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Absence - By Kirika


Chapter forty. You wanted an explicit yuri scene and here it is. Don't say I didn't warn you. ^_^

I hope I did an okay job. It was harder to write than I thought it would be.


- Kirika


Chapter 40 - A Touch Of Heaven, Act II

Rei commenced kissing the nape of Usagi's neck tenderly, showering the area with light pecks. The blonde bent her head down slightly as her senshi started to suck gently on her neck, the girl lapping at each spot with her warm tongue. Rei slipped her arms around her princess as she continued to rain kisses on her silky smooth flesh, and unbuttoned the first two buttons of her pink pyjamas. She then pushed the flannel material off Usagi's shoulders, exposing more of her only love's flawless skin. Rei heard Usagi take slow, controlled breaths as she sat submissively on the edge of the bed. As the miko moved away from her princess's neck and started giving the girl's shoulders special attention, she realised that Usagi was very tense. Rei's first thought was that she was merely excited, but her instincts told her otherwise.

Rei stopped her pleasurable ministrations and brought her mouth to her princess's ear. "Are you alright?" she whispered while holding Usagi delicately around the waist.

Usagi nodded and swallowed with some uncertainty. "Yes… I've just never… I haven't…" she said just above a murmur.

"Been with a girl?" Rei finished for her. "That's alright, neither have I… or anyone, for that matter."

"But that's just it," Usagi said, "I haven't either."

It took a second for Rei's brain to register this new information. "But, I thought… Mamoru…" she said in bewilderment, after coming back to her senses.

Usagi shook her head while staring at the floor. "He thought we should wait until I was older," she explained demurely.

At least Mamoru was familiar with the term 'jailbait', Rei thought to herself.

"Oh," Rei said, a bit shocked at the development. "We- we don't have to continue if you don't want to… if you, um, want him to… to…" She trailed off, the disappointment getting to her.

However, Usagi firmly shook her head. "No. I meant what I said… I want to… with you," she professed shyly.

"Really?" Rei said, her spirits greatly rising. Usagi wanted *her*, Rei Hino, to be her first? And Mamoru hadn't even been with her princess yet. The miko desperately tried to get a handle on her elation and excitement. "Me? I…" Rei rested her chin on Usagi's shoulder and closed her eyes, taking a deep breath and then releasing it. "Th-Thank you," she whispered, honoured and deeply touched that Usagi had chosen her to be her first… and hopefully, only. "I promise I won't disappoint you. I-I'll leave you, umm, intact, if you want for- for… him."

"Rei, you could never disappoint me," Usagi said to her senshi. "I told you before; you're very special to me. But… maybe you could, leave, uhh…" she said, blushing furiously.

"It's okay," Rei said quietly from where she rested her head on Usagi's bare shoulder, somewhat sad. "I will."

Rei resumed planting small kisses about Usagi's exposed shoulders, her arms still wrapped around the girl's slender waist. Carefully, the raven-haired girl began to trail her hands upwards, caressing her true love's flat stomach for a few instants, before moving up the blonde's torso further still. Usagi let out a gasp as Rei touched the base of her breasts through her thin pyjamas, the miko merely brushing the underside of each globe delicately with her fingertips. Usagi leaned her head back and shut her eyelids, letting her bodyguard take total control.

Rei stopped decorating her princess's neck and shoulders with wet kisses, and decided she wanted to do something else. She took a moment to clamp down on her increasing lustful feelings, not wanting to simply ravish her true love and for the whole thing to be over in just a few minutes. No, she wanted Usagi's first time to be a… memorable, and an incredibly pleasurable, experience.

Rei looked over Usagi's shoulder, and down to where her hands currently were, partially hidden by twin swells of pink fabric. She let out a slow breath, and then gently cupped Usagi's breasts in her hands, lifting them slightly and feeling their weight. Usagi murmured her bodyguard's name but kept her head back and her eyes closed. Encouraged by this response, Rei used her thumbs to stroke the mounds with feather-light pressure, to which Usagi responded by letting out a hum. Wanting even more, Rei slid her hands completely over the blonde's breasts until she felt a hard nub spike into each of her palms. Usagi certainly was aroused. The knowledge that she was feeling her only love's hard nipples further excited Rei, and she proceeded to knead Usagi's breasts, squeezing each spongy mass carefully to not hurt the girl. Rei pressed her body tightly against Usagi's back, her own breasts rubbing up against her princess through the towel and pyjama top. She deposited a few more sucks and licks on the blonde's throat and neck, pleased to hear her moan in approval.

Rei released one of Usagi's fleshy globes and used her now free hand to slowly unbutton her only love's pyjamas completely, until the pink flannel top hung open. She then slipped it off the blonde, leaving the girl's entire upper body naked. Usagi glanced down at herself and reddened a little, but never said anything. Rei absently tossed the pyjama top on the floor and once again bent her head over her princess's shoulder, eager to see an unobscured view of the girl's luscious breasts. She watched the soft swells, each topped with a pink hued aureole and nipple, gently rise and fall with Usagi's deliberate breathing, entranced by the delectable sight. Rei planted a kiss on the blonde's shoulder, not taking her eyes away from her princess's chest, and then gradually slipped her arms around the girl's slim waist once again. She reached up with one, minutely trembling, hand, and with a barely a touch, traced a finger over Usagi's right breast, causing the blonde to shiver in expectation.

