Sakura Wars Fan Fiction ❯ TIME DIVER ❯ The End Of Evangelion ALPHA Universe Version 0: Story So Far... ( Chapter 5 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Previous Events that already happened so far
Western Calendar 187, a mysterious young man suddenly appeared in the middle of confusing conflict between Earth Federation, now being held by fascist military organization called Titans against a ragtag independence movement known as AEUG, meanwhile alien trying to launch their attack to cripple both factions. This mysterious young man later on being known as Time Diver and his name is Ave. He pilots a very unique mecha and his mecha in the same time has characteristic from real personal trooper, alien mecha and masoukishin. His mecha later on being dubbed Argan for some unknown reason and Ave begin to fight alongside AEUG after AEUG save him from Titans' attack near Side-7, Green Noah Colony. Among his new friends in AEUG, Ave befriend with Camille Vidan, the young civilian that steal Gundam Mk-II from Green Noah and later on followed by a female lieutenant from Titans, Emma Sheen.
During certain battle against Titans force, AEUG's flagship Ahgama encounters a mysterious mobile suit that being dubbed Gundam Deathscythe and its pilot, Duo Maxwell. Duo explained about his participation in certain mission to fight Titans and his rival military organization known as OZ. This operation was famous with its name, Operation Meteor which five different space colonies drop five Gundam mobile suits with their pilots to wage guerrilla war against Titans and OZ. Following the plan of Operation Meteor, AEUG's Ahgama, now under Bright Noah as its captain, launched a massive attack toward Earth Federation and Titans headquarter in Jaburo but everything going haywire when they find out about a bobby trap being planted in Jaburo. It is quite lucky that AEUG's personnel manage to escape without any casualties and they manage to gain popularity and support from DC Organization as well as their Super Robot Alliance as well.
Besides fighting against Titans and OZ, since AEUG joined force with Super Robot Alliance, now they need to fight against Dinosaurs Empire and Dr. Hell's army as well. In the meantime, legendary Ace, Amuro Ray together with Gundam Alex's test pilot, lieutenant junior Christina McKenzie manage to breakthrough from Titans' home prison while stealing Amuro's original RX-78-2 Gundam and prototype RX-78-NT1 Gundam Alex developed by Amuro and piloted by Chris. After several attempt escaping from Titans and OZ pursuit, Amuro and Chris joined force with AEUG's supporter near Point Kasaseria as they meet a young newtype boy that pilot a prototype of resistance's mobile suit known as Victory Gundam. This boy's name is Usso Evin.
Finally Amuro and the other manage to join force with Ahgama. Many things happened afterward as they being dragged to subterranean world Byston Wells and also their fateful encounter with SRX Team followed by Masoukishin Cybaster piloted by Masaki Andou. After intercepting many of alien's attacks, AEUG and its alliance, now formerly known as Alpha Numbers decide to go to South Atalia Island where a legendary SDF-1 stationed. During their journey to South Atalia, they encounter mysterious enemies known as Angel and find out about a secret organization formed to fight Angel known as NERV together with their ultimate weapon, all-purpose humanoid fighting machine, Evangelion. Later on, supreme commander of NERV, Gendou Ikari decide to cooperate with AEUG and to support AEUG's movement, he ordered Evangelion Unit-01, Unit-00 Kai and Unit-02 to board Ahgama.
NERV wasn't the only organization being encountered by AEUG as they also encounter another secret society fighting against ancient enemies' forces known as Hive of Darkness. This secret society is Teikoku Kagekidan but for some reason some core members of DC are not getting along very well with some Teikoku Kagekidan's members such as Maria Tachibana and Kanzaki Sumire. It was when AEUG finally reached South Atalia right after their supreme commander being assassinated and lieutenant Quattro Bagena of AEUG become the new leader of AEUG. During the day of celebration to celebrate the completion of SDF-1, unknown alien forces attacked. This alien force was later on identified as Zentradi and composed from giant male alien.
During this family, city being destroyed moreover after Captain Gloval ordered to shot Macross Cannon that serve as bobby-trap by making enemies' able to pinpoint the location of SDF-1. By the way, during this assault, AEUG gained more allies from mysterious Mahou Sentai Magiranger composed from six members of Ozu Family and three maidens proclaiming themself as Magic Knight with the power of Mashin. Although fighting with new allies against those Zentradi, AEUG and SDF-1 Valkyrie squad known as Skull Squadron begin to get cornered. In this grim situation captain Gloval ordered to use FOLD JUMP facility in SDF-1 to teleport South Atalia Island along with SDF-1 to Mars. FOLD JUMP failed and rather than being teleported to Mars, SDF-1 being teleported to Pluto instead. From this point, begin a journey back to the Earth with many enemies ready to ambush them.
