SD Gundam Fan Fiction ❯ Requi's Revenge ❯ Clash of Knights ( Chapter 7 )

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Requi's Revenge
By: May-VeggieGirl1

Hello again. Man, I'm anxious to get to the sequel! >_<;;; There's gonna be 9 chapter's to this because I have to get some things done here, and chapter 9 is more of a prelude to a beginning where all hell breaks loose. >:D
Speaking of evil things, today has been the most EVIL of EVILEST days!! Today is a Tuesday, the worst day of the week for me, and I saw Mr. Riley, the most evil science teacher/9th grade teacher ever that I had last year, with a new mustache/goatee, kinda like satan, 4 times!!! (4 is the most evilest # also) ><;;;;;;;;;;;;; IT'S-A-SIGN!!!!! *hides* o.o;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

Requi looked behind him and blocked Zero's attack before it could connect.
"You pompous fool..." He went to stab Zero with his naginata but Zero held up his shield. Zero thrusted his buster sword back but Requi jumped and slammed the naginata over Zero's head.
"Stop fighting! This won't solve anything!"
"Shute's right Zero! Violence only brings more violence! And can anyone but me notice the fire behind us?!" Gunbike blinked, baffled with 'Baku' and Zero's behavior.
"Will you calm down?! And here I thought you were getting the hang of teamwork!!"
"I've had all I can stand of this baffoon!" Zero pulled back and charged again.
"Funny, that's what I was going to say about you!" Requi spun to the side and slashed at Zero. He held up his shield and turned back to Requi.
"Stand still!"
"It's not my fault if you're too slow..." Requi slashed at Zero but missed as Zero jumped up to float in the air. Zero slashed his sword downward at Requi, creating a blue energy streak. Requi snorted and dived to the side to avoid the blast. He rolled over before pulling himself up. "Could you possibly be any more meteocré??"
"Look who is talking! You're the one who can't use magic or even fly at that!" Requi smirked.
"Your revile is as poor as your swordsmanship!!" He grabbed Baku's sword from the holster and flung it at Zero. Zero dodged to the left side nimbly, the blade barely cutting him.
"Hey, that isn't ... yours?" Zero went to look back down at Requi but he had jumped up, slightly above him.
"Four!" He swung the naginata like a golf club and nailed Zero on the side of the head. Zero skid on the ground before coming to a stop and holding his temples in pain. "Alright, maybe there are some things that you know and I don't," Requi admitted while landing back on the ground and casually walking over to Zero. "... Like how it feels to taste the dirt!" Requi stomped his foot on Zero's head, forcing it on the ground. A vein bulged out of Zero's forehead as Requi laughed.
"Get off of ... my head!!!" Zero threw Requi off of his back and flew at him with sword in hand. Requi smacked the sword aside with his naginata.
"What's wrong? Don't blow your top now..." Zero's eye twitched irately as their weapons continued to clash. Captain glanced back at the wildfire and sweatdropped.
"Maybe it would be best to let Zero blow off some steam ..."
"Captain," Shute protested. "You can't be serious!! They'll rip each other to shreds!!"
"Yeah ... but this is Zero's problem mostly. Plus we're just standing here watching and there is also the matter of the fire we need to put out." Shute tilted his head to the side.
"What fire??"
"The fire everyone has been overlooking for five minutes now." Gunbike revved up his engine and did a wheelie, startling his human passenger.
"What took you so long to tell us that!! We could have put that fire out 4 minutes ago with the Gundivers!!" Captain sweatdropped.
"But!... Oh forget it...," He mumbled to himself. "Come on Shute..."
"Aww, Captain!" Shute groaned. "We should keep on eye on the two of them!"
"They don't need spectators. Besides, everything will work out!" Shute's eyes wandered to the ground before glancing at the sparring Requi and Zero. He sighed before looking back to his friend.
"Alright," he said, defeated, before clicking his seat belt on. Captain hopped in Gunbike and they rode off.
"Coward," Requi hissed as their blades clashed.
"Fiend," Zero countered while holding up his shield. He pulled back slightly before flinging his sword forward. Requi stepped to the right side while flipping the end of his naginata up forcefully, sending Zero's shield flying. Zero glanced at it momentarily before slashing at Requi, cutting him horizontally across the chest. Requi winced while stumbling backwards and grasping the light blue, glass semicircle.