Succumbing to her own amorous desires, Rei reverently brought both hands to her true love's breasts, and cupped them once more, now with no clothing to inhibit the delightful sensations. She massaged each firm breast tenderly, marvelling at the way the pliable mounds dimpled beneath her fingertips. Rei swallowed and then using her thumb and forefinger, delicately tweaked Usagi's erect nipples experimentally. The girl moaned and rested her head against her bodyguard's, still with her eyes shut. Emboldened by this, Rei rolled her princess's hard buds between her fingers, pinching them softly. Usagi gasped and put her own hands over Rei's, moving them with the miko's as the raven-haired girl played with her satin smooth breasts. Rei turned her head to Usagi's neck and sucked hard on the curve where it met the girl's shoulder, flicking her tongue over the blonde's velvety skin.

After several, long, luxurious minutes of relishing the feel of Usagi's breasts in her hands, Rei stopped kissing her true love's neck and raised her head. "Lie down," she requested in a sultry voice near Usagi's ear, and then took a moment to lick the delicate shell, briefly taking the lobe into her mouth before letting it slip out between her lips.

Usagi nodded her head somewhat unsteadily, but complied with her senshi's order, laying herself on her back on the bed. Rei unabashedly stared at her princess's half-naked form, spread out and waiting for her. Just for her. She gradually let out a breath and licked her dry lips, and then proceeded to pull on Usagi's pyjama bottoms, sliding the garment off the blonde's lovely legs. The miko threw the clothing to the floor to join its counter-part. Rei's breath caught in her throat as she saw the small dark patch on the crotch of Usagi's white panties, betraying the girl's sexual excitement. The Fire Senshi quickly quelled her first carnal inclination, reminding herself that she wanted to make her only love's first time as pleasurable as possible. And delightfully long.

Rei crawled on her hands and knees like a panther stalking its prey along the bed, until she was hovering over Usagi. Usagi gazed up into the raven-haired girl's impassioned lavender eyes and whispered her lover's name. Rei lowered her body a small extent and captured her princess's lips with her own, initiating a deep kiss, trying to pore all of her feelings for the divine angel into the action. Usagi returned the kiss just as enthusiastically, using her tongue to delve as far as she could into Rei's mouth, as if she wanted to claim the place as her own.

Usagi reached up to the form above her and grabbed the towel her lover was still wearing, unwrapping the material and discarding it onto the carpet. Rei broke the heated kiss to let out a moan as her princess hesitantly touched her full breasts, learning how different they felt from her own. Usagi traced a finger around each rosy aureole, watching in fascination as both nipples puckered and grew to their full length. Appearing like a child with a new toy, Usagi then gently tugged on each hard nub, eliciting a sharp gasp from Rei, and causing her to let go as if stung.

"Oh! I'm sorry, did I hurt you?" Usagi asked in concern, looking at her lover with blue eyes full of worry.

Rei merely shook her head in the negative, producing a relieved smile from her princess. Usagi returned her hands to the miko's hanging breasts, seeming totally enthralled by how the twin swells moved and felt. She pulled again on Rei's nipples with her thumb and index finger, and then released the buds, a small giggle escaping her throat as she watched how they sprung back into place. Rei grinned down at her only love, amused, and also becoming more and more aroused at the girl's antics. Even when doing something like this, Usagi appeared so innocent.

Rei let the blonde play with her breasts for a while, but when the girl started to bring a nipple up to her mouth, the miko quickly stopped her. "Uh, uh," she chastised gently. "Not before me."

Usagi pouted, but her disappointment quickly faded as her bodyguard showered her pretty face with butterfly kisses, trying not to leave any spot untouched. Rei kissed her way down the blonde's lithe figure, until she was level with the girl's chest. She wet her lips as she saw how each pinkish nipple stuck out at her, as if inviting her to taste them. Rei was more than happy to partake the offer. She took Usagi's right mound in one hand and squeezed it carefully, before bending down and enveloping the entire aureole and erect teat in her wet mouth. Usagi groaned low in her throat as her senshi gave her nipple a thorough tongue bath, flicking over the hard bud repeatedly. As Rei suckled and massaged her princess's supple breast, she used her other hand to knead the left one, rubbing her fingertips over the nub and causing the girl to writhe in ecstasy beneath her.

Rei lightly scraped her teeth over Usagi's hard teat, pulling it upwards slightly before releasing it and repeating the process, much to the blonde's enjoyment. She then turned her head so her cheek was flush with her princess's breast, and caught the girl's nipple in her teeth, chewing on the rubbery bud very softly. Usagi let out a whimper and pressed herself back into the bed, as if trying to escape the intensely gratifying sensations.

