Sailor Moon Fan Fiction ❯ Tumultuous Tides ❯ Chapter 8

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Ami shuddered as she awoke, her body feeling as though the top layer of skin had recently been removed with a scourer. Groaning she rolled over onto her stomach, her arm hitting onto another warm body next to her in the bed.
"Wha…" exclaimed Ami, shooting up in the bed to see the still sleeping form of Shingo as the night slowly came back to her in a misguided sequence.
"Oh," sighed Ami as she let herself fall back into the warm, inviting bed, "That was a close call." Ami's mind wandered to the past night and thinking how different it was to another night that she had experienced on a few months before. Resigning herself to a quiet stupor Ami slowly replayed the images that her mind had imprinted upon itself.
'Ami felt her body shudder as Shingo's finger wrapped perfectly around her waist, pulling her closer to him. Running her own fingers through Shingo's shaggy hair Ami tried to calm the voice inside of her that was silently screaming for escape.
"Ami," murmured Shingo in ecstasy, his hands tugging on the Ami's shirt, asking for access. Ami kissed Shingo back ferociously, beginning to pull off his shirt, and granting access to her own.
"Ami…" started Shingo into the kiss, "We can't…"
Ami stopped in the middle of removing Shingo's shirt, "What do you mean?" asked Ami pressing her head further backwards into a pillow so as to get a good look at Shingo's face.
"We can't," said Shingo, his eyes glancing to the side, not willing to look at Ami as his face showed his own distress at the position they were in.
"We…" started Ami, she hadn't been expecting this development at all. She had been expecting the same experience that the other one had given her, something akin to having no will.
Shingo bowed his head a little, "That's what you were thinking, weren't you Ami?" asked Shingo quietly.
Ami cringed slightly, feeling embarrassed at indeed thinking of such a thing, and of also secretly knowing of it too.
"I just, I think you're meant to wait, you know, until you're married," said Shingo, proving to Ami once again just how much better he was then her.
"Yeah, you're meant to," whispered back Ami, her voice barely being loud enough for even her to hear as she spoke.
"I know you have Ami," whispered Shingo, unable to keep hiding the secret from Ami.
Ami's eyes widened at Shingo, "How?" she mouthed, her voice no longer seeming to work.
"The packaging for the pregnancy test," said Shingo hesitantly, wondering if Ami would get angry, "When you were sick and I went into the bathroom to get you a washcloth I saw it in the bin."
"Oh," said Ami, her skin burning in a very different way to which it had previously been.
"I really would love to be with you Ami, it's just," Shingo paused, bitting his lip while his hands were still placed on Ami's torso, all of her mid-drift exposed.
Ami's hands seemed stuck to Shingo's chest which was mostly exposed, the material of his shirt covering her hands from view as she slowly took in what Shingo was saying.
"I didn't expect," said Ami slowly, not entirely sure how she was planning on finishing the sentence.
"I do want to be close with you Ami," admitted Shingo warily, clearly unsure of how Ami would react with the information.
"I want…" started Ami, swallowing back her fear of the situation, "I want to be close with you too Shingo."
Ami didn't anticipate Shingo's reactions to the words, but suddenly his lips were again on her's but now they were more hesitant, a question was being asked of Ami, and Ami knew that it was something important.
Ami didn't recoil like she thought she might have, instead she answered the question with blissful ignorance, for once not caring what would happen tomorrow when they both woke up.
As Ami's hands slowly explored Shingo's torso, so did his explore her's. It wasn't long before both their shirts were on the ground.
Ami's body reacted violently to Shingo's touch, something that was both shocking and enjoyable.
Ami's eyes widened as she felt Shingo's arousal but it only intensified the moment to the point were she was pulling off Shingo's shorts, his boxers showing the extent of his excitement.
Ami knew she would go no further when she reached that point, just seeing Shingo's body to that extent was too terrifying for her at that time but the fact that Shingo also seemed in no hurry to progress things, Ami sunk back into the feel of the moment.
