SD Gundam Fan Fiction ❯ I Enjoy Being A Girl ❯ Love Always ( Chapter 7 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Zero stirred from her sleep and yawned. She looked over at her side and blushed as she saw Bakunetsumaru sleeping next to her, wrapping her in his arms lovingly. She glanced about and realized they were in his room. She remembered they came in here after the fair and made out passionately for a few hours. (A/N: Made out, not screwing eachother, maaade ouuut. ^^;)

Zero blushed madly remembering that. She started to feel her heart leap with excitement when she did.

` Hey, calm down!' She thought while putting a hand over her heart. Baku mumbled in his sleep and pulled Zero closer to him. She put her hands on his chest and sighed, closing her eyes. " Baku…" she sighed quietly.

" Mmm….Zero…." Baku replied in his sleep, startling the girl.

` Is he dreaming about me??' she questioned with a blink. " I love you…more than…rice…balls…" Zero sweatdroped.

` Just like you to be comparing something to food,' Zero thought. But she couldn't help but smile at Baku. " I love you too," Zero whispered to the samurai while snuggling up against him. She was suddenly startled when Baku pulled her away and kissed her passionately.

" Good morning, dear," Baku said with a smile. Zero smiled back. " Morning…" Baku rolled over so that he was on top of Zero. She grabbed the back of his head and pulled him down for a kiss. Baku slid a hand up her leg and stomach. Zero deepened the kiss while sliding her tongue in his mouth and licking the roof of his mouth. Baku moaned while sliding his hand higher. Zero flung her arms to the side to let Baku explore her, but accidentally hit a glass of water and let cold water spill on her arm.


Baku drew away from the kiss, his eyes still closed. " Zero, you feel different…"

" Um," Zero stuttered with a sweatdrop. " I think you should open your eyes, Baku…" Baku cracked an eye open, then both of his eyes bugged out as he yelped while jumping off the bed.

" HOLY---! Zero, you're---wa--?!" Baku stuttered as he fell backwards onto the floor. Zero was hurt from Baku's shock. The knight sat up and looked away from Baku. Baku calmed down and realized Zero's hurt.

" Oh…Zero, I-I…Um…" He went and sat down on the bed and hugged Zero. " I didn't mean to react like that…It was…just a shock." Zero sighed while leaning against Baku.

" It's okay…"

" So what the heck happened?"

" Well….I guess I should tell you the truth…I can turn back into a guy with cold water. But with warm water, I turn into the girl.." Baku blinked.

" If you could've turned back into a guy, then why didn't you?" he asked. Zero looked down shamefully.

" Well….I thought…that you wouldn't love me…" Baku lifted Zero's chin. " But I already told you I'd love you no matter what." Zero blinked.

" You…really meant that?"

" Yes!" Baku pulled Zero in and kissed him deeply. The knight moaned softly before Baku pulled back. " I meant it…" Zero stared at the musha for a minute. He blinked back tears that wanted to escape in pure joy, but he was able to hold them back. He grabbed the musha and held him tightly.

" I love you, Bakunetsumaru!" Zero exclaimed. Baku held Zero and nuzzled his neck.

" I love you too…" Baku kissed Zero while pushing him down onto the bed. Zero wrapped his arms around the samurai's neck as they kissed each other ravenously.

A Little Pawn Leo looked through the window unnoticed and giggled to himself. " Soooo, he turns into a girl with warm water, pawn!" He giggled again, but unfortunately lost balance and fell off the windowsill outside. " Paaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwnnnn!!" A Zakorello gate appeared underneath him and the little mecha fell into it. (A/N: Please, did you think I'd only have them as a one hitter? :p)