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Taishi's Betrayal
By: May-VeggieGirl1

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"It's finished?! It's REALLY done this time!?" Baku stared at the dimensional transport device. Bell Wood gloated.
"Yep! It was hard but-"
"It's about time!! It took you long enough!" Bell Wood sighed and decided against giving his glory speech on how hard he worked. Shute inspected it. There didn't seem to be any difference from before.
"You sure it'll work?"
"I'm positive, okay! I already tested it before you all arrived, so we wouldn't have what occurred last time!" Baku cheerfully looked up at the sky. He was going home. It felt like so long since he last been there. Entengo neighed. He could tell she was just as pleased as he was.
"But there's one small detail..." Baku, Shute, and Zero fall over. Captain sighed, waiting for that to come.
"Oh tell me now , while I thought things were going up from here!"
"The dimensional transport device can only send one person at a time, then have two minutes to generate energy!"
"We'll all go to the same place right?" Zero questioned.
"Don't worry about that! Just one at a time is the only complication!" Captain turned to Baku.
"Do you think Ybasomaru would like to accompany us?" (none of you will know Ybasomaru- because I skipped things previous to this- but it won't matter till later. Baku only calls him master out of respect and nothing more. When he addresses his mentor master, master will be capitalized ) Baku shook his head.
"Naw. I have a feeling that if master Ybasomaru really wanted to leave, he would have done so by now." I don't think anything could restrain him. Even dimensions. He smiled sadly at the thought.
"Gundam Force, I wish you all the best of luck!" Chief Haro saluted.
"Let's get started then!!" Bell Wood began to punch keys into the digital screen. Baku was overjoyed, but yet something still troubled him. What will I find when I return home? They'll be trouble, I can sense it...

Unbeknownst to the Gundam Force, a Zako carefully watched them from a bush. The Zako talks threw a radio.
"Everything is clear on this side, Zako. They won't know what hit them!!"
"Tell me what coordinates he's setting them to, idiot!" The Zako flinched then cautiously got closer.
"It looks like sector 17, Mr. Obanimaru, sir!"
"Good. Your work is done." On the other end of the radio, Obanimaru walks down the stairs of Woyct tower. "Everything is in place. Perhaps this will get the message of Lord Kibaomaru threw their heads..."

"Alright! Everything's ready to go!" Baku stepped up first. Bell Wood entered in one more digit then a bright flash overcame them. A ripped open hole appeared as matter was torn apart in it's wake. Baku watched the purple wormhole, the feeling of uneasiness rising within him. He took a deep breath then made one last wave to those of Neotopia and hopped into the vortex...
Many odd things occurred as he drifted from world to world. He looked back at his most charitable memory...

Baku huddled in the corner of his bed, frightened. He wasn't very old, the world felt so new to him. Many things frightened him easily; was it because he knew no better or was he really gullible? Either way, fear was a familiar emotion to him. Yet nothing beforehand frightened him to this degree. Baku brought his knees up to his chest and held back tears. He sniffled and shivered. Suddenly, arms came around and embraced him. He gasped, startled at first, but realized the arms were comforting so he let them cling on. Baku recognized the arms- they belonged to his older brother, Taishiwakamaru. The one who scared him in the begin with. Although Baku didn't know at the time, Taishi never meant to really scare Baku. Taishi rested his chin on Baku's shoulder then whispered into his ear.
"I'm sorry, Bakunetsumaru. I'll never let anything harm you again, little brother...I promise..." Baku relaxed, his brother's love and concern filled him. It felt so comforting, he had never felt such security before. Baku placed his head on his knees, still leaning against his chest, and fell asleep...

He sighed at his pleasant flashback. He was going to be reunited with his brother. Sometimes he was a pain, but Baku wouldn't have him any other way. Suddenly another bright flash overtook him and he found himself sitting on blue grass. He looked up to be filled with immense happiness, the red sky blazing down, the cool wind passing by.
He was home. He looked behind to find a dead tree and flat plains all around him. Ah, so I'm in sector 17. At least Bell Wood put me in our territory, but it may be too close to enemy lines... A small piece of paper was clinging on to the dead tree. The rising feeling of dread had finally choked him. He stared at it fearfully.

Whatever was on that paper, he knew it wasn't going to bring good news...

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