After a few minutes, Rei moved to the other breast, which still needed her attention. She licked around the pink hued aureole sensuously with her tongue, leaving a wet ring that glistened in the lamplight. The Fire Senshi then proceeded to suckle on the nipple, absolutely loving what she was doing. As Rei sucked hard on Usagi's firm breast, the girl in question stroked her raven locks soothingly with one hand while mumbling her name, urging her lover on.

Soon, Rei deemed that Usagi needed something even more stimulating, and moved down her princess's enchanting form until she was straddling her legs. She looked at the blonde's soiled underwear, noticing that the dark patch had grown since the last time she saw it, making the opening of the girl's most private place almost visible. Rei reached out with one shaky finger and traced the faint outline she could see, causing Usagi to jerk sharply and let out a small moan. Knowing what was to come, Rei took a minute to revel in the feeling of anticipation, before carefully peeling her true love's panties down her legs and removing them completely, exposing the girl utterly to the air.

Rei stared unashamedly between Usagi's tightly closed legs, taking in the neatly trimmed and slightly matted golden hair at the juncture. Using two fingers of one hand, the miko reached out and ran her fingertips lightly around the edge of the thin patch of public hair, making Usagi's body quiver. Trimming that area was more or less a necessity for a Sailor Senshi; due to the fuku each wore. It would be rather embarrassing if the creatures they fought got an eyeful of stray hairs sticking out from beneath their short skirts.

Rei put her hands on Usagi's knees and gradually pushed them apart, revealing her princess's womanhood to her eager eyes. Usagi blushed deeply as Rei looked intensely at the juncture of her spread thighs, the miko seeming wholly captivating by the sight.

"Are you alright with this?" Rei asked somewhat breathlessly, tearing away her gaze from the marvellous sight before her. "We don't have to-"

"I'm okay," Usagi hastily reassured her bodyguard, cutting the girl off.

With her princess's permission given, Rei bent down and wriggled forward until her head was in the perfect position between her gorgeous love's legs. She could already see the abundant amount of moisture shining in the light from the lamp all over the outside of Usagi's vagina, the wetness having been spread everywhere due to the blonde's underwear. Rei blew gentle waves of hot air over Usagi's opening, focusing on the engorged, partially hooded nub at the top, causing the girl to shiver in expectation. The raven-haired girl inhaled deeply, taking in her only love's uniquely sweet scent. Her mouth began to water as Usagi murmured her name, pleading her for attention.

Rei turned her head to the side and laid a tender kiss on Usagi's soft inner thigh, making the blonde tremble. The miko continued gracing the area with light wet kisses, occasionally taking a moment to suck and lick some spots. As the raven-haired girl moved closer up Usagi's leg, her cheek rubbed against the blonde's centre, smearing it with fragrant juices and causing her princess to moan loudly due to the friction.

After giving Usagi exquisite torture by merely concentrating on her inner thighs and nowhere else, Rei sat up, eliciting a sound of sad frustration from her princess. But that sound soon turned to a moan of approval as the miko stroked her fingers over the insides of Usagi's slightly parted and swollen labia, collecting as much fluids as she could and making the girl before her squirm in delight. Gently, Rei slid her first finger into the opening of Usagi's vagina, until she felt the resistance of her hymen. How it had survived with all the fights the blonde had been through was beyond Rei. But then, the Fire Senshi's was still intact also. Perhaps it was a Sailor Senshi thing. Rei slid another well-lubricated finger inside Usagi, revelling in the warmth and rather snug fit. She then very carefully traced her fingertips along her only love's hymen, feeling the barrier. It took nearly all of the miko's will power to not simply thrust forward with her fingers, rupturing the membrane and claiming Usagi's virginity. She pressed lightly against the thin wall, causing her princess to whimper in pain. Rei quickly retracted her fingers.

Rei stared at her two fingers, soaked in Usagi's moderately sticky juices. She swallowed hard and tried to control her increasing heart rate. Unable to resist any longer, Rei brought her fingers coated with Usagi's essence to her lips and proceeded to suck them clean, tasting the blonde's delicious nectar for the first time. It was delectably exquisite. And that Rei was tasting Usagi, her true love, made it all the more enjoyable.

As Rei licked the juices off her fingers, she was aware of her princess looking at her with heavy-lidded eyes. Feeling a wicked impulse grab her, the miko grinned lecherously at Usagi and with deliberate slowness, ran her tongue along her fingers, capturing all traces of the blonde's wetness. Usagi gulped a little but didn't stop staring at Rei through her half-lidded eyes.

"Oh, I see," Rei smirked. "You want a taste too."

Without preamble, Rei slipped her fingers inside Usagi again, causing the girl to spasm at the abrupt impalement. After gathering as much moisture as she could, the miko then crawled over Usagi and dangled her wet fingers above the blonde's lips. Usagi seemed panicked for a moment, but quickly relaxed. She strained her mouth upwards and extended her tongue slightly, trying to reach her senshi's offering. Rei kept her fingers just out of reach however, taking pleasure in her only love's efforts to catch them. But she soon relented, and Usagi eagerly clamped her lips over her lover's fingers, tasting herself. Rei smiled as she felt the blonde's tongue gently lap at her two fingers, licking off all of her own essence, the erotic scene arousing the Senshi of Fire greatly.

