bought the food and did a few chores, though Rini wouldn't let her near the kitchen. Things settled down into a regular routine and, for the most part, everyone was happy. Not long after the peace was broken. Sano was hurt, and somehow, Kenshin new who had done it. Megumi stayed the night to take care of him.
Serena half skipped down the road to the dojo, trying to look happy for her companions. Yahiko walked slowly behind her, head down in annoyance. Rini was holding Kohana, a motherly smile on her face. Together the four walked into the dojo, only to find a fight taking place.
Kenshin was fighting a man in a policeman's uniform with Sanosuke, Megumi, and Kaoru watching. Serena watched the battle quietly. Kenshin's eyes were an amber color, meaning he had "gone Battousai" as Rini put it. 'Damn, I forgot that he was coming today.' Without a moment of hesitation Serena jumped between the two and threw both against opposite walls.
"Get out of the way girl." The cold, angry voice of the cop growled. He charged, but Serena didn't move an inch, just wacked him out of the way.
"I suggest you stay where you are." Serena said as the policeman started to stand. The tone of her voice startled him enough that he froze where he stood.
"What is going on here?" A commanding voice sounded from the door way. He looked at Serena who was glaring at the policeman.
"Nothing, just stopping the fight between Kenshin and that man." She motioned to Kenshin's opponent. The man looked surprised, not expecting her to answer his question.
"Lets get down to business, shall we?" Serena, with her family behind her, moved to a different room of the dojo. The interaction that happened after she left was not heard by them. Patiently they waited for the rest of the group to enter. The man that had fought Kenshin leaned against the wall. The chief of police and the man who had spoken earlier sat across from Kenshin who sat between Kaoru and Yahiko. Sano leaned against the wall behind them while Megumi stood, waiting for something to happen. Serena, Rini, Kohana, and Helios lounged behind them all, staying quiet.
"We need you to go to Kyoto." The man took a deep breath. Serena listened closely to what was being said. "A man named Shishio needs to be defeated. He calls himself your predecessor."
"You mean you want Kenshin to assassinate him." Megumi spoke up.
"No, we won't let him kill again." Kaoru's voice was angry. A slight argument picked up, but Kenshin was quiet through all this, thinking.
"Himura as he is now, won't be any help. We need the Battousai." The man leaning against the wall finally spoke. His gold eyes looked at the passive face of Kenshin.
"Don't start Saitoh." He jumped slightly, having forgotten about the other four people that he had just found out stayed in the dojo. Then she cursed under her breath and looked pointedly at her daughter.
'I can't even feel the baby's ki.' He though as he eyed the four people with distrust showing in his frown. He didn't even remember telling them his name. His eyes narrowed more, if possible. Listening to the fight that the four members were having, he found he could not understand what they were saying.
"Who wants to take this one on. It's not even worth our time." Serena looked at Rini expectantly, reverting to their old language.
"Not me." Rini said quickly. Helios shook his head when they looked at him, politely refusing. Their gazes shifted to Kohanna.
"Go on Kohana, you need the exercise." The young girl hoped out of her fathers arms with a pout stretching her face. She headed toward the door muttering under her breath. Rini frowned, though she could barley hear what her daughter was saying, she had an idea. Serena smiled, trying not to laugh.
"Watch your mouth young lady." Rini re-primed. Her daughter continued toward the door, not paying attention. "That's what I get for letting her hang around Jupiter and Uranus while they fight."
"Chibi, wait." Serena called just as her granddaughter exited the room. Putting her hand behind her back she materialized as sword. Kohana, who had re-entered the room, smiled brightly enough to put the sun to shame. "You can use the space sword."
"I don't think that's such a good idea mother."
"It'll be fine." Kohana grabbed the sword from her grandmother and skipped out the door. An explosion and short scream later the dark pink haired girl re-entered the room, looking guilty. Serena sighed as she exepted the sword from her grandchild.
"She's your daughter." Serena stated. She produced a sash from a hidden pocket and tied the sword to her waist
"You spoiled her." Rini returned.
"You raised her."
"You helped."
"Her personality comes from you."
"My personality comes from you so you cant use that excuse."
"It comes from your father, not me."
"You gave her the sword." Rini said with a finality in her tone. Serena sighed again, this time in defeat. She pushed herself of the wall and went outside. After a few minutes she came back looking irritated. No one asked what she had done.
"Now, we know that Shishio is in Kyoto, right?" It was a statement more then a question. Rini gestured to her mother, husband and daughter. "We have business with him."
"To think that he still ruins his families name after all these years." Serena sighed.
"When do we leave?" This was the first time Helios spoke loudly enough that all could hear. It startled some; they cast surprised looks at him.
"As soon as Kenshin does." Came the reply from Serena.
"He's not leaving." Kaoru was angry, her fists were clenched.
"If you think so. I have other resources at my disposal."
"Young lady, this would be too dangerous for you."
"No, Okubo, it wouldn't be. I've dealt with him before. I had to, he is my best friends brother, although she hates to admit it. Don't let appearances fool you, my granddaughter has seen more then you." 'Of course she is over two hundred years older.' The blond silently added.
The man raised a questioning eyebrow. "I don't remember introducing myself to you."
"I have my resources. So, any way, it's settled, my family and I will leave with Kenshin. Oh, and Kenshin, don't think you can object or persuade me." Serena stated in an admonishing tone.
"You should stay here little girl. I doubt you have seen more then those in this room." Saitoh sneered.
"I have seen great kingdoms fall, and been in more wars then you will ever see. Be thankful that you can't see as many wars and battles as I have." Serena's voice was strained with anger. "Don't let appearances fool you. I did once and it cost me and those around me dearly."
Saitoh ignored them for the rest of the time he was there. He had not missed the emotion in their eyes that even the youngest held; the look of someone who had seen too much in their life time. Suppressing a shudder he listened to what his employer was saying. After everything was said and the guests had left, Serena turned to her family and friends.
"So, Kenshin, what's your decision? If you decide to do what they asked, you won't have to kill. You won't even have to fight, I can take care of that, you needn't get involved."
"As grandma said before, Shishio is someone who we have to deal with ourselves no matter what your decision." The voice was new, but chimed like a small bell. Eyes turned to the young girl who sat at Rini's feet.
"You can talk?" Yahiko blurted. The Kohana scowled, the look making the spiky haired boy stutter. She cut him off sharply, glaring.
"Of course I can, I'm not exactly a toddler you know. And here you said nothing when Grandma gave me a sword and I was walking." The girl grummped.
"You look like one." He mumbled, shrinking from the younger looking girls eyes.
"Our group has two trump cards. One is the Silver crystal and the other is my daughter." Rini spoke up. "Looks can be deceiving, after all Littlest Lady here is older then Kenshin."
"How much older?" Kaoru asked.
"She turns two hundred fifty three next week. That's why she's one of our trump cards, and why she puts up with that body. It's why we all put up with these bodies come to think of it." Stunned silence seeped into the room. Wide eyes looked back and forth between the four figures that stood before them.
Helios watched in amusement, they had already forgotten what his mother in law had told them. Things just progressed into a more interesting plot line, but no one seemed to want the fight with Shishio to come so soon. Not after the battle they had with Chaos and the attacks that always seemed to happen to Kenshin and his makeshift family. The air seemed to lighten as Serena and Rini, this time along with Kohanna, started arguing over some petty thing or another. An adventure was taking place and none seemed to want it, but destiny took its toll and led the way.