Ami wasn't sure how long that had lasted during the night, just kissing and touching but it had felt like an eternity, and it still hadn't been long enough.
It was with a small, simple smile that Ami had went to sleep, unaware of how close the morning was.
Minako wandered around the Hillstop Hotel, not too bothered to do anything as the sun shown brightly onto the tiles of the floor, making little rainbows in the air.
Why can't life be like this all the time? Thought Minako to herself, watching as a few small children jumped into the lukewarm water of the swimming pool, effectively splashing their parents who were waiting by the side of the pool, their legs dangling in.
Minako giggled freely at the scene she saw, her eyes sparkling at her pure enjoyment that she hadn't truly felt for a long time.
"If only the girls could have come with me," said Minako to herself, unaware that there was one of her old friends watching her, just not one of her friends that she was asking for.
"Mina-Chan," said the soft voice of Ami startling Minako somewhat as she turned around to look at her friend with wary eyes.
"Oh, Ami-Chan," said Minako, trying to sound affectionate as she took in the small, slightly bruised form of Ami in her swimsuit looking more like a supermodel than Minako herself.
"I thought you started filming tomorrow," said Ami as a small pool of water formed around her feet, dripping from her body.
"I do," replied Minako, "But I thought I might come one day early," she continued, soon realising that every pair of male eyes were on this pair.
"Listen, I've got to go, work you know," said Minako quickly, not expecting Ami to grab her arm.
"I was wondering if we could catch a coffee, I mean you said you don't start filming till tomorrow," Ami's face was brighter though her voice showed that it was an open invitation and could be ignored if that was what Minako wanted.
Minako did know what she wanted, she wanted the old friend who used to exist, not this refined figure that stood in front of her stealing almost all the males' eyes in the room.
"I'm not sure," said Minako, biting her lip. It had been so long since Ami had wanted to hang out with any of them, and the visit at this beginning of the summer was such a shock to all of them considering how friendly and how much Ami did seem to want to be friends with them.
Ami's grip loosened somewhat, obviously readying herself for rejection but upon seeing her face Minako thought better of her answer.
"Ah, sure, why not? Work can wait," said Minako a little uneasily as Ami's bright smile returned.
"Where's Shingo?" asked Minako suddenly realising that he wasn't with Ami, even though they had come to the hotel together.
"He's still asleep so I came down for breakfast and a swim," said Ami, shrugging her shoulders as she spoke.
"Oh, okay," said Minako, the conversation seeming to fall flat as both of them looked to the floor as if the conversation where written down on the tiles like a script for them to follow. How I wish there was a script, sighed Minako, looking back up at Ami.
"Well, how about that coffee," said Minako, trying to force her mouth into the recognisable shape of a smile.
Ami smiled back, "Let me just grab my towel."
Shingo awoke, his head only aching slightly as he took in the empty, crumple sheets to the side of him.
"Probably went for a swim," yawned Shingo as he rolled over onto the side of the bed that Ami had previously occupied, breathing in the scent of her perfume that was now there on the pillow.
"Mmm…" smiled Shingo, as he remembered the splendour of last night.
She was just as magnificent as I had imagined, thought Shingo, his smile widening as he recalled the way that Ami's body had perfectly fit into his hands, how strongly she had reacted to him, and the words she had so sweetly spoken to him.
"Just perfect," he murmured into the pillow not paying attention to the slow burning that was slowly shifting its way through his body.
"Damnit," he sighed as he felt his arousal.
Sighing resignedly Shingo got up, feeling the cold bite of the air around him, his head aching a little at his sudden movements as he made his way over to the ensuite.
Barely paying attention Shingo stripped off and turned on the shower, waiting for the water to turn cold as his feet thudded out a dull rhythm on the small, silver tiles of the floor.
Stepping into the cool shower, Shingo heard the distant ring of his mobile phone, but too content in the water to leave it, he let the mobile ring off.
Probably just Usagi, he thought as another yawned escaped him, his eyelids dropped a little.