Once Usagi was done cleaning off Rei's fingers, the Fire Senshi scooted down until she was kneeling between her princess's legs once more. She penetrated the blonde with two digits, meeting the thin barrier again. She felt it even more carefully this time, barely even pressing against it, not wishing to cause her princess any pain. Rei's expression turned somewhat longing. She couldn't help but truly envy and despise Mamoru at this point.

"Do it," Usagi said firmly, completely out of the blue.

Rei looked at her princess with wide eyes, the shock evident all over her face. "What…?" she croaked out in disbelief.

Usagi closed her eyes briefly and then opened them again, staring intently into her lover's lavender ones. "Do it," she repeated in a softer tone.

The miko blinked at her true love for a couple of seconds, her thoughts lagging. "But… Mamoru… I thought…" she stammered in astonishment.

Usagi shook her head. "I chose you. *You're* my… first," she said shyly. "…Please, Rei," she added, seeing the apprehension in her bodyguard's eyes.

Rei took a few attempts to swallow, succeeding on the third, and then nodded to her true love. Now more acutely aware of Usagi squeezing the fingers inside of her more than ever, Rei started to move against the blonde's hymen in gentle thrusts. Usagi moaned softly at the uncomfortable sensations, but didn't take her eyes off the raven-haired girl's. And then with one abrupt, forceful thrust, Rei plunged her fingers through the membrane, ripping past Usagi's hymen and into the untouched recesses of her womanhood. Usagi arched her back and let out a surprised yelp of pain, her features contorting with discomfort, but she still kept her slightly tightening blue eyes on Rei's lavender ones. Rei watched Usagi's response as she took the divine beauty's virginity; every detail, every expression on the angel's gorgeous features being tattooed in her mind forever. She would never ever forget any aspect of that moment.

Usagi lay back on the bed and bent her head back, shutting her eyes and breaking the soulful stare with her lover. Rei looked down between her princess's thighs, seeing the trickle of blood run out past her penetrating fingers. She hoped she hadn't hurt her true love too much. The miko gently pushed her fingers into Usagi as deeply as she could, feeling the girl's insides stretch about her two digits. Rei watched in rapt attention as her fingers came out of her princess, glistening with moisture, and then vanished once more inside the blonde's velvety sheath, right up to her knuckles. She thrust into Usagi with long, slow and tender strokes, curling her fingers up slightly with each penetration to feel along the warm wet crinkly upper wall, searching for a hard, rought spot. Rei's princess took a shuddering breath as the Fire Senshi's fingertips found that pleasure-giving area, stimulating the place every time she impaled the blonde with her fingers, and also rubbing it as she withdrew them. Usagi began groaning loudly and gripped the pillow beneath her head in two fists, shutting her eyes tightly while she writhed in ecstasy.

Without stopping her thrusts, Rei leaned down and began lapping up the escaping juices, her tastebuds loving the taste and her nose loving the smell. Usagi cried out as her bodyguard ran her tongue over her inner folds, right next to the girl's penetrating fingers. Rei looked at her princess's throbbing clitoris, the hard nub completely engorged with blood and desperately needing devoted attention. The raven-haired girl circled Usagi's clitoris with her wet tongue, deliberately avoiding it as she continued to plunge her fingers as far as she could into her only love. The blonde groaned her frustration and started to move her hips in time with each of her senshi's thrusts, attempting to angle her body so that the girl's fingers would brush her sensitive clitoris. At that point, Rei flicked her tongue over the erect nub, barely touching it, but sending Usagi into pleasurable spasms. She then took the blonde's clitoris entirely into her warm mouth, sucking on it as she flicked her tongue repeatedly over the bud. Usagi panted Rei's name over and over again as she moved her hips even more forcefully with her lover's deeply penetrating fingers, the blonde's breathing becoming heavy and quick. Rei kept up her stimulation, sensing Usagi was close to climax. But just before she approached that heavenly goal, the raven-haired girl abruptly withdrew her fingers altogether and released her true love's clitoris from her mouth.

"Gah!! Rei, don't stop!!" Usagi cried out in shock and desperation, all her sources of pleasure now gone.

Rei ignored her princess's loud pleading cries and turned her face to Usagi's inner thigh, kissing it a few times and then sucking as hard on it as she could, drawing blood to the surface. Usagi yelped at the sensation, the somewhat uncomfortable feeling bringing her back from the edge of ecstasy. Rei released the blonde's leg, noting the love bite she had left behind on the once flawless skin, marking the girl as hers.

"Rei, why did yo-" Usagi started, but was interrupted as her senshi's firm tongue licked over her vulva, from bottom to top. She moaned and let her head fall back onto the pillow.

And so the increasingly pleasurable cycle went on; Rei would bring Usagi just below the plateau to bliss, only to distract her princess somehow and deny the blonde an orgasm. Usagi already had several red love bites gracing her thighs and throat because of this. Tears of frustration leaked out of the corners of the blonde's eyes as she begged her lover for a release, the thought of using her own fingers never even occurring to her. Rei continued the sweet torture until she herself could continue no longer, her own arousal at an all time high.

