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Absence - By Kirika


Chapter thirty-nine. You all assumed it would be a yuri scene between Rei and Usagi, didn't you? Well it's not. Sorry this chapter is so late, but I wanted to do this one and the next one at the same time. So you get two chapters in one go. I could've just uploaded this one a few days ago, but I felt you would all want the next chapter too. ^_^

I decided to take Gohan Strife's suggestion and cater for all audiences. If you don't want to read the yuri part, you should skip over the next chapter. If you do, then you can read on like always. Don't worry, you won't miss out on anything too crucial to the plot if you don't read chapter forty. Well, except maybe the last couple of paragraphs are kind of important…

…And the yuri scene will be between Rei and Usagi. I just wanted to psych you all out a little. ^_~


- Kirika


Chapter 39 - A Touch Of Heaven, Act I

Tsubasa watched with half-lidded eyes as Rei and Usagi walked towards the taxicab, both girls' arms interlocked. She looked so happy, like she didn't have a care in the world. Tsubasa was glad things were going well for Rei, and he was pleased for her… even though he felt some disappointment in his heart. But there also was something… worrying, about these developments. He gazed wistfully at Rei, taking in the girl's gorgeous appearance. Why did he always fall for the untouchable ones? He didn't have a snowball's chance in hell of Rei ever feeling anything for him. Besides annoyance. Perhaps Tsubasa was merely grasping at any reason for the object of his affection to split from Usagi, to give some hope that there was a chance for him.

Tsubasa sighed and continued to watch the beautiful pair from the brown, non-descript, rented car, which was parked several metres down from Usagi's house. No. He wasn't that naïve. Most times no matter how much you wanted something, no matter how much you strived to get it, it was always just out of reach. But that was life, wasn't it? Life was hard, filled with cold harsh reality; it was nothing like what you saw on TV. In real life there were rarely any happy endings, more often than not it was pain and suffering until you died. Just one kick in the teeth after another. Sure, there were some breaks, some touches of Heaven in life, which you looked back fondly upon and remembered always. But they were few and far between. At least, they were in his experience. However, Tsubasa persevered and tried to keep a good outlook on things, he tried to stay cheerful and laid back, even though his existence was more or less pointless. All he did before meeting Rei was stay in his apartment, alone. He had no family to speak of, he had no friends outside of work, and even then his colleagues were more acquaintances than real friends, merely talking to the man because they worked together. But then Tsubasa met Megumi, or rather, Rei. And then everything changed. She opened his eyes to a new world, a world full of heroes and monsters, of good and evil. It was… refreshing, although frightening, almost like some sort of fairy tale, where good always triumphs over evil and the prince always saves the princess. And fairy tales always had happy endings, didn't they? Well most did. Rei had purpose in her life; her existence wasn't pointless. There was a reason for her to get up in the morning and live her life. Tsubasa wanted that too. He wanted to make a mark on the world, he wanted to make a difference and not waste his life. Which is why Tsubasa was here now with Sanjuro, spying on Rei and her best friend, hoping to be led to some youma. He wanted to get involved; he wanted to make a difference.

"I knew tailing her and staking out this place would pay off," Sanjuro said from the driver's seat, gripping the steering wheel tightly with enthusiasm. "I bet they're off to save the world as we know it!"

Tsubasa rolled his eyes and then returned his gaze to the two girls. "I don't think they'd be going off to fight dressed like that," he said in a monotone voice.

"It's all a ruse, man," Sanjuro said, as if it were obvious. "They're just trying to, you know, like, throw us off."

Tsubasa decided not to question his companion's logic. The last time he had did that, the ex-reporter had spewed out some really skewed reasoning that boggled Tsubasa's mind and had probably killed off several hundred brain cells. Sanjuro lived in some sort of fantasyland. Tsubasa smiled without humour and ran one hand through his brown hair. But perhaps that was Sanjuro's way of dealing with life. Everyone had their own methods of escaping from reality.

Tsubasa watched as Rei opened the cab door for Usagi before the taxi driver could, letting the blonde girl step inside before joining her. Tsubasa looked at the raven-haired girl without expression. He just knew things were going to go badly. It was subtle, but Tsubasa could see the signs. Outwardly, Rei seemed perfectly fine, not even a mere shadow of her cold self from Yokohama. But Tsubasa knew better. The girl had simply traded one… disorder… for another.

