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Requi's Revenge
By: May-Veggiegirl1

Yo, sorry it's been taking me longer than usual to type this up! ^_^' Well, here's chapter 4!


~Near the edge of the woods~

"Heheheheheh..." Zero stared at Baku , eyes full of confusion, anger, and even a portion of fear.
" it you, Requi?"
"With your horrible memory, I'm surprised ye' even remember me. You were always the slowest, in speed and thought. If thou shalt be that dense, then yes. Tis I, Requi, the Knight of Wind. " Zero turned cross.
"Z-Zero? Who is that guy...? Is he with the Dark Axis?" Shute muttered behind Captain. Requi and Zero both fell over anime style. Requi's eys grew twice as big as they normally are.
"Dost thou show such lunicricy?! I have just stated who I was! And I have never been so insulted as to be ranked with demons such as the Dark Axis! Since your with Zero, I suppose it tis living proof that birds of a feather flock together..." Zero tensed.
" Requi is an old rival of mine, and also a knight of Lacroa. Requi, I fail to understand how you did it and where did you put the real Bakunetsumaru? You died in the final battle of Lacroa!"
"None of this computes..." Captain tried to make sense of it all.
"You seek the hot-headed samurai of Ark? You're looking at him." Zero, Captain, and Shute stand there and blink. "Tis' reasonable that those of Neotopia are not aware of spirits, souls, and magic; Zero, you should know this, and that is why you certainly do not deserve the honor of being entitled a knight of Lacroa!"
"Oh spare me the talk, Requi! I know well enough about spirits, souls, and magic! Tis ye' who doesn't know much of anything!"
"Then why are ye' the one asking questions? Let's see if you even know this- what is the major difference between a spirit and a soul?" Shute and Captain watch, really confused at this point.
"Thou must be jesting! Everyone knows a soul is a spirit that is embodied, and a spirit is the raw energy and information of the soul- normally after the body of the soul has passed on." Shute's eyes start spinning.
"Knowing that, why are you unable to reason your own questions?" Zero sat down and closed his eyes, deep in thought. "Take your time, I have all day..." Zero's eye's snapped open.
" didn't try possesion, right?" Requi began to laugh again. "You fiend! How were you even able to come to this dimension!?"
"That, my foolish chum, is something even I cannot answer for sure. For unknown reasons, all of the spirits have decided to gather within the center of this forest." Zero's eyes grew as he looked deeper into the woods. Requi closed his eyes and chuckled a bit.
"...We have to get out of here Captain!"
"We're in danger!! Hurry!" Zero grabbed Captain by the arm and made a dash for it.
"Hey! What's going on? Wait up!" Shute followed in pursuit.

Yes, it's a short chapter. XD Don't fret about not understanding anything that Zero and Requi argued about, Zero's going to explain to Captain and Shute once they get out of the forest- I MEAN...IF they get out of the forest...
Well that bites. I gave it away. -_-;;