SD Gundam Fan Fiction ❯ I Enjoy Being A Girl ❯ The Fair, and Zero's Confession ( Chapter 6 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

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Zero tightly held Fenn as she sat confused in her room that night. She had been avoiding Bakunetsumaru ever since the kiss. She felt happy, sad, and scared at the same time and hated it. ` He …he loves me…?' she thought. She shook her head. ` No he doesn't! He never did and never will!'

Fenn squeaked as Zero held him too tightly. She didn't notice. " Oh Fenn, what am I going to do?? I can't avoid him forever…" she said. Fenn didn't respond due to the lack of air he was getting.

" F….enn…"


Zero blinked as Shute grinned up at her the next day. " What?"

" Zero, baby, let's talk for a minute, shall we?" Shute said while wrapping an arm around Zero's waist and leading him inside his house. She raised an eyebrow.

" You see, girly, I think you should not only apologize to Bakunetsumaru, but ALSO go on a date with him!" Shute said. Zero scooted away from the boy.

" What do you mean, apologize?? For what??"

" For running off on him after the kiss." Zero froze. " Oh c'mon! Do you really believe I'd give you that juicy of a dare and NOT see it?"

" ..Well…I won't do it! Fenn doesn't like Baku anyway," Zero said while crossing her arms.

" So? You're still gonna do it…"

" What makes you so sure?" Shute held up the videotape. " Cuz if you don't, I can rig all the TVs in town to play the scene where you two were kissing…" Zero held her hands up to her face to stifle a gasp.

" Wait, how would YOU know how to do that??"

" Remember that one time all the TVs in down only showed a Linking Park music video?" She nodded. " That was me. I got bored and figured that out. So unless you want everyone to see that, you'll do as I say..."

" When did that sweet little boy I once knew turn evil?!" Zero exclaimed.

" When puberty struck." Zero facefaulted. She sat up and sighed. " FINE…I'll do it…" Shute smiled at Zero and hugged her. She sighed out a mushroom cloud.

" Why me…? Wait, what about Fenn?"

" Got that covered," Shute snickered.


Captain, Shute and Guneagle came out of Shute's workshop badly burnt. " Damn dust bunny!" Guneagle sneered while dusting the soot off.

" The roof, doors and windows are securely fastened, Shute," Captain reported. Shute drummed his fingers together in a Mr. Burns fashion while muttering, " Excellent, Smithers…" (A/N: I've always wanted to make Shute do that. ^_____^)

" What?"

" Never mind. Let's go watch Zero ask Baku out!"


Zero attentively rubbed her right arm as she walked down the grass in the park to where Baku was sitting. His back was towards her, so she hoped he wouldn't notice her. She pulled on her overall straps nervously. Why was she so nervous? Was it because Baku had a temper as short as bug, and might chop her to little pieces?


Or was it something else? Something deep down in her gut…

No, she was pretty sure it was him slicing her up. She took a deep breath, then walked over to the samurai.

" Um…Bakunetsumaru?" Baku didn't move. " Er…I-I just-a---wanted to tell you that…I-I'm s…sorry…" Baku still didn't move. " Look, I'm sorry for running off like that..I was…oh, I dunno…But I want to make it up to you. So," She licked her lips. " Want to go on a date….?"

Baku immediately turned towards her with wide eyes. " Hell yeah!!" He exclaimed. He stood up, grabbed Zero and spun her in the air happily. (A/N: Everyone; group Awww! Lol)

Zero giggled lightly as Baku put her back on the ground. " I uh-I guess I'm really excited…" Baku said while blushing. Zero couldn't help but smile.

" So, when do you want to go on the date?" Zero asked.

" Right now!" Baku grinned. Zero glanced herself over in her overalls and pink t-shirt.

" B-but I'm not formally dressed!" Baku laughed. " You're so old fashioned, Zero. It's time you got with the times!" He grabbed her hand and called for Entengo.

" Where are we going?" Zero asked as Entengo galloped up. Baku lifted Zero on the horse, then got on.

" To the fair!"

