SD Gundam Fan Fiction ❯ Taishi's Betrayal ❯ Last Stand ( Chapter 19 )

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Taishi's Betrayal
By: May-VeggieGirl1

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Clouds had covered the sun shortly after it had risen. Zero stared at the gray sky with tears streaming down his cheeks. He left his small radio tossed aside in the grass, the faint voice of Captain and the others trying to grasp his attention. They failed miserably. Zero buried his head in his arms, disappointed in himself more than anyone else. "I failed you Baku...I shouldn't have gotten caught by that scum...I should have been able to protect you..." Zero lowered his head down the the ground, a few more tears dripped off his metallic face. "What good is a knight if he can't even protect his own comrades...," he asked quietly to the soaked ground beneath him.
Footsteps quickly approached him, but Zero refused to raise his head. The gundam stopped in front of him.
"Zero, what happened to Baku? I can't feel his energy anymore!" Ybaso knelt down to Zero to his eye level. Zero turned his head away. The both remained there in awkward silence. The wind gently blew by, the breeze causing everything to rustle. "Take me to him," Ybaso finally managed to say. Zero continued to stare off in the distance to the west. "Please," he asked, "let me see him for a last time." Zero's gaze turned quizzical as he thought, I've never heard Ybaso say please before. Almost always he could take things by force... He looked up at Ybaso, his tears still welding in his eyes, but having more composure for Baku's sake.
"...Alright." He reluctantly stood up and began to walk off, ignoring everything. Ybaso followed behind.

Zero paused in front of a tree. He gently placed his hand over the wet bark.
"Well?" Ybaso asked while taking another step forward. Zero closed his eyes and began to walk away.
"He should be around here...I'm going." Ybaso nodded and turned back toward him.
"Thanks." Zero continued to stare at the ground as he lifted off his feet and took off into the air.

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Ybaso continued to watch the cloudy sky over where Zero left. He sighed and continued on into the woods to find Baku lying in the grass on his stomach, his head buried in the base of a tree. He knelt down and lower his head.
"Gomenasi...Bakunetsumaru...I also should have been there to help..." He closed his eyes while carefully rolling Baku over on his back. Ybaso's eyes reopened with surprise; he let his hand cup the clear blue semi-circle protruding from Baku's chest. Warmth wafted from the glass, brushing against Ybaso's fingers. Ybaso managed to smile and chuckle to himself. "You really are full of surprises, little fire spirit..." He gently picked up Baku. "Let's get you back to the base."

Baku slowly opened his eyes to the white ceiling above his bed. He blinked slowly, trying to absorb what he was seeing. He was in his room at the base. Not sure what to do or say, Baku simply continued to lay in his bed and attempt to sort what information he had out. He found out Taishi was Kibaomaru's slave. Then he becomes Kibaomaru's slave to keep Zero from becoming one instead. He wakes up in his room.
Was it all a dream...?
Baku sighed and closed his eyes again. He felt so tired and confused. He rolled over and opened his eyes again. The glass of water sat by his bedside like normal. He took a drink to cool his thirst, soothing his dry throat.
"Taishi...Zero..." He set the glass back down as his eyes fluttered shut.
It couldn't have been a dream.

