SD Gundam Fan Fiction ❯ Taishi's Betrayal ❯ Operation: Rescue Baku! ( Chapter 7 )

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Taishi's Betrayal
By: May-VeggieGirl1

This is the song that never ends!
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This is the song that neve-...

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...Where am I?
Baku groggily opened his eyes. He waited until his eyes adjusted to the bad lighting.
"Am the base? I don't think it had this bad lighting..." He pulled himself up. "Or dirt for that matter..." The door suddenly slid open.
"You'll be wishing that's where you were..." A light came on above Baku and temporarily blinded him.
"Ow...who-" Baku looked up to the person who entered the room. "...are you..." Not, I can't take it again...

"Come on- why are we waiting!!! We have to get Baku!!!" Zero fumed.
"Be quiet. I'm devising a plan of tactics. Your being as impatient as he is."
"Yeah, Zero. Try to calm down..." Shute sweatdropped.
"But...who knows what they're going to do with him..." Entengo neighed in agreement.
"We shouldn't put ourselves in his situation while trying to save him. Give me a few more moments..."

"Alright! I made a plan!" Everyone gathers around Ybaso as he explains the plan. "We're marching straight up to them and attacking head on." Everyone falls over.
"No. It took me ten minutes to think of what they think we're thinking."
"...Huh? Say what?"
"They think we're going to attack them secretly because they know that we are not stupid."
"I thought they did think we were stupid."
"That was the last commander. All of us are going, and I think it would help if Guneagle attended too."
"Alright! I'm on it!" Guneagle held out his fist. Zero watched a cloud.
"I swear I'll do everything within my power to rescue you Bakunetsumaru..."

"Kibaomaru...What do you want?" He scuffed and walked up to Baku.
"You know why I have you here. It's to settle a score with Kaibasomaru, of course. And maybe for some other things..." He had a glint in his eye which sent Baku's blood cold.
"...Is that tricked my brother..." Baku glared at him. How can he possibly even tell this to me in my face? Just when I thought I was over it all...
"Persuasion can go a long way. Yes, I was planing on using him as a tool, but this is much more sufficient." Baku stepped back baffled.
"What do you mean...? Taishi was always this apple in Master's eye..."
"Not quite. Yes, he would become more frustrated with you, but almost always treated you equal. My tactic was to simply dispose of one of you two, then keep the stronger as a hostage. I knew one of you would kill the other in that scenario. I'm glad it was you."
"How dare you...use my love for my attempt to kill me..."
"Just like how I'll use the love from your teammates to kill them and the love from your master to finally rid myself of an even greater nuisance..." Baku stared at him, horrified.
"No...Leave them alone!"
"Forget about them. You have bigger problems to attend to..." Kibao raised Baku's chin with his hand. "Like your life...?"

A gust of wind blew by them. They stood silent on the new mothership of the Dark Axis, alone.
"Further proving my point. They've heavily guarded every nook and cranny...except the main gate."
"Wow...they've created a new definition for the word stupid..." Shute shook his head sadly.
"Actually, any of you probably would have snuck on and been caught." They face falt. Zero pumped his fist in the air.
"Come on! Are we going to do this or not?!" The busted open the door and ran inside.

"I'll give you one chance. Join."
"Alright then. So you die painfully slow." With lightning fast speed, Kibaomaru hit Baku 14 times before he fell to the ground. (that's not slow...e_e)
"Ow..." He looked up at Kibao and glared at him. I...don't stand a chance...
"Don't be angry at me for your choices. Join, die, or suffer, anyway I win. Of course you would live if you joined." Baku struggled and rose to his feet again while continuing to glare at him. He sprinted behind Baku and whispered in his ear. "Besides, I might need someone like you at my side..." A chill was sent up Baku's spine at the horrid memory. He clenched his eyes as Kibao ran his hand down his neck, causing Baku to become paralyzed in fear. He then hit Baku in the back of the head and sent him flying into a wall. Baku lied in the rubble and focused on keeping his eyes open. I will..stay awake...I won' my...friends...

(No one will understand Kibaomaru and Baku until ch.11, so don't feel left out.)

