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Pick Your Pairing
By: May-VeggieGirl1
The gist is: YOU all tell me what you want me to write. ^_^ Pairings, pretty much pairings, but I will do introspective views of characters and friendships. It'll be short and sweet, staying in character as much as I can. So, I don't have anything else to say, get going with the requests!

Idea Contrived/
Requested by: Well, myself. ;p Someone's gotta get this started… ^^;

Chapter 1: Brat

In a perfect world, it would have been much simpler than this, and much less painful. Scoffing at the fleeting thought, he pushed through the barrier than had become his own door and glanced around at the inside of his house.

Disregarding Ybaso, or possibly never noticing his entrance into the room, his mother held Kaibaso on her lap, gazing her mysterious eyes down upon him with a faint, ghost smile. Her eyes always held secrets it seemed, thoughts never to be exposed to the world even as she gently stroked her son's head.
Yet the smaller gundam paid no attention to the women with deep blue eyes near him. He turned at the sound of the door that was often too silent for its own good, innocent.

“Where are you going, Ybaso-niisan?”
Ybaso paused to stare at them for a moment; Kaisuru, his mother, still slowly, and with her own grace, observing Kaibaso, a tamed calm never noticing the son she had wished was left forgotten.
Ybaso frowned while moving over to the two, becoming more and more frustrated with every step. The mother he yearned would look him in the eye again, just once more be serious and open with him, and here the brother he was never informed of until his arrival, a brother which he abandoned to give him this hope; they were together. As much as he wanted to be in either's place, where someone would notice him, love him, he was the intruder because he had disobeyed his father. The boy would never understand why no one answers his question, but it's only for his safety.

What kept this family together was the desire to keep Kaibaso pure as they could.

To give him a chance at his parent's love that he, himself, was never given.
When Ybaso stood over them, he sighed a wicked grin and smothered the envy he felt out on Kaibaso's head with a lit cigarette.

“None of your business, brat.”