Rei held Usagi's thighs apart as her warm wet tongue delved into the blonde's vagina, parting the labia and thrusting as far in as it could go. She sucked up and swallowed any fluids she could, occasionally licking the girl's red and swollen clitoris for a bit before penetrating her with her tongue once more. Usagi thrashed her head from side to side, drenched in sweat and squirming under her bodyguard's ministrations, long ago having given up begging to the raven-haired girl and now merely submitting to her senshi. Rei licked and sucked eagerly at the opening of Usagi's nether regions, not able to get enough of her princess's uniquely delicious juices as she brought the blonde closer to the climax she so craved. The miko suddenly pushed two fingers inside her only love in a one slow, but firm, thrust, rubbing at the girl's special spot on her upper vaginal wall. On the seventh penetration, Rei added a third finger, Usagi's lubrication abundant enough to let all three digits easily slip inside of her vagina. The miko used her mouth to suckle on the blonde's erect clitoris, while swabbing the entire nub with her wet tongue, determined to make Usagi's orgasm the best she would ever have.

Usagi pushed herself onto Rei's thrusting fingers with almost punishing force as she gasped and moaned, striving towards her rapturous goal. As the blonde came nearer to what she so desired, she expected Rei to instantly stop and deny her what she needed. But her lover didn't. Rei didn't stop pleasuring her true love. She continued to slide three fingers in and out of Usagi's stretched opening, and continued to lap and suck on her engorged clitoris, coaxing the blonde girl over and beyond the edge to bliss. Usagi's chest and face flushed red and she arched her back as all her muscles tightened. She screamed out her intense orgasm loud enough to wake everyone in the entire house, as a fragrant clear liquid spurted out of her and splattered all over Rei's face, her vaginal walls repeatedly contracting over the miko's penetrating fingers in divine waves. Rei licked up as much of her princess's offerings as she could while still pleasuring the blonde with her fingers and tongue, wanting her only love's heavenly climax to last as long as possible. She strained her eyes upwards to catch a glimpse of her angel as Usagi experienced her explosive, long-delayed, release, wishing to also add that glorious vision to her permanent memories.

"No… more…" Usagi forced out after many enjoyable seconds, pushing at Rei's head with her hands, trying to make the girl stop licking her over-sensitive clitoris.

Rei flicked her tongue over the satisfied nub a few more times anyway, causing her princess to twitch and spasm unconsciously. She ran her tongue soothingly over her only love's entire nether regions, gathering up any fluids and effectively cleaning the area, while the blonde hummed low in her throat due to the loving extra attention. Rei sat up, and proceeded to pop her fingers in her mouth, slurping off the sticky wetness gracing them as Usagi watched her.

Rei crawled over her true love, dragging her crotch over the girl's leg and leaving a long, shining trail; a testament to her own arousal. Usagi was lying like a lifeless lump on the bed, looking incredibly satisfied… and incredibly drained. Rei pressed her naked body against her princess's, and began to plant light kisses over the girl's pretty face, wiping the sweaty golden hair back from the blonde's forehead with one hand. Usagi simply lay there as her lover placed kisses on her exhausted form, not saying a word bar a small groan as her senshi tenderly kissed her breasts.

"So…" Rei drawled out rather breathlessly, "…how was it?"

Usagi rolled her half-closed eyes in their sockets to her bodyguard and let out a wordless croak. Rei hoped that meant two thumbs up.

"You must be thirsty; I know I am. I'll go get us some water," Rei said, ignoring her own excitement for the time being.

Rei got off the now quite messy bed on unsteady legs, and then walked over to the closed bedroom door. She opened it a fraction and poked her head outside into the dark hallway, checking to see if anybody was awake. There just had to be someone who's sleep had been disturbed; Rei was surprised that none of the other members of the Tsukino family hadn't burst into the bedroom with the racket that had been going on. Seeing that the coast looked clear, the Fire Senshi darted out into the hallway and scampered down the stairs to the kitchen, acutely aware of the cold waves of air brushing over her exposed womanhood. The raven-haired girl quickly grabbed two bottles of water from the fridge, and then hastily returned to Usagi's bedroom, praying that no one would come out of their room and switch on a light, causing her nakedness to be revealed.

Rei shut her princess's bedroom door silently behind her, and then swiftly climbed back onto the bed and knelt next to the sated blonde. "Here," she said, passing one bottle of water to Usagi. The odango atama fumbled weakly with the cap for several seconds, until Rei took the bottle from her hands and opened it for her, before giving it back.

Usagi gulped down the water with big swallows, causing some of it to stream down the sides of her cheeks. Rei smirked at her only love and twisted open her own bottle, drinking a healthy amount. Once Usagi had emptied the bottle, she let her hand fall to the bed and the plastic container roll out of her grasp, causing it to end up on the floor. The girl continued to lay there, her breathing beginning to return to normal.

