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The Bet Redone

Chapter 10

The Unexpected Heartbreak

Kaoru and Kenshin went over many plans to try and get Misao and Aoshi together. Before they realized it the day had passed and the sun was setting. Kenshin stood up from his spot on the floor and looked down at Kaoru.

"Well, I better go. You need your rest. I'll come tomorrow to pick you up for school," Kenshin said kindly.

Kaoru smiled at him before she said, "Okay. Let me see you to the door"

She went to stand up, but Kenshin stopped her by putting his hands on her shoulders and pushing her back down onto the makeshift bed.

Kenshin shook his head and said, "I told you to rest. I can see myself out."

Kaoru pouted for a bit because she felt like she was being accused of being too weak. However, she stopped. He was right. If she wanted to go to school tomorrow then she had to rest so her arm could heal faster.

"Okay, I'll see you tomorrow," Kaoru said.

"Oyasumi," Kenshin said as he gave a small wave of his hand and walked out of the room. Not long after Kaoru heard the front door open and then she heard it close.

Suddenly the house seemed quiet and deserted.

'I can't believe I feel lonely since he left,' Kaoru thought as she placed a hand over her heart, 'I've never felt this way before. It such a strange feeling and I don't understand it very well.'

Kaoru's gaze found the doorway that Kenshin had walked to just a couple of minutes earlier. She felt her cheeks heat up slightly. Her hands quickly found the side of her face as her blushed darkened slightly.

'This could be what I think it is, could it? Could it be that I've fallen in love?' Kaoru thought to herself, 'How, when could I have fallen in love with him? I mean he has been a lot nicer and sweeter toward me. Maybe he's changed maybe he's not such a bad guy after all.'

Kaoru was so into her thoughts that she failed to notice Yahiko entering the room.

"Hey sis," Yahiko said, but Kaoru didn't noticed.

He walked over to her and waved a hand in front of her face, but she still didn't noticed. Yahiko was getting annoyed so he took in a large breath of air and yelled, "Kaoru!!!"

Kaoru jumped two feet into the air with a gasp. She looked over to where her brother was. It was then she realized what he did.

"Baka! Don't scare me like that! I could have had a heart attack!" Kaoru yelled back.

"Well, it's not my fault that you're all spaced out and didn't even notice that I was talking to you!" Yahiko challenged her back.

Kaoru gasped and looked shocked at what the younger boy had said. She tried to think of a comeback, but she couldn't. Yahiko smiled over his victory as he left the room. Kaoru looked at the clock that was in the room.

"6 o'clock? Wasn't Megumi supposed to be home at 4 o'clock?" Kaoru asked herself as she tried to remember.


With that said Megumi stood up, taking her supplies with her. She put the supplies away and walked back to Kaoru.

"I have to go to work. Yahiko's already at school. I should be home at about 4 o'clock pm," Megumi said, " and I called you're school and told them that you and Ken-san aren't coming to school today because you got sick so just rest and don't move around too much."

Megumi walked over to the door and put her shoes on.

"I'm leaving," Megumi yelled out as she walked out the door and closed it behind her, leaving a very confused Kaoru behind her.


"I wonder why she's so late?" Kaoru thought out loud.

Her eyes widened and she sat up as some bad thoughts crossed her mind.

'What if she was abducted? What if someone hurt her? What if?' Kaoru's eyes widened more that she failed to noticed that someone had enter the room.

"Kaoru. Kaoru?"

Kaoru was shaking her head with a look of dread on her face. Megumi reached over and shook her shoulders.


Kaoru's gaze came back into focus and she saw Megumi standing over her.


Megumi smiled, "Sorry I'm so late. We had a last minute emergency patient right as I was about to leave and Dr. Gensai needed my help."

Kaoru's eyes softened and she smiled.

"It's okay," Kaoru said.

"Okay, well I'm going to go make dinner so just rest a while," Megumi said as she stood up and left the room.

Kaoru sighed and laid down. She closed her eyes and was soon off in the dream world.

Kaoru awoke to sunlight in her eyes. She placed her right arm over her eyes, hoping to shield them from the sun. Once her eyes had adjusted she moved her arm away and let out a yawn.

'Wow, I must have been tired,' Kaoru thought to herself as she remembered she hadn't even woken up for dinner.

Kaoru sat up and retook in her surroundings. She stood up carefully and walked over to the side door. The sun was still kind of low in the sky.

"I must have woken up early," Kaoru said to herself, "I should go take a bath."

With that thought she walked to her room and went to grab her uniform when she realized that she still had it on. She then realized how dirty and torn it was.

"Oh no! How can I go to school looking like this?!" Kaoru asked herself.

She grabbed a spare pair of clothes and quickly made her way to the bathhouse. She took a quick bath and then proceeded to fix the tares in her uniform. It didn't take her very long. She then threw it into the washer and dryer. It was a good thing she woke up so early.

