Samurai 7 Fan Fiction ❯ Protecting the innocent. ❯ A meeting that ends in a firey Death. ( Chapter 3 )

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Authors Note:
Let's see if some I can get some action in here.
As for any pairings that will have to wait.
I haven't seen enough of the show to pair any one up with anyone else.

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It had been 6 days and despite her best efforts to hide especially it from her son,Sakura was worried.
Their clan was a peaceful old-fashioned one. And yet her gut told her she would die tomorrow.

Daisuke had talked to her in private about his plan.
He knew as well that they may die tomorrow. But he made a plan just in case.

He had called some old friends he had and made arrangements so that if anything happened that the others would have a safe place to go.

Sakura had been going picture/home movie crazy.
That way Katsu would have something to remember them by.

~The next day~

Sakura had recently put Katsu in for a nap and had Gorobei,Kyuzo and Heihachi as his guards.

A few minutes later the man came by and they went into the meeting room.
Kambei,Shichiroji and Kikuchiyo were on standby.

~In the meeting room.~

"Alright what is your business with us? We are a peaceful clan and I'm sure you know that?"

"Ahh,yes. But you see I'm aware of the influence that you have around here as well the territory that you own around the cities."
"Your point?"

"I propose a deal."

"What kind?"

"A simple one. I have a good deal of power and influence myself over various territory's and I am working on expanding that. I simply wish for one ruler to bring peace to some of the rising and rivaling clans and gangs."

"Then why did you kill those other people if all you want is peace?"

"I see,You are sharper than I expected. But the fact remains that they were in the way of progress towards peace. Again It's like I said,I am getting more turf for unity purposes."

"You lie. I knew a couple of the clan leaders that you killed. They were peaceful people who kept their land and people in line. And I have been informed of your misgivings. You only wish for turf for the money to build your empire."

"Well Well. I'm afraid you do know to much. But then I believe that you know when a clan's killed that their land goes up for bidding one week after their death if no family or kin claims it."

*Sakura Screams*.

Daisuke stood up really fast and turned toward the door.

"See I know that you have a wife and child,As for your Samurai bodyguards.They should be busy with my people."

"You monster!"

"Now now I've been called much worse than that. This good-bye. It's a-shame that you wouldn't have just heard me out."

"I'll see you in Hell!"
Daisuke pulled out his sword and charged at him.
"Tsk Tsk. You should now better than that."

He pulled out a pistol and shot him in the leg.
He dropped his sword and cursed the man.

The man pulled out a phone.

"Ahh hello.Yes it's me,No. Burn the place. And destroy any evidence that we were here. Yes I want you to kill the kid too. No one must except our men live. Yes I'll see you in minute. Bye."

Daisuke was trying to get back up but with not much luck.
Kambei came in saw the scene and tried to attack the man but the
guy just fired some bullets at him and then some of his men came in and got him out.

"Where's Sakura!?"
Daisuke asked through gritting his teeth.

"I don't know. After the place was raided Shichiroji went to where she screamed while we took out the agents and then I came here."

"And Katsu?"

"Safe. They didn't go near his room but Kyuzo is still there on guard."

"You and the others need to get out of here.That guy is going to burn the place down any minute."

Sakura ran in the room.
"Daisuke!Kambei! Are you alright?"
She ran over to Daisuke to see the bullet wound on his leg.

"What happened to you Sakura? We heard you scream."

"Honey you should know that when you married me I could fight. Although I screamed because I was took by surprise when a bullet almost hit Gorobei and for a few seconds I thought he was dead. Psyching the enemy."
"It's best that we leave now."
Kambei was trying to help Daisuke up.

*Katsu screams*

Kambei handed Dai over to Sakura to see what happened.

By the time he got to the door Kyuzo had just knocked out or possibly killed an agent that had Katsu.

"What happened?"
Katsu was handed over to Kambei.

"A couple of groups came in and tried to kill him.Their starting to come in bigger numbers."

Smoke started to fill part of the room they were in and the room were Daisuke and Sakura was in caught fire and was spreading quickly.

The others arrived as Kambei and Kyuzo got to the room.
A ceiling board fell trapping both Daisuke and Sakura.

Katsu tried to get out of Kambei's grasp to go to his mother and father,
More agents arrived to finish the job.

"Get out of here now! You cannot save us but you can still escape.!"

"Sakura's right!"

Some of the agents already engaged some of the samurai in combat.
"Right we'll keep Katsu safe."

"Thank you. All of you."
"We consider you family."

The samurai fought for their escape but made it successfully.
Not long later though there was an explosion and the man assumed that everyone else died in it since it would be too hard for anyone to escape with that many agents after them.
The reason I didn't describe the man/villain to you is for a reason that you will find out later.^^.

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