"That was…" Usagi started, and then swallowed and licked the excess water on her lips. "…Amazing," she finished, staring at Rei with dazed blue eyes. She suddenly slapped her lover's leg with a limp hand. "But those things hurt!" the blonde whined, rubbing at the red circles on her neck and thighs.

"Ooo, I'm sorry," Rei cooed soothingly, putting down her bottle of water on the bedside table. "But I had to distract you somehow, or else it would have been over so fast." She raised a single elegant eyebrow, smiling smugly down at her princess. "Besides, I know you loved it."

"You could have thought of some other way to distract me," Usagi continued to grumble quietly, fingering her many love bites.

"Here, let me kiss them all better…" Rei said slyly, and moved to situate her head between her true love's legs again.

"No! Please, Rei!" Usagi wailed, closing her legs tightly and fending off the raven-haired girl with her hands. "I can't take anymore!"

Rei pouted at her princess, but abided by the girl's wishes and straightened. Usagi let out a sigh of relief and relaxed on the bed. Both girls were silent for a few moments, Usagi enjoying the afterglow of her climax, while Rei tried to focus her mind on non-ecchi thoughts, controlling her amorous impulses.

"Is it that… good, with a man?" Usagi asked tentatively, looking up at her lover's face, her own fluids smeared over the girl's cheeks refracting the lamplight.

Rei shrugged her shoulders and finished her water, replacing the bottle on the bedside table. "I couldn't tell you, my princess," she said honestly, but then put on a mock contemplating expression. "But when compared to me? …Nah. No way. Not even close," she said, waving her hand at the ridiculous question while grinning down at her only love. Usagi merely rolled her eyes and batted her senshi's thigh.

Usagi's eyelids seemed to grow heavy, and she began raking her gaze over the kneeling girl beside her, taking note of her lover's obvious arousal. Usagi smiled a little evilly at Rei and wet her lips. "I think it's time for my revenge," she said slowly.

"That's alright," Rei said. "You don't have to do anything if you're tired. I can just…" She straddled one of Usagi's legs and rubbed herself slightly against the satiny smooth flesh.

"Not a chance!" Usagi said in a no-nonsense tone, as she watched the delightful bounce her bodyguard's chest made when she moved. "Now, *you* lie down," she ordered firmly.

Rei complied with the request and switched places with her princess, rearranging herself so that she wasn't lying on the damp patch on the bedspread. Usagi quickly straddled her bodyguard's hips, gazing down at the raven-haired girl's sensual figure with lust filled eyes. The blonde bent forward and met Rei's soft lips with her own, kissing the girl deeply and tasting the traces of her own nectar in the miko's mouth. Rei ran her hands up and down Usagi's thighs as the blonde angel kissed her passionately, loving the way the girl's breasts pressed against her own, loving the kiss, loving everything.

Usagi's lips left the miko's, and then she gently licked at the vaginal fluids sticking to the raven-haired girl's face, tenderly cleaning her senshi and leaving saliva in her wake. Rei whimpered slightly as the blonde's tongue trailed lower, and then started to kiss and lick her throat. Soon, Usagi sat up and looked longingly at Rei's full breasts, her lips parting slightly in anticipation, as if she were staring at a present she had always wanted.

"Oh god, you're so beautiful Rei," Usagi said breathlessly.

The Senshi of Fire smiled faintly up at her true love. "Second to you, my princess," she murmured, her hands still caressing the blonde's legs.

Usagi reached out with both hands and paused for an instant above Rei's twin swells, savouring the moment, before cupping the supple mounds carefully in a delicate grip. A small moan passed Usagi's lips as she kneaded her bodyguard's breasts, adoring how firm yet malleable they were beneath her touch. Rei sighed contentedly and closed her eyes, letting her princess enjoy herself. Usagi took a rosy nipple in her thumb and forefinger and pulled it upwards slightly, making the girl under her squirm. She smiled and tweaked the erect nub, before proceeding to roll it between her fingers, gently squeezing it. Rei gasped out Usagi's name as the girl played with her breasts, the blonde infatuated by how the two heavy mounds felt and moved in her hands.

After a long while, Usagi scooted down Rei's legs a small fraction and then leaned forwards, opening her mouth. The miko watched with baited breath as the blonde promptly popped an erect nipple into her warm wet mouth, sucking on the sensitive bud. Rei threw her head back and groaned her appreciation. Usagi suckled lovingly on the teat as she massaged the other breast, playing with the nipple gracing the top. She sucked hard on the stiff nub, as if trying to make something come out. Usagi then began flicking her soft tongue over Rei's nipple, lathering it with her saliva.

Soon after, the blonde released the hard bud from her lips and ran her tongue over the raven-haired girl's swells, until her mouth was in line with the other nipple. Usagi quickly enclosed the rosy hued aureole and nipple inside the warm recesses of her mouth, suckling enthusiastically on Rei's breast. The miko shuddered beneath her princess, gripping her only love's firm thighs tightly as the sensations enamoured her. Usagi hummed low in her throat as she licked and sucked on her lover's right breast while kneading the left, enjoying herself immensely.

