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Taishi's Betrayal
By: May-VeggieGirl1

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BTW!! Shute, Captain, and Zero won't know who Taishi is until, like, the 7 th chapter! ^^; When Shute says 'fighting an evil twin', he's just noting the fact they look very identical.
Linkin Park: Don't Stay

Baku stared at his brother in the eyes. Entengo watched, also confused.
"Taishi...why? Why did you...?" Taishi closed his eyes.
"Yes, it is true. I am with Kibaomaru now." Baku was silent for a moment then glared at Taishi.
"Who are you?! My brother would never join the Dark Axis!! My brother is just as anti-Dark Axis as I am!!"
"No, the correct word is was Baku. I was just as anti-Dark Axis as you."
"What will Master say?"
"Master has joined us."
"You liar !! Master hates Kibaomaru more than anyone! He would never do such a thing!!"
"Didn't you once believe that I would never join them...?"
"I still do!!"
"But I already have joined them?"
"Well...SO?! Why did you join then?!"
"Some things need to be experienced rather than told..." He stared out the open window at the blood red sky. Purple clouds were gathering and the wind was rising, an early sign of a storm. Baku sadly watched his brother and decided to try again.
"Please Taishi, don't be like this. What happened to my calm yet cheerful brother?"
"I don't know. What did happen to that brother, Bakunetsumaru?"
"Why are you asking me? How am I supposed to know? Don't blame it on me, you chose to change!"
"I know. Why aren't you?"
"Because that's crazy Taishi!! They kill people! What is the benefit of that?! Blood will only lead to more blood!! Two wrongs will never make a right!!"
"That is true."
"So then will you take off that badge and pledge to your freedom once more?"
"No. But you can wear one of these badges."
"I refuse!!"
"So we're on opposite sides." Baku looked down at the crusty floor. "You see Baku, you have to sway or else we would be mortal enemies...and I would be forced to kill you."

Sometimes I
Need to remember just to breathe

Baku stood there with his mouth open. He knees felt a little weak so he sat down. How could he even suggest such a horrible thing? Was...Was everything he told me...And everything I believed in...A huge lie? Baku began to feel his eyes water but he shook it off.
"...Why can't you just join us again? Give me one good reason why you can't!"
"They'd kill us both. Brother, I'm doing this for your safety. There's no way you can leave this place alive without joining..."
"We can fight them off!"
"Don't be so naïve." Taishi walked over to Baku and knelt down next to him. "There's only one option and that's to join. There's no disagreement Bakunetsumaru."
"I will not join them!!" He glared defiantly up at his brother.
"...Then you really leave me no choice..." Taishi smacked Baku. Baku fell to the side then pulled himself up and held his cheek. Tears were making his vision blurry.
"Stand and fight, Bakunetsumaru." Baku shakily rose to his feet and shook his head.
"No...No, this isn't right...Your my brother! We're not supposed to fight each other!!" Taishi landed a punch to Baku's stomach then elbowed him in the head. Baku fell back down again.
"Please fight back. It's least you can do." Baku stood once again.
"I...I won't fight you!!!" Tears were finally making their way out from his eyes. "I won't fight you..."

Sometimes I
Need you to stay away from me

Taishi sighed and took out his sword.
"Then I cannot help you." Taishi belted Baku with his sword rather than slashed. Entengo watched, frightened, then ran away to get help.

"I'm sorry, Bakunetsumaru. I'll never let anything harm you again, little brother...I promise..."

Baku closed his eyes and let Taishi continue. Did that mean nothing? The sky was dark by now and was beginning to drizzle.

Sometimes I'm
In disbelief I didn't know
Somehow I
Need you to go

"Stupid rain..." Zero grumbled as they continued to follow the muddy tracks. The rain water was beginning to erase Entengo's tracks.
"Now what? Were lost in the rain."
"I'll look for a tower." Zero flew up higher when lightning almost struck him. He quickly returned to the ground. "Nevermind then." Zero landed on a puddle of mud. "Cursed mud..."
"Hm? I think I hear something." Zero and Shute look at Captain then look around. Entengo came running up to them as best as she could in the slippery mud.
"It's Entengo!...But Bakunetsumaru's not with her..."
"She looks frantic." She stopped in front of them and neighed.
"Is Bakunetsumaru is trouble?" She nodded her head. "Please guide us to him!" Entengo turned around and ran back. Zero, Captain, and Shute followed. "Hang on Bakunetsumaru..."

Don't stay
Forget our memories
Forget our possibilities
What you were changing me into...
[Just give me myself back and]
Don't stay

Baku leaned up on his hands and breathed heavily. The tears continued to flow freely as he watched his brother approach him again.
" enjoy doing this Taishi...Are you happy now...?"
"Of course not. I wish we could work this out peacefully."
"How can you possibly expect to live peacefully with yourself with the knowledge of even trying to hurt your brother? Especially after you promised me...You promised me..." Taishi lifted him off his feet by the neck over near the window.
"If you learn anything in this world, let it be this: names and titles mean nothing. There is you, and your enemy, so it doesn't matter if their your own kin. The strong will rise and the weak will fall behind into nothing..." Taishi brought his fist back and punched Baku out the window. Baku fell for what seemed to be forever then landed painfully on his back as the rain poured down.

Forget our memories
Forget our possibilities
Take all your faithlessness with you
[Just give me myself back and]
Don't Stay

Zero, Captain, and Shute slowed to a walk as they approached the ghost ghetto. Shute shivered as he looked around the place. All stopped in front of the tower.
"So this is Woyct tower? They certainly don't keep the place tidy..."
"Come on, were here to find Bakunetsumaru- not sight see!!" Zero continued into the tower along with Entengo. Shute blinked, shrudged his shoulders and followed on inside next to Captain.
Zero and Captain pulled open the huge door to one. All four of them stand their and blink.
"Are you sure this was the right door, Entengo?"
"Who's there?" Shute and Zero jummped startled. Taishi came out from a connecting room. "What do you three want?"
"We were looking for someone named Bakunetsumaru, you look a lot like him, except he's red..."
"My ordeals with him do not concern you." Taishi turned his back to him.
"Where is he?" Zero demanded. He turned back around.
"Why should I? Oh you must be the Gundam Force...I hope you understand you are standing on enemy grounds."
"Yes, now where's Bakunetsumaru?'
"Relax. You have bigger issues to attend to."
"Like what?!"
"Like keeping your life!" Taishi unsheathed his swords and charged at Zero. Zero blocked using his arm guard. Captain went at Taishi, giving Zero some time to summon his sword and shield. The three of them battle.
"Man, this is turning out to be one crazy day: first we lose Bakunetsumaru and now we're fighting an evil twin!!" Taishi realizes he can't beat both Captain and Zero, so he knocks Zero's sword out of his hand and runs up to Shute.
"Ack!!" Taishi brings the blade two inches from Shute's neck while holding him down.
"I suggest not trying anything funny...or the strange creature will get a new look..." Zero and Captain remain where they are and glare at Taishi.

"Tai..." Baku watched the lightning boom overhead. "...Shi..."

Is Baku down for the count? Will Taishi kill Shute? Will Zero and Captain be able to locate Baku, and will Baku be okay? All the answers next chapter!! Also, I'll describe what Taishi looks like in the 5 th chapter. Please Review!
The more I read Flaming Roeses, the more it reminds me of this plot. But I thought of it first, when Toonami began to re-run SD Gundam, (which was around november or october).