SD Gundam Fan Fiction ❯ Taishi's Betrayal ❯ Kidnapped ( Chapter 6 )

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Taishi's Betrayal
By: May-VeggieGirl1

Hello again! I told you this chapter wouldn't take long! ;) Suspenseful ending, and then I'll have problems with the next one. You know, the one that has you on the edge of your seat? XD Muhahahahahaha!!!


Clear your mind...Clear your mind...

"Some things need to be experienced rather than told..."

No! Clear of all thoughts about everything...about him ...

"I don't know. What did happen to that brother, Bakunetsumaru?"

"Why do have troubles doing this...why can't I think straight...?" Baku hung his head as the water rushed around him. He jumped off the rock and walked over to the shore. "I hate meditating, but I need the voices to be quiet. I need to stop thinking about what's going on around me." He sat down on the ledge and let his feet dangle in the water. He stared at his reflection. Ugh, can't I even look at myself without thinking of him?! He sighed and splashed some of the cool water on his face, then laid down on his back and stared at the night sky.

"Master's training is really difficult..." Baku huffed and laid on the grass.
"I think you try too hard on things that are simple." Taishi joined him.
"And this is coming from Master's pet..."
"Stop saying that! I'm not Master's pet. He'd be more fond of you if you put more effort into things."
"That has nothing to do with it. You two have the same mentality and I...well, don't."
"Even if Master has to go out of his way to help you understand things, that should have nothing to do with it."

Baku snorted and sat up to look at the waterfall. He threw a rock at it then pulled his knees up to his chest.
"You know why meditating is not an easy task for you and I?" Baku almost jumped out of his skin when he heard the voice, then remembered Ybaso and his stealth-like tactics.
"I thought I told you to go away!"
"You did. But do you know why?"
"I don't know why to a lot of things! I don't know why Taishi betrayed me, I don't know why I'm here, and I don't know why you keep pestering me !!"
"Do you know why meditating is difficult?" He played with a few sand grains, his annoyance starting to fade.
"No, why then?"
"Because we are like fire." Ybaso sat in front of a tree a few yards from Baku. "Fire doesn't have time to stop and think. Fire is constantly flickering or else it would cool and slowly burn away. Even if it seems to stand still for a time, fire is always moving."
"I wish there was a way to concentrate..."
"You just have to try different things. Something has to work."

Zero tossed and turned in bed, then shot up.
"Baku!" He looked around at his surroundings while taking in rasp breaths. He picked up the glass of water by his bed and drank some. "There has to be something I can do. Anything." He looked out his window then rolled over to attempt sleep again.

THUD!!! Animals went scurrying out of bushes. Baku ignored the bolt of pain that shot up his arm. He thrusted his other fist, causing the rock bed to recoil further. Well, if I can't least I can relieve stress... Ybaso continued to sit under the tree and watch Baku.
"Don't hurt your hand."
"Don't tell me what to do!"
"Would your master accept such defiance?" Baku spun around.
"Who cares!! He's not here and neither is Taishi!!"
"Bakunetsumaru...Taishi's never coming back."
"...Neither is master."
"My brother wouldn't abandon you."
"Neither would mine..." Baku punched the rock again.
"There's no turning back to what's set in stone. The past will always remain as yesterday, and yesterday is gone with each second of today." Baku looked up to the waterfall again. Taishi always hated waterfalls, because of his bad encounter with one...

"I hate meditating...why does Master insist on meditating under a waterfall, Taishi?" Taishi sighed.
"Baku, it's a way of clearing your mind and focusing your soul and energy. I don't mind meditating, it's the waterfall that bugs me..." Baku opened his eyes and looked at his brother.
"The waterfall?"
"Mmm, yeah. Before you were born I had a...bad experience with one."
"What happened?"
"I fell off one. It felt like a washing machine, except there are rocks and you just keep falling. Can't tell which ends up or down... I think that's why I have acrophobia..."
"Because of the waterfall?"
"Not exactly. I looked down."

Baku punched the rock again then fell to his knees. He had been hitting the rock wall into late in the morning. Ybaso and him were probably the only ones in all of Neotopia even awake. Baku panted heavily when a wave of dizziness struck him. He held his head for a while, but ended up lying down in the sand. Ybaso stood and walked over to Baku.
"Bakunetsumaru?" He nudged him lightly.
"Mnmm..." Baku mumbled in his sleep. Ybaso picked him up and leaned him against the tree.
"Sleep well, little fire'll need it..."

"Operation: Crush Gundam Force is underway sir!"
"Excellent. Sazabi was a weak, impatient fool. To pull out a weed, one must pull it out by the roots and foundation..." Grappler Gouf played with his claws. Zapper Zaku nudged Destroyer Dom.
"I think Sazabi gave us more flexibility in his plans for conquest..." Grappler chuckled.
"Your just jealous because the Commander likes me best..." Zapper growled, knowing this was true.
"Grrr...This plan better work..."