Rei was obsessed with winning her best friend's heart. She was bordering on fanatical devotion towards Usagi, and it was quite disturbing to Tsubasa. He only had to look into the miko's eyes when Usagi was mentioned to see the adoration she had for the blonde, but if he looked more closely, he could also see an underlying steel will to never give up pursuing the girl. Rei was totally single-minded on her mission to not 'blow her chance', as she put it. She didn't seem to even consider if Usagi would be happier with her boyfriend instead of her; she was merely determined to force the blonde's feelings to favour herself. Tsubasa was no psychologist, but Rei's attitude couldn't be healthy in the long run either. What if Usagi decided to stay with her boyfriend and rejected Rei? What would the raven-haired girl do? Tsubasa had seen the destruction Rei was capable of, and he shuddered to think what damage she would do in that event. Would she simply fall to pieces? Shut down emotionally?
Or would she completely lose it and go on a rampage, probably killing Usagi's boyfriend in the process? It sounded far-fetched but Tsubasa wasn't so sure. His eyes moved over to Usagi's house, noting the movement of the curtains in a couple of the windows. It looked like Rei and Usagi's relationship wouldn't be so secret much longer. Tsubasa wouldn't be surprised if Usagi's whole family knew what was going on by now; with a focus like Rei's, it would be hard for the girl to keep her feelings in check.

The man sighed again, idly rubbing his chest where four long scars resided. Tsubasa didn't mind the scars; he viewed them as a reminder of when his life truly changed. He hoped it would work out for Rei, for all their sakes, but he had his reservations. Tsubasa wished he could do something to help the girl see the error of her ways, but he doubted Rei would listen. Who knows; she might even hurt him.

"Think I should follow them?" Sanjuro asked as the cab pulled away from the curb. He grabbed the keys in the ignition and prepared to start the car.

Tsubasa was glad he had met Rei. She had showed him what it was like to have a truly noble purpose in life. And Tsubasa wanted that. He wanted to fight the good fight and help people.

"No… let them go," Tsubasa murmured in response to Sanjuro, not taking his gaze away from the departing taxi. "There's nothing for us where they're going."

Sanjuro looked sceptically at the man in the passenger seat, but reluctantly let go of the car keys. "Yeah… I guess you're right," he admitted, looking off to the street the taxi had turned in to. The ex- reporter settled back into his chair and closed his eyes. "Wake me when they get back."

Tsubasa grunted something in the affirmative. Yes, Tsubasa wanted to help people. And first person he intended to help was Rei.


"Rei, are you sure this is the right restaurant?" Usagi asked unsurely as she looked around the extravagant entrance of Marche aux Vins Yamada, taking in the rich décor.

"Yes, I'm sure," Rei replied easily, smiling reassuringly to her princess. She gently tugged the arm Usagi held onto, urging the blonde forward towards the front desk.

The maitre d' smiled pleasantly as Rei and Usagi approached, and asked if they had a booking. Thankfully, the girls were only a few minutes late and were able to get their table. Rei had requested a cosy little corner booth for her princess and herself so they could have some privacy. And the curved booth seat would also make cuddling easy. Rei told the maitre d' her name and the man showed the pair to their table.

"Rei…" Usagi whispered discreetly near her bodyguard's ear as they followed the maitre d', looked apprehensively at the finely dressed clientele and the posh atmosphere of the low-lighted French restaurant. There was even a classical band! "How can you afford this?? I didn't bring any money!" the blonde whispered in dismay.

Rei glanced over to where a few couples were slow dancing to the band's music and then grinned at her true love. "I can afford it," she said confidently. "Besides, I would never let you pay for anything." The miko touched Usagi's hand comfortingly, attempting to dispel any nervousness. "You're a princess; you deserve even more than this," she added softly, gazing adoringly at the blonde.

Usagi smiled at Rei, bolstered and yet a little embarrassed by the raven-haired girl's words. After the maitre d' had taken their coats and settled them at the table, Rei and Usagi were left alone until a waiter came to give them menus. Since neither was old enough to drink yet, the waiter excluded the wine list. Perhaps it was for the best; the miko had heard the wine prices were rather outrageous. And if Rei couldn't have afforded the one Usagi wanted, the Fire Senshi would have been extremely disappointed.

Usagi blinked a few times as she perused the menu, and then her blue eyes seemed to bug out of her head. She swallowed nervously and turned to Rei.

