SD Gundam Fan Fiction ❯ I Enjoy Being A Girl ❯ Let's Go Shopping Zero! ( Chapter 2 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

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Zero woke with a start, jumping to his feet.

" Calm down!" Zero turned to see Baku, Shute and Captain s they stood in Shute's living room.

" Oh thank god…you guys, I've had the weirdest dream! Okay, me and Baku got in a fight-then I met this girl and she threw sand in my eyes, and I turned into a girl, and Baku started hitting on me!"

" WHAT are you talking about…? You are a girl…" Shute asked while raising an eyebrow. Zero blinked, then looked at his hands. They were the pale skinned hands he saw earlier. He gasped, then let out a shrill, high scream. The boys flinched.

" Oh my god, oh my god!! I'm still a GIRL!!" Baku stared at Zero for a moment.

" Got into a fight with me…?" Baku blinked. " Zero???" Zero turned and looked at him.

" HELLO! I already told you I'm me!!" Zero sat on the couch, and buried his head in his hands. " I'm a…girl…a HUMAN girl…"

" Crap! Zero, as in ZERO??" Zero glared up at Shute. " For the last time YES! Do I have to say it again to you people?!"

" Well, my sensors do indicate that this girl has Zero's energy signature," Captain stated.

" Please tell me this is a bad dream…?" Zero sniffed. " Zero, are you….crying?" Baku said in astonishment when he saw the knight's blue eyes gloss over.

" N-n…." Zero bit his lower lip. " Noooo-oo---!" He then placed his face in his hands and started to wail. Everyone stared at him. The usually calm and non-emotion showing Zero was all of a sudden crying. Baku went and sat down next to Zero. He handed the now female knight a tissue. Zero took it, and dabbed his eyes with it while sobbing.

" T-this can't be ha-happening t-to me-!" Zero said. Baku blinked. " Um…what's so bad about being a girl anyway…?" Zero glared at Baku.

" What the hell do YOU think?!" he snapped. (A/N: Maybe I should call Zero she…?O.o)

" Um…" Zero stood up and strutted to the door. " Zero! Where are you going?" Baku asked.

" Away from YOU!" She yelled, then slammed the door. Captain looked at Baku. " What was that all about?" Baku shrugged.

" I have no idea…"

" Well," Shute said, " Go after him-er…her? Um…Zero!" Baku sighed, " Fine."


Zero sat down in the middle of the forest and pouted. ` What in the world happened back there?' she thought. ` I just…cried! I NEVER cry!!' She slouched against a tree. Her armor started to bug her, so she tried to pull it off.

" WHAT!? It-" she tugged on her breastplate. " -won't come off!!" She let go and slammed her fists into the tree behind her.

" Um…need help?" Zero looked up and glared at Baku. " Oh, it's you," she said. " What do YOU want?"

" Why are you so upset at me for?!" Baku demanded. Zero stood up and extended her arms out from her sides. " You kept saying how much of a girl I was---and now I AM a girl!!" She then added bitterly, " Looks like you won, Baku!! Are you happy?!" Baku blinked, then looked a bit hurt.

" Zero…I really didn't mean it…"

" Oh I'm sure," she said sarcastically. Baku went up to Zero, then wrapped his arms around Zero's waist and pulled her in close. Zero blushed as her eyes widened. " W-what are you doing?!" she demanded. She suddenly felt something snap open from behind her.

" There, you can take it off now," Baku said while stepping back after he unhooked the back of her armor.

" Uh…thanks…" she blushed, then slid it off. It fell to the ground with a thunk. She started to roll her shoulders around. " That's much better…" she muttered. She then caught Baku staring at her. " What?" Baku quickly tuned away while blushing.

" Um-a---n-nothing. Just uh, you probably shouldn't wear stuff like armor since you're a human now…"

" Humans wear armor," Zero snapped. " Yeah, but I bet the kind you have is heavier than normal human's." Zero blinked. " So?"

" You'll pull a muscle!" Zero sweatdroped. " Oh…right…" She then slid off the rest of her armor, standing in a full body spandex suit. Baku blushed while staring at her. She had the curves most girls would kill to have. They weren't too curvy, but showed off just enough to make a boy stare. Like he was..

" WHAT?!" she snapped while putting her hands on her hips. She suddenly saw where he was starring, then yelped while folding her arms over herself. " Pervert…" She quickly put her armor back on.

" W-wait, I'm sorry!" Baku said. " Just don't put those back on!"

" Why? So you can stare at my body some more??!" Baku looked down guiltily. " I'm sorry, but you really shouldn't wear that…"

" Too bad! I -ow!" Zero threw a hand on her shoulder. " See? You pulled something already!"

" N-no I didn't!" Baku rolled his eyes. " Quit trying to act tough already. We should get you to Shute's. Keiko might let you borrow something to wear…" Zero shrugged, but shortly regretted doing that. " Fine." She started to walk, but Baku stopped her by picking her up.

