Rurouni Kenshin Fan Fiction ❯ Maternal Expectation ❯ April ( Chapter 3 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
April, 1880

Kaoru was as big as a balloon. She couldn't see her feet when she looked down anymore. She could feel the baby moving and kicking inside her. The baby had a habit of kicking very hard right after she'd eaten, thus relieving her of her food. Because she was getting larger, Kenshin had to let out some of her kimonos for her.

It was hard for Kaoru to maneuvre without bumping into something. She couldn't stay on her feet for more than ten minutes without feeling tired. Kenshin, the perpetual worrier, wouldn't let her spar with the students in the training hall anymore. Kaoru was stuck watching from the sidelines while Yahiko taught the classes, as he was of age to begin taking on the duties of a shihondai.

Kenshin stuck to Kaoru like glue, following her everywhere and waiting on her hand and foot. Her moodswings became more and more extreme. Kenshin often found himself with a lump welling up from his head when he tried to do something for her that she thought she should do for herself. Then when he was hesitant to help her do something else, she'd explode at him for being lazy. The poor redhead just couldn't win either way.

During the day, Kenshin was plagued by Kaoru's moodswings. At night, he was plagued by nightmares.

"I'm so sorry, Himura-kun. We did everything we could, but we lost Kaoru and the baby," said Oguni-sensei sadly.

Kenshin was too stricken to even speak. He went through the door and beheld Kaoru lying on a bed covered in a white sheet, marking her as deceased. Tears fell from his violet eyes as he reached to pull the blanket back from Kaoru's face. Instead of her face, he saw a skull staring up at him with dark, empty sockets. Kenshin jumped back and hit the wall.

Kenshin woke up in a cold sweat, gasping for breath. He turned immediately to his side and saw Kaoru sleeping peacefully beside him. Kenshin snuggled up beside her and closed his eyes, trying to erase the horrible tableau from his memory. Sleep was a long time coming.