SD Gundam Fan Fiction ❯ Taishi's Betrayal ❯ Privacy is Easier Said Than Done... ( Chapter 5 )

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Taishi's Betrayal
By: May-VeggieGirl1

Hi. I'm sorry I haven't updated as fast as I normally do, it was a mixture of another wave of writer's block and no access to computer. Grr...stupid brain, who put you in charge anyways?! Yeah...Wait, didn't I say I was going to describe Ybaso in this chapter? Damn. It's somewhat significant too...

Okay, Ybasomaru is Baku's master's brother. (And I named his master Kaibasomaru, which everyone confuses with Kibaomaru! The s and a make a big difference people!! Besides, I didn't even finish watching all of the episodes when I thought of this...) So he's Kaibasomaru's older brother. Those two have never been able to see eye-2-eye, then one day Ybaso blew his top and they got into a big fight. They went their separate ways, and Ybaso wanted to get as far away from him as possible. Hence why he's been in Neotopia for the last 15 years. Anyways, Ybaso knew he was wrong, but couldn't bring himself to face his brother. Arrogant idiot. One day Baku was ambushed by the Dark Axis and was left badly damaged. Ybaso accidentally found him and nursed him back to health. Most of the moves Kaibaso taught Baku were extensions of Ybaso's move, so they have a lot more in common than you think. Also hence why Ybaso calls Baku "little fire spirit".

Ybaso's biggest flaw is his inability to communicate with others. This is because of his quick temperamental attitude, which makes him avoid society around him. He's not a full fledged member of the Gundam Force, because no one gives him orders. If he feels they need help he arrives (or if Baku's in danger ^.~), otherwise he'll let them handle their own problems. Ybaso is also the strongest/fastest (yes, faster than Gunbike) out of the Gundam Force, but if Captain had more training and experience, that may not be true. He reminds me of Vegeta's attitude, calm but small things can step on his last nerve... (the last nerve bit will be important around the 8 th or 9 th chapter)
I did it again, now to shaddup.

Matter began to rip apart in the woods. Frightened animal fled in their cowardice. Suddenly, Shute, Baku, Zero, Entengo, and Captain appeared as the rip fazed away.
"Hey, we're back. I didn't know Ark had a dimensional transport device!" Baku began to walk away. "Where are you going? What's wrong?" Life is wrong. Just go away... Baku hoped they would become psychic for the moment, because he didn't want to talk. He continued deeper into the woods. Zero had a good mind to follow him, but got the idea that he wanted privacy for a while.
"Well...I guess we should report back to base." Captain concluded. Zero nodded his head and began to float away.
"That's it?" Zero stopped in mid-air.
"Shute, has anyone told you that your a busy-body?"
"Hey, what do you mean?! He's our friend! If something's wrong we can help make it right!"
"Shute...I hope you stay in your naïve, fantasy world as long as you can..." Zero flew away to the base. Captain decided it was best just to keep quiet with this whole ordeal, and followed behind Zero.
"What was that supposed to mean?! Did I miss something? Naïve fantasy world? This is Neotopia!!" (What's the difference? ^_^) Shute tagged along. Entengo stayed put, knowing her master wouldn't venture too far nor appreciate her presence.

Ybaso snapped out of his meditation when his sensed Baku's energy return to Neotopia. He examined it.
"So soon, Bakunetsumaru?" He stood up and gazed at the sun, which was nearing sunset. "Somethings not right..." He ran off.

In the darkening woods, Baku plopped down on a rock and put his head in his hands. Nothing makes sense anymore...

"Why don't you go on ahead of me?"
"I'm sorry Bakunetsumaru..."

Sure you are. I believed everything you told me, unconditionally and without a doubt...Ybaso slowed to a stop when he approached Baku.
"Alright, what's eating you? " Baku stared at the sun sink behind the trees.
"The sun's going down..." (No! Your WRONG! It is the horizon that is moving up!! ^^)
"You're avoiding my question." Ybaso stood next to him.
"I know." Baku apatheticlly watched the sun set. He lowered his head to the ground once the sun disappeared.
"It's true isn't it...?" Ybaso stared at Baku, puzzled. "...That the ones you hold most dear are the ones who hurt you the worst..." He sighed, knowing the truth or a lie wouldn't solve the situation.
"What happened over there? I can take any news you give me."
"...Taishi's dead." Baku's voice was hollow and almost choked on the last word. Ybaso closed his eyes and bowed his head.
"I'm sorry..."
"I killed him." His head shot back up, not expecting that.
"...What?" Tears were quietly gathering.
"He joined Kibaomaru...and tried to hurt the others...and me..." Baku swallowed hard then tried to continue. "He tried to kill me and Shute..." Ybaso knelt down and wiped the tears from his eye. Baku quickly turned his head the other way, trying to hide his 'weakness'.
"Don't be shy about it. Everyone cries." He waited until his eyes cleared up then stood up. "Where are you going? What has become of my brother?"
"...I don't know where Master is. I didn't really look." Ybaso stood also and placed and hand on Baku's shoulder when he turned to leave.
"You should rest, I'd say you only have about a fourth of your strength and-"
"Leave me alone." Baku shook his hand off his shoulder and tried to continue when Ybaso grabbed his shoulder again, but more firmly.
"Hey, chill okay-"
"I said leave me alone!" Ybaso pulled him back and stared at him, face-to-face. Baku glared at him bitterly. He sighed and tried to cool off the anger that momentarily boiled within him, then let go of Baku.(Btw, if this happened on any other occasion, Ybaso would have smack Baku upside the head) Baku went to leave again but was interupted one last time.
"One last question: do the other's know what's going on?"
"They were there."
"Didn't you tell them what happened though?"
"I never want to repeat what I just told you ever again." Baku walked off. Ybaso thought back to what Baku said.

"...I don't know where Master is. I didn't really look."

"Hm...Is that because you were afraid of more bad news you find me more comforting and understandable than my brother? Probably both." He looked up to Neotopia tower, and the base above it (base didn't crash, k?). "I should explain, before they make the problem worse." He made his way over to the base.

Zero was busy watching the stars slowly reappear in the sky.
"Bakunetsumaru...what happened to my happy-go-lucky samurai?" (I had to make him say that!! Notice the 'my' in that sentence! :3) Captain came out.
"Zero, there you are! Ybasomaru's here, and says he can explain what happened today." Zero followed Captain into the control room.
"What happened to Bakunetsumaru and who was that guy?" Shute impatiently pushed.
"There are some things you need to know about Bakunetsumaru before you can comprehend anything. The one you had a quarrel with is named Taishiwakamaru, and he is Bakunetsumaru's older brother." Zero looked down at the ground and sighed sadly. "...Baku was very close to Taishi. And Taishi was just as anti-Kibaomaru as Bakunetsumaru was. Not even I saw this coming. I believe no one knows why Taishi did this, but give Baku some time to think things threw."
"How...close were they?" Zero hesitantly asked.
"Take my word for very." He walked away. Everyone stood around quietly. Zero also walked away after a moment or so. He went to his room and laid down.
"Poor Bakunetsumaru...I'm sorry. I would do anything to help take the pain away, but there's probably nothing I can do...

...for now." He eventually dozed off into a deep sleep...

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