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Taishi's Betrayal
By: May-VeggieGirl1

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"Baku!!!" Taishi yelled while coming through the doorway, soaking wet. He flicked the water off his head then skid down the hallway after his little brother.

"EEK!" Baku crashed into the ground after stumbling on his feet and crawled behind Kaibaso standing in front of him. "Kaibaso, Taishi's after me!!" Taishi stopped in mid-stride and snorted at Baku, a vein throbbing from his head. Baku stood up and hid behind Kaibaso's leg, sticking his head out. "Nyah-ow!" Kaibaso flicked Baku on the side of the head.

"I should get paid for this part......" Taishi sighed, anger seeping away.

"I'm sorry Master....." Taishi grabbed onto Baku's small horn and dragged him off. "Why did I have to have a little brother?" Taishi propped the chibi gundam down on his bed. "Alright, this time don't break anything while I'm gone," he ordered while grabbing a wooden sword.

"Can I come," Baku pleaded.


"Why not?"

"Because you're too young," Taishi answered while opening the door to leave.

"But I'm only three years younger than you!" Taishi slammed the door behind him while Baku was in mid-sentence. Baku huffed sadly and laid down on his bed to stare at the ceiling, bored.

"Aren't you being a bit too harsh?" Kaibaso asked while raising an invisible eyebrow, watching Taishi stomp by him.

"No, he knows better not to mess around with me in the morning! I've told him a thousand times I'm not a morning person!" Kaibaso waited for Taishi to leave then smiled and went back to Baku's room. He cracked open the door.

"Hey, you can come too, Baku. I know how it's like, I was a little brother too." Baku smiled happily and scurried out the door. "Just try to be inconspicuous alright?" He blinked innocently and tilted his head.

"What's that mean?" Kaibaso sweatdropped.

"Pretend we're playing spy. Try to keep out of sight, keeping a low profile. Don't let Taishi catch you." He nodded cheerfully and went around to the other door to hide in the bushes. Kaibaso shook his head and walked out through the front door.

"And here I thought you have gotten used to him...," he told Taishi waiting outside, still a little upset.

"He's such a nuisance!" Baku poked his head out of the bush. Taishi turned around and he pulled his head back in quickly. Kaibaso sighed and shook his head as Taishi waited, patience growing thin from Baku dumping a bucket of water on his head to wake him up. Baku thought for a moment then began to try and sneak back to the house. Kaibaso saw this, and patted Taishi on the back, keeping his attention away from Baku noisily creeping back into the house.

"Hah, he isn't that bad yet is he? I think all little brothers are annoying at this age. My brother always told me that..." He sweatdropped from mentioning his older brother, Ybaso, in which he hadn't seen for years. Taishi paused from fuming over his own problems as Baku made it safely to the house.

"Master, you never talk about your brother..." Kaibaso's eyes softened.

"Yes I know..." Baku clicked the door shut and crawled back over to the bush. What's that kid up to, Kaibaso asked himself in his mind. He turned back to Taishi. "We should get going." Taishi nodded quietly, hoping for a minute that he would actually learn something about his master. With that, the two gundams hurried off.

"Eh?" Baku looked around for them and tried to run after them, occasionally tripping over the blanket he got from inside while being "inconspicuous" as Kaibaso had said.

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Baku sat down on the ground trying to catch his breath. He had lost sight of the two other gundams a while ago, and now had been running in circles trying to find them. He held back tears, afraid he was lost in this dense forest. He buried his head in his blanket to absorb the tears.

"M-Maybe Taishi was right...," he sobbed to himself. Baku looked up at the tree. "I've seen this tree five times already...I'm so lost...." Baku's eyes dried when he observed the tree behind that tree had the same slash across it.

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After following the path of trees with slashes across them, Baku came to a river. He sighed sadly and sat down on the bank.
"I'LL NEVER FIND THEM!!" He wailed in frustration. Suddenly a fish leaped out of the water, smacked Baku and fell back into the river. Baku sat there and blinked.
"...Why was I just smacked by a fish?" He asked himself as if it was some kind of personality flaw. Finally breaking out of that unnecessary thought, he realized something. "Oh!! Fish!!"

The chibi gundam laid there on the bank of the river and continued to fish. Baku hummed to himself while gazing at the clouds and splashing his feet happily in the water, scaring away any possible seafood he could have caught.
He sat up as a faint reminder tugged at the back of his little mind.
"Wait, wasn't I trying to do something earlier...? Oh well!" He chirped to himself and cuddled his blanket when he felt a tug on his fishing rod he made out of a twig and string plucked from his blanket.
He grabbed the stick and pulled up...a weird pendent. He studied it, then proceeded to gnaw on it, hoping it was one of those chocolate coins with a really weird looking insignia. When Baku accomplished no progress in chewing it, he tossed it behind him sadly.

"Stupid fish..." Baku mumbled as his stomach grumbled, the sun was already getting ready to set. He stuck his tongue out at the water, when suddenly another fish leaped out and smacked him again. "Yaaaaaahhhh!!! No faaaiiiiirrrr!!!!" He crossed his arms and pouted as the river's reflection suddenly formed into a glaring gundam. "Gaaaahhh!!!" He yelped as Taishi scooped him up and faced him at his level. TAI!" Taishi's anger didn't go away.

"What do you think you were doing?! I told you to keep out of trouble!" Baku began to cry.

"IT'S NOT MY FAULT THE FISH SMACKED ME TWICE!!!" Taishi simply blinked at Baku, obviously confused.

"...What???" Kaibaso walked up behind them, sighing.

"I should have known you would have gotten lost...." Taishi's eye twitched.

"WHY are you out here fishing??"

"Well, I got lost then I started to cry and then a fish smacked me so I fished and caught nothing but junk and then got smacked again." Taishi sweatdropped while putting Baku back on the ground.

"Baku, when I ask why, I want to know the reason you are fishing and not how you came about to fishing." Kaibaso intervened.

"I thought you wanted to follow your brother?"

"I did!"

"...So why were you fishing?"

"You told me to be in-cong-spit-cuous!" Baku struggled to recite the word.

(Just pause for a moment and picture this: A cute lil chibi Baku smiling happily while saying 'incongspitcuous'. THAT is kawaii. X3)

"...So I did that by staying all the way out here fishing! Taishi didn't notice me at all!" Baku grinned cluelessly. Kaibaso chuckled.

"That's pretty good logic there, except it sort of defeats the purpose." He patted Baku head and chuckled some more before beginning to walk off. Taishi glanced at Baku and gave him a noogie.

"Whatever will I do with you, brat...?"

"Ow, ow, Taaaiii!!" Taishi let go and Baku pouted again.

"Get going." Taishi shooed him off while smiling. Baku smirked and ran off.

"I'll beat you back to the house!!" He picked up Baku's forgotten blanket for him while sighing. Suddenly the trinket that Baku managed to fish out of the water caught his eye and he picked it up. It was their father's pendant...before he died that is. Taishi observed it.

"Heh, what are the odds of Baku fishing this out?" He simply tucked it away and followed after his little ball of joy, sorrow, anger, and love. "Maybe I'll tell him another day." Taishi said to himself and stared at the red sky.

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