Samurai 7 Fan Fiction ❯ Protecting the innocent. ❯ Before the funeral/Grievance ( Chapter 4 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Authors Note:
Hope you enjoy the 4th chapter of the story.^^.

The police had to be dealt with by another clan leader who was also a business man as well as a another friend to the family.
Rikichi and his wife Sanae.
The 7 were staying with them for the moment until after the funeral then they were going to leave the city and move to another one.

They were each grieving in their own way.
Heihachi was tinkering and building as well fixing little things.
Gorobei and Kikuchiyo were trying to cheer up Katsu.
Shichiroji was trying to keep the mood from getting too depressed more so than it already was.
Kyuzo and Kambei were quiet.

The police somehow managed to recover what was left of the bodies and the funeral was arranged to take place in a few days.

The scene however had been tampered with making it seem to be a gas leak and having that set-off the explosion.
Very few clan leaders knew that the 7 were alive.

The ones who knew wanted revenge for what happened but it had to be put off for discussion until after the funeral.

Unfortunately the day for the funeral came and they stood around watching the caskets be put into the ground each one of the 6 remembering how they came to know the people being laid to rest here.

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Not much of a chapter I know but I needed it to end here so I could put the next chapters that be entitled 'Remembrance'.
That'll probably be two or three chapters. That shall tell of how each came to know Sakura and Daisuke. After the whole Funeral thing I'm going in for more upbeat stuff. It's just getting there. But hopefully it shall be worth it.^^.
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