"I'll just have this," Usagi said, pointing to an item on the menu.

Rei looked to where her princess was pointing and frowned faintly. She then shook her head and smiled indulgently at the blonde. "Usagi, that's the cheapest dish on the menu, and it's only the main course! You can order three courses if you want," the miko said, placing a hand on her princess's leg and squeezing slightly. "Don't worry," she murmured gently, "I have enough money." Rei let go of Usagi's leg and grinned broadly at her. "And I know you have a bottomless pit for a stomach," she teased.

"I knew you'd say *something* about how I eat eventually," Usagi said dryly before looking at the menu again. Rei merely chuckled and studied her own menu.

After placing their orders, Rei deemed that she was too far away from Usagi. The Fire Senshi moved all her cutlery along the white tablecloth, closer to the curve of the table, before moving over herself. She smiled warmly at Usagi as the girl watched what she was doing.

"Come on, odango atama, why don't you come and sit next to me?" Rei suggested, patting the seat beside her.

Usagi hesitated for a second, but relented under her bodyguard's encouraging expression. After a few moments, she was sitting next to Rei, in easy reach, much to the Fire Senshi's delight. Usagi looked at the cutlery she had just moved, and appeared baffled at the many silver utensils.

"Uhh…" the blonde started uncertainly.

"Work from the outside in and you'll be fine," Rei advised.

"Right," Usagi nodded more confidently, still looking at the cutlery. Rei wanted to ask the odango atama if Mamoru had taken her to any place like this, but decided against it. She didn't want the prince mentioned at all tonight if she could help it.

Rei put her elbows on the table and gazed lovingly at her princess, admiring how beautiful she looked. Usagi was apparently aware of her bodyguard's scrutiny, causing her cheeks to turn pink. Rei smiled at the reaction; her true love was so adorable.

"Thank you for agreeing to come on this date with me," Rei said quietly to Usagi, not taking her eyes off her.

"Well I never actually agreed…" Usagi said, "but I'm glad I came."

"Then I'm glad too," Rei replied with a smile.

The raven-haired girl scooted closer to her princess and turned slightly in her seat. She draped one arm over Usagi's shoulders and pulled the girl gently to her, while placing a hand lightly on her princess's thigh. "We should do something while we wait for our food to arrive," Rei whispered huskily in Usagi's ear.

"But Rei," the blonde said just as quietly, but with an entirely different tone. "People will see!"

"No, they won't. And they won't care anyway," Rei whispered in reply, and then commenced laying light kisses on Usagi's cheek.

Usagi's resistance faded quickly, but it had been a token gesture to start with. She gave in to Rei's affections, angling her head to the side to expose more of her neck for the girl's kisses. Rei smiled at Usagi's submissive gesture before returning to her enjoyable task, now starting to caress the blonde's leg too. Itching to touch Rei herself, Usagi squirmed a little in her seat and then reached out a hand to her bodyguard's well-toned thigh. Due to Rei's distracting butterfly kisses, the blonde's hand instead slipped through the slit in the side of her senshi's black dress, causing it to run along smooth bare skin.

"Mmm, you're *that* eager, hmm?" Rei teased, giving a suggestive half-smile.

Usagi's blue eyes widened and her face flushed in embarrassment. "I-I'm sorry," she stuttered.

"It's fine," Rei blurted out quickly before her princess could remove her hand. The raven-haired girl took her own hand off Usagi's leg and placed it on the blonde's cheek, delicately turning the girl's face to her. "I don't mind at all," Rei continued, acutely aware of Usagi's soft touch on her thigh. The miko kissed her only love tenderly on the lips. "You can do anything you want, my princess," she whispered seriously, staring deeply into Usagi's bright blue eyes with her smouldering lavender ones.

Usagi gulped but before she could say anything, there was a polite cough from the other side of the table. Both girls' heads swivelled to see that a waiter had arrived with their entrées and drinks. Rei and Usagi swiftly broke apart and tried to appear innocent, as if all they had been doing previously was talking pleasantly. Neither girl was very convincing.

Eating a bit of her entrée and drinking some of her soda had managed to cool the fiery blood in Rei's veins, and she and Usagi merely chatted like they usually did as the pair ate the first course of their meal.