Red lights flash at the sound of the alarm.
"Attention Gundam Force!! Sensors indicate enemy dimensional space-time continuum at the seaside!!" Captain and Shute stand at attention. Shute looks around.
"Aw man, now where'd Zero go?!" Juli accessed security cameras.
"The cameras' show Zero leaving shortly after sunrise this morning." Chief Haro came up behind Juli.
"Stand by to launch Gundivers!"
"Gundiver's 1 and 2 to the launch pad!" They are catapulted off the finger.
"Gundivers 3 to 7, your clear for take off! Happy sailing!" The remaining Gundivers dive into the ocean.
"Alright! Let's go Captain!" They hop into Gunbike.
"Hang on!!"

Ybaso's eyes snapped open. He stood and looked up at the sky to find Zero.
"Oh, it's just the knight. What are you doing here?" Zero clenched his fists and tried to ignore the 'just the knight' comment.
"I came to see how Bakunetsumaru was doing. The last time I looked this was a free country..." Ybaso stared off into the distance.
"May not be that way for long. The idiots are back for another licking."
"You mean the Dark Axis?"
"Well, yeah. What else is stupid and a threat to society, other than day-time television?" Zero raised an invisible eyebrow.
"That was irrelevant..."
"Most things are." Ybaso brushed himself off and began to walk away.
"Hey, where are you going?" He snorted and continued. When Zero was sure he was gone, he landed next to the tree. "I know he's anti-social, but that does not excuse rudeness..." Zero turned back to Baku, sleeping contently. "So peaceful, yet a dark cloud looms over your conscious..." Zero brushed his cheek, then created a rose of the same hue as Baku. He cupped Baku's hand then placed the head of the rose in his palm. Zero examined the knicks and roughness of his hands. "Dummy, what were you doing? Are you trying to hurt yourself, do you honestly believe that will make it all go away?" Zero held Baku's other hand close to his heart and closed his eyes. After a few more moments, Zero realized what he was doing, blushed and placed Baku hand back on the ground. "Well, I better get going! Captain and Shute might need me!" His eyes soften. "You just rest your weary head..." Zero took off, but not without running into a tree first. (lol, I love ruining romantic moments ^^)

"...well, that was somewhat disturbing..."
"Be quiet! Do you want them to find us?!" A Zako jumped out of a bush.
"But no one's here."
"Do you want to wake him up then?!"
"No...But the cost is clear, no one but us Zakos and sleeping beauty!" A second Zako came out of the bush.
"Good thing we're here to keep him company, Zako!!" A final Zako came out of the bush and whacked the second over the head.
"We're here to kidnap him, not baby-sit!!" He pulls out a radio. "We have the Gundam secure and alone, Zako. Requesting opening of the Zakorello Gate." The two Zakos hop up and down.
"We lucked out big time!! If we arrived any earlier, that mean musha Gundam would have definitely caught us!!"
"We'll be envied by all Zakos!!" The gate opens.
"Zako heroes!!" The third smacked both of them over the head.
"Celebrate after we complete the mission!!!" The three Zakos grab onto Baku and drag him forward to the gate.

Ybaso grabs Destroyer's missile launcher and kicked him out of the way. Zapper lunged to throw a punch. He was about to dodge, when suddenly he felt other energy signals near Baku. Zapper hit the distracted Ybaso.
"Cheep shot..." Guneagle looked down.
'Wow, someone hit the dude!! That happens once in a blue moon!" Captain sweat dropped.
"Guneagle that's not the idea..." Zapper noticed Ybaso studying the area of there scheming. He grabbed Grappler by the shoulder and dragged him into an ally.
"The musha's catching on!! I knew this plot had too many holes in it!!" (*not aware he's talking to Grappler* Well...SO?! I have two eyes!! XP)
"Idiot, once again you are over-reacting to situation you don't know of yet!! We just got word that they opened the gate, by the time the gundam reaches the Zako's, they'll be homefree!!"
"Okay, so what do we do?!"
"We stay calm and keep fighting until we get another message! " Grappler and Zapper return to the fight. Ybaso continued to study the energy signals near Baku.
"Where have I felt them before...?" He looked back over to Captain who knocked down a Zako. Ybaso's eyes grew smaller as he gasped then ran off.
"Hey, where's he heading off to?" Zero felt something catch in his throat.
"Bakunetsumaru!" He flew off also. Zero paused high in the air. "I can't believe how fast Ybasomaru is..." Ybaso sprinted past trees.
"Hang on, little fire spirit!" He turned a corner to find the Zako's push him threw the gate. He dived at the Zakos, but they jumped in as the gate closed. He skid head first into the ground, pulled himself up, and punched the ground. "Damn it!!" Zero landed next to him after a minute or so.
"Where's Bakunetsumaru?!" Ybaso shook his head.
"I didn't make it...they pulled him threw the Zakorello Gate..." Zero stared at Ybaso in disbelief.
"No..." He picked up the rose left behind. "Bakunetsumaru!!!"

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