Sailor Moon Fan Fiction ❯ Tumultuous Tides ❯ Chapter 7

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Ami floated in the warm water of the swimming pool, the small splashes of the other swimmers rocking her body gently in the liquid as she thought over the day so far.
It was so nice just being able to be friends again, thought Ami as she considered how comfortable it had been spending the morning with Shingo just walking around the mountain trails.
Ami sighed, Shingo had been his usual chatty self and it was nice, she barely had to say anything to keep him talking. So similar to Usagi, thought Ami, laughing out loud at the concept.
"What're you laughing about?" came Shingo's voice from behind her, covering her eyes with his hands.
"Nothing too interesting," replied Ami dropping underneath the water and out of Shingo's hands.
Breaching the surface as she stood up in the pool, Ami shook out her hair, rubbing her eyes.
"Still tired?" questioned Shingo, one of his eyebrows rising.
"A little," lied Ami, the truth being that she was exhausted.
"Maybe you need a dip in the remedial spa," suggested Shingo grabbing Ami's hand under the water.
Ami hesitated, before letting herself be practically dragged out of the pool by Shingo.
Shingo didn't look back as they passed the giant windows, the beach clearly being visible from them and causing Ami to stop suddenly.
It was almost nightfall and Ami knew the tides would be changing but the serenity of the beach compared to the isolation of the huge hotel was more comforting than any remedial spa could be.
As Ami stood and stared at the window, Shingo coming to stand beside her with their hands still encase in one another's. Ami wasn't sure if she was being stared at because of her still bruised eye or because of the fact that she was practically smiling at nothing.
"The beach then is it?" laughed Shingo as he looked down at Ami.
Ami nodded, "It looks so perfect," she said, not specifying what it was perfect for.
"Well let's go then," said Shingo.
Ami tried not to trip as she made her way over the rocky outbreak, her feet finally hitting the still warm sand of the beach.
Shingo was already ahead of her, the sea spray splashing up onto his back as he walked along the waterline, the dim moonlight sparkling on the salt that stuck to his skin.
Ami tried not to notice how Shingo's muscles flexed as he walked but her eyes unintentionally flicked all over his body, causing her not to realise that she, herself had stopped walking.
"Coming Ami?" called Shingo over his shoulder as he too stopped, looking at her and wondering why she was taking so long. "Is everything okay?" he asked with concern.
"I'm fine," called back Ami starting to walk again, keeping her eyes to sand between her toes as she did so.
"So where are we swimming on this fine evening?" said Shingo as Ami slowly caught up with him.
"Wherever," replied Ami, so taken in by the beauty of the place that she barely noticed the obvious rip-tide just slightly out from the rocky outbreak where they had entered.
"Well, no time like the present," said Shingo, grabbing Ami's hand again and pulling her into the water with him.
Ami made a small 'eep' sound at the warmth of the water; she had been expecting it to be quite cool.
"It's so warm," she said, Shingo laughing at her surprise, splashing her lightly.
"Of course it is, but it'll get cooler the further we go out," said Shingo covering his face as Ami playfully splashed him back.
Ami bit her lip, she did want to go out further and feel the cold of the ocean but it was so nice just playing in the temperate water.
"It's not big a decision Ami," teased Shingo, poking his tongue out.
"I take offence to that!" exclaimed Ami, faking anger and tackling Shingo into the water with surprising force.
"Woah girl, you've got some force," said Shingo with surprise as he shook his hair out of his face.
"I didn't realise I was that strong," said Ami with wonder as she leant back, only then realising that it appeared as though she were straddling Shingo.
Planning to move out of the way, it was soon proved unnecessary as Shingo dove under the water backwards and glided away just below the surface.
Ami giggled, quickly diving under and chasing him, grabbing both his legs.
Shingo's head broke the surface at the same time as Ami's.
"That's cheating," stated Shingo, smiling.
"We never said what game we were playing, so no, it's not," rationalised Ami, smiling back coyly.
