SD Gundam Fan Fiction ❯ Taishi's Betrayal ❯ Zero's Attempt ( Chapter 16 )

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Taishi's Betrayal
By: May-VeggieGirl1

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"No-Baku!!" The moment the chip touched his raw flesh, a jolt surged threw his body. Zero struggled to his feet and dashed over to Baku and shook him lightly by the shoulders. "Are you okay?! Please, say something!" Kibao smiled maliciously at Zero's attempts. Baku raised his head and met his empty eyes with Zero, then backhanded him. He roughly landed hard on his rump and looked up at him. "B...Bakunetsumaru..." Kibao laughed heartily as the knight glared at the evil musha lord.
"Foolish knight, do you not have ears? He's mine now...and there's nothing you can do to help..."
"I don't believe you! His spirit has to be in there somewhere!"
"Believe what you want, but nothing you say will change the truth." Baku unsheathes his swords and charges at Zero. He dodged and raised his hand into the air to summon his magical shield and sword. The moment he grasped the shield, Taishi attacked from behind and made a deep cut horizontally across his back. Zero winced and thrusted his sword behind him, barely missing Taishi. Baku turned and charged at Zero again, but he flew up into the air to avoid both of them.
"This is not right, Kibaomaru! Why can't you deal with your hatred for Kaibasomaru with him, without involving them?! What have they ever done to you?!" Kibao stepped backward and folded his arms.
"But I am getting my revenge on Kaibasomaru. I just find this way so much more amusing !" Zero quivered with anger.
"You...bastard! You sick freak, how dare you!! Lacroan cresant!" Zero slashed at the air created a blue wave of energy at Kibao. Kibao put his hand up to the blast and blew it away. Zero snorted, not intimidated at all. "Damn it...didn't even phase him..."
"Heh heh...don't bother to attack one who is superior to you...These two brothers are more than enough to handle you..."
"They aren't my enemy-you are!!" Zero lunged at Kibao with his sword drawn. Baku interfered and knocked the sword and shield away.
"Oh really? I don't think he agrees with you..." Kibao nuzzled his head on Baku and nipped him along the neck. Baku remained motionless.
"Baku..." Zero watched his friend endure Kibao, knowing if Baku was down there, anywhere, he would resist this. Zero lowered his head to the ground, the thought that Baku was really gone sinking in. "No..." Silent tears slowly made their way down his face. "You can't be can'"

"Baku..." He flew up in the air and charged at the field again. Zero made it threw, but it was very painful. Not sure how much longer he could endure the pain, he reached out to Baku. "Please..." He squinted when his vision became blurry. "Don' this!!" Zero pushed further and grabbed onto Baku's arm. He hugged the arm. "Don't...leave me...Everything's...all right..." Baku somehow acknowledged this as the energy went away until it was gone. They both panted heavily as Zero placed his head in Baku's lap. "Thank you..."

"Why..." He clenched his fists as hatred coursed threw his veins. "...You mother fucker!! I will NOT let you get away with this!!" He leaped at Kibao, ready to knock his block off. Kibao threw his hood on and smiled cruelly.
"Good-bye, nuisance." He hugged Baku closer as his eyes flashed red and sent a dark ball of energy at the knight. The blast hit him directly in the mid-section and spark flew out. He looked up at Baku.
"Baku!..." Zero studied the blank nonchalant look inscribed on him and began to fall into a never-ending void of darkness.

Why did you have to leave me...?

Kibao smirked at the unconscious Gundam, broken and battered from the trees he was forced into. He pulled Baku close to his chest and closed his eyes.
"What more could fate do?
Yes, I control you.
You act as though you don't understand
Blood and pain can force insanity upon man" He licked Baku's jaw line and returned his venomous glare at Zero.
"As we stand and smile at his foolishness.
He opposed us- he certainly paid the price
...With his life. " Kibao turned to leave while chuckling to himself, his cloak swaying with the breeze. "To think he honestly believed there was such a thing as a happy ending...We're going." Kibao and Baku turn to leave. Taishi continued to stare at Zero, almost as if there was thought going on. Kibao snapped his head back at Taishi. "Taishi! Come now!!" Taishi blinked and obediently followed.

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