The blonde suddenly felt a hand cup her vulva, and a finger slip in between her nether lips, starting to quickly rub her clitoris. Usagi gasped and let Rei's erect teat slip from her lips as her slim legs and arms trembled, finding it difficult to support her body.

"No, Rei… please…" the blonde begged as the delectable feelings began to overwhelm her, bringing her rushing towards the edge.

Despite the girl's weak protests to the contrary, Rei continued her ministrations, bringing her princess to a fast orgasm. As Usagi groaned and came above her, Rei slotted a finger inside the girl, loving the experience of the blonde's muscles tightening and then relaxing around the digit. Usagi collapsed onto Rei's chest, using the raven-haired girl's two globes as a downy pillow.

Usagi rested for a moment, and then sat up once again, looking down at Rei with mock disapproval while the girl grinned unrepentantly. "If that's the way you want to play it…" Usagi stated, and then moved further down Rei's limber form, leaving the girl's now red and swollen breasts.

Usagi watched Rei's face intently as she ran her fingers through the raven thatch of hair above the juncture of the girl's legs. The Fire Senshi gulped hard and quivered. Pleased with this response, Usagi lay down on her stomach and spread her lover's legs, positioning her head between the Rei's finely toned thighs. She looked at the miko's vagina, noting how it glistened in the light due to her senshi's arousal. With a very gentle touch, Usagi parted Rei's inner lips, exposing the girl's delicate flower unabashedly to her view.

Rei watched curiously as the blonde gazed at her private place, a look of rather comical intrigue on the odango atama's pretty face. Suddenly, she felt herself become filled as Usagi pushed two slender fingers inside of her opening, stretching it to accommodate the obtrusive digits. Rei felt a small sharp pain as the blonde poked her maidenhead experimentally, a look of intense concentration coming over her features. Usagi bit her lip lightly as she watched her fingers slide in and out of her senshi, becoming drenched with a copious amount of juices.

"Are you ready?" she whispered, her voice somewhat shaky.

Rei nodded her head and sat up on her elbows, looking at the juncture of her thighs. Usagi withdrew her fingers until only the tips were resting in between her bodyguard's labia, and then raised her head to look at the miko. Without warning, Usagi rammed her fingers into Rei, punching through the girl's hymen and lodging deep inside her vagina. Rei took a sharp intake of breath as she experienced a painful tearing between her legs, but succeeded on keeping her eyes on her gorgeous lover. It felt so… *right* that Usagi had been the one to take her virginity.

The blonde kept her fingers still inside of Rei as the girl's blood mixed with her wetness, before joining the other bloodstain on the bedspread. "Are you okay?" Usagi asked with concern, a little dismayed at the sight of the red liquid.

Rei merely nodded and flopped back onto the bed, the pain of her sundered maidenhead still fresh in her mind. Usagi started to slide her fingers carefully in and out of her bodyguard's vagina, attempting to sooth the girl with her gentle touch. The miko closed her eyes and mumbled her princess's name as the angel pleasured her slowly. The look of concentration and intrigue returned to Usagi's face as she moved her fingers inside Rei, stopping her light thrusts to feel around the warm and moist inner walls of the girl's vagina, learning what it felt like.

Rei moaned as the blonde's fingers brushed over a sensitive spot along one wall. Seeing her lover's response, Usagi dutifully searched for the spot again and stroked it lovingly, delighting in the miko's spasms. The blonde thrust her fingers in and out of Rei, pressing against the raven-haired girl's pleasure centre with every entry and withdrawal, playing her lover like a finely tuned instrument.

After many minutes of watching her fingers disappear inside Rei's nether regions, Usagi stopped and moved her head closer. Rei felt a hesitate lick on her inner folds, and looked down to see Usagi tasting her juices for the first time. The blonde seemed to contemplate the flavour for a moment, and after apparently finding it palatable, she began licking at the outside of her bodyguard's vagina, gathering more of the fluid on her warm pinkish tongue. Rei gasped and gripped the bedspread as her princess's tongue scraped over the sensitive spot between her splayed legs, before it circled around her inner lips and then once again returned to the spot.

Rei suddenly felt Usagi's tongue squeeze past her labia and enter her vagina, pushing delicately, but insistently, inside. The miko moaned her approval loudly. The blonde lapped inside her bodyguard, collecting and swallowing as much of the girl's juices as she could. Rei reached down with both hands and placed them lightly on the blonde head between her thighs, encouraging the girl with her touch. Bolstered by this, Usagi increased the speed and force of her licks and thrusts, as if she were trying to reach the girl's cervix. Usagi's tongue felt incredibly long and flexible inside of Rei, and the Fire Senshi wouldn't have been surprised if it did reach somehow. She would never complain about her princess eating too much ice cream ever again.