"Okay then Smarty-Pants, what are we playing then?" asked Shingo teasingly.
"No idea, why do we have to specify?" questioned Ami back.
"Good point," replied Shingo as he shot off quickly out of Ami's hands.
"That's unfair!" exclaimed Ami before diving under the surface and again easily catching Shingo.
"You're bloody fast," stated Shingo, somewhat amazed as Ami let his feet go this time.
"What do you expect, where do you think I spend most of my time," said Ami, shooting a spout of water out of her mouth.
"Well this water's cold at least," said Shingo as he tread water.
"It's so nice," commented Ami as she just let her arms swish about on the surface.
"Come on," said Shingo, again diving underneath the surface of the now cold water.
Ami followed, this time staying at the same pace as Shingo, moving soundlessly around his body. Shingo replicated her motions, easily manoeuvring just like Ami, his eyes taking in each curve her body made.
Ami smiled, closing her eyes and feeling the movement of water to judge where Shingo is, effortlessly twirling her around his body.
Ami didn't notice their movements as the current slowly tugged them over to the rocky outbreak.
As Ami came up for Air, as she felt something tingle her legs before pulling her back under the water.
Stunned, Ami didn't try to fight it, until she opened her eyes and saw the underwater storm that was slowly but surely pulling her into its centre.
Her own wits lost to her Ami kicked against the tide ferociously, but failed as it took all her exhausted energy and just pulled her harder.
Closing her eyes and let out a scream into the water, silently hoping that Shingo wasn't above the surface taking a breather.
Luck was with her, Ami felt her whole body lurching into the movement of the rip, her body skimming close to the rocks as it did so.
I shouldn't have screamed, thought Ami's logical part of her brain as she soon realised that she needed air.
As Ami fought against the pull, two hands grabbed her own flailing ones, and holding them strongly, pulling her away from the rip-tide.
Ami's eyes were still closed as her had breached the surface, several great lung-fuls of air finding themselves in her lungs.
"You alright Ami?" asked Shingo, his hands still tightly clasped around her wrists, supporting her above the water.
"Yeah, I just wasn't paying attention is all," replied Ami, coughing as she blinked several times.
Ami took a look around, suddenly realising they were practically in the small cover that lay underneath the rocky outbreak, her eyes taking in the fact that the only way out of it was back through the rip.
"I think we should get out, looks like a storm is coming," said Shingo warily, his eyes skimming the horizon line and searching the huge crashing waves that were slowly making their way to the shore.
"But how can we get out?" asked Ami, as one of the huge waves broke into the rocky outbreak, rocking them and trying to fling her furiously onto the rocks that were only a metre away.
Shingo's arms protected Ami from the next few waves that crashed into the cove, Ami trying to figure a way out of the cove, without going through the water.
"How about we go over the rocks?" suggested Shingo.
"We'll fall into the rocks, they're too slippery," reasoned Ami.
"So you want to try your luck with the rip again?" asked Shingo, his eyebrows rising.
"Absolutely not," replied Ami quickly, realising the only way out was over the rocks, "Okay, over the rocks we go. Just make sure you hold onto me."
Shingo laughed, "I'll try."
Making slow strokes over to the rocks, Shingo carefully got out, leaning down to pull Ami out of the water gently.
Ami breathed in as some of the sharper rocks teased the skin of her stomach as Shingo lifted her over them.
"Alright?" he asked when he sat her down on the smoothest plateau they could find.
"I'll be better when we get back to the hotel I think," said Ami as she looked at the precarious walk over the rocks they had ahead of them.
"Me too," sighed Shingo.
Ami sat with her head in her hands as the doctor examined Shingo's head for any serious injuries, looking at the x-rays up on the projector screen.
"Just a small concussion, I'd advise you to stay awake for about five or six hours though, after that, if nothing happens you're free to go to sleep," said the hotel doctor expertly, Shingo nodding, and wincing as it caused a sharp stab of pain to ricochet in his head.
