SD Gundam Fan Fiction ❯ I Enjoy Being A Girl ❯ Period strikes, and Zero's kidapped! ( Chapter 3 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Zero rubbed his eyes as he sat up. He was on the park. Why was he in the park??? Wait a minute…

Zero looked down and saw that he was a Gundam again. He jumped up and exclaimed, " YES!! I'm back!!"

" Weeeeeeeeeeell, not exactly…." Zero turned around to see the blonde little girl from before. " You! What did you blow in my face??"

" Nothing really, just some powder that makes ya turn into a girl…" She rubbed her nose. " By the way, you're a guy only because this is a dream."

" WHAT?!" Zero yelled. The girl scratched her head innocently. " Um…yeah, but hey! There's good news; you can turn back into a guy again if you want!"

" R-really?? How??"

" Dump cold water on yourself." Zero sweatdroped. " Cold water??" Zero repeated.

" Okay, it seems very Ranma but just work with me here!!" she said. Zero tilted his head.

" Ranma…?" She sighed while putting her ands on her hips. " Yeah, well, there you go! Bye bye!" She started to skip off.

" Wait!! WHY did you turn me into a girl?!" Zero demanded. The girl sweatdroped, then broke out in a run. " WAIT!" Zero started to go after her.


Zero blinked her eyes open and yawned. " Water…" She stood up and stretched. She looked over to the dresser and saw the roses in a vase. She smiled, think that Baku put them in when she fell asleep. She got up and headed to the showers.

She turned the water on cold and stripped down. She made sure no one was around, then jumped in.

" IEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!" Zero screamed while jumping out. " That's damn cold!!" he yelled. " Wait…" He looked down at himself, then smiled. " I'm a man again! Baku!!" The knight ran out of the showers and into the halls. " Baku!! Look!!"

Meanwhile, a mecha was carrying a bucket of warm, soapy water down the hall. He hummed to himself, then accidentally tripped on a crack. (A/N: ^^; Just work with me here) He fell while throwing the bucket into the air.

Zero rounded a corner, and the bucket landed on his head. Water joshed out in him.

" OW! My eyes!!" Zero yelled while taking the bucket off. The knight shut his eyes tightly while rubbing them.

Baku suddenly appeared from a room. " Zero! Are you okay?" Zero whimpered as the soap started to burn. Zero opened her red eyes that were filled with tears. Baku went over to Zero and hugged the knight.

" Wait…" Zero looked at herself. " I'm girl again?!" she said under her breath. She then realized Baku was holding her and blushed. She sniffled a bit, then sneezed. Baku laughed strangely.

" I'd be sneezing to…heheheh…" Zero looked up at him. " WHAT are you talking about?" she asked. Her head snapped up slightly when she felt Baku's hands shift on her bare hips…

Wait, bare hips!?

She glanced down, then yelped when she saw she was naked. She huddled closer to Baku to cover herself, but then realized he was enjoying every moment of this.

" You perv!" She said.

" What? You're the one pressing your naked body against me," Baku said. Zero blushed while growling in her throat.

" Just get me to my room!" she snapped. But Baku didn't move. " Your room's too far away. Mine is closer."

" Point?"

" Stay in there while I get you some of your clothes."

" Yeah, whatever." Baku shrugged. " Fine then. We'll go to your room. But we'll more than likely run into someone and they'll probably get ideas…" Zero held her hands threatenly near Baku's neck. The musha just smiled. She sighed in defeat while lowering her hands.

" Fine!"


Zero ran to Baku's bed and jumped under the covers. " You know what you'll get??" Zero asked.

" Sure, sure," Baku waved the thought away. Zero bit her lower lip. She realized that the thought of Baku going through her underwear drawer would embarrass her to no end.

" On second thought, I'll get them…" Baku raised an invisible eyebrow.

" Mmm-hmm. Sure you will, Zero," he chuckled at her state.

" What? I'll just take one of these sheets!"

" No you won't."

" What?!"

" I don't like it when people take things out of my room, so no."

" I'll give it back."

" Don't care. You're still not going with my stuff."

" BAKU!!" Baku laughed, then exited the room while closing the door. Zero fumed while holding the sheets up to her chest. " This is so unfair…" she sighed. Now Baku would be going through her undergarments…

Wait, would he even KNOW what they were?? Zero laughed at the thought of Baku wondering how to put on a bra.

" That would be funny, huh?"

Zero looked to see the little girl standing in front of Baku's closet. " You again?! You said I could go back to normal again!!"

" Um…yeah…well, you get changed back into a girl if you're hit with warm water…" Zero sweatdroped.

