Sailor Moon Fan Fiction ❯ Eternal Stars ❯ 204. Keiti's Condition; Luna's Investigation ( Chapter 4 )

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204: Keiti's Condition; Luna's Investigation

Seiya went into the studio. He is exited to take Katie out to breakfast. He wanted to take her shopping too to buy her some nice outfits. After he went inside he went to Katie’s office and noticed that she wasn’t in yet. He got out his cell phone to call her, but a man interrupted him.

“Excuse me, Sir. Katie isn’t in. She collapsed last night during her concert.”

“How could I forgotten?”

“She is coming here right now from the hospital. The doctors don’t know why she collapsed But the results will come by noon.”

“thank you, Mr…..”

“Mr. Hiro to you. I am Katie’s older cousin.”

“Oh, Thanks. I’ll wait here for her arrival.”

The man walked out of the room and Seiya sat down on the couch. He closed his eyes and in his mind he could see Katie smiling at him.


“I am Sailor Sun, the soldier of Light and Destiny. In the Name of the sun, I’ll punish you.”

End of flashback

‘Why does she exist? Who is she and what her reason of being here is? ’ Seiya thought and he heard someone coming into the room. He heard that person sitting down next to him and putting her head on his shoulder. Seiya opens his eyes and slightly turns his head to see Katie resting against him. He smiled and put his arm around her.

Katie eyes opened and she sat up. “Sorry for making you wait.”

“It’s okay. I was hoping to take you out to breakfast.”

“I would love that.”

“Where so you want to go?”

“I don’t really care. But as long as the food is good.”

“I’ll take you to my favorite diner.”


Katie and Seiya got up and went out of the room and walked out the door holding hands.


“Yaten, Taiki, where is Seiya?” Raye asked.

“He went out to breakfast with Katie.” Taiki answered.

“Katie was in the hospital for some reason but she was released from the hospital this morning.” Amy corrected him.

“Seiya pretty much has a big crush on her.” Lita said.

“You know they say, it’s love at first sight. They might be in love with each other.” Said Mina with a wink.

“They only got to know each other for one day.” Yaten chimed in

Taiki decided not to talk about this so he went ahead and changed the subject.

“So when are we going to meet this Sailor Earth?” Taiki asked the girls.

The door burst open and There stood Terra panting.

“It took you long enough to show up.” Raye said sarcastically but playfully.

“Sorry, I had to show my new roommate around the whole school this morning.”

“Cool, What is her name?” Serena asked.



“So your Sailor Earth, am I correct?” Taiki asked the purple haired girl.

Terra nodded. She was also blushing at the sight of Taiki.

“I am Taiki Kou, This is Yaten. The other one who is missing right now is Seiya Kou. We become sailor soldiers known as the Sailor Starlights.”

“Oh, When I am civilian, I go by as Terra.”

Luna took in a deep breath and she and Artemis decided to start the meeting.

“Okay, we all know that the soldier in yellow is Sailor Sun. right after Sailor Sun disappeared Katie fainted on stage at her concert. We got a connection that Sailor Sun is the cause for Katie’s condition.”

“Also Amy has information why Sailor Sun had those bracelets. Starlights did you notice it? Serena? Raye? LIta? Mina? Rini?”Artemis asked. They nodded their heads.

“The bracelets on her arms and thighs are a symbol for Sailor Scouts who never awakened. This is rare for all Sailor Scouts. She is the first one to be documented in sailor Scout History.” Amy said with a big stern look on her face.

“Speaking of history. Who was Sailor Sun talking about from the past?“ Raye asked with a big sigh.

“I believe her name was Princess Katia. We don’t know much about her. I’ll give Sailor Pluto a call tonight.” Luna answered.

“Katie Takahashi has a bad condition right now so we need to protect her.” Artemis said.

“Wait do you mean that…?” Lita said.

“which means her life span has decrease 10 percent. Sailor Sun must be killed but not awakened. If she awakens, it’s curtains for us. The earth will be destroyed.”

