Sailor Moon Fan Fiction ❯ The Sailor Moon Legend of Zelda ❯ Part two: Find the Fairy bow ( Chapter 6 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Link and Jupiter stepped through the from the entrance way, and just like the Temple of Time, there was background music playing everywhere, and Jupiter could almost swear she saw white letters flash before her eyes…
“Wow.” That was all Jupiter could say as she gazed around the entrance hall. “Master, this is amazing.” But when she turned round Link was gone.
“Master… Master?” she called. Suddenly, she heard a thud coming from the tree on the right side of the room. She looked up and saw Link had climbed the vines along the wall, and was at the top of the tree. “Master, What are you doing up there?”
“Trust me.” Link called down. “Just worry about the monsters.”
Jupiter looked around “What monsters?” but she got her answer when two Wolfos popped up right out form the ground. “Whoa!”
Jupiter leapt up out of the way before the Wolfos got her with their furry swipes. Then with a swift couple of kicks, she sent those suckers packing. “And I got more where that came from!!” she growled at the floor.
She stood up tall and turned around and yipped to see Link there. “Whoa. You scared me.” She cried.
“Sorry…” said Link, “Come on, let's go.”
He led her to a wooden door at the end of the room which led them into a small corridor with another door on the other side. Once they entered through it, they emerged in the main hallway of the Forest Temple.
“Welcome, Sailor Jupiter.” said Link.
Jupiter looked around the room. At least five doors were seen at opposite ends of the room. A strange eye above an alcove way to the right end of the room, and the stoned ring in the center of the room with four torches in all four corners.
Each one burned a different colored Flame. Red, Blue, Green, and Purple, and all four of them seemed to encircle around an oddly looking stone in the center. Jupiter was most amazed. “And I thought fire was usually red-orange.”
She just had to go up there and see if they were real, but as soon as she got even close to the stairs the four flames disappeared off the torches like magic. “Huh?! Hey, what was that?”
Link stood all tensed, with his hand ready to draw his sword as four ghosts, each the same color as the flames they now carried.
“Going somewhere!” called the Purple one.
Jupiter backed away slowly. “Who or what are you?” she asked.
The four ghosts each flew round the room in a type of Dance pose, and one by one shouted out their name.
“JOELLE!!” shouted the Red one.
“BETH!!” shouted the Blue.
“AMY!!” shouted the Blue.
“MEG!!” shouted the Blue.
Then they all jumped together and shouted at the same time… “Sisters, Sisters… We're the four Poe Sisters… Ooh… ooh… ooh!!!!”
“Uh… yeah, okay!” said Jupiter.
“Heh, heh, heh… I wouldn't say everything is Okay!” sniggered Beth.
All four of them held up their torches with the colored flames. “We got the flames now, and you'll never get them back.” said Amy.
“It's all over, kids.” snapped Joelle. “You're journey's over.” One by one the Poe sisters fled in different corners of the room and vanished through the walls.
The room became darker, and Jupiter watched in shock as the stone in the center of the ring went under the floor, which told her it was really an elevator.
“Don't listen to them Jupiter.” Said Link, “We'll just have to track them down and get the flames back… somehow.”
Jupiter remembered how Link told her that every one of the Temples had puzzles and complexes to solve. “So, if we get back the flames, maybe that Elevator will pop back up again?” she asked.
“Exactly right…” said Link, “But first of all: we've got to actually find those Poe sisters, destroy them, and get back the flames.”
He led her up to the door at the back and up the stairs. The walked through it and emerged in another tunnel way that was being blocked by a huge winged skull surrounded by blue flames. A Blue Bubble it was called.
The Bubble slowly hovered in charge towards the duo, but Link just raised his Hylian Shield. The skull hit the shield and his flame was doused. The Skull just hopped along the ground in panic until Jupiter just crushed him with her foot. “That was easy.”
They came up to another door which Link told Jupiter was a kind of automatic door, that only opened if you stood in front it and shouted… “OPEN!!”
They came into a closed area, and when the door closed behind them, it also got sealed with iron bars. “What do we do now?” asked Jupiter.