"It's okay Ami, see all good," said Shingo trying to comfort Ami.
"We never should have gone out there in the first place," said Ami softly, her mind taking her back to a time barely 30 minutes beforehand.
Shingo held out his hand as he stood dangerously close to the water on two rocks that hardly looked stable.
"Come on Ami, we're almost there," said Shingo encouragingly as she, Ami received yet another scratch from the rocks.
Ami stretched out and grabbed Shingo's hand, biting her lips as how it affected her balance.
Just as Shingo went to pull Ami up further Ami's footing slipped, causing her to fall to her knees.
Shingo's hand, still holding Ami's, pulled him down, a huge wave crashing onto the rocks where he stood.
Ami's eyes widened as she watched Shingo's footing slip, the wave trying to knock him back into the water, but instead, the momentum of both her fall and the waves causing his feet to be knocked out from underneath him, his body falling onto the rocks.
Ami winced as his head made a sickening crunch onto the rock closest to her.
"Shingo!" cried out Ami, as she pushed herself to a sitting position under the sharp floor beneath her, her hands roughly lifting Shingo's head up, his eyes half-closed.
"Are you alright Miss?" asked the doctor, looking at her concerned as Shingo held his hand out to her, waiting for her to leave with him.
"I'll be okay," replied Ami sullenly.
"Ami, it's not your fault," said Shingo for the fifth time that night as they both lay down on their separate beds, Ami looking at the ceiling and biting her lip hard.
"Fine, it's not my fault!" exclaimed Ami angrily, not really understanding who or what she was angry at anymore.
The thunder and rain pounded on the window hungrily, sharp cracks of lightning easily seen through the windows.
Shingo got up, going to sit on Ami's bed as the TV flicked on to a commercial.
"Come on Ami, it could have happened to anyone," stated Shingo, grabbing one of Ami's hands in both of his.
"Yeah, but it happened with me," tried Ami, wondering where all her reason was coming from because it didn't seem very sufficient an argument for Shingo.
Just as Shingo opened his mouth to speak, another violent crack of lightning reverberated through the sky, all the electricity cutting out and leaving the pair in the dark.
"Ami," started Shingo again.
"You should be lying down Shingo," said Ami.
"Fine," retorted Shingo, shifting Ami over to lie down on her bed with her.
"Shingo what're you doing?" questioned Ami a little shocked.
"I'm lying down, like you said I should be doing," stated Shingo, sounding horribly like Usagi when he spoke.
"Fine," said Ami, her voice high and emotional.
As silence dropped on the pair Ami listened to Shingo's deep and rhythmic breathing, it soothing her into a dull stupor.
Ami was unsure how much time had passed when the silence was broken, but she was positive it had at least been a few hours. Moving her hand to brush away some hair on her cheek Ami realised that in her stupor she had been silently sobbing.
"Ami," whispered Shingo, entwining the fingers of one of his hands with Ami's.
Ami swallowed back, anxiousness coursing itself through her body, reminding her of how close Shingo's body was to hers.
"Yes Shingo?" asked Ami, her voice choked with tears.
"Don't cry," he whispered, Ami feeling the bed move and seeing the dim silhouette of Shingo leaning on one arm.
Shingo's hand reached out and wiped one of Ami's cheeks, drawing away the unknown tears that had rested there.
"I'm sorry, I really am," murmured Ami.
Ami wasn't paying close enough attention to anticipate what was coming next so it struck her with surprise when she yet again found her lips attached to Shingo's.
Ami knew that if she didn't want this to go any further that she should stop now, but the only thing she could feel in her body was the desire to know Shingo's body, and everything about it.
Unthinkingly pushing herself further into Shingo's kiss, she found her hands knotting themselves in his hair, and drawing him in closer.
Not again, thought Ami as she gave herself in to Shingo's surprising seduction, but although her mind seemed to push the idea away, all of Ami's body enthralled in it.
Okay, again it is, said Ami to herself, inwardly sighing as she took control of the kiss.