" Who the hell made up that!?" Zero exclaimed. " Hey, don't look at me! I'm not the curse creator, I'm just a sprite!"

" WHAT?!" Zero squeaked. " Sprites are notorious for pulling pranks on people, but THIS--" She pointed to herself. " ---Is a bit extreme!!"

" Um…no. Not really."

" Listen you, you better change me back to normal with no water counter effects!!" Zero snapped.

" Uh….well…" They both froze when they heard the doorknob click as someone was opening it. They turned towards the door as Baku stumbled in with some clothes.

" Um, I hope I got the right things…" Baku said. Zero looked back at the little girl, but she disappeared.

" Alright, hand them over." Baku didn't move. " Well?"

" Come and get them if you want them!" Baku said with a grin. Zero blushed.

" No! Bring them here!" Baku shook his head. Zero sighed in annoyance, then stood up. " Fine! You win!" She marched over to Baku, then grabbed her clothes. Baku stared at her wide-eyed. " What?!"

" Z-Zero, are you okay??" She blinked at him. " Yes…why…?"

" You're….bleeding…" Zero blinked, then looked down. She gasped when she saw blood dripping down her legs.

" OMG!!!" Zero screamed while dropping the clothes, then started panicking. " Oh my god, I'm dying!!" Zero started crying as she slid to the ground. " Baku, I'm dying…!!"

" Zero…calm down…" Baku tried to calm the hysteric knight as she sobbed.

" I cannot, and will not calm DOWN!! I'm bleeding to bloody death!!!" she screamed through tears. Baku sat down in front of her and whipped her tears away.

" We better get you to Cau- Lyn fast," he said with worry.

" I-I'm not going!" Zero protested. " Why?! You're bleeding for god's sake!" Zero shook her head.

" I'm not going like this…" Baku sighed irritably, then grabbed a large t-shirt from the pile of clothes and slipped it on Zero. " There! Can we go??! I don't want you to die bleeding!!!" Zero looked up to see Baku was on the verge of tears. She didn't know Baku cared that much.

" O-okay…" Baku picked Zero up. He made sure the shirt covered her up, then quickly ran off to the hospital wing.


" Is she gonna be okay??" Baku asked anxiously. The old man was jumping around after he came out of the room with an embarrassed Zero.

" Oh, she'll be fine!!" he said while doing a back flip. " She just started her period, that's all!!"

" Her…what?" Zero shuffled her bare feet while pulling her bloodstained shirt down slightly. Cao-Lyn looked at Baku. " Umm….go ask Haro about that, okay??" Baku nodded. The doctor then jumped back into the other room.

" My god…I feel so violated…" Zero muttered. Baku looked at her. " What?"

" Um, nothing…" Zero said. " I want to just go and lie down now…" Baku nodded, then picked Zero up in his arms.

" Why do you always do that??" Zero asked. Baku smiled. " Because I like to carry you around, Zero." She blushed while looking down.


As Baku continued to flirt with the knight, two mechas hid nearby and spied on them.

" Did he say Zero, pawn?" one asked the other, as they stood there invisible.

" He did! That must be the one we're looking for!"

" Let's follow the, pawn!"

" Alright, pawn!"

Baku took Zero to the door to her room. " You sure you'll be okay?" he asked. She nodded. " Um…yeah.." Baku eyed her as she stood with her legs together, and her shirt clinging to her form as she coyly held the collar of the shirt. Baku couldn't help but think Zero looked sexy like that.

" Alright, I'll go then," Baku said.

" Um…before you do…" Zero leaned forward and kissed Baku on the cheek. " Thanks."

Baku blinked while blushing a faint pink. " F-for what?"

" For being there for me." She smiled. Baku touched the place where she kissed him and nodded. " Anything for you…" She giggled, then opened the door.

" Bye…" She then shut the door behind her. Baku smiled, then walked off.


Zero got changed into clean clothes and sat on her bed. She was wearing a little black skirt with a red turtleneck shirt with no sleeves. She grabbed a book from her nightstand and started to read.

But unbeknown to her, there were two invisible Pawn Leos in her room.

" Now?"

" Now, pawn!!"

Zero looked up, thinking she heard voices. " Someone there?" she said. She suddenly yelped when she felt something hit her in the back of the neck, then suddenly blacked out.

" Tallgeese will be pleased we got Zero, pawn!"

" Um…are you sure this is THE Zero??" The first pawn looked at the second. " What do you mean, pawn?"

" I mean…a girl?"

" Maybe he wants a new slave?"

" Oh whatever, let's just go!"