“You die… that's what!” called an ugly voice. They duo watched as two giant Skull warriors called Stalfos popped up and began attacking them.
“You take him… I'll take the other.” Said Link and they dashed off into battle.
Stalfos-One slashed straight for Jupiter, but she dodged it, and then tried her Vine-Whip “FOREST VINE-WHIP… LASH!!!” but Stalfos-One just cut her Vines off with his sword.
“It didn't work.”
Link waited until Stalfos-Two leapt for him. Which gave him the chance to evade, and attack the beast from behind.
Link told Jupiter that the Stalfos had to be hit either from behind, or during their attacks. “Your vines can also be used as a normal whip… Use that!”
Jupiter Followed her Master's words, and before long the duo had successfully managed to beat the two monsters and vaporize them, and once they were gone, not only did the bars on the door lift up, but a small treasure chest had appeared before the duo.
“Hey, what's this for?” asked Jupiter. Link opened he chest to reveal a small key, which matched an identical one he picked up from a chest on the tree in the entrance hall.
It became clear to Jupiter that there were going to be some doors locked and chained in the Temple, and that these keys were what opened them. Link was impressed on how quick she was catching on.
Jupiter promised to trust Link for the rest of the way as they back tracked to the main hall and into the alcove on the left side of the room where a big blue stone was blocking something.
Jupiter noticed that the design on the block was the exact same symbol on the Door of Time. So Link played the Song of Time on his ocarina which made the block vanish. “Don't mess with the Ocarina of Time.” He said with a smirk.
They entered through the door, and emerged in a rather grassy chamber. “Ah, fresh sunlight at last.” Sighed Jupiter.
They battled their ways through the monster plants, and made their way to a vine wall crawling with Skullwalltulas. “Leave them to me.” Said Jupiter.
“FOREST RAZOR-LEAF… BLOW!!” and she knocked all the spiders off the wall. “Nothing to it.” She Smirked.
They Climbed up onto the high ledge and entered the next room, and all their was, was nothing more than another blue bubble. Link Shielded, and Jupiter crushed. “That was boring.”
The bars on the two doors were gone, and a much larger treasure chest appeared. Link let Jupiter open it this time, and inside was a map. An official map of the entire Forest Temple.
“It shows us all the floors and rooms in the temple, and our positions.” Said Link He pointed to the part on the map that was flashing green. “The Green flashing rooms are our current position, and blue ones are places we've been in already.”
“Mmm… pretty neat.” Said Jupiter. She folded up the map, and kept it tight on her suit. “This could come in handy.”
The exited to the next area, and Link defeated the plant on the balcony. “Stay here…” said Link as he stood up onto the ledge. “I going to try and get to the other balcony.”
“But, Master… how can you do that?” asked Jupiter. “It's too far to jump.”
Link gestured for her to look up at the Hookshot Target above the balcony. He shot his way over safely, then got her to vine-whip herself over as well. “Gee, that wasn't so tough.” She said.
Link then began telling her about the odd looking switch in the floor, and how she should watch out for them. “See that well over there in the far corner?” he asked.
Jupiter gazed over the balcony and saw it. Link stepped on the switch which actually began to lower the water in the well. Jupiter thought that was wicked.
“Okay… let's jump down there.” Said Link as he hopped onto the ledge.
“Whoa-ho… wait, wait, wait!” cried Jupiter. “Jump All the way down there? Are you crazy?”
Link shook his head. “Just watch.” And he leapt from the ledge.
Jupiter watched him fall, but just as he hit the ground, Link tucked his head and rolled safely on the ground without getting hurt from his fall. Jupiter just used her Vine-whip to slide down to the ground. “How did you do that?” she asked. “No one could've survived a fall like that.”
Link told her it was a special trick he learned as a boy. If you jump from a high place, and roll forward when you land, you'll soften your landing and won't get hurt from the fall.
However, it wasn't guaranteed to always work though either if the ground was not smooth enough, or if the cliff was really, REALLY high.
“Master, you astound me.”