" Fair? What kind of fair?" Baku flicked the reigns, then they were off.


" Aaaaaand there off!"

" C'mon now, we should leave them alone…" Captain said.

" Oh hell no! We're making sure this date goes without a hitch! I didn't get deep fried just to have the possibility of them not getting together!!"

" Oh fine…."


" Woowwww…" Zero said in awe as she looked at all the rides. Baku raised an invisible eyebrow.

" You've never been to a fair?"

" Um, nothing like this…" Baku helped the girl down from his horse. Entengo then trotted off to a group of other horses at the fair.

" Even we have fairs at Ark! Though, they don't have the rides the humans here do.." Baku held Zero's hand. " It'll be fun."

They went in, and the first thing Zero noticed was the strange poll with a bell at the top. " What's that?"

" That?" They watched as someone picked up the hammer. " It's a game. You hit the lever, and try to get that red thing to hit the bell. Then you get a prize." Zero watched as the man slammed the hammer down, but the red thingy only went halfway. She then saw the booth of prizes. One thing caught her eye. It was a little heart locket made of silver with blue and green gems on it.

" Pretty…" Zero said out loud. Baku looked over to see what Zero was looking at. Zero noticed this, then snapped out of it. " Um, sorry."

" Did you want a prize?"

" Well…" Baku smiled at her. " I could get it for you." Zero blushed.

" T-that's okay…" Baku shook his head. " I won't take no for an answer." They went up in line.

" Wait, I want to give it a shot first," Zero said, thinking this would be fun. Baku stepped aside. " Okay."

A bunch of guys snickered around them. " Well, looks like the little missy's gonna try," one of them said. The owner of the game also chuckled. She grabbed the mallet, and tried to lift it up. She gave it a few tugs before it swung up. But then it swung down. The men laughed. Zero glared at them, then swung the mallet over her right shoulder. She walked over to the poll, then hit the hammer on the target. The red thingy barely moved a foot.

All the guys laughed except Baku. Zero growled, then went for a second try. She then hit it harder, making up go up about three feet.

" Look at the strong girl!" One laughed. " Oh, I'm so scared by her strength!" A red vein throbbed on her head as she swung the mallet over her head. With a small yell, she smashed it down, making the red thing fly up to the bell. But not only did it do that, it knocked the bell off the top, and sent it flying.

Everyone gaped at Zero as she huffed, calming herself down. She saw the shocked looks and smiled.

" I'll take the locket, please," she said cutely while brushing her hair behind. The man at the booth quickly grabbed the locket and gave it to her. She skipped up to Baku with a smile. Baku looked dumbfounded. " Ready to go?"

" Um…yeah…" Baku blinked. Zero giggled while pulling Baku along.


" Oh, remind me not to get on her bad side…" Shute commented through the binoculars as he and Captain sat in the Ferris wheel. Guneagle hovered down to them when they stopped at the top.

" Hey Guneagle, get me some cotton candy, will ya?" Shute said.

" Why should I?" Shute looked up from his binoculars. " Because I am the evil plotter and YOU are my minions!! Now do what I say!!!" Captain and Guneagle sweatdroped as Shute put his eyes up to the binoculars again.

" Hey! They're going towards the haunted house! Perfect…"


Zero clutched to Bakunetsumaru's arm tightly as they walked in what Baku called a `haunted house'. It was Zero's idea to go in, since Baku was afraid of ghosts, but now she wasn't so sure.

She could feel Baku shake as they went further into the dark. She glanced at the glowing spider webs, and what she hoped wasn't bloody bones on the ground.

" Um, B-Baku??" she said shakily. " Y-yeeaah?"

" W-where's the rest of the group that we came in here with??" Baku looked around to find that they were separated from the other people who came in with them. " Shit!" They both stiffened when they heard something crack behind them.

" W-what was…." Zero swallowed. " ..that?" Baku didn't reply. " Baku?" Zero tugged on his arms at the pale Gundam who was starring off at something. " What? What is it?" Baku slowly pointed in front of them. Zero looked.

A skeleton stood in front of them, drenched in blood. " Boo."