In the dark hallways, the Gundam Force were taking left turns and right.
"Which way is it anyway?!" Suddenly, many Zako soldiers piled into the room.
"There they are!" A Zako pointed at the Gundams. Captain turned back to Zero and Ybaso.
"You two keep going! Guneagle and I will keep them distracted!!"
"Right!" Captain makes a clearing and Zero and Ybaso run by into a fork in the road.
"Which way?!"
"I'll go right!" Ybaso ran down the hallway.
"Then I'm going left!" Zero flew down the other.

"Please don't hit me again...please..." Baku prayed as Kibao picked him up by the neck. Kibao examined a gash Baku's neck.
"Good. It's still there. No bother making a new one, you'll die soon enough..." Ybaso busted down the door.
"Put him down, Kibaomaru!!" Kibaomaru threw Baku aside and turned to Ybaso.
"Ybasomaru...So how is the asshole?"
"Why don't you ask him personally?" Ybaso lunged at Kibao. He dodged the blow.
"So you haven't been entirely slacking off in the fantasy world..." Ybaso drew his swords.
"That hobby of picking on the weak is getting old and pointless..." Kibao also drew his sword.
"Now...shall we dance?" Baku struggled to pick himself off the floor and staying awake. Zero came in threw the busted door.
"Bakunetsumaru!" He looked over to the blur of Kibao and Ybaso fighting.
"Zero, get him out of here! I'll hold Kibaomaru off!!" Zero carefully picked up Baku.
"Are you alright?" Baku didn't respond. Zero hugged Baku's chest to his and took off. "hang on!!"

"What's taking them?" Guneagle hollered out to Captain while perrying Dogas. Captain held up his shied and protected himself from Zapper's guns.
"I don't know, Guneagle!" Grappler jumped on Captain from behind. Guneagle shot him down. Zero flew out from the Pyromusai (new mothership).
"I got him!" Destroyer fired missiles at them. One was about to hit the semi-conscious Baku in the back when Zero spun around. The explosion sent Zero spiraling downward, since it destroyed his cape.
"Zero!" Ybaso was sent out the door and fell on his rump. He stood back up and charged at Kibao again. Destroyer sent another missile which got Zero in the leg.
"Ah!" They flopped on the ground. Captain went to help Zero up but Grappler blocked his way.
"Where do you think your going?" Baku got on to his knees. Zero sat up and winced from the pain. He created another cape and tried to get on his feet. He held out his hand to Baku.
"Come on, let's get out of here!!" A herd of Zakos' tackled Zero and Baku and tried to carry them away. Grappler and Zapper forced Captain to the ground then pinned him down.
"Let me go-Bakunetsumaru!" Zero reached his hand out to Baku from the sea of green. Baku stared at Zero.

"O mana! Protect my friends though it may cost me my life!!"
"Exactly. And it gives me such great pleasure to see you toil Bakunetsumaru!"
"You forget, oh wicked one! I am immune with the spirits of my departed friends! They give me the strength to float like a butterfly and yet sting like a bee! Have at thee, villain!"

Baku watched as one of his best friends was being carted off. Baku looked down as he felt energy coarse threw his veins. He pulled his arms closer to him and sent out a shockwave, knocking away all Zakos. He huddled into a ball as he sat in an energy field surrounding him. Almost everyone stopped in their tracks and looked at him. Ybaso went to run to him but Kibaomaru stopped him.
"Zero!" Zero turned his attention away from Baku to Ybaso. "You have to stop Baku! He doesn't have this kind of energy, he'll kill himself at this rate!!" Zero looked back at Baku.
"Bakunetsumaru! Please, stop this!!!" He rammed at the energy field but was shocked and sent tumbling back. "Baku..." He flew up in the air and charged at the field again. Zero made it threw, but it was very painful. Not sure how much longer he could endure the pain, he reached out to Baku. "Please..." He squinted when his vision became blurry. "Don' this!!" Zero pushed further and grabbed onto Baku's arm. He hugged the arm. "Don't...leave me...Everything's...all right..." Baku somehow acknowledged this as the energy went away until it was gone. They both panted heavily as Zero placed his head in Baku's lap. "Thank you..." Zero fell asleep there. Guneagle landed next to them .
"You alright?" Baku felt the world spinning around him then passed out.

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