SD Gundam Fan Fiction ❯ Taishi's Betrayal ❯ Sacrifice ( Chapter 15 )

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Taishi's Betrayal
By: May-VeggieGirl1

Hi again! ^-^ SaVaY's fic is confuzzling, but I promised her to ask you people on this fic to read it, so plez? You get a brookie for reviewing it! (talk about desperate attempts) She's a good writer but she doesn't think so. *falls over at Kirin's mistake* Oie...Yes, HERE'S the 15 th chapter, not sooner not later! There won't be an author's note at the bottom, cause it'll just distract you from the sad moment...yeah...9_9

Baku stared at Taishi's cold eyes. "Hello brother..." Taishi stood motionless, almost as if he didn't know of Baku's presence. He noticed some movement coming from behind Taishi and tensed. Kibaomaru came out from the drakness wearing a creepy huge cloak.
"Hello samurai. You seem well." He glared at his enemy.
"What do you want, Kibaomaru? Why is Taishi here?"
"Excellent questions. The day has finally come for all my preparations to be used to get revenge on..." He sneered at the thought of the name. "Your sensei ..."
"What preparations?" Baku said, not letting his guard down for a second. Kibaomaru brushed his neck with his hand, indicating he meant the scar he put on Baku. "...That has nothing to do with this!"
"On the contary, my boy, it has everything to do with this. Wether you knew or not, I planted a homing chip in you to track where you were at all times. It may not be powerful, but it can control some motions. Like how I got you here..."
"What do you mean?" Baku placed his hand on his neck and snarled.
"You are too much of a coward to come here out of free will. But that's not as significant as the scar itself."
"Oh wow. You marked me..." Baku taunted, not caring that saying something like that was like writing your will.
"That scar is much more important to my plan than you think. While you were here, Taishi was an easy catch since you left him in a vunerable situation." Baku lowered his head, knowing that what Kibao was saying was true. Taishi was hurt, and he left him alone with minions of the Dark Axis...

Baku hops on his horse and charges at it. He unleashes a flurry of attacks with his blades, trying anything to get it to cut. After five more minutes, it finally made a small open hole. Entengo pulled back, as Baku panted heavily. Taishi stepped forward.
"Good job- leave the rest to me!" Electricity flowed into his hand. "This is for all the innocent you've killed!" He released the blast and it struck dead in the hole, frying the robot. After a few moments, sparks cracked and a blinding light filtered into the area. When Baku opened his eyes, his brother was on the ground and the robot, still standing. He jumped off Entengo and went to Taishi's side.
"B-Brother! Are you all right?! Please, say something!" He opened his eye's a little.
"I...I'll be alright, Bakunetsumaru...but you have to finish the beast's much weaker...but I don't have the strength to zap it again...just don't hurt yourself..."
"Don't worry! I'll be fine. You just get rest..." Baku straddled Entengo. "HYAH! Bakunetsumaru- Secret Art's: TEN-KYO-KEN!" Baku and Entengo burst into flames and charged head-long at the beast, when suddenly he was pulled to Neotopia...*

Baku shook the thought and returned his full attention back to Kibao."I kept him prisoner for a while, then decided to use him as a lab rat." Baku forced back his anger for comparing his beloved brother to a play toy. Kibao came up to Taishi, who didn't move a muscle since he found Baku. "The Taishi you fought in Ark, wasn't Taishi." He blinked, baffled.
"Say what?"
"This is Taishiwakamaru. The one you fought in Ark was simply a clone of him..."
"A...clone?" He repeated, not grasping it. Kibao nodded.
"Yes. It takes much time, effort, and training but we have finally created a way to make a genetic copy of one's gun soul. Using the cloned gun soul, we can manipulate it in any way we want..." Baku glared at him, still resisting the urge to lash out at him. "We've been testing it on prisoner Gundams and I thought we should give Taishi a whirl..."
'Then what's wrong with Taishi now? He's a clone too isn't he?"
"No, he is the real Taishi. I almost feel that this has been too easy...perhaps we should let you use some of that hate, neh?" Suddenly, without warning, Taishi unsheathed his swords and charged at him. Baku narrowly dodge his moves.
"Your lying! Taishi would never immediately go on the offensive! Plