Samurai 7 Fan Fiction ❯ Protecting the innocent. ❯ A brief Discussion and Katsu gets a story. ( Chapter 7 )

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I needed to add this. I'm around the part where the R's are W's.
Since Katsu is 2 and a half, I don't imagine he can pronounce R's extremely well yet. So for him R's are W's. Example: Story. For him. Stowy.
I'm going to go work on finishing the chapter now.:p.
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It was around nine 'o' clock or so and Sanae was finishing up getting Katsu in bed.
The others were in the living room.

"What are you guys going to do now?"
Of course Rikichi had his guesses.

Kambei looked up from his tea.
"After the will reading tomorrow we are going to move to another city."

"I see."
The phone rang.

"Excuse me."
He left to get the phone.......pointless line right?

A little while later almost everyone was asleep.
keyword is almost.

'Roji and Kambei were in the living-room going over a few things.

"Alot has changed in such a short amount of time hasn't it."
For 'Roji that was more of a statement than a question.

"It has."
Kambei sipped some tea.
Not being able too sleep Katsu carefully got out of bed and left the room.
Luckily for him the door wasn't shut all the way.
Since most the lights were off he figured that meant sleepy time for the others.
There was one or two other lights on but he went to the one in the living room.
Carefully looking in e saw his uncle 'Roji and his uncle Bei.

He lightly whispered.
"I think we have company."
"Roji' said pretending to not notice Katsu.

"I think your right,"

He ran over and shouted at his uncles.
"Uncle 'Roji',Uncle,Bei."

"What are you doing up still?"

"No sleep."
He stated firmly by crossing his arms over his chest.

"Alright then. Why no sleep?"

Wanting to answer his uncle Roji he just gave the only answer his mind knew.

"Uncle Woji.Uncle Bei."



"Which one,Then again odds are I know which one."
Kambei knew which one was coming.

"Samwai stowy."

"Aw geez don't you ever get tired of hearing that one."
They had been telling him that story since he was born and he still never got tired of it.


"Alright. You'll go to sleep if you get your story?"

"Yes uncle Bei."

Well that's how they spent another hour after he finally fell asleep they turned in themselves.

For tomorrow is the reading of the will.
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I figured that Chibi-Katsu could get some spotlight.
Hope you enjoyed it.^_^.

Stopping at 11:32 am.

"Aw geez don't you ever get tired of hearing that one."
They had been telling him that story since he was born and he still never got tired of it.

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