Rurouni Kenshin Fan Fiction ❯ Maternal Expectation ❯ March ( Chapter 2 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
March, 1880

"I WANT CHOCOLATE, DAIKON AND RAMUNE!!!" roared the voice of a very pregnant and very hungry Himura Kaoru.

"We still have some daikon, but we're out of chocolate and Ramune," said Kenshin softly, trying to placate his emotional wife.


"I know, but you ate half of it the first day and the other half the next day," said poor Kenshin.

"ARE YOU SAYING THIS IS MY FAULT?!!!!! AAAAAAAH, YOU DON'T LOVE ME!!!!!!" cried Kaoru, bursting into tears.

"Now now, of course it's not your fault," said Kenshin, holding his hands up. "I'll go to Yokohama and get some more first thing."

"You better," snarled Kaoru, face still wet with tears.

With a sigh of exasperation, Kenshin tucked the Sakabatou into his belt and slipped on his sandals as he headed out. He didn't know how they were actually going to afford more chocolate, daikon and Ramune. Of the three, chocolate was the worst. Imported foods were so expensive, but if he didn't want to spend the next six months sleeping alone, he'd have to indulge his wife's tastes and endure her moodswings.

Kenshin returned from Yokohama with the chocolate and Ramune in the buckets. He set it to keep cool in the well. Kenshin was tired and more than a little irritated with Kaoru, though he hid it well. It wasn't his fault her appetite was out of control, yet she blamed him, yelled at him and threatened to make him sleep in the guest room if he didn't buy the exotic fare her pregnant stomach desired. He entered the house, slipping off his sandals before stepping up from the genkan. Kenshin cast out his senses to locate his wife. She was in the living room. He went in and slid the door open quietly.

Kaoru had fallen asleep leaning against the wall while waiting for him. Kenshin's heart softened at the sight of her thus. He retreated to their bedroom and unfolded the futon, after which he returned to the living room. Moving slowly and carefully, Kenshin knelt down and scooped Kaoru up in his arms. She was a bit heavier than he was used to, but certainly nothing he couldn't carry. Kenshin carried her to their bedroom and laid her down on the futon, putting the blanket over her.

Quickly and silently, he undressed, slipped under the covers and pulled Kaoru into his arms. Irritation completely forgotten, Kenshin rested his chin on the crown of Kaoru's head. Yes, it was annoying to be yelled at. Yes, it was tiring to have to go to Yokohama every few days to restock on chocolate, but when he saw how vulnerable she was, he just couldn't remain annoyed.