Ybaso drummed his fingers on his knee which was pulled up to his chest while watching Kao Lyn multi-task (aka bounce around and actually do work). The single light hung over the table Baku was lying still on. The musty atmosphere clung to the room as Ybaso sat in the dark. Three seconds later he snorted.
"How much longer is this going to take?" Kao Lyn paused from his bouncing to look up at Ybaso.
"You have only been waiting for about a minute."
"And that statement is supposed to counter my boredom?"
"Not really..."
"Good, because it failed miserably." Kao Lyn sweatdropped and continued his work on Baku's nanoskin system.
"You don't have to hang around..."
"Actually I do. You see, if he wakes up while you are doing that, he might kill you. And I could prevent him from going that far." Kao Lyn continued to try and take off some of the invisible nanoskin on the sleeping Baku. "Of course, it would be an accident if he did kill you. He's not the kind to go around and kill people for those reasons." Ybaso paused. "If anything, I'm the kind of gundam who would do that..." Kao Lyn looked up from his glasses and raised an eyebrow in question.
"Um, that's...nice?" Ybaso watched Kao Lyn continue his work and sighed.
"How much longer is this going to take?"
"You already asked that..."
"And you didn't answer." Kao Lyn sweatdropped, looked back down at Baku, then back up at Ybaso.
"Maybe you should get someone with more patience to make sure he doesn't kill me..." Kao Lyn paused. "Like Captain." Ybaso thought for a moment before standing up from the chair.
"Yeah, that might be a good idea."

Baku groaned and rolled over in bed. He opened his eyes to the light coming in from the window. He sat up and yawned, while gazing out of the window.
"Uhh...sleepy..." He let out a weary sigh while standing up and moving over to the window. The gray streaked sky remained cloudless as he opened his window to take a deep breath of the fresh air. He slid a hand over his face, hoping the tired would wash away; his thumb rubbed up against the freshly healed nano-skin. Baku gasped and rushed back to where his mirror once was. He sweatdropped at the empty space. "Oh...right...I forgot." After running his hand over the previously scarred metal a few more times, Baku sighed and sat on the bed.
"Ano sa." Baku looked up at Ybaso, standing in front of the doorway.
"Konnichiwa master Ybaso." Ybaso sat down next to Baku on the bed.
"How are you feeling?" Baku continued to stare at the ground.
"Alright I suppose..." Ybaso glanced at Baku.
"So what's troubling you then? It's Taishi, isn't it?" Baku nodded sadly and sighed again.
"It's just...," Baku trailed off and looked to the side. "I don't want Taishi to be gone. I feel...I feel like it's my fault he is Kibaomaru's pet..." Ybaso chuckled. Baku rose his head and pouted. "This isn't funny!"
"No, you're right, it's not. It's irony." Baku tilted his head slightly to the side in confusion. "Helplessness isn't a feeling you can't really forget...I'll never forget about 15 years ago, before I left Ark, Kibaomaru killed our master." Baku's eyes widened for a moment before softening and looking back down to the floor, thoughts running through his head.
...So the same gundam that took Taishi away from me also took my Master's sensei away from him...
He let out a deep breath without realizing he had been holding it in the begin with. "I...never knew that...I'm sorry that happened..."
"Well..." Ybaso paused to stand up, his back facing Baku. "There are a lot of things you have never known. The point is everyone feels helpless to circumstances at times. Even me..." Baku closed his eyes tightly as Ybaso walk to the door and turned the handle.
"Why..." He paused and glanced back at Baku.
"Why what?" Baku trembled a bit, not sure if it was from sadness, frustration, or anger.
"Why..." He opened his eyes again, overflowing with tears. "Why am I always left in the dark...?" Baku made a small hic before continuing. "How come I'm always left out?" Baku's head shot up to meet Ybaso, eyes certain he was angry but tears still flowing uncontrollably. "What else do I not know?!" Ybaso's dark violet eyes faced back to the door he stood in front of. He let out a soft sigh before answering.
"My brother and I had no say in this at all. Taishi made the decision and we respected his opinion and followed the notion. I have no right to tell you anything." Before Baku could even contemplate what he was saying, Ybaso left. Baku laid back down and hugged his pillow between his arms and knees. He laid on his side and just cried.
Deep down, Baku already knew there were many things left unsaid.
He never was very good at accepting the reality of a situation. Especially one like this.

