SD Gundam Fan Fiction ❯ Requi's Revenge ❯ Prelude to Battle ( Chapter 5 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Requi's Revenge
By: May-VeggieGirl1

Hi again! Thanx reviewers (cough Neo Yami cough Whitetail cough)! Appreciate it a lot! I found REALLY interesting information earlier today while surfing the net. I'll post all of it up as a fic, so the world doesn't have to go threw the trouble to find it like I did. So you can look forward to that, but for now here's the 5 th chapter! Naginata def. Later.

Zero ran out of the mori as fast as he could while grasping onto Captain. (Mori in Japanese means woods, so I'm going to use that for now on)
"Zero, what are you doing? I detect no danger within the area." Zero paused to catch his breath. Shute came out of the mori.
"Yeah...what's the deal, Zero? I didn't get any of that..."
"Okay, here's what's going on- a gundam can only have 1 spirit and 1 soul at a time. Requi died during the battle of Lacroa and became a spirit. Something is causing all of the spirits to gather in the mori, by odd chance. Bakunetsumaru went into the mori yesterday, and Requi is now holding him under possession. By sunset today, whoever has control of Bakunetsumaru's body will become the new soul and the one who wasn't able to overcome the other will become a spirit."
"How were we in potential danger, Zero?"
"We could have been possessed also, by other spirits in the mori." Shute pointed at himself.
"Could I have been possessed?! What about Bakunetsumaru and Requi?"
"Shute, you are human, and people do not have soul drives. Since Bakunetsumaru's body already is occupying a spirit and a soul, it is impossible for another spirit to come in." Shute looked down.
"What are we going to do? How can we help, Zero? There must be a way to help!"
"...Alas, no one but Bakunetsumaru and Requi can decide the outcome. It's their battle to fight." Shute and Captain look down.
"...Well, we could attack Requi- that way he will be too distracted with the fight and Bakunetsumaru can pull threw."
"Great idea Captain-"
"That's a bad idea." Shute and Captain look back at Zero. "We would only be harming Bakunetsumaru by fighting his body." Shute sat on the grass and sighed.
"Will we be even able to tell the difference between the two physically?"
"There's only one difference, Captain. His eyes. Bakunetsumaru's eye's are brown while as Requi's are dark green."
"Oh yeah, I did notice that." Shute pulled his knees up to his chest. Requi came out of the mori. Zero glares at Requi.
"What's wrong Zero? You seem cross. Is that because I have complete control of your friend's body and I'm better than you?"
"Keep dreaming Requi..."
"Still delusional as ever I see." Gunbike drives up and stops in front of them.
"The Dark Axis is here! We have to go!" Shute and Captain hop in. Zero floated higher.
"Well this is turning out to be a great day...We'll be back Requi. We'll be back..." Zero and Gunbike leave. Requi pulls out his naginata.
"Does Zero honestly believe I'm going to stay behind?" Requi walked in their direction.

~Abandoned Warehouse~

Zapper Zaku, Destroyer Dom, and Zako minions we're firing at everything. Grappler Gouf waited patiently.
"When are they going to get here?!"
"Oh shut up, Zapper. They'll be here soon enough."
"If they don't get here soon, I'm going to run out of bullets!"
"Well then stop firing, you idiot -" Captain and Shute burst threw the room.
"Dark Axis! Place down your weapons and withdraw at once! I have been given special dispensation to use my weapons for the protection of Neotopia!" Zero flew down from the hole in the ceiling.
"Scoundrels! I shall not allow what happened in Lacroa be repeated! Omana, give me strength to send the wicked-hearted fiends scurrying away!" Zero's shield & sword drops down in a blur of magic. He draws his sword and descends upon them. Just when he planted his feet next to his comrades, Requi busted threw the door. "Requi?!" He walks up to them. "What are you doing here-" Requi smacks Zero upside the head with his naginata. Zero loses his balance and falls on his rump.
"Need I remind you that I do what I please with my enemies, Zero, and nothing you say will change that." Zero fumes quietly. The Dark Axis blinks.
"Da, wasn't he the samurai?" Destroyer tilted his head. Requi points the blade of the naginata at them.
"Shall we get started...?"

BTW minna, (minna = everyone in Jap) a naginata is Azumi's weapon in RBHS. Those who have nevah seen RBHS, a naginata is basically a staff with a curved blade on it. It's mostly used by women (which will be mentioned later within the fic) and has an advantage over swords because naginatas' have a height difference making it virtually impossible for one with a sword to hit someone else with a naginata.
What I wouldn't give to have one of those... -_-