Rei relaxed back in her seat, having finished the entrée. Usagi had finished shortly before and was now idly sipping her drink through a straw while discreetly spying on the other customers. The miko was about to start up another conversation, when she noticed what her princess was really looking at. Usagi would glance at the couples dancing for a second, and then at Rei, and then back at the couples again. It didn't take a genius to work out what was on the blonde's mind.

Rei smirked at her princess's antics and took swig of her drink. "So… Usagi…" she started nonchalantly.

Usagi's gaze quickly snapped to her senshi. "Hmm?" she said, trying to not sound anxious.

"I was… wondering…" Rei went on, dragging out the words slowly while attempting to keep a straight face as Usagi fidgeted restlessly.

"Yes…?" the blonde said expectantly, hanging on her bodyguard's every word.

Rei opened her mouth as if she were going to say something, but instead took another sip of her soda, taking her time. She then carefully put down her glass, prolonging Usagi's torture.

"What was I saying again?" Rei said, feigning forgetfulness.

"You were wondering…" Usagi said quickly, urging the miko to continue.

"Yes, I was wondering… if… well, maybe…" the Fire Senshi waffled on, as the odango atama got more and more frustrated.

Rei then coughed, and reached for her drink again. Usagi's eyes rolled up at the ceiling before she put her glass down a bit forcefully, causing some of the liquid to spill onto the table.

"Gah! Rei, would you please, I mean, would you like to dance with me?!" Usagi asked rather loudly, her patience at its end.

"I'd love to," Rei grinned at her true love.

Usagi let out a sigh of relief and got up from the table, closely followed by Rei. The blonde took her bodyguard's hand and led her out onto the dance floor. There was a moment of hesitation on Usagi's part when she was confused who would lead, but Rei took the initiative. The Fire Senshi slipped one arm around the blonde's waist and clasped her princess's left hand with her right. Rei pulled Usagi close, and the blonde put her right arm around her senshi's neck, underneath the long mane of raven hair. Usagi sighed contentedly and relaxed in Rei's embrace, resting her head on the girl's shoulder and closing her eyes.

The two girls danced slowly and peacefully together, all the problems that faced them; be it youma, Mamoru, people's opinions, or whatever; filtering from their minds. Tomorrow. The world could catch up with them tomorrow. But right now, Rei and Usagi weren't Sailor Senshi, Rei wasn't a warrior who commanded fire, and Usagi wasn't the Moon Princess, destined to have a prince; they were simply two people in love.

"Rei…" Usagi whispered from the raven-haired girl's shoulder. "Do you ever wish… that you could stop time and keep reliving a certain moment?"

Rei smiled wistfully and took a deep breath, inhaling Usagi's pleasant perfume. "All the time," she sighed, letting out the breath. "All the time…"


Rei finished drying her hair in the Tsukino family's bathroom, dressed in a blue towel. It was late at night, and it hadn't been too long since she and Usagi had returned from their date. Both girls had enjoyed the food at Marche aux Vins Yamada immensely, and not to mention each other's company as well. But soon the time grew late, and not wishing to aggravate Usagi's father, Rei had decided to head home.

The cab journey back had been devoid of conversation, as if neither girl wished to say anything, or make even a sound, in fear of ruining the atmosphere. The atmosphere… Rei couldn't quite put her finger on it, but after dinner something had come over herself and Usagi, like there was just… *something*, in the air between them. In the back of her mind, Rei knew what that something was. Anticipation. The miko tried not to think about it, but deep in the recesses of her mind she knew what the anticipation was for. Rei couldn't help but be nervous. For all her bravado and rather shameless flirting, this was as new to her as it was to Usagi.

Rei looked at herself in the bathroom mirror. She thought she appeared okay. There were some faint traces of cuts on her body, but they were hard to notice unless you knew what you were searching for. The raven-haired girl swallowed in apprehension. Perhaps her instincts about the atmosphere had been wrong, but she doubted it somehow. It was almost as if… Rei shook her head, clearing her mind. She was getting off-track. Usagi was probably waiting for her in the bedroom. The bedroom. Rei gulped once more, and then gathered her courage, before leaving the bathroom.

When the miko entered her princess's room, she saw the girl in question sitting on the bed, fidgeting, and dressed in her pink pyjamas, having already had a shower before Rei. Luna was off in a corner, busy grooming herself. As Rei shut the bedroom door and walked further into the room, Usagi stopped her squirming and raised her head to look up at her bodyguard. Rei stopped walking and returned the blonde's look, gazing into the girl's blue eyes with a hint of question in her own. Usagi lips parted as if she was going to say something to her senshi, but instead she turned her head towards Luna.

