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Chapter 17: Zealous

Gebera didn't always work by Zeong's side. This was merely an illusion the Zakos carried about and discussed amongst themselves.

A lot of his time he spent watching them actually, the different operates. It was a sample study really, to observe how his programming played out in real-time situations. Alone, he calculated how the latest model of Zako soldier can be more effective than the last, without yielding too much resources... or freedom. To Gebera, it was a process to bettering the foundation of this empire, for their grand master, General Zeong.

Sazabi didn't seem to look at the professor's study the same way. When Gebera was in this place, he would saunter in and drape his arms over Gerbera from behind to watch the screen with him in silence. Some point he would always ask, "how are the children behaving today?" Gebera found this mannerism interesting, as the commander would only address them as such in private with the professor; and anywhere else, they were tools and soldiers to be used. It was logical in his own way, as Gerbera was the one who gave them life and Sazabi was the one who ruled their life.
As interesting as it was, Gerbera also found it irritating. It reminded him of things he wanted to have long forgotton, specifically, a place that long forgot him.

This he reflected upon as he felt Sazabi's larger arms slide over his protective chest plate.


"Don't," Gebera ordered quickly, his optic snapping to his subordinate. Sazabi returned the look, optimistically taking the opportunity to fiddle with the pink plate coming up to guard the professor's lower face. He didn't have a chance to ask what Sazabi was trying to do.

"Is it hard looking through one eye when you have two?" He contemplated it for a moment, shrugging a little as the face plate was removed, taking with it the mono perceptionem optic drive.

"No." He blinked though, taking a moment to adjust back to his natural sight. Sazabi had moved around the side arm of his observation station, leaning into the smaller warrior and taking in his natural face with adoration. Sourly, Gerbera pushed back against his contact with some resistance. "Must you always come here for games?"

"I wanted to ask you something about the kid's programming." Again, Sazabi spoke of them as if these numbered Zakos were a result of their ill-begotten love. Perhaps that was what made the concept interesting to Gebera. For the moment he decided to let it go, considering Sazabi was actually trying to discuss his handiwork.

"Is something wrong? The current model should be fine, but mass production can create some insufficiencies or defects..."

"No no," His voice gratted. "I wanted to just ask you about it. Out in Lacroa, it occurred to me that they all seemed to have a general mistrust and hate for the Gundams." Sazabi paused for a moment to look at Gebera's revealed face again, his expression asking what he had not yet said.

"Yes, I programmed it so. Gundams are more superior in every way, and naturally are their common enemy. As a group with this preconcieved notion, they are more likely to take the Gundam as a serious threat and work together." He turned his violet eyes back to the screen as several Zakos moved along the corridor. "Just a survival mechanism." The commander seemed to relish in this information.

"That's all?" Sazabi laughed, nuzzling up against the professor, a gundam himself, and sending his darkened soul drive a spark of energy. Gebera took a deep breath of the cold air, averting his eyes to the dark corners of the room to leave Sazabi to his ardent contact.

"Are you... concerned about them discovering me?" His laughter quieted to a chuckle and cradled Gerbera's form against his warm body.

"That won't matter as long as I am here."

"Then why does this preset matter to you at all?"

Commander Sazabi sucked on the nape of his neck and murmured quietly, "I don't like competition." Unable to resist, Gerbera smiled.

"How selfish."