The climbed down the now-drained well ran along the path and found another chest at the end with a key. They then climbed up the vines and back up another well hole into the first gardened area, and then headed for the door, back to the main hall.
“Okay, Jupiter… where-to from here?”
Jupiter got out the map and observed the flashing spot that was main hall. “According, to this, the only root we can take now is… That locked door on the west ledge.”
So they went up and open the locked door. Link also had to warn Jupiter to be careful about which doors she unlocked, because if you unlock the door, it will stay open for good, but the key will vanish.
“Gee, sure do have to coordinate things carefully in this Temple.”
They crossed through the narrow hallway, killed the Skulltula, went through the other door and into the next chamber which was composed of many ledges, but only one ladder.
“Well… It looks like we don't have any choice but to go straight up.” Said Link. “You go first Jupiter.”
“Yes, Master.”
They climbed up the ladder, then up another one. Jupiter looked around the tunnels and alcoves, but could find no other way up to the next ledge. “Great, now how are we supposed to get up there?” she asked.
She checked the map, but found no clue or anything to help them out of this one.
Link however was staring curiously at the arrows painted on the floor. They seemed to be leading to a small pit near the ledge they needed to access. Perhaps they were the key to solving this puzzle.
As he followed the arrows in reverse he bumped into something big and hard. He looked up and saw a huge stone block. It was far too big to just leap and grab up onto like that… but maybe--
“Jupiter… come here.” He called. When Jupiter got there Link told her about the arrows on the floor, and how the big block may be the key to solving the puzzle.
“Do you really think it's going to work?” she asked.
“Well, only one way to find out.” Said Link. He grabbed a hold of the rough sides of the block and began pulling it towards him. “Well don't just stand there. Give me a hand!”
Jupiter helped him pull the huge block up to the point where Link said stop. “Okay… good.” He panted. “Now… lets get over here, and push it upwards.”
Jupiter sighed heavily, but obeyed. They pushed up until it hit the wall, and then circled around into by the tunnel, and pushed it along until it dropped down into the small pit. Now they could hop up onto it and go to the next ledge.
“You go up there, and wait for me. I'll be right back.” Said Link.
“What? Master?” called Jupiter.
Link backtracked to the alcove where the block was before the moved it, and climbed up a ladder. When he go to the top, he found another block in the tunnel, and pushed it all the way ahead until it hit the wall.
“Jupiter, can you hear me?” he called. “Do you see the block?”
“Yes… I see it.” She called back.
Link told her to push it forward just enough for him to squeeze through, and once he got through, they both worked together and pushed it the rest of the way until it fell into place. “I think… I need to work out more.” panted Jupiter.
They climbed atop the block and up the next couple ledges, and you'll find the and up another ladder. At the top, they came across two Blue Bubbles, which they just decided to ignore, and went through the locked door.
Jupiter took one look at the corridor they were standing in, and realized that it was all twisted like licorice. “Whoever built this temple must've had a strong stomach.” She said. “A really strong stomach.”
Before they headed through the corridor though. “Just a moment Jupiter.” Said Link. “I want to use your Farore's wind… right here on this spot.”
Jupiter was all confused. “You told me that it's nothing but a warping spell.” She said. “So why use it here?”
Link gave the “You'll know soon enough.” Looks. So Jupiter saw no point but to get it on with. “I call the power of Farore's Wind…” she cried. “Create a warp point!”
She was bathed in a tube of swirling green light as small glowing green ball of light appeared over her head. There was nothing they could do with it now, so they just headed up the corridor.
The room at the end aloes seemed to be a little puzzling too. There was a locked door on the right side, but there also a large oriented Blue and gold chest hanging sideways on the wall.
Link told her not to mind it at they couldn't reach it yet. So they decided to head through the locked door instead, which also used up their last key.
As they went down the stairs in the next room, they noticed a paining of Joelle, one of the four Poe sisters. Jupiter stepped right up to the painting “Mmm!! I swear if I ever get my hands on her I'll--”
But as soon as she got so close as a few feet within the paint's view, the picture disappeared, and just went all black “Did you see that?” she asked.