'Thank Kami-sama for electricity and running water,' Kaoru thought to herself.

Once the uniform was done she quickly changed into it and made her way to the kitchen. There she found Megumi sitting at the table, eating.

"Ohayo," Kaoru said as she entered and sat down next to Megumi.

Megumi looked over at her and smiled, "Ohayo."

Megumi reached over and handed a slice of toast with jelly on it to Kaoru. Kaoru gladly accepted.

"Arigato," Kaoru said before she began to eat.

"Before you go I want to inspect the wound," Megumi stated.

"Okay," Kaoru said.

Megumi got up and Kaoru pulled up her sleeve, being careful not to tough the wound. Megumi inspected it before she left the room and came back with her supplies. She replaced the bandages and then had Kaoru put a sling on. Kaoru looked at her arm and then at Megumi.

"Do I have to wear this thing?" Kaoru asked in a kind of whiney way.

Megumi nodded and said, "It will help keep your arm in place so that the wound will heal faster. Even though I'm letting you go to school that doesn't mean you're completely better. You still need to take it easy."

"Yes, ma'am," Kaoru said boringly and she stood up from the chair and walked to the front door.

She put on her shoes, grabbed her bag and her coat, and opened the door.

"I'm leaving now!" Kaoru yelled out as she walked out of the house and closed the door behind her.

Once she was off of her property she saw Kenshin standing there waiting for her. She walked up to him.

"So how are you feeling?" Kenshin asked as he noticed the sling.

"Actually, I feel pretty good," Kaoru answered.

"What's that for?" Kenshin asked as he pointed to the sling that was holding her arm.

Kaoru sighed as she began to walk in the direction of their school. Kenshin quickly caught up to her.

"Megumi's making me wear it. It's suppose to keep my arm in place so I that I don't reopen the wound and make it worse," Kaoru explained.

Kenshin smiled as he took Kaoru's bag out of her right hand. Kaoru was about to complain, but Kenshin replaced the empty air by taking her hand into his. Kaoru gave him a questioning look.

"You need to be taking it easy right?" Kenshin replied.

Kaoru's cheeks turn slightly pink as she nodded. Kenshin looked at her face. He noticed the small pinkness on her face. He decided to tease her a little.

"Kaoru are you okay? Your cheeks are turning pink. Are you cold?" Kenshin asked as he looked at her trying to do the most serious face he could muster.

Kaoru's blush intensified as she attempted to answer, " I'm.. fine."

Kenshin smiled slightly after her reacted. On the inside he was laughing to himself. When they were about a block away from the school Kaoru took her hand from his and turned to face him.

"Can I please have my bag now?" Kaoru asked.

Kenshin kept looking forward and remained quiet. Kaoru looked at him for a while with a questioning look reflecting in her eyes. Kenshin broke the silence between them.

"Kaoru, do you think we could walk all the way to the school together?" Kenshin asked without moving his gaze.

Kaoru was about to tell him no, but then stopped.

'Why not? My friends already know so I don't have to worry about them. That and I think he really has changed. I didn't want him to turn on me as soon as we got to school. Those were the only reasons we weren't walking all of the way together. I guess there is really no reason left why we couldn't,' Kaoru thought to herself.

"Okay," Kaoru answered quietly as she looked at him with a nervous look in her eyes.

Kenshin turned his head, looked her straight in the eye, and smiled.

"Okay let's go then," Kenshin said as he started walking forward.

Kaoru quickly caught up to him as they got closer to the school.

'Yes, it worked,' Kenshin thought to himself as he remembered what Sano had told him.


Kenshin walked down the dimming street. He had just left Kaoru's and was on his way home.

"Yo Kenshin!"

Kenshin turned around to see Sano walking up to him.

"Hey Sano," Kenshin stated.

Sano caught up with him and they began to walk down the street.

"So how's it going with the girl?" Sano asked with a smirk on his face.

Kenshin smiled, "She's already hooked. You better have that 100 bucks ready Sano."

Sano's smirk faded and he got an annoyed look on his face.

"How do I know that you're not just fooling with me. I haven't really even seen you with her," Sano shot back.

"I ain't fooling," Kenshin replied slightly annoyed.

"Then prove it to me. Tomorrow come to school with her," Sano started, "Make sure it plain to see that you're a couple."

Kenshin shot him challenging look before saying, "Fine."


Before they were in front of the school Kenshin took Kaoru's hand in his again. He felt Kaoru tense up slightly as they walked into the schoolyard. As they made their way to the front doors Kaoru heard a lot of people whispering and giggling as they walked by. Kenshin didn't let go of Kaoru's hand until they were at her locker. Once they were there Kenshin handed her bag to her.

"Thank you," Kaoru said quietly.

Kenshin leaned down and gave her a small kiss on the cheek.

"See you later," Kenshin said before he turned and walked away.