“We must keep Sailor Sun away from Katie. Venus, Mars you will have the duty to keep her safe while Sailor Sun is around.”

The two girls nodded.

“Alright. Everyone is excused. See you all later.”


Seiya and Katie were back in the studio. Katie turns to face him.

“Thank you. I had a wonderful time. I am feeling ok from before.”

“that is good. I’ll see you tomorrow. Okay?”

Katie nodded happily and she went to her office. Seiya went to his apartment. Once he got there he saw Yaten, Taiki and Luna sitting in the living room.

“What’s this about?” Seiya asked Luna as he sat down in his chair.

“WE figured out why Katie collapse. Katie is being used by Sailor Sun. After Sailor Sun disappears after battles, Katie will collapse. Sailor Sun has not even awakened herself yet. We are going to have Venus and Mars protect Katie Takahashi until Sailor Sun is gone. Katie’s life span has been shortened.” Luna said.

“WE need to be careful Seiya. Our princess gave us a opportunity to go and protect a princess who doesn’t have Sailor Guardians. She released us and we are not her guardians anymore. But we still live on Kinmoku.” Yaten said.

“No, Why didn’t I realize that she now has a shorter life?” Seiya asked angrily.

“Because love has blinded you to see that coming.” Taiki answered.

“Right now there is a jewelry robbery downtown. We’ll meet Earth, Mercury, Jupiter, Sailor Moon and Chibi moon there.”




The three men transformed to their female soldier selves. They went to the crime scene to see two aliens (Alan and Ann) on top of a monster.

“Who are you three?”

“We are Three Shooting Stars. Sailor Star Fighter”

“Sailor Star Maker”

“Sailor Star Healer”

“Sailor Starlights; Stage On”

“I see that you have changed Sailor Moon.” Alan said evilly.

“I thought those two became good when left our planet with the doom tree.”

“I thought so too.”


“Venus, did you find her yet?”

“No I haven’t”

“Let’s keep searching”

Jewelry store

“Lunar Star Magic” Shouted Sailor Sun as she through her star barrette at the cardian but a beam of light came out of nowhere and hit the cardian before the star had a chance to hit.


“Who’s there?”

“How dare you to rob a jewelry store and taking all the precious items that customers want to by for fashion. I am Sailor Sun, protected by the earth’s closest star.”

“Sailor Sun” Sailor Moon exclaimed with shock.

“Why is she here?”

Sailor Sun held up her staff for an attack on the cardian. The cardian glares at her and charged at her. Sailor Sun dodged the attack and used her own to kill it.

“Sunlight Attractive Beam Flash”

The cardian exploded from the light and disintegrated.

Sailor Sun let out a small sigh and turns to leave but she was stopped by the Starlights.

“We will not let you through.” Fighter said.

Sailor Sun smirked and chanted only one word.


Fighter, Maker and Healer starts to struggle and realizes that Sailor Sun can create spells. Sailor Sun went pass them and from a hundred feet she undid the spell and jumped off somewhere.

“Rats, I can’t find her. She is here somewhere.” Venus said, who is already out of breath. Then they see Katie walking on the sidewalk leaning on the wall for support.

“Katie” Mars cried out as she and Venus went to help her out.

“sailor Sun was around again was she Mars?”

“I don’t know. We need to get Katie home so she could see Seiya in the morning.”

“I don’t think that will happen.”


“Look, he is making out with…Is that Ann from the Negaverse.”

“Yeah, what is she doing here?”

“Maybe to find true love.”

“Anyways let’s get Katie back to her place.”

Sailor Mars put Katie’s left arm around her neck and Sailor Venus put’s Katie’s right arm around her neck and both scouts carries her back to Katie’s Appartment.

Ending Theme: My Will
Episode Preview:

Luna: How is your new friend, Terra.
Terra: Kim? She is fine.
Rini: She has light blue hair.
Terra: I know.
Rini: Why is it that you haven’t realize that she is a border scout?
Terra: Oops

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