Sailor Moon Fan Fiction ❯ Eternal Stars ❯ 201 The Soldier of Earth; A new Beginning ( Chapter 1 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]
Beginning Theme: Kaidoku Funou
201: The Soldier of Earth; A New Beginning

One girl was walking by Fruit Parlor Crown. SHe looks like the twin of Mina Aino. She starts to breathe heavily.

She has started to get bad health from last week. Her eyes went blank and she transformed automatically.

Inside the Fruits Parlor Crown Hotaru Tomoe and Rini who just arrived to the 21st century, were just sitting down talking about Sailor business.

"You have to what?" HOtaru asked her friend surprised.

"I have to find three sailor Soldiers. They form a third group called the borders. The inners are Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Mars. The outers are Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto." said Rini.

"Oh makes sense. The inners missed the Three Lights who are also known as the Sailor Starlights."

"Oh, Let me write a letter to them and have them come visit. What planet are they from?"

"Planet Kinmoku"


Rini quickly wrote the letter and used Luna P to send to letter to Kinmoku.

Once the came the waitress came to their table and gave them their rootbeer float.
Before they took a sip, the doors burst opened. A unknown Sailor Soldier stood there holding a gold staff in front of her.

Hotaru and Rini quickly transformed. The soldier in yellow uses her lava to turn people into stone.

After the people turned into stone a planetary symbol appeared on their foreheads.

The yellow soldier turned to the two sailor scouts.

"For turning this upside down we won't forgive you. We are known as the scouts of Love and justice. I am Sailor Chibi MOon."

"I am Sailor Saturn the soldier of destruction."

The new soldier didn't seem amused by their appearence.

"Nice to meet you. I am a sailor Soldier too but no need to tell you who I am because you'll be dead soon." She used her lava to turn Saturn and rini into statues.

The soldier could hear the sirens outside. The restaurant is now a complete disaster. the yellow scout disappeared into the sky.

The next day Trista came running up the shrine steps with Amara and Michelle behind her.

They raced into Raye's room where the other girls are talking about what to do for Rini's return.

"Trista, what is it?" Raye asked.

"You girls haven't seen Hotaru around have you?"The girls shook their heads.

"Hotaru might be missing. We called the police." Amara said.

"Why not we go out for ice cream at the Fruit Crown parlor. We'll talk about it
there." Mina suggested. The outers nod their heads and went outside to the parlor.

When they got there they're were police tapes around the whole place.

"What happened here?" Lita asked.

"It might be a new enemy. Transform."

"Moon Eternal Power"

"Mercury Crystal Power"

"Venus Crystal Power"

"Mars Crystal Power"

"Jupiter Crystal Power"

"Uranus Crystal Power"

"Neptune Crystal Power"

"Pluto Crystal Power"

"TRANSFORM" They all said together.

The sailor soldiers went inside with permission from the police.

"Who could have done this?" Mars asked.

"I don't...Ah Andrew!" Jupiter said as she saw Andrew and raced towards him.

"Don't worry I'll get you out of this. Jupiter..."

Mercury went over and stopped Jupiter.

"NO wait. We are not sure if he will survive by that."

Luna saw something on Andrew's forehead.

"A sailor Scout is behind this attack." She said.

"How did you know?" Pluto asked.

"Look it is the symbol of the sun."

The soldiers gasped.

"Sun? Who would that be?" a voice said from the entrance said.

The scouts turned to see a girl with purple hair. This is Terra. She is the same height as Sailor Jupiter but her hair is down with one side pulled back with a hair clip.

"Hello" Uranus said with a wave and a smile. "Do you anything about this?"

"NO but I heard screaming so I came here. I just saw two of you comrades over
there by that table. They seemed to fight against this person."

Pluto turned to see Chibi Moon and Saturn as statues.

"This is terrible."

Terra was about to leave but she told the scouts her name before she headed off.

CM Break

"She looks so familiar." said Luna.

"Could she be a sailor scout?" ()

"I don't know" (Luna)

"right now we need to..."

There was a scream. Terra has been caught by a youma.

"Uranus, Diana go help Terra. She might be a sailor soldier."

The two nodded and left. A yellow figure appeared again and attacked Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon fell forewards.

"Sailor Moon!" Venus yelled when she saw her friend fell and turns to face a yellow sailor scout.

"Who are you?"

"That is none your business, Sailor Venus. I will never give you my name. If I did, you will never see the light of day."

Sailor Venus got angry and She and mars attacked her. the yellow soldier dodged the attacks and laughed. She turns to Sailor MOon.

"Sailor Moon, For killing the princess of the Solar Kingdom, you shall die!"

At the park Diana and Uranus raced to help Terra who was caught by the youma's tenticles. Uranus used her space swords to cut her free. She was okay. Diana could see a heart with a cross on Terra's forehead.

"Terra, you are a Sailor Soldier," Diana told Terra.

Terra was shocked. She is a sailor soldier. She was happy at last. She was tired at the kids from her school because they call her dumbo.

"Which Sailor Soldier am I?" she asked the kitten and the Wind scout.

"You are Sailor Earth, the leader of the borders. Here take this and shout Earth Prism Power."

Terra nodded and went in front of the recovering youma.

"Earth Prism Power!"

Terra red outfit became a purple and white Sailor Uniform. the hair clip became a star clip.

"I am the soldier of Rainbows and reality, Sailor Earth. In the name of Planet Earth, I'll punish you."

"Now use the star clip in your hair and shout Lunar Star Magic. Then throw it."

Earth nodded and used the attack and then the youma was destroyed.
"Good job Sailor Earth. to let you know I am Sailor Uranus. Come on I think Sailor Moon is in trouble."

The purple scout nodded and they all ran to the Fruits Crown Parlor.

The yellow scout is still attacking Sailor Moon. The rest of the scouts have been defeated. The new soldier is too strong for them.

"Uranus World Shaking!"

A gold energy ball came put of nowhere and hit the yellow soldier but she had sensed Uranus's attack coming to her and put a shield behind her, protecting herself.

"Who are you, purple soldier?"

"i am Sailor Earth, you clown."

The yellow soldier didn't want to mess more things up and looks at Sailor Moon.

"Sailor MOon, We will meet again."

the yellow soldier disappeared.

Sailor Moon got up as did Pluto. They combined there powers together to heal everyone and reverse the damage done onto the fruit's Crown Parlor.

Everyone came back to normal and Saturn and Chibi MOon recovered. They saw the Sailor Scouts and went to hug them. Chibi MOon noticed Sailor Earth standing by herself. She went up to her and shook her hand.

"Hi You must be Sailor Earth."

Sailor Earth nodded at the younger scout before her. She smiled and went up to the other sailor scouts.

Meanwhile in an alley a girl was breathing heavily once again and then fainted. A man with brown hair came up and picked up his cousin. He crought her to her appartment so she may rest.

Ending Theme: My Will

Episode preview

Luna: how come there is a new scout that we don't know about. She seems to hate Sailor Moon about something.

Serena: what is Mina excited about?
MIna: It's Katie Takahashi. Isn't this great.
Amy: Yeah but she graduated at a young age.
Terra: Please don't talk about her. She called me Grape Head Last Week.
Lita: Yikes.

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