"Luna," Usagi said quietly, "could you, um, go to Minako's house? Minako has to watch over Haruka tonight and Artemis is probably lonely; you should keep him company until, uh… Minako gets back."

Luna stopped her grooming and blinked at Usagi for a moment, and then looked at Rei, before returning her eyes to her charge once again. "No. I don't think I should," the feline stated firmly in a no-nonsense tone.

"What? Why?!" Usagi exclaimed, obviously surprised. "Would you just do it please, Luna!"

"I said no. I don't think I should leave you two alone. *Someone* needs to act as a chaperon," Luna said, nodded her head sharply, agreeing with herself. "I will *not* leave this room."

"Luna!" Usagi whined.

Rei, who had been patiently observing the exchange, decided now was the time for her to step in. She may have been nervous enough for her stomach to be doing back flips, but there was no way Luna was going to take the decision of what to do away from her.

The Fire Senshi faced the black cat, who flinched marginally under her steel gaze. "You can either leave by your own volition, or… not," Rei said, with more than a hint of threat in the last word.

"You can't threaten me!" Luna said defiantly, though her voice did quaver just a little. "This is where I draw the line! This- this *thing* between you and the princess has gone on long enough!"

Rei blinked calmly at the cat. "I'm sorry, Usagi," she said, "but I'm going to have to fry your pet."

"I am not a PET!" Luna shouted indignantly.

Usagi rolled her eyes. "No you won't, Rei. Because Luna is going to leave, aren't you Luna…?" she said through gritted teeth.

Realising that resistance was futile, and not entirely sure if Rei wouldn't carry out her threat of a fiery death, Luna grudgingly decided to follow Usagi's previous suggestion and go and visit Artemis. Once the black feline had departed, Rei and Usagi were alone, and the previous atmosphere began to settle around them once again.

Rei walked over to Usagi and sat next to her on the bed, causing both girls to be bathed in the soft light from the bedside lamp. She felt her palms begin to sweat, and quickly wiped them on the towel she was still wearing. Rei knew she should say something, and she also knew what she wanted to say, or rather, ask, but she didn't have the slightest idea how to phrase it.

"I… I had a nice time tonight," Usagi said softly, breaking the tense silence.

"I'm glad you did… so did I," Rei replied, not looking at her princess.

The pair were once again silent, neither looking at the other. But as the silence went on, Usagi started to give her senshi shy furtive glances, though Rei easily noticed them. Just as Rei was about to throw caution into the wind and say what was on her mind, Usagi spoke again.

"Umm, Rei… I'm, that is, I think…" the blonde stammered nervously, but then swallowed and visibly steeled herself. "I'm ready," she continued, her face reddening at an alarming rate as she looked expectantly at her bodyguard.

"Huh?" Rei said, turning to the girl, not entirely trusting her own ears.

"I-I said, I'm ready," Usagi repeated, stuttering, and not quite able to look the miko in the eyes.

"You're-" Rei began, and then stopped abruptly, what her princess was saying finally sinking in.

Rei swallowed hard and looked away from Usagi. She had dreamed of this moment thousands of times -more than thousands- but now that it was actually upon her in real life right here and right now, Rei wasn't sure what to do. It wasn't that the girl didn't know *what* to do exactly- she had her hentai Grandfather's rather extensive 'personal' doujinshi collection to thank for that, but in truth she never had expected this moment to actually occur. But it was what she had always wanted, wasn't it?

"Rei…?" Usagi asked tentatively, a little disturbed by the silence of the girl next to her. "Are you okay…?" She lowered her head and idly traced a pattern on the bedspread. "Don't you… want to? I thought…"

Rei came out of her thoughts and sharply swivelled her head to her princess. "I do," she said quickly. "…I-If you do," she added, stumbling slightly over the words.

Usagi turned to face Rei again and nodded slowly in affirmation to the girl. Rei felt the urge to make a nervous smart remark about putting out on the first date, but thankfully curbed the impulse.

"Alright…" Rei whispered, and then crawled along the bed until she was kneeling behind the blonde. "If that's want you want…"


to be continued…

Author's ramblings:

And so ends the first part. Those of you who don't wish to read the yuri scene, stop now and wait for chapter 41. Everyone else, proceed. ^_^

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