SD Gundam Fan Fiction ❯ Taishi's Betrayal ❯ The Horrible Truth... ( Chapter 2 )

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Taishi's Betrayal
By: May-VeggieGirl1

Thank you Neo Yami! Let the war begin!! Rules...hrm. They both have to be
sad, (maybe have to be happy ending, depending on what Neo Yami wants his
fic to end) both a little Shonen-ai- only because you are, I'm going to make
mine a song-fic maybe you can too, both PG13 for cruelness(?), cussing(?),
and anything else you want to add. Both have to be about Baku and his
sibling!!! Neo Yami's is Baku's little sister and mine is about Baku's older
Mine's also going to b a songfic eventually, probably starting next chapter. We can add that 2 the rules if u want.

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The letter read this in Baku's home language-

The one you seek remains at Woyct tower.
Come alone.

It had the symbol of Kibaomaru at the bottom.

"It's pointless to have Kibaomaru's sign there, everyone knows Woyct tower is in Dark
Axis territory..." Entengo suddenly appears next to him in a flash. Baku
crumples the note and straddled Entengo. "Entengo, we're going to Woyct
tower..." She neighed. "The others can wait here till I return." Hopefully
they will that is...if I return... Baku pushed aside the thought as Entengo
rode off west.

Zero suddenly appeared two minutes after Entengo. He looked around at his
new settings.
"Where's Bakunetsumaru and Entengo? Bell Wood said we would all be in the
same spot!" Zero sat on a slanted rock against the tree. "Alright, let's see...I'm in a strange new world, with no comprehension of where I am and no
general direction of where to go. Wonderful." He sighed and placed his head
in his hands. The wind blew his cape close to his body. "Maybe I should let
the wind guide me back..." He watched as a violet colored cloud slowly
passed by. Zero quietly sat on the rock and stared at it.
A few minutes went by then Zero stood up. "Well, sitting around here won't
solve anything..." Suddenly in a bright light, Captain appeared next to him.
Zero's eyes grew twice their normal size. "But...I thought...what are you
doing here Captain?!" Captain sweat dropped.
"I was sent threw the dimensional gate just like you and Bakunetsumaru...Where is he anyway? Is this Ark?" Zero rubbed his chin.
"Yes, it certainly seems this is Ark...but where is Bakunetsumaru then?"
"You...don't know where he is??" He solemnly shook his head.
"What should we do?"
"Maybe we should see if Shute ends up here, then if he does we can search for Bakunetsumaru." Zero fumed
"That was certainly impolite of him, the host to leave his guests!! How absurd!!"
"I'm sure he had a reason for his actions." Zero examined the direction of the wind, deep in thought.

Entengo slowed to a stop when they neared the territory line.
"Let's try not to attract any more attention than we'll get, Entengo." She neighed in reply and continued into Dark Axis' turf. Previous houses were destroyed and plundered, a few rusty knick-knacks cast aside, and what stood before them appeared to be worn-out tower about eight stories high. Baku ignored them all and motioned Entengo to continue. Suddenly a figure jumped out from a corner and stood before them. Baku clenched his swords, ready to attack at a moments notice. The gundam which stood before him lowered his eyes to Baku, despite having Baku being higher up than he.
"You must be Bakunetsumaru. I am Obanimaru." He didn't take his eyes off Obani for a moment. Baku spoke firm yet slowly.
"Yes. I am. Why have you beaconed me here?" He sneered at Obani.
"I am simply a messenger. The one who wishes a word with you is waiting at the top of the tower." They continued to stare at each other for a moment, then Entengo decided to try to move forward. Obani stepped aside and watched Baku dismount and go inside. He chuckled deeply then went back to guarding the tower.

Baku and Entengo climbed up the eight fleet of stairs. Who wants to privately speak with me? Baku came up to a wide door. He grasped the door handle, then pondered if he should take the final step. He opened the door and stepped inside. Entengo stayed close to him. Baku took one look inside then his eyes filled with joy.

Shute appeared before Captain and Zero. He watched in awe.
"Wow!! This is cool!! Are we really in Ark?!"
"We believe so, Shute." Shute turned to Captain.
"What's that supposed to mean? Where's Bakunetsumaru?"
"He ditched us!!" Zero spouted angrily.
"Zero, we are not positive that-"
"Really, well I think footprints explain a lot!!" Captain examines the footprints.
"They're Entengo's tracks." Shute plays with a blade of grass.
"Why would he just leave us here?...Hm? What's this?" Shute picked up the crumpled note and showed it to his gundam friends.
"It's in his home language."
"Did he write it for us?"
"He knows we can't read that!" Captain took it from Shute.
"I know enough to translate it." He reads the letter out loud.
"That explains a lot..."
"It has the sign of Kibaomaru. He's allied with the Dark Axis."
"Then why couldn't Bakunetsumaru wait for us? What's so secret that we do not earn the right to listen to?"
"Well, are we going to ask questions to this dead tree or are we going to get to the bottom of this by following the tracks?" Captain and Zero nod and the three of them head off.

"Taishi!!" Baku ran up and glomped onto his older brother. "I've missed you so much!! Are you alright?! Where's Master anyway? I have so much to tell you!!" Taishi gave into the embrace.
"I, too, was concerned for you. Many things have changed, brother. Some you may not want to accept..." (A/N: ...How is it possible for someone to be so cruel ?! ;____; *already knows what's going to happen* I'm just as cruel to even think about such a plot...e_e) Entengo remained where she previously stood, happy that her master was re-united with his brother. Baku opened his eyes, when something caught his eye.

Taishi had the emblem of Kibaomaru. Baku let go from his hug and back away, baffled.
"Taishi, what is that? Is this some kind of joke?"
"As I said...some you may not want to accept..." Baku stared at Taishi, startled. No...this-this just isn't my enemy?

He knew his life would never be the same again...

Bu ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!! Word 4 the wise, almost all of my chapter's are going to have a suspenseful ending. How's that, Neo Yami?