SD Gundam Fan Fiction ❯ Taishi's Betrayal ❯ Don't Stay ( Chapter 4 )

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Taishi's Betrayal
By: May-Veggiegirl1

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EDITED: 9-21-05

BTW, the person who calls Baku 'little fire spirit' is Ybasomaru, who is Bakunetsumaru's master's brother. He came to Neotopia around 15 years post-SD Gundam. Reason why is not very important. Ybasomaru will appear and talk a lot in the next chapter. The scene Baku reminisces on is one of the things I skipped, Baku never met Ybasomaru and Ybaso calls Baku 'little fire spirit' for the first time before Baku evens knows who he is. Okay now I'll shuddap.

Wait, wait! The attack Taishi uses in Baku's Halloween is same thing but different name. Instead of Electro-Cannon, it's now called Jinkourai-hadou. All I can decipher from Baku's attack is sky = ten.
Also, Baku is designed/named after Burning Gundam off of G Gundam! Bakunetsu in Japanese is erupting. Erupting burning finger attack is somewhat similar to Tenkyo-ken too! I have to get my mouth wired shut someday...


Baku lay on the cold ground and stared at the rain. Why...we were so close...was it all just an act? Am I just a puppet with strings? Nothing made sense. Taishi always knew how to make me feel better, to make me feel safe and loved. It felt like someone stabbed his heart with icicles and left him to bleed to death.
My own brother… my only family in this world….

"You alright Bakunetsumaru? Hey, don't sweat it, I'll handle it."
"Hahaha! Do you know how ridiculous you can be?"
"Where were you?! I looked every where!! Don't ever scare me like that again!"

He was like a best friend to me...but he was closer...

"There is you, and your enem
y, so it doesn't matter if they're your own kin. The strong will rise and the weak will fall behind into nothing..."
"I will clean it on your insolent hide if you are not careful."
"I'm sorry, Bakunetsumaru. I'll never let anything harm you again, little brother...I promise..."
"Oh no, here we go again. Come on you guys, knock it off will ya'?!”
"Will you stop over-reacting and pay attention to the lesson?"
"No Captain. It's not a question of numbers, but of honor."

...honor, what's left of it. There's no honor in any of this senseless fighting...
Thoughts began to swirl in his head like a fish bowl. He became frustrated because he couldn't think straight and rolled over on his stomach to punch the ground, shivering from the cold rain beating down on his back.
"What do I do?! Where do I go from here?!" After a moment of glaring angrily at the ground, another sob racked his body as buried his face into his hands. “Who can I trust…” Obanimaru peered around the corner at him and narrowed his eyes.
"...Still alive, eh? I'll fix that!" He pulled out a staff and slowly drew closer to Baku, each step echoing in the alley. Baku's head snapped up as the shadow loomed over him, his eyes pinpricks as he backed up into a wall trembling.
“…Scared… I'm scared,” He whimpered as tears continued to flow down his cheeks. Obani smirked as deep purple energy began to flow and crackle around the end of his staff.
"Good-bye pest!" Obani swung as Baku flinched and ducked under, the staff leaving a great hole in the wall where it had stuck. He brushed the specks of rubble and dust off of himself while stumbling backwards on to his feet, preferably away from Obani, but not far enough to get out of reach. The Kibaomaru follower swung sharply backwards, as Baku's eyes widened at the purple and white flame flew towards his face. Acting completely out of instinct, Baku pulled out his sword and blocked it the best he could, skidding a few feet backwards in some gravel. "Excellent, so you still have fight in you… Then I'll be sure to have some fun before I kill you!" Baku got out his other sword as Obani swung toward his feet. He nimbly jumped upward to dodge it.

"Sometimes the roads we choose aren't the easiest to follow..." Baku continued to observe the item just handed to him. "Until we meet again, little fire spirit..."
"Huh?" Baku looked up and he was gone.

Baku ignored the flashback in his head and continued his fight with Obani. He landed low to the ground and attacked up under Obani, smacking his staff to the side and connecting another blow to the side of the head. Obani skid into a wall, holding his head painfully as Baku watched him in the rain, eyes solemn yet hardened.
"Perhaps…you may be right about one thing are my brother...” He drew a shuddering breath and clenched his swords, uttering the few words he would never expect. “And my enemy..." He slowly turned back to the tower as lightning boomed behind him.

Sometimes I
Feel like I trusted you too well

Baku threw the door open and looked at the scene displayed before him.
"Bakunetsumaru!!" Taishi had his sword at Shute's throat as Captain and Zero stood tense at his right. He continued to walk forward while glowering at Taishi, the only sound was the rain outside and his drenched, soft footsteps moving across the floor.
"Ba...ku?" Zero said as his friend passed by him without a glance or a smile or any sort of recognition that would normally come to the knight.