During this time, Lynn Minmay become famous as miss Macross first and later as Idol Singer that boost the morale of SDF-1's citizens along with soldiers using her song. Her fateful experience in Macross led her meeting with a young pilot from Skull Squadron, Hikaru Ichijou and many things happened afterward. In the meantime, Ingram Plitzken, the leader of SRX Team sabotage the combine sequence of SRX Team as he reveals himself as a spy from alien invader known as Aerogaters. It was tragedy over tragedy that keeps on happening one over another meanwhile nobody know about what happened on the Earth.
As Hikaru Ichijou and officer Misa Hayase manage to return to Earth along with young Time Diver, Ave by certain incident, they begin to understand about the planet already dying. Many enemies from Dinosaurs Empire to Angels keep on attacking Earth as Evangelion Unit-00 Kai to Unit-02 and some super robots like Great Mazinger who being left before during the failed FOLD JUMP process are the only one fighting to protect mankind from these threats. Luckily, this time Teikoku Kagekidan together with newly formed Paris Kagekidan decide to help and protect the Earth until Alpha Numbers returned. But fate also has different way to show its cruelty toward those who keep on fighting for the better future. During the fight, Rei was killed by one of the Angel as Asuka being mind raped. Right after that, the first children, Rei Ayanami, pilot of Evangelion Unit-00 Kai was replaced by her clone meanwhile the second children, Sohryu Asuka Langley was left on her comatose state.
After Ave, Hikaru and Misa keep on supporting these leftover fighting units to protect Earth, SDF-1 and Alpha Numbers finally manage to return to the Earth. During their way to return to Earth, Alpha Numbers meet other allies known with name Zero, a fighting cyborg from distant future called Reploid and his human partner, a fourteen years old female inventor name Ciel. Not only Zero, there are several Reploid aboard SDF-1 as well as Excellion, a huge space cruiser survived from their encounter with space monsters known as STMC. Core members of Excellion are girls from Okinawa Space School for Girl and they are Kazumi “Onesama” Amano, Noriko Takaya and the only girl from Russia, Jung Freud. It was when Alpha Numbers realize the threat needs to be faced by them and they begin to revise more strategy to fight against those old and new enemies.
Meanwhile, DC's investigation team led by Dr. Eri Anzai in Peking China discover a mysterious ruin and manage to unearthed ancient weapon known as Choukijins. Those two choukijins are giant white tiger KouOh and giant blue dragon RyuOh. During certain test conducted to revive these choukijins, Baron Ashura from Dr. Hell's army launched the attack to seize these two choukijins. Baron Ashura manage to mind control RyuOh and KouOh as they begin to berserk and wreaking havoc all over DC's facilities. During this time, test pilot Ryouto Hikawa along with his lover, Rio Mei Long decide to launch prototype RTX-011 Huckebein Mk-III and Gunner Frame to fight these two choukijins. It seems there is no other way besides destroying these two choukijins. As RyuOh and KouOh was heavily damaged with Rio and Ryouto duo, they return to their sense and begin to absorb the remaining of Grungust Sanshiki's parts to regenerate their bodies. Those two choukijins mysteriously linked themselves with two Alpha Numbers' pilots, ensign Kusuha Mizuha and her boyfriend, ensign Brooklyn Luckfield as those two finally manage to control the combination of two godly creatures. RyuKouOh is the dragon-like humanoid super robot piloted by Kusuha and Brooklyn as its sub-pilot meanwhile KouRyuOh is the tiger-like humanoid super robot piloted by Brooklyn “Bullet” Luckfield and Kusuha serves as sub-pilot.
More battles await Alpha Numbers. Finally they fought against the last Angel and joined force with Zentradi and Meltradi to fight against the evil Zentradi's leader, Gorg Boldoza. After defeating Gorg Boldoza, learning about the lost protoculture and eternal love song being sung by Lynn Minmay, Alpha Numbers also thwarted the ambition of Zanscare Empire using Angel Halo mobile weapon to destroy Earth. During this time, unknown by Alpha Numbers, SELEE and supreme commander Gendou Ikari already finalized their plan to conduct Human Instrumentality Project for their own purpose. The fate of the Earth will be decided in this epic battle that later on by humanity as the day when they decide to fight with their own strength and stand against oppression not only from their own mankind but from God as humanity become to believe about their own destiny can be decided by themselves instead.
From this point let the bell tolls for the final battle…!
To Be Continue