The two screamed while running away from the walking dead. It snickered while watching the two flee.

" That was too easy…"

Zero and Baku leaned against a wall, trying to catch their breaths. " I …want to go now," Zero panted. " I want to too, but where's the exit??"

" Exit?" The two stiffened at the unknown voice. " Exit? There is no exit…" They tuned their heads to the left slowly to see nothing. " Where's the voice coming from??" Baku asked.

" No exit?!"

" No exit…no one leave here…with their HEADS!!!" A spotlight suddenly appeared on a table near them with a head on a silver platter. They screamed while scrambling away. Zero and Baku kept running until they reached a river.

" What's a river doing here?"

" This place must be underground," Baku said. " And near an underground river." Zero sighed while sitting down.

" Great, we got the undead chasing us down HERE!" Baku looked down at her sadly as she crossed her arms.

" I'm sorry this date turned out to be so rotten…" he said. " I thought it would be fun to go to the fair…" Zero blinked up at Baku, and couldn't help but think the samurai was so adorable.

" It's okay…Other than that scene, this was pretty fun…" Zero took out the locket she won. " I mean, I won something! I've never won a thing in my life without using magic!" Baku looked at her.

" So up until now, you've cheated with magic?" Zero sweatdroped. " Um…well…yeah." Baku laughed. Zero giggled a bit, but didn't notice the little mouse scuttle up to her.

" hiif?" Zero looked down, then stopped giggling as blue lines formed on her face. She yelped while standing up. " MOUSE!" She accidentally let go of the locket as she stood up. She gasped as she watched it plop into the water.

" No…" She whined, forgetting about the mouse for a minute.

" I got it!" Baku said suddenly. Zero was about to ask what he was talking about, but then he jumped into the water. " BAKU!" Zero ran up to the water's edge and looked down in to the water.

" …You can't swim…." She sweatdroped. She then saw Baku resurfacing to the water's surface, failing around like a fish, trying to stay above the water. " Bakunetsumaru!!" Zero screamed. She held up her left hand, summoning Mana. But instead of forming above her head, it formed under Bakunetsumaru, and raised him above the water. Baku coughed as the magic circle dumped him back onto land. Zero bent down and hugged the musha.

" You moron! You could've drowned!!" Zero said. Baku coughed.

" Well….at least I got it…" Baku held up Zero's locket. Baku brushed back Zero's hair, then put it on her neck. " Hopefully it will stay there." Zero looked down at the locket, and hugged Baku again.

" Thank you." Baku smiled while returning the hug tenderly. " Anything for you…" Zero blushed.

The mouse, still being there, went up to Zero's legs, and crawled up her pant leg with a little giggle.

Zero shouted as she felt something go up her pant leg. She stood up and started dancing around until the mouse's head peaked out from the back of her overalls. Baku grabbed the rodent and glared at the grinning mouse.

" Hey, don't go into my girl's clothes!" Baku snapped at the mouse. The mouse sweatdroped, but still had a perverted grin on its fuzzy face. Baku could have sword he looked familiar. He tossed the mouse down, and watched it scuttle away. He looked up when Zero cleared her throat.

" Your girl?" Zero repeated. Baku blushed. " I-I didn't mean it like that!!" Baku said, holding his hands up in front of him in defense. "I -I just--"

Zero went up to him and kissed him on the cheek. " Just shut up and get me out of here." She winked at him.

" Um…Y-yes ma'am!" Baku saluted, but hit himself in the head instead. " Ow!" Zero laughed at Baku as he rubbed his forehead.

" You are a dork," Zero said.

" Do you know what the real term for that word is?"

" Um…no…" Baku whispered it into Zero's ear. Zero gasped.

" *WHACK!*

Baku twitched as Zero strutted off down back where they came from. Baku sat up, his eyes wide with panic. " H-hey!! D-don't leave me here!!" He got up and chased after the female.


The two got out of the haunted house with much difficulty, and were exhausted from all the creepy things that scared them. Zero leaned against Baku as they walked out. Baku wrapped an arm around her waist and sighed tiredly.