"Gundam force, report to blanc base immediately!!" Shute ran through the door the moment it slid open. His shoes beat down the chrome like floor and paused behind Juli.
"What's up now?" He asked while looking at the materialized screen.
"Kibaomaru is causing trouble in the outer city." Juli responded without tearing her gaze from the keyboard she was typing on. Shute's eyes widened in fear as the area in Neotopia flashed red on the screen.
"That's near my house!!"
"Don't worry Shute," Captain placed his firm but gentle hand on the boy's shoulder. "We'll make sure your family and home is secured." Shute nodded his head a bit more relieved.
"Thanks Captain."
"If were going to stop him, we'll have to act fast." Chief Haro ordered while stepping out of the elevator, Guneagle right behind.
"Zero's not answering his radio. We're probably going to have to fight without him." Guneagle stated.
"We must make do with what we have! Gundam force, move out!" Haro pulled his fist down. Shute and Captain got in Gunbike and drove off. Guneagle nodded and hurried out to the launch deck. Juli continued to type in the keyboard at a rapid pace.
"Captain, Shute, and Gunbike are 2 kilometers to the destination and closing. Launching Guneagle. Good luck everyone!" The locks strapped to Guneagle's feet while he chuckled.
"Oh this makes a whole lot of sense," he said in a sarcastic voice. "We're going to liberate Ark while in Neotopia." Shute also laughed while responding on the radio.
"Irony huh?" The platform Guneagle was standing on starting moving forward at a high speed, the locks coming off 2/3 of the way, flinging him into the air.
"Woohoo, bring it on!!"