" HEY! Put me down you barbarian!!" she yelled while trying to get down. " Stop squirming! I'm not putting you down so you can hurt yourself with that stuff on!!" Zero crossed her arms and pouted. " Fine!"

" Fine!"

" FINE!" Baku couldn't help but laugh. " What's so funny?" Baku leaned close to her ear and whispered, " You look so cute when you're angry." Zero pushed his head away and growled.

" Stop hitting on me for mana's sake, and just take me to Shute's!!" Baku smiled.

" Okay, princess."

" I'm a KNIGHT!"

" Not anymore, Lady Zero." Zero huffed while muttering something to herself.


" Thank you again for letting me borrow something from your wardrobe, Lady Keiko," Zero said from the bed as Shute's mom went through her walk in closet, looking for something for Zero to wear.

" Oh, it's no trouble at all, dear!" Keiko said. " We just have to find you the right outfit…Aha!" She pulled out a silky white skirt and matching tank top with cream-colored roses embroidered in them. " Here you go, Zero." She handed the former Gundam the outfit. Zero stood and went to the door, but Keiko stopped her.

" Where are you going?"

" To put these on….?" Zero blinked. Keiko laughed. " You have a lot to learn about being a girl. Like for starters…" Keiko opened a dresser and pulled out a bra. Zero blushed with a sweatdrop.

" Oh mana…" Zero muttered. " You'll be using this until we take you shopping." Zero twitched.



" What's taking them so long?" Captain asked from downstairs. Shute sighed, " He's become….one of them."

" One of them?" The two male Gundams repeated.

" Yes…one of them! A girl! They take forever to do their makeup, have PMS attacks, and all the other bad things!"

" Yeah, whatever…" Baku said.

" Um…." The three looked up the stairs and saw Keiko and Zero at the top. Baku blushed faintly as he gazed at Zero, who shyly hid behind Keiko. He thought it was adorable. Keiko gently pushed Zero in front of her and smiled. The knight's skirt went down to her ankles. Her tank top fit nicely on her, but a strap slid off slightly on her left shoulder. She held her hands timidly to her chest while looking down and blushing, and her hair was braided in the back

" Baku…earth to Baku…" Shute waved a hand in front of the musha. " Huh--?" Baku looked at Shute.

" So, what do you think boys?" Keiko said, urging Zero to go down. Zero glided down the stairs like she was attending a ball.

" Beautiful…" Baku breathed.

" Boy Zero, if I didn't know you were actually a guy, I'd faint right now," Shute admitted. Zero blushed a deeper shade.

" Yes, you look pretty, Zero," Captain said with a smile. Zero giggled. " Stop, I can't stop blushing!" Shute nudged Baku.

" Well, go on! Say something!"

" Um…" Baku stuttered. Zero looked at Baku, enchanting the musha for a few seconds with her innocent blue eyes. " …You….Um…I always knew you'd make a great looking girl, Zero!" Baku mentally hit himself for saying that. " No wait! I meant--"

Zero glared at Baku. " Cad! I should have known you weren't going to let that down!!" She flicked a strand of hair out of her face, then stomped out of the room. Everyone glared at Baku.

" Nice going, Romeo!" Shute said. Keiko came down the stairs and hit Baku over the head.

" Mr. Bakunetsumaru, how can you be so insensitive?!" Baku rubbed his head while looking down sheepishly.

" It just…slipped…?"


Later that day, Keiko and Margaret took Zero out shopping for clothes. (A/N: This is where all the fun begins ppl…>:P)

" So, where do you think we should start?" Keiko asked as they went into the mall. Zero has dreaded coming into this place, because she didn't like being around so many people.

" Um…someplace with less people…?" Zero suggested, feeling claustrophobic.(A/N: Suuure, he said that he didn't like big crowds once! :p) But unfortunately they didn't listen to her.

Margaret whispered something to Keiko, then the mother laughed. " I think that's a good idea…"

" What? What's a good idea?" Zero asked, not trusting the two. " C'mon!" Margaret grabbed Zero's hand and dragged her down further into the mall with Keiko.

Zero coughed as she started to sweat at what she was looking at. " W-we-re n-n-ot going in there…are we….???" She asked in a squeak.

" We're going to end up in Victoria Secret anyway, so me night as well start now!" Zero swallowed. She was just glad the other boys weren't there to see this…


" Are we just about done yet??" Zero asked from inside a changing stall. She had to have tried on half of the store's bras on by now. Not to mention that she was on the verge of passing out. Sure these things on her chest were her's but she was still a guy!

" Just a few more," Keiko said while tossing over another pair for Zero to try on from the other side. The knight groaned.

" Well, I know what form of torture we should commence to inflict upon the Dark Axis…" She sighed.

After finishing the bras, Margaret went to pay for the ones Zero selected, but Keiko and Zero went into another part of the store. " But aren't we done yet??"

