Samurai 7 Fan Fiction ❯ Protecting the innocent. ❯ A meeting. ( Chapter 2 )

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Authors Note:
The reason for that last chapter was something to get me warmed up for writing the rest. By the way I started after I saved the other chap. So it's currently 09/10/2006---03:20.
I'm in a mood to write.:b.
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~It's currently present time.~

You would think that they were like any other regular family the way they acted.
While Daisuke was in a meeting in another room,Sakura was playing with Katsushiro out back.
Her medium length slightly light brown her was hanging down while Katsu's was in a low ponytail.
Daisuke had shorter hair himself and it was an odd shade of green/marine.
While Sakura had Blue eye's his came closer to matching his hair.

The other 6 were scattered around the house in case anything happened,But mainly they were relaxing.

Katsu referred to the 6 as his uncle's.
After the man had left Daisuke had a serious look on his face.

He went to the out back to get Sakura.
Such a lovely day,The sun was nice and there were hardly any clouds.
And a small little breeze that would blow by here and there.

When he got there he saw Sakura and Katsu playing and under a tree nearby Kyuzo and Shichiroji were watching except that Kyuzo looked more like he was napping or resting.

Sakura saw the look on her husbands face when he came out.
Katsu didn't know and ran over the best he could.

"Hey Katsu. Sakura can you come with me for a minute."

"Yes. But someone needs to watch Katsu while I'm gone."

"Roji,You'll need to come as well as you Kyuuzo."

They headed for the meeting room where he would have his...well...meetings.
"I've already asked Kambei to come as well.
Could Heihachi or Gorobei watch him?"

"There in town at the moment,Let me ask Kikuchiyo."

A few minutes later Kikuchiyo was watching Katsu while the others were in the meeting room except for Heihachi and Gorobei who were due back soon though.

In the meeting room.

"All right.The reason I've asked you here is because of what the man who was here earlier said. He wishes to be anonymous."

"What's wrong Daisuke."
Sakura was worried.

"He said that another clan is trying gain power in the area. By deadly means if needed. Their boss has a record of killing clans because they wouldn't so called cooperate with his rules. This same man is also trying to take over our areas. And will be visiting in a week."

"But there is another reason you called us here isn't there Dai?"
Kambei was sure of it.

"Yes there is. I am worried that if this man tries anything that Katsushiro may get hurt or killed. If anything does happen to us would you take Katsu to safety?"

"Of course.But you know that we can protect......

"I know Kambei. Pardon the interruption. But if worst comes to worst we would like for you to get Katsu to safety."
"Of course."

After making some arrangements the meeting was let out.
And Sakura went to see her son while Daisuke stayed to make some arrangements with some friends of theirs.
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Okay I made the mistake of calling them a Yakuza,I told my mother a little bit about my story and she helped with that part. They are a clan.

Well that's chapter 2. Finished 09/10/2006--06:10 am.^^.