Usagi slurped at Rei's womanhood for a while, and then clamped her lips around her senshi's throbbing clitoris, suckling on it like she had done to the girl's lovely breasts. The miko cried out at the abrupt and intense feeling, bucking on the bed. She was so close. Usagi didn't let up her attention on Rei's erect clitoris, and now swabbed the entire sensitive nub with her wet tongue, coating it completely in her saliva. Rei pressed the blonde's head firmly to her vagina, as she writhed on the bed due to the erotic sensations she was experiencing. She prayed that Usagi wouldn't tease her remorselessly like she herself had done to the girl.

As Rei's orgasm approached at an alarming speed, she panted her true love's name and continued to hold the blonde's head in place between her thighs. She suddenly felt three of Usagi's fingers impale her deeply, stretching her to a degree she hadn't experienced before. That extra stimulation was all it took. Rei's gasps and cries reached a crescendo as she called out her lover's name in ecstasy, her muscles tightening up all over her body while she scrunched her eyes firmly shut, her features in a rictus of ecstasy. She felt her vagina clamp down on Usagi's penetrating fingers briefly and then release them, before continuing the delicious cycle yet again, soaking the invading digits with her fluids. Rei's legs closed tightly around Usagi's head, but to the blonde's credit she lovingly guided her senshi through her rapturous peak, sliding her three fingers in and out of the raven-haired girl as she continued to suck on her swollen and throbbing clitoris.

But all too soon the touch of Heaven was over, and Rei settled back on the bed, becoming limp. Her powerful legs released her princess's blonde head, allowing the dazed girl to get some air. Usagi rained butterfly kisses over her lover's nether regions, and then slipped her tongue appreciatively inside the girl one last time, getting one more enjoyable taste of her bodyguard. She then crawled up Rei's body, occasionally planting kisses as she went, until she was lying beside the girl, facing her.

"Umm… was it… okay?" Usagi asked uncertainly. "I wasn't really sure what you'd like, so I just…"

Rei nodded dumbly, causing the blonde to smile brightly at her. "Oh, that's great!" the odango atama gushed happily, but then her facial expression changed to one of irritation. "Do you know you almost killed me at the end?! I thought I was going to pass out!" she wailed, gesturing wildly with one hand.

Rei shrugged dismissively from where she lay, staring half-dazed up at the ceiling. "What can I say…" she murmured, "I was… preoccupied."

Usagi just rolled her eyes and sighed, looking at her lover in mock irritation.

The Fire Senshi lay still for a moment, revelling in the after effects of her orgasm. "What happened to your, 'revenge'?" she asked after a few minutes.

Usagi blushed and looked down at the messy bedspread. "I sort of got… carried away," she explained sheepishly, causing Rei to give a light chuckle.

"Come on, we should get under the covers before we catch a cold," Usagi suggested, quickly changing the subject as she reached over to switch off her lamp.

The two girls slipped underneath the bed sheets, which meant that neither of them had to sleep on the uncomfortable wet spot on the bedcovers. Usagi snuggled close to her bodyguard, and wrapped an arm around the raven-haired girl. Rei sighed blissfully and put an arm about her only love's shoulders, holding her tightly. Both were quiet for a while, reflecting on what they had just experienced together.

"Thank you, Rei," Usagi said quietly. "It was… indescribable. No matter what happens between us, I'll always remember and cherish this night," she went on reverently. "I'm glad we- we made love…" the blonde added in a whisper.

"I'm pleased you don't regret it," Rei said softly, and then gave an impish grin. "Of course, the night isn't over yet…" she said mischievously, caressing Usagi's bare arm.

"Oh geez, Rei, please!" Usagi begged. "I don't think I'll even be able to walk in the morning!"

Rei grinned widely into the darkness of the bedroom. She felt… different. Perhaps it was because she had just made love to her princess, but she didn't think that was entirely the reason. Rei felt… she felt happy, but there was another feeling coupled with the first that she couldn't quite identify. The Fire Senshi frowned faintly, the grin leaving her lips. She had been experiencing those strange feelings a lot recently. It wasn't the same as the pulling sensation she had had inside of her before, but it was somehow similar. The pulling… the calling… she had forgotten completely about that. The raven-haired girl realised that it had always been there, but had now become almost second nature to her, to the extent that she was only sub-consciously aware of it. It was weird… Rei had to admit; she was a little worried.

"What will my mom say if she catches us like this…?" Usagi mumbled as she cuddled into her bodyguard, on the verge of sleep.

"I don't know, my princess," Rei replied quietly, though the blonde odango atama was already asleep next to her.

Rei cleared her thoughts. Now was not the time for such things. This night had turned out to be one of the greatest in her immortal life and she shouldn't spoil it with troublesome musings. She covered Usagi's hand, which was resting on her chest, with her own and turned her head to the side to kiss her lover on the forehead. Tomorrow was another day. Rei could face and defeat all the problems tomorrow. She couldn't help but smile smugly, victoriously. She had won. The Fire Senshi had beaten Mamoru, and also her so-called 'powerful' adversary, Fate. Destiny was just another charred and blistered enemy. And with that pleasing, yet arrogant, thought, Rei drifted off to sleep, loving the comfortable weight of her beautiful princess against her side.


to be continued…

Author's ramblings:

You realise I'm going to have to offset all this with lots of angst now, don't you?