" Oh no!" Keiko grabbed a red and black thong out from a rack and showed it to Zero. " We still have to give you some panties." Zero suppressed the urge to pass out.

" Thos are panties??"

" Those aren't. This is a thong." Zero felt like hitting her head up against a wall until she knocked the memory of this out of her mind. She grabbed the small bit of cloth and sighed while heading back to the changing room, " Let's just get this over with before I die from this place…"


After, at long last, finished the underwear shopping part of the trip, the three girls went into a dress shop to get some dresses for Zero. They had everything from prom dresses, to business skirts. They all split up and looked for what they liked best. When they regrouped near the changing rooms, Keiko and Margaret looked at Zero questionably at what she got. (A/N: Give ya three guesses)

Peasant blouses, and anything else as close to medieval clothes as she could find. Zero sweatdroped.

" And now for the fun part! You get to give us a little fashion show, Zero!" They put their stacks of clothing on Zero's and pushed her into a stall.

A few minute's later, Zero came out wearing an extremely short, scarlet mini skirt with a red and white pin stripped tight T-shirt. Zero had trouble pulling the skirt down to the way she wanted without exposing her bellybutton.

" Oh that's so cute! We'll get that one." Zero sweatdroped. " You gotta be kidding me…"

Zero had gone back in, changed, and was now in a long black velvet dress with no sleeves or straps, with a large red rose printed on the opposite side of where the slit was. Zero couldn't help but make a little pose in this outfit.

" Oh, you'd knock the guys dead with that dress!" Margaret said. Keiko giggled, " And I bet Bakunetsumaru would like that dress too." Zero blushed.

" Oh, forget about that louse." The two giggled while Zero went back in to change.

After doing this a few more times, they got the dresses, and left that store. They then went to the shoe store! (A/N: Part 2 of the fun)

" Well, you'll need some high heels with some of the dresses you have now, Zero," Margaret said while handing Zero a pair of black high heels. She slipped them on, then tried to stand.

" Waoh!" She tried to keep balance. " …How in the world do you walk in these?" she asked.

" Just walk." Zero took a wobbly step forward, and slowly went towards Keiko, nearly falling a few times in the short distance. " Hmm, looks like you'll need lessons." Zero fell down when she heard that.

" Oh! Look! I've found the prefect pair for Zero!" The mayor giggled.

A few minutes later, Zero towered a few feet above the other females as she wore the highest platform shoes in the store. Zero sweatdroped.

" My god…do people actually wear these?"

" If they're short."

" I'm not short!"

" Definitely not now anyway." Zero rolled his eyes. " May I go down to the basement level now, please??"


Keiko and Zero dropped Margaret back to her home and were putting Zero's new things in her room at the base.

" So, I hope you'll like these new clothes," Keiko said. Zero smiled. " I will. And thank you again…I actually had fun shopping!" Keiko giggled, " I'm glad."

" Um…Lady Keiko?"

" Yes, Zero?"

" Can uh…we go again?" Keiko smiled, then hugged Zero. " Sure thing. We can make plans for next weekend. How does that sound?"

" Great!" After they finished putting Zero's clothes away, Keiko went home. Zero lied on her bed and sighed.

" That was fun…"

" Hey, Zero!" Zero jumped to her feet, then saw Baku in the door his hands behind his back. " Good to see you're still alive."

" At first I just wanted to shoot myself," Zero admitted. Baku cleared his throat.

" Listen…about what I said earlier about the girl thing…I-I'm sorry, it came out wrong…" He then pulled a bouquet of roses from behind his back. " I know you can make your own roses anytime you want…but I couldn't really think of anything else to give you…"

Zero stood there, stunned. " I…uh…" Baku tilted his head. " N-no one's ever…given me flowers before…" Baku smiled.

" Then let me be the first. Baku knelt in front of Zero and offered her the roses. She took them while smiling graciously.

" Thank you." He stood up. " It's the least I could do." Zero put the flowers on her dresser, then looked back at Baku. " I'll put them in water before I go to bed," she said to herself mostly. Baku went up to the girl and hugged her. Zero stiffened in surprise.

" I'm sorry about all of this..." he said Zero blinked, then rested her head against his shoulder.

" It's not your fault," she sighed. She somehow felt calm and secure while leaning against the baka like this. She shifted slightly, then yawned.

" You sound tired. You should go to bed."

" Mmm-hmmm…." Zero purred sleepily with half open eyes. Baku picked her up gently, then put her on her bed, then pulled the blankets on her. " Good night, my princess."
" What, so I'm Sleeping Beauty all of a sudden?" Zero joked. Baku chuckled.

" Guess so."

" And I bet you're supposed to be the handsome prince that shall awaken me from my eternal slumber?" Baku smiled. " …I guess the real one got eaten by a dragon then, huh?"

" Oh, ha ha." Zero smiled while closing her eyes. The shopping tired her out.

Before she fell asleep, she thought she felt something cool and pleasant brush up against her forehead.

But she was too tired to give it a second thought.