Sometimes I
Just feel like screaming at myself

Sometimes I'm
In disbelief I didn't know

"Put him down Taishiwakamaru," He recited in a cold yet furious voice that was halfway drowned out with lightning in the distance.

"Sorry, but I-" Before Taishi could utter a single word more, without any prior hint of reflex, Baku lifted Obani's broken staff and threw it sharply at Taishi's left arm, nailing it directly in the center of his arm where there seemed to be some sort of device and additional armor that Baku himself did not have. Taishi cringed and dropped Shute, pulling out the stick and examining his arm meticulously. Shute scurried over to Captain as fast as his little human feet could take him and clung to his best friend's side for dear life.
"Shute, are you alright?"
"I-I'm fine, Captain," He murmured, obviously a bit traumatized from the shock. Zero continued to watch Baku with confusion and concern clouding his eyes.
"..." Baku glanced at Entengo absently, his eyes saying nothing but logic told the steed everything she needed to know. And with that, she nodded, pried Shute away from Captain by the collar of his shirt with her teeth and carried him off down the fleet of stairs.
"Hey, wait! Entengo!!" Captain followed Entengo as Zero watched Baku, hoping for any sort of comfort, and realized that this was not a time for comfort. He sighed and followed behind Captain, occasionally glancing back at the two siblings and murmuring some things to himself. Waiting for them to leave, Baku turned back to Taishi.
"I assume you are finally ready to fight me, Bakunetsumaru?" Baku closed his eyes and pondered in silence, letting the sound of the beating rain etch forever in his memory.
"Yes,” He breathed out, keeping his eyes hidden in shadow. “For the Gundam Force…and for Ark, I will destroy you,” His head bolted up as he began to writhe in rage, raising his eyes up to his brother. “Taishiwakamaru!!"
“Glad to hear..." And they both lunged at each other.

Somehow I
Need to be alone...

Don't stay
Forget our memories
Forget our possibilities

What you were changing me into...
[Just give me myself back and]

Don't stay
Forget our memories
Forget our possibilities
Take all your faithlessness with you
[Just give me myself back and]
Don't Stay

Outside the tower, Shute flailed about to get free from the horse's strong jaws.
"Entengo, this isn't funny, let me go!!"
"Shute, what's going on?" Captain sloshed in the mud over to them. Zero half-mindedly watched them, but was mostly lost in thought and staring up at the top of the tower.
"Entengo won't let go of-" Entengo dropped Shute in the mud. "" Captain helped Shute back up to his feet.
"Should we go back up?"
"No Captain." Shute and Captain look at Zero oddly.
"But, But Bakunetsumaru and that guy are fighting up there!!" Zero stayed silent for a moment, looking up at the dark cloud that had stretch across the sky.
"I know. It's personal. Baku… will be alright," He mostly recited to himself, though, from watching the occasional shadow move from the window outside, Zero wanted more than words. Shute moaned and sat on Entengo in boredom and worry. Minutes slowly went by, teasing them as each second wasted away in their darkness. A darkness full of no understanding, no comprehension. But, finally, Shute, being the irrational and easily-bored human boy he was, hopped off Entengo in a huff.
"Okay!! That does it!!" He announced while making a mad dash inside and up the stairs.
"Shute, wait!!" Zero called out and hurried to catch up.

I don't need you anymore
I don't want to be ignored

Taishi and Baku stood in front of each other, trying to catch their breath.
"We're evenly matched in swordsmanship... But then again, I already knew that…” Baku glared at him but understood. They trained side by side to the same mentor, Baku was the offense, Taishi was the defense, and not even the other could get past. “Guess that only leaves one thing...Sorry." Taishi sheathed his swords and raised his left arm into the air, palm facing outward as the arm became encircled with sparks and cracks of electricity. The Jinkourai-hadou...never expected to be on the receiving end of that attack... He shuddered at the history of the attack. He always was jealous of the technique, it was a finishing move. A real finishing move. This thing could obliterate me just by being minutely too close. And he hated it too because it always took so much out of Taishi, made him worry that the feedback might hurt him.
It's different on the receiving end.
I'm not worried about the feedback.
Baku focused on the energy flowing through his veins as he slowly twirled his swords with light finger and wrist movements. So free, so gentle, please let it be enough… Baku opened his eyes at his brother across the way, arm poised and now completely engulfed in white hot electricity. Met with eyes that only continued to show nothing in them and Baku sighed sadly.
"So am I."