“I saw it.” Said Link, “And I think I expected it.”
He told Jupiter about the Poe sisters. He faced them once before, and what they had to do was destroy all three paintings in the room, but only attack the one that Joelle was in.
“Wait… are you meaning to tell me that that ghost is hiding and jumping around these paintings?” she asked.
Link nodded. “If we get too close to the portraits, Joelle will see us and flee to one of the others. Our only option is to attack her from a distance, but unfortunately there's only one weapon I know that will do the job.”
Link told Jupiter about the Fairy bow, and that it was the hidden treasure of the Forest Temple. Jupiter and Link would be allowed to use it… but only until they found it. So they saw no other choice but to go down the steps and into the next room.
As soon as they steeped through the door, it was closed and sealed with bars, and three Stalfos had appeared. “Some guys just never learn!” snapped Link.
Jupiter whipped out her vines. “Let's take `em down!” and they dashed into battle. It may have been two against three, but it made no difference, not this time.
Jupiter and Link defeated the first two in a snap, and the third one was left. He looked to his left, there was Link. To his right, there was Jupiter. “…Uh-oh!!”
BASH!! They kicked him hard in the face from both sides which burst his head like a balloon, and the rest of him vaporized. “Ooh… that had to hurt.” mocked Jupiter.
The bars on the two doors in the room lifted, and regular large chest appeared in the center of the room. “Go ahead Jupiter… Open it.” Said Link, knowing well what was in it.
Jupiter stepped up to the chest and opened it up. Once the lid was open, a golden light shone up towards the ceiling and inside the light was a bow, and a quiver full of arrows. “Master… is this what I think it is?” she asked.
“This is it alright.” They had recovered the Fairy bow. One of the five weapons Link had lost. He then used the power of his Tri-force of Courage to copy it and the quiver. One for him and one for Jupiter.
“This is pretty neat.” She said as she strapped the quiver to her back. “Now not only do I look like an Amazon warrior, I feel like one too.” Obviously she was going to get to like her new weapon.
Now that they had their bows. It was time to begin their ghost hunt for the Poe sisters, and getting back the four flames for the torches.
Link: “Trusting someone else all the time isn't really a smart thing to do.”
Lita: “Yeah… even if they say they know what they're talking about, they could be wrong about it sometimes.”
Amy: “Still, it's a good idea to at least take into suggestion what someone else may say once in a while.”
Serena: “Your teachers and your parents are really smart people, but even sometimes they need suggestions and trust from somewhere else at times.”
Rei: “Trust is something that shouldn't be broken, and shouldn't be handled to lightly, because it could very well be there to help save you at times.”
Mina: “Still, if there is someone you can trust, and rely on, then it's really no big thing to fret about. Trust is more of an honor than it is a promise.”
(Song from Karaoke CaféAlso a pledge of love from Link to Zelda)
(Sungby Link. Played and chorus sung by Link,Darien, Rei, and Lita. Link on Piano. Rei on Drums. Lita on Base Guitar, and Darien on classic guitar.)
(Just Link)
I'll give you love, keep you close to me
No one in the world will ever hurt you.
I swear that nothing will tear us apart
When trouble comes, I won't desert you.
I'll be your hero.
I'll be your Robin Hood
I'll be your Lancelot,
the way I said I would.
I'll be your hero
I'll be your Ivanhoe
Love as my sword, so have no fear.
Oh I'll be…
(All four)
Yes, I'll be… Your Hero.
I'll be… Your Hero.
(Just Link)
I'll give you hope. Keep you safe and free
When you need a song, I'll be there to play it
Let someone rump you, and I'll take the blow
When the dragon comes, I'll go and slay it.
I'll be your hero.
I'll be your Robin Hood
I'll be your Lancelot,
the way I said I would.
I'll be your hero
I'll be your Ivanhoe
Love as my sword, so have no fear.
Oh I'll be…
(All four)
Yes, I'll be… Your Hero.
I'll be… Your Hero.
(Just Link)
Love as my sword, so have no fear.
Oh I'll be…
(All four)
Yes, I'll be… Your Hero.