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The BetRedone

Chapter 1

The Bet is Made

Kaoru Kamiya walked, with her books in her arms, up the stairs that led to the front door of her school, Jupon High School (made up the name v v;). A light breeze blew past her, blowing her long raven hair slightly to the side. It was now fall and winter was just around the corner. Most the leaves had fallen off the trees. Kaoru stepped into the school and let the warmth in the building warm her frozen fingers. She quietly walked down the hall until she came to her locker. She quickly entered her combination and opened it. She placed her extra books in her locker and grabbed her History stuff. As she closed her locker her friends, Misao and Tae, came up to her. Kaoru had been friends with Tae and Misao since middle school. They had all attended Kakachi Middle School (made up the name again. I'm really bad at it. v v;). Luckily they had all managed to get into the same high school, which was surprising because the entrance exam for the school was extremely hard. They had known that to begin with because it was one of the most prestigious schools in all of Japan. They had managed to get most of their classes together this year, so all three of them were happy. School had been in for almost three months so they knew they schedule pretty well. All of them had History first hour.

"Hey Kaoru! What's up?" Misao energetically asked her friend.

"I'm doing fine Misao. Thanks," Kaoru answered with a smile.

Kaoru was normally a quiet and shy girl, but when she was around her friends she was much more open and carefree. Kaoru had gotten that way since her father passed away two years ago. Her mother had died before she was three so she hadn't gotten to know her. Now she had a younger brother to take care of, but somehow she managed to make it through it all.

"Well, we should probably get going. If we don't hurry Seijuurou-sensei will be angry," Tae stated.

The other two girls nodded and then began to walk down the hall. Misao began to jabber on about this and that. As they continued down the hall they passed by a large group of girls huddled around a guy and his two friends. Kaoru stopped and stared past the crowd and saw Kenshin Himura standing there with his seductive smirk on his face. Kenshin was the most popular guy in the whole school. He had probably had about 30 different girlfriends since the start of high school. He was known to be a player. It was also rumored that he only went out with girls for the sport of it. Besides that most girls thought he was the hottest thing to have ever walked the earth. He stood there talking in his school uniform. On his head he wore a black baseball cap flipped backwards. His long, red hair cascaded down to about the middle of his back. This only made him that much more handsome. He had light, violet eyes and a cross-shaped scar on his cheek. It was said he had received it when he was a kid. Misao and Tae stopped when they noticed Kaoru was no longer with them.

"Kaoru?" Misao turned and asked her friend.

Misao and Tae both noticed who Kaoru was looking at. Both of them looked to each other and smiled a sneaky smile to each other.

"Hey Kaoru what or who are you looking at?" Tae asked suspiciously.

It was then that Kaoru snapped out of her stare. She secretly had a crush on the boy, however, she denied it. A blush filled her cheeks.

"Now, what are you guys talking about?" Kaoru said with an embarrassed shocked expression.

It was then that Misao noticed one of the men standing next to Kenshin.

"Aoshi-sama!!" Misao said happily.

Aoshi Shinomori was Kenshin's second best friend. He was the silent type that always gave off a cold look. However, Misao seemed to have fallen for the guy. To Kenshin's other side stood Sanosuke Sagara. He was Kenshin's best friend. He had brown hair that basically stood straight up. Kaoru's roommate claimed that he looked like a roaster. He was known to gamble a lot and always got into fights. He was strong, but had a very cocky attitude.

Kaoru looked at her friend and laughed. She was happy to be able to switch the subject. When her laughter subsided she looked up at the clock and gasped. There was only 2 minutes till they had to be to class and the classroom was on the other side of the school!

"We're going to be late!" Kaoru exclaimed.

Together Tae and her dragged an impatient Misao down the hall. The young girl complained all the way to class.

They entered the classroom just as the bell rang. Luckily Misao had noticed that she was slowing them down, so she stopped complaining about having to leave Aoshi and quickly grabbed her friends' arms and ran down the hallways. Dragging Kaoru and Tae behind her. They quickly took their seats as Seijuurou-sensai began to talk about the Meiji Revolution. As the class began to scribble down notes here and there someone opened the door. Kenshin stepped into the class. The whole class looked up and the teacher turned and looked at him.

"Thanks for joining the class today Mr. Himura. Take your seat and don't ever be late for my class again," Seijuurou-sensai said calmly, "By the way, you have detention with me after school today."

With that he turned back to the board to finish writing.

"Whatever," Kenshin said as he sat down at his seat.

The rest of the class went smoothly. Surprisingly no one interrupted the teacher again. He was nice, but if you got him mad you were basically saying your death wish. Even the worst kids knew not to mess with him. Finally the bell rang and the student stood up and left the class after they were assigned their homework for the night.

Koaru didn't have her next two classes; Geometry and English, with her friends so the next two hours went by slow for her. Finally lunch came so Kaoru was able to catch up with her friends. She found them at their normal table. She ran over to the table and sat down next to Misao. As soon as she sat down Misao went through her past two hours in excruciating detail.

"Yea, and in third hour Aoshi-sama answered the teachers question about the algebraic formula! He's so smart!" Misao exclaimed.

Kaoru looked at her friend and laughed as she told her story. Across the table Tae was laughing with her. Misao looked at her friends questioningly.

"Hey, what's so funny?" Misao asked, but the two girls just kept laughing.

:::: Elsewhere ::::

Sanosuke sat on top of one of the benches not far away from the small group of girls. In his mouth was a toothpick. He hated school. There was no point to it. It was so boring! As Sanosuke growled under his breath Kenshin and Aoshi joined him. Aoshi took a seat on the actual seat part of the bench and Kenshin did the same on the opposite side of the bench.

"Sano, what's got you all ticked off?" Kenshin asked his friend.

Sanosuke turned around at Kenshin's voice and faced the red head. He gave a slight smile.

"You know me so well don't you," Sano said as he placed his feet on the ground and stood up, "It's so boring! Nothing good ever happens at this school. Not even a decent fight!"

"I know. This place bores me as well," Kenshin stated, "There aren't even a good number of decent girls here."

With that Sanosuke smirked.

"Hearing that coming from you doesn't mean anything. You dump a girl after going out with her once because you're so impatient," Sano said in a challenging voice.

"Are you calling me an idiot Sanosuke?" Kenshin asked as he stood up, "I bet you I can get any girl to fall in love with me."

"Oh really, then lets make a bet on that," Sanosuke said as he pointed to a girl not far away, "300 bunks if you can get that girl over there to fall in love with you and take her to the Winter Formal."

Following his friend's finger, his gaze landed on Kaoru. Kenshin turned his gaze back to his friend.

"That's almost three months Sano!" Kenshin exclaimed.

"What are you too chicken?" Sanosuke asked teasingly.

Kenshin started to get angry. No one called him a chicken!

"Fine, you've got a deal, but you better keep it," Kenshin said as the two of them shook hands.

"I will. By the way I forgot to mention. When you take her to the Winter Formal you have to dump her otherwise there's no deal," Sanosuke mentioned.

"Fine, that will make my job that much easier," Kenshin said quietly, 'Girl get ready to be my new playmate.'(A/N: I did not mean this in a bad way!)

Aoshi just sat there quietly eating his food.

The bet had been made.


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Ok, there is the NEW Chapter 1 of The Bet. I (personally) thing it was MUCH better than the original. I don't know when exactly the real Winter Formals take place, but in this story it's in January ok? Also this story starts at the end of November. Well, that's all for now. Tell me what you think. PLEASE READ AND REVIEW!! THANK YOU!!