" Are we done yet?" Zero asked. Baku shook his head. " Not until we go on the Ferris wheel!"

" The ferret wheel??" Baku sweatdroped. " Um…yeah…let's just go…" Baku guided Zero over to the wheel, and took a seat. Zero hesitantly sat down next to him.

" This doesn't look safe…" Zero muttered quietly. She noticed Baku whispered something to the guy operating the wheel, who smiled. " What did you say?"

" Me? Nothing. I just said hi." Zero raised an eyebrow. The wheel started moving, which started the knight. She grabbed onto Baku as they went up.

" Holy crap!! We're moving!" She exclaimed.

" Well, duh. That's what these things do." They suddenly stopped at the top. Zero looked down, then closed her eyes, regretting that. Their seat swayed a bit, which freaked her out again. She clung to the musha while burying her face on his shoulder.

" It's okay, just relax!"

" We're gonna fall, and we're gonna die! But not before we go splat!!"

" ….You're really paranoid when you can't fly, aren't ya?" Baku sweatdroped. He held her close as they sat up there. " Don't worry, I'd never let you fall." Zero looked up, then saw that they had the perfect view over the fairgrounds. She looked ahead and saw that the sun started to sink into the ground in the horizon as the clouds swirled into hues of purple, pink and orange.

She sighed while leaning against Baku. " Baku, I have enjoyed our…date." Baku smiled.

" Really?" Zero nodded while putting a hand on his chest. " Yes."

Baku put a hand on top of Zero's. She looked up at him. " I'm glad." She started to see the look in his eyes the day she kissed him. But there was more love in them then anything. " Zero…I…" He held both of her hands in his. " I've always felt strong feelings towards you, and the reason why I've always fought was you, was because I really, really liked you…" Zero blinked. " I'm sorry if I ever hurt your feelings, but I was too scared to say…." Baku put a hand on Zero's cheek lightly. " …I love you."

" D…Do you really mean that….?" Zero breathed unbelieving. Baku nodded.

When Zero ran off on Baku, she thought he was playing a crewel joke on her by saying that. But as she stared into his loving eyes, she knew it wasn't a joke. She put a hand up to her face as tears started to gloss her eyes. She didn't know what she was feeling; it was all so mixed up. Happy, sad, regret, her heart tightening in her chest, and…


She shut her eyes tightly while stifling a sob. She started to shake, making Baku concerned. " Are you okay?" he asked. She looked up at him, smiling as tears rolled down her cheeks.

" So…y-you weren't lying w-when you said that…when you said that…" she sniffled.

" What?"

" When you said t-that you'd still love me even if I was back to my original form…?" Baku brushed her tears away gently.

" Yes, I meant it. I meant it with all of my heart," Bakunetsumaru said genuinely in a low whisper.

" I..I love you too," Zero choked out. She slid a hand on Baku's mouth plate, and took it off. She leaned towards him, and kissed him firmly on the lips. The two wrapped their arms around each other as the first stars started to flicker to life in the dark.


" Boo-yeah!" Shute exclaimed happily from outside the tilt-o-whirl. Captain staggered over to him, looking green from the ride. " They kissed! Mission accomplished!" Captain held his stomach.

" That's good…can we go home now??" he asked desperately. " Sure-wait! Where's Guneagle??" Shute suddenly heard a chime of woos coming from girls nearby. He looked to his right to see Guneagle hovering above the ground a bit, showing off to some teenage girls. He sweatdroped.

" My god, what a show off. OH well!" Shute took a deep breath, then yelled. " Guneagle you Unix!! Get over here!!!"

Guneagle fell to the ground after he heard this. The girls murmured to each other, then dispersed giggling. Guneagle glared at Shute. " Why'd you go and do that?! You now I'm not a Unix!!"

" Well, they didn't. And we are heading out! They kissed, so they can take it from here." Captain coughed, then ran off to throw up again after he saw someone eat some cotton candy. Shute and Guneagle sweatdroped.

" Who would have thought he'd, of all people, would get motion sickness…"