SD Gundam Fan Fiction ❯ Taishi's Betrayal ❯ Life After Death ( Chapter 17 )

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Taishi's Betrayal
By: May-VeggieGirl1

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"Hey, kid. Wake up." Zero groaned and forced his eyes open. Everything was still dark, with a looming figure over him. "Lemme alone...please..." His eyes adjust and recognizes the figure.
"Ybasomaru...?" Zero tries to sit up but Ybaso gently forced him back down.
"Lie still, you took a fairly hard blow..." Zero closed his eyes and tried to ignore the numbing pain. Ybaso continued to wrap bandages around his mid-section to stop the bleeding. He watched the stars above him as they began to spiral in a puddle drasining down a sink. Watching them made him nauseus so he closed his eyes.
"...What time is it?"
"Late." He finished tightening the bandages. "So, what happened? Where's Bakunetsumaru?"
"...I'd rather not talk about it..."
"And why is that?"
"..." Zero let out a deep sigh and nuzzled his head into the gentle wet grass, finally noticing it was drizzling. Ybaso stood up and turned away.
"Sometimes things happen that seem uncomprehensible, but everyone must adapt to change." Zero laid still for the moment, savoring the cool water flow over him. "I'm going back to the base." Ybaso walked off.
"Baku...why must we be enemies...?" Zero pulled himself up. "No...I can't let Kibaomaru get away with letting him do this to you..."

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Kibao snikered as Baku obeyed his commands. Taishi had some kinks in him when he put the chip on him. Sometimes he'd pause before doing the task, sometimes even wait so long he forgets the order, but Baku completed the task immediately.
"Excellent...That is all for now."
"Kibaomaru!" Kibao looked up from the tree he was sitting under at Zero floating in the air.
"Ah, so you're still alive? I guess I shouldn't have held back that much power..."
"I will make you pay for what you did to Bakunetsumaru!" Kibao looked up to Baku, standing next to him with water dripping on his head from the branches. Zero came back down to the ground.
"I want you to take him out, permanently ." Baku drew out his swords as they shone in the moonlight.
"I know you well Baku..." He charged at Zero but Zero dodged swiftly to the side. "I don't want to do this..." Baku flipped backward and slashed Zero in the arm. Zero winced from the pain shooting up his arm and looked up into Baku's empty eyes. Seeing nothing there, he pulled away and dropped his shield. "Yet I don't have a choice, my friend. Please forgive me..." He tossed his sword to the side also while tears brimmed his eyes. Baku charged at Zero one last time, and he dodged to the right and grasped his neck then ripped the chip off. Baku fell down to the muddy ground with a soft thump. Zero forced his eyes shut to keep himself from turning around and looking at his lifeless friend. Kibaomaru sat there, speechless. He had not expected that his own friend would kill him; someone so pure of heart murdered him.
"I can't believe it...You murdered him!"
"Your wrong Kibaomaru..." Zero opened his eyes at Kibao. "...You murdered him." The crystal cerulean eyes glared at Kibao. "Get out of here. And take your other puppet with you." Kibao sneered at the knight then turned to Taishi, who was staring at Baku on the ground.
"Taishi, were leaving." Kibao stood and walked up to Zero's face. "And let this be a warning: don't interfere with me again." Taishi continued to gaze at his brother's motionless body. "Taishi! Get going!" Kibao smacked Taishi across the face. He cupped a hand over the side of his face, which also helped hide the tears brimming. "Let's leave Taishi." Kibao began to walk off. Taishi pulled himself off the ground and followed behind. Zero stood akwardly, trying to push out the thought that his friend was gone. He's lost enough in his life; why must he lose more when he was learning to show his emotions? He took a deep breath and turned around to kneel at Baku's side and nudge him gently.
"Hey...Bakunetsumaru...? Come on...get up...Kibaomaru is gone..." Zero continued shaking him. "Baku!...don't do this..." He paused from his desperate attempt to wake Baku up and stared at his limp body. "No...stop goofing off, Baku...we need to get back to the base..." He huffed and gave Baku the cold shoulder. "Fine! I guess I can spend my time more efficiently-like serving princess Sayla!!" After a moment or so, Zero's head hung down. " said you wouldn't...leave me..." He turned back to Baku and hugged the musha, his eyes becoming glossy. "No-why...?! It's not fair..." He choked out a sob and dashed off into the woods...

The morning sun beconed out the coming of the new day. The vibrant rays of light dispersed in the morning dew, creating a beautiful aura to tomorrow. The drop of dew quietly slid off the smooth blade of grass and onto Baku's cheek. He moaned and forced his eyes open.
"It's...morning..." The burning sensation in his neck continued to burden him as he tried to move around, or at least sit up. He could do neither, having little energy, and felt his eyes growing heavy. "Zero..." He closed his eyes and went into a restless sleep.

Wow, that took me forever...Because momar's computer doesn't have internet on it yet (they just moved into a new house, so no phone either), I won't be on much. But I will have an opportunity to write more with no interuptions... So, Baku's alive? Where did Zero go? Can Zero find him before he runs completly dry of energy? (btw, the energy is keeping him alive, nmore on that will be explained by Ybaso) Well, you'll hafta read ch18m 2 know! ^_^