Kiba stood there and looked at the new landscape. Giant spikes composed of the ground itself stuck out, he stood on a plateau which emerged out seemingly nowhere. The trees and grass were thrown aside, completely uprooted. Kiba put his hand under his chin in thought.
"Ah! That's what I'm missing!!" He placed his hand on the ground, a slight tremor rippled out as the ground connected to the sea side rose up, forming a cliff. He observed his work and nodded his head unconsciously. "It'll do for now."
"Drop your weapon and withdraw immediately! I have special dispensation to use my firearms for the protection of Neotopia!!" Gunbike screeched to a halt as Captain and Shute hopped out. Shute looked around worried.
"What the heck did he do???"
"There's been report of numerous small earthquake impulses coming from here," Gunbike reported. "Be on your guard!" Kiba smirked and faced the three.
"Actually, I didn't bring any weapons, other than myself of course. It's pathetic how small you are..." Kiba chuckled to himself while jumping down off the plateau.
"Actually, you are only two inches taller than me." A vein bulged from his shiny gold forehead.
"I was speaking metaphorically!!" He snorted and kicked some dirt with his foot. "Baka," he mumbled under his breath.
"We won't let this anarchy go on any further!!" Shute yelled. Kiba sweatdropped.
"Look, Ark has had anarchy since...forever!" Kiba crossed his arms.
"And that is why it needs to go!!"
"There's nothing wrong with anarchy!!!" Captain sweatdropped as Shute and Kiba glared at each other.
"Riiiight. Still, you're an evil emperor and no one wants an evil emperor!!" Captain pulled out his rifle and began firing at Kiba. He dodged the bullets and ran up to Captain, knocking his rifle out of his hands.
"Could you be any more original??" Shute gritted his teeth.
"Come on' Captain!! Show him what you can do!!" He nodded his hand as the slits near the center of his chest glowed from the light in the inside, his right hand illuminating with it. Captain clenched it into a fist and punched at him, only to have Kiba grab his hand as a block.
"Not bad...for an amateur!" Kiba pulled both of their hands back, causing Captain to lose his balance and forced to take a step forward. Kiba smirked again before swinging around in a circle and flinging Captain into the air. Completely startled, Captain attempted to maneuver using his jet booster. "Too late!" Kiba slammed his hand on the ground, forcing a giant pillar of rock to shoot out from the surface at Captain.
"Captain, look out!!" Before Captain could take heed to Shute's warning, the rock slammed him in the back, causing him to tumble back to the ground. "Captain!!" Shute yelled and ran to his friend, despite the obvious dangers. Captain pulled himself to his feet as Kiba laughed maniacally.
"I'm okay Shute..." Shute nodded at him, worry still not leaving his eyes.
"You alright, Captain," Guneagle asked while flying overhead. "He's stronger than we thought, huh?"
"Yeah, but we're not giving up." Captain stated determined then turned back to Shute. "Right Shute?"
"Of course!" Shute smiled back, feeling a bit better about the situation than a mere second or two ago. Kiba only continued to laugh.
"Oh look, more meat! Misery does love company, doesn't it?" Guneagle's shades went down.
"I'll give you something to be miserable about!" He took off.
"Be careful Guneagle!" Guneagle fired missiles at Kiba. Kiba put up a shield of rock to take the blasts.
"It's all about firearms and learning the hard way with you Neotopian gundams, isn't it?" The cliff attached to the sea rose up higher until it was at Guneagle's height in the sky.
"Is that the only trick you have?" Guneagle fired at it with a few more of his missiles, causing blown up rock to fall into the splashing sea.
"You'd only wish that were my only trick!" The cliff lurched to the side near Guneagle, slithering in the air like a serpent. Guneagle dodged the mass of rock that pursued him.
"That's still nothing new! You put up a fancy show like Zero and still no result from it!!"
"Oh? Then maybe I should pull out bigger tricks so I won't disappoint you!" The tip of the rock split in two, forming a mouth if you would.
"Now that's disappointing," Guneagle mocked while staying a foot or two ahead of the bedrock snake.
"Guneagle, don't get overconfident!" Captain ordered while rushing up to Kiba in hopes to get an attack on him and keep his attention away from Guneagle. He pulled out his beam saber and slashed at Kiba's hand on the ground. Kiba stepped back while pulling his hand off the ground.
"I'm disappointed that you all are underestimating me, its absurd you think I would lose my control without my hands. Maybe I should start from the top..." The snake suddenly doubled in speed, grabbing Guneagle with its mouth and encasing him in solid rock.
"Guneagle!" The snake went down to the ground and resumed it's previous cliff state.
"You're messing with the wrong musha..." He pulled his fist back to hit the distracted Captain. Then, in a blur of movement, Captain was knocked down to the ground. He looked up to find Ybaso blocking Kiba's punch. "Well it took you long enough!"
"Captain, I'll handle this. You assist Guneagle." Captain nodded and ran to help his comrade when spikes blasting out of the ground forced him to stop. His hand began to glow again, causing his beam saber to grow. He slashed down the spikes and hurried over to the cliff.
"Back for more I see. Very well then." Kiba created a sword from rock. "But there's one last thing to do. I shouldn't leave my prey unattended. Taishi, take care of the others!" Taishi walked out from behind one of the spikes emerged out of the ground. Ybaso swung his sword at Kiba, sparks flew out each time the swords touched. Captain turned from slashed at the cliff to get Guneagle out to face Taishi in a fighter's stance. Shute looked between the two sadly, hearing what the deal with Taishi was from Ybaso. Captain went first taking a few steps toward Taishi to attack when he was interrupted.
"Don't Captain. I'll handle it." Captain and Shute glanced up at Baku while he was dismounting Entengo and rubbed her nose with his hand. He refused to glance at any of them. "Help Guneagle, Kiba might be crushing him in the rock." Whether Baku noticed or not, Captain nodded and continued to slash at the rock with his beam saber. Shute watched Baku continue to pet Entengo then looked over at Taishi standing there stoically. He sighed and ran over to see if there was anything he could do to help Captain. Kiba paused from fighting Ybaso to notice Baku.
"He's still alive?!" Ybaso swung his sword at Kiba, only to have him dodge.
"Of course he is. But you've got bigger problems to deal with, like me!" Baku stopped petting Entengo finally and turned toward Taishi.
"Alright. Let's get this over with..." He unsheathed his twin kantanas.

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