I'll call her back a bit later, Shingo promised himself as he leant back against the walls of the shower, his face being pounded by the water.
Just a little bit later…
Minako's phone rung, interrupting her and Ami's discussion about the success of Makoto and Rei's restaurant.
"Hello, Minako speaking," said Minako tiredly; obviously expecting it to her one of her agents, but it startled her when she listened to the distraught voice of Ikuko Tsukino.
"Sorry to call you like this Minako but I just wanted you to know that Mamoru and Usagi have been in a car accident, they're both in critical condition. I just thought you would like to know," Ikuko's voice was rough and crackling on the phone as the quiet sobs were heard down the line.
"In a car accident?" repeated Minako, her eyes bulging at the news as Ami sat on with a worried expression on her face.
"Yes, I just thank god that Chibiusa was here with me when it happened," cried Ikuko, hiccupping in her tears.
"Does Shingo know?" questioned Minako.
"I tried to call him but he didn't answer," whimpered Ikuko, obviously wishing to get off the phone now.
"Okay," said Minako slowly before continuing, "I'll be there as soon as possible."
"What's happened?" asked Ami, her voice rising high at the end as she looked at Minako's distraught appearance, the lines on her friend's face seeming to age her by a decade.
"Mamo-Chan and Usagi were in a car accident. Critical condition," whispered Minako in response, knowing that the words would mean more to Ami than they did to her.
"Shingo doesn't know," murmured Minako as she got up from her chair, Ami following suit.
"I'm going to ring my manager. You and Shingo should probably leave so he can get home and see Usagi and Mamoru, just in case…" trailed off Minako, her eyes already glazed over as she typed in a number on her phone.
"Okay," said Ami slowly, drifting away from Minako who appeared to be on the verge of tears.
Ikuko didn't try to call me. I'm not one of Usagi's closest friends anymore, thought Ami to herself sadly, the realisation knocking whatever joy she had gained back out of her.
How am I going to tell Shingo? She questioned to herself as she scrunched up her nose, several random guys making cat-calls at her as she passed by them, too deep in thought to care today.
Ami legs carried her slowly through the lobby, into the elevator and then up the several floors to where her and Shingo's room was.
You can do this, Ami coaxed herself as she stepped out of the elevator, opening the door to their room and seeing the bed empty. Ami could clearly hear the water in the shower going.
At least he's no far, thought Ami as she considered the news she was soon going to have to break to Shingo.
This isn't going to be pretty, winced Ami was the ensuite door opened to reveal a barely covered Shingo with a towel tied hastily around his waist.
"Ami, what's wrong?" asked Shingo instantly, his eyebrows furrowing as he took in Ami's tortured face.
"Something… Something bad has happened Shingo," said Ami slowly, turning to sit on the barely disturbed bed in which Shingo had meant to sleep last night, before he had joined in with Ami.
"What happened?" asked Shingo carefully, obviously thinking it had something to do with Ami.
"Mamoru and Usagi were in a car accident. Both are in critical condition currently," said Ami softly, unsure of whether Shingo would even hear her.
Shingo came and sat down beside her heavily, a kind of unbelieving expression on his face as he tried to comprehend the news.
"What does that mean; critical condition?" asked Shingo warily, his eyes glazed over as he stared at the wall.
"They're real bad," said Ami gently.
"No I mean, what chance do they have?" questioned Shingo.
Ami didn't know what to say, she had no details of anything but she couldn't leave Shingo without an answer to his question.
"I'm not sure," answered Ami truthfully, "To be honest, critical condition is usually close to death, they've most probably got very extensive damage and even if they do recover it may take a long time or they will have lasting effects."
Ami's brain took over as she spoke, using the talk they had been taught when discussing such thing's with a patient's family, except this was no exercise for Ami, and it was a lot closer than a patient's family.
"We should go," said Ami softly, grabbing Shingo's hand in comfort.
Shingo could only nod as he stood up again.