'BE CAREFUL YOU IDIOT!!' Baku yelled at Requi in his head. 'Don't get us BOTH killed!'
'Silence, you pugnacious lout!'
'What the hell does that mean?!?' Requi ignored him while turning back to Zero, chuckling.
"Lucky shot..." He sneered at Zero.
"No no, that's talent." Requi snorted and promptly charged at him again. Requi's naginata clashed with the buster sword, the powerful blow sending Zero's weapon away, out of reach. Zero stumbled backwards as Requi pointed the naginata at his neck.
"What's wrong? Can't fight without a weapon?" Zero glared before grabbing the blade on both dull sides with his hands and forcing it over his head.
"Of course I can!" He smirked while flying upward, dragging Requi and his weapon with him. Zero grunted while switching his hands to the wooden neck and throwing both over his shoulder to the ground. The naginata splintered to pieces as Requi belly-flopped on the ground. Zero perched on his back, stepping on the backside of his head, impelling it into the ground. "The shoe is on the other foot now isn't it, Requi?" Requi promptly threw him off in the same fashion as Zero had previously. He pulled himself to his feet while Zero regained footing. The giant flame behind them rose further, dark smoke wafting toward the sky.
"We shall see about that..." The wind knight muttered while whipping his knuckle over his mouth and putting both fists up. Zero mimicked his opponent, irking Requi at the semblance of the gesture. He growled while charging forward, throwing a right hook at the winged knight. Zero flew upward out of his reach. "What hath be the matter? Thou happen not to be afraid to fight face to face?" Requi taunted Zero mercilessly; Zero ignored his tirade and flew straight down at him. Requi stepped to the side, forcing Zero to pull up and keep himself from being driven into the ground.
He roughly landed on his hands and knees while noting the dust thrown into the air, and, taking advantage of the situation, roundhouse kicked Requi's feet from low on the ground. Requi fell over backwards on his elbows; he sat up and attempted to rub the debris from his eyes. Zero pounced on his fallen foe, kneeing him in the gut. Requi lay stunned momentarily before punching Zero off of him. He sat up and held his stomach painfully while trying to catch his breath. Zero rolled to the side and also sat up, rubbing his cheek tenderly. Both wearily rose to their feet.
Both held their unwavering guards, glaring at each other for what seemed to be the longest time. Suddenly Zero's tattered cape caught aflame again.
"Gah!!" He struggled to put it out again, waving it around like a flag. Requi smirked at his opening and silently dashed at him without being noticed, nailing Zero with a right jab to his jaw. Zero stumbled backwards before managing to replant his feet into the soft ground, a few drips of blood slowly falling from his mouth. He winced while trying to catch his breath, but before he could get his defense up, Requi kneed him in the gut. The blow winded him as he found himself gagging on the air. The devious smile on Requi's face grew even wider as he clutched his hand around Zero's throat, hoisting him up off his feet.
Zero clawed at Requi's hand and gasped for breath, his feet dangling a few inches off the ground. Requi tightened his hold while driving his fist into Zero's diaphram. Zero dryly coughed, writhing in pain; he struggled to get his lungs to take in air, but failed miserably as his arms fell back down to the sides. His eyes began to fluttered shut and Requi laughed maniacally. Zero's head rolled back slightly drifting into unconsciousness, Requi finally loosened and threw Zero down to the ground.
He watched Zero lay sprawled on the ground for a while, laughing heartily at his defeated rival. Casually walking over to the shattered naginata, he picked up the curved blade and kneeled down next to Zero, gently pressing the blade to his neck.
"Better luck next time..."

Ohhh snap! Is Requi going to finish him off??? WHERE IS CAPTAIN WHEN YOU NEED HIM!?!? Will vh1 re-run the stars hottest kisses clip again?? ^^;;;;; I was watching that while writing the last part after Zero's cape caught, so if that part seems like crud, you'll know why...^^;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;