I don't need one more day
Of you wasting me away

"Jinkourai-hadou!!" Suddenly, an enormous bolt of the live energy came hurling at Baku in a split second. He tensed and clenched his swords as the head of the blast came upon him.
"TENKYO-KEN!!" He screamed, his veins pounding and swords glowing of red raw fire slashed at the air, countering the lightning as the two struggled for the upper hand.

I don't need you anymore
I don't want to be ignored
I don't need one more day
Of you wasting me away

With no apologies...

Baku trembled as all the energy in the room began to make him feel light headed and sick all at once but kept his swords fixed in their X shape despite his feet beginning to crunch into the ground. And just as suddenly as the two powers clashed, the sparks and flame ignited, sending out a huge explosion and shockwave of thunder filled the whole room.

Don't stay
Forget our memories
Forget our possibilities
What you were changing me into...
[Just give me myself back and]
Don't stay
Forget our memories
Forget our possibilities
Take all your faithlessness with you
[Just give me myself back and]
Don't Stay

The rain dripped down as if the sky was crying and fell upon what was left of the room. Only half a wall was still up, debris and rubble filled every nook and cranny of the once-watch tower. It was a cold slow rain, sweet and refreshing in everyway as it curved down Baku's hot face and body while he pulled himself out from under some large pieces of the ceiling that had come down. Wearily, he looked around at all the damage. Pointless...All of this was pointless... His eye caught on Taishi's arm sticking out from under chunks of cement. He shuddered at the sight, becoming even more queasy and quickly averting his gaze. A fire in one of the corners of the room was creating a horrible burning odor of gasoline and chemicals that made him want to choke, despite the pouring rain. Baku turned toward what was left of the door and maneuvered his way over to it, stumbling and muttering things in a slightly delirious fashion.
"BAKUNETSUMARU!!!" He froze in fear that it was his brother again. He didn't have anything left, not mentally, not after this hell. Baku closed his eyes and clung to his sides in a hug, keeping his now shivering body warm. He was as good as dead, there was nothing left to fight.
But instead, Shute burst threw the door, nearly slamming into Baku full tilt but managed to skid to a halt in front of him and glanced around. "Woah...This place is a wreak..." He looked back to Baku to find he wasn't there, but already slightly tottering down the stairs. "Hey...!" Shute tagged along behind him and frowned. “You're bleeding a little bit…” Baku ignored his human friend and walked past Zero in the air.
"Bakunetsumaru! Did" Baku only brushed himself off some more and continued downstairs. "I'll…take that as a yes..." Shute glanced up at Zero questioningly.
"Something we said?" Zero shook his head and followed behind.

"Bakunetsumaru, where are we going?" The dark violet had long moved on but now the sky was becoming naturally dark, signaling that night was near. All Baku had done was hop on Entengo and start riding somewhere, occasionally prodding her with his foot in a gentle way of saying she was going the wrong way. Zero, Captain, and Shute were left with no choice but to follow the all-too-silent Baku and try to understand what was going on. Finally they stopped at a house that was seemingly placed on the outskirts of Ark, weaved and carefully placed in a dense forest. Baku dismounted Entengo, rubbed her nose lovingly before knocking on the door.
“Where are we?” Shute pushed again before the door opened and another gundam looked at the five with a smile.
“Konnichiwa!” Zero whispered to Captain.
“What did he say?” The person smiled and shook his head.
“I said hello, are you tourists or something?” He blinked while meeting his eyes with Baku. “Ah, Bakunetsumaru, friends of yours?” Baku stood silently, keeping his eyes on the ground and nodding. He blinked and frowned at Baku's behavior, obviously sensing something was wrong with Baku's behavior also, before returning his eyes to the three new faces. “Well, my name is Yukimimaru, it's nice to meet you all.” He bowed slightly and Shute, giggling at the strange customs, bowed back. “So, what do you all need?” Everyone's eyes fixed on Baku again as continued to stare at the ground looking depressed.
"...We're going back to Neotopia..."
"What?! But-" Zero silenced Shute and shook his head gravely. Shute sighed and looked back up Yukimi. He stared at Baku for a long while before stepping to the side slightly.
“I understand. Come on inside everyone, Entengo, you can go around from the back way. I'll show you to the transporter.”

Mmmm, yes, I wanted to be lazy and not include this character earlier when I first typed this but now since I'm going to have to have him come back in later in the sequel I decided to go on and add him in.
They're going back to Neotopia? No one probably saw that coming...Will Baku be alright? What will the other's think about all of this? Why was Taishi so important to Baku? Find out next chapter!! ^_^ I'm not going to update until Neo Yami does!! ;P