Kaoru could only stand there dumbfounded as a blush formed on her cheeks. She quickly shook her head and proceeded to put her stuff away and grab the stuff she need for class. She got to class early and quickly took her seat. Tae and Misao came in right before the bell rang. They, of course, noticed the sling, but didn't get a chance to question because the bell rang. They took their seats. As the teacher wrote on the board Misao mouthed 'what happened?' Kaoru made sure the teacher wasn't looking and mouthed back 'I'll explain later.' Misao and Tae both nodded. Class went by quickly and Kenshin never showed up for class. Soon the bell rang and they were out the door. Tae and Misao quickly caught up to Kaoru and began to question her. Kaoru told them about her arm. Both of them were shocked. Soon they all had to hurry to their next classes. Kaoru didn't see them again till right before lunch. Misao had caught up with Kaoru and had asked her to go to the office with her before they went to eat. Kaoru agreed.

"I'm leaving tomorrow to visit my family in Kyoto so I have to give them a notice," Misao said.

"That's cool. I've never been to Kyoto, but I've always wanted to go," Kaoru said.

"I have an idea. Why don't you come with me? My family would be happy to have company," Misao told her with a look of excitement on her face.

"I don't know," Kaoru said as they rounded the corner.

Kenshin stood in the middle of the hall surrounded by 8 popular girls.

"Kenshin are you going out with that girl?" one girl asked.

"You looked really friendly toward her. How come you'll go out with her, but not any of us?" another girl said.

"Yeah, why would the most popular and handsome guy in our school want to go out with the likes of her?" another girl asked.

Kenshin didn't see Kaoru or Misao so he proceeded to answer, "I'm not going out with her. I saw she hurt her arm so I decided I would be nice to her and give her a little extra attention because I'm such a nice guy. Like I would go out with the likes of her."

Kaoru's eyes clouded over and she felt tears begin to fill her eyes. Kaoru felt her heart break into many pieces and a pain took over her entire body. Misao looked at her friend.

"Kaoru?" Misao asked.

Kenshin looked up in time to see Kaoru dashing off down the hall. Misao turned and yelled out to her.

"Kaoru!" Misao yelled and then turned to Kenshin, "You're an insensitive bastard!"

With that Misao turned and chased after Kaoru. All Kenshin could do was stare.

'Shit,' Kenshin thought to himself.

: Elsewhere :

Misao finally found Kaoru right by the office. She had run in a big circle in the school. Misao walked up to her broken friend and pulled her into a comforting hug. Kaoru's cries slowly died and she spoke to Misao.

"I'll take you up on your offer," Kaoru stated quietly.

Misao looked at her with a sad, kind smile.

"Okay, come on. Why don't you call Megumi and them I'll make the notice for both of us okay?" Misao stated.

Kaoru only nodded. They walked into the office. Ten minutes later they walked out and headed home. After turning in the notice they told the secretary that they had to leave early because their train would be leaving as soon as school let out. The secretary wrote then a pass. Before they left the school, they slipped a note into Tae's locker explaining the situation. They went to Kaoru's house first so she could pack and then they went to Misao's house. When they got there Misao packed a few last minute things before calling her family and explaining the situation to them. They kindly and gladly accepted Kaoru's visit. At 2 o'clock they left for the station. Their train left at 3 o'clock.

: Later :

Kenshin walked down the street to Kaoru's house. He had tried to find her all day, but for some reason she didn't appear to be in school. It was now 4 o'clock. He walked up to Kaoru's front door and knocked. He waited for a bit and hen Yahiko answered the door.

"What do you want?" Yahiko asked slightly annoyed.

"Is Kaoru home?" Kenshin asked.

"No," Yahiko simply said.

"Do you know when she's going to be home?" Kenshin asked as the kid was slowly starting to get on his nerves with that attitude of his.

"Um, I think December 24th," Yahiko answered calmly.

Kenshin was shocked, "What! December 24th? That's two and a half weeks from now! Where'd she go?" Kenshin asked.

"On a trip with her friend Misao. She said she needed and wanted to get away for a while," Yahiko said, "Now if you don't mind I'm busy. So leave."

With that Yahiko shut the door, leaving Kenshin standing there with a confused look on his face.

'She said she needed and wanted to get away for a while,' Kenshin thought to himself as he walked back out to the street, 'that's my fault. Damn it! Why did I say that?'

"My want to stay popular is why," Kenshin whispered to himself as he walked down the street as he contemplated about what to do.

: Elsewhere Later :

"Come on in!" a woman at the door welcomed them.

"Thank you for letting me come," Kaoru said as she bowed.

The woman smiled, "Any friend of Misao's is a friend of ours. Besides it sounded like you needed a vacation so please help yourself to anything."

"Arigato," Kaoru said with a small smile on her face as the woman ushered tem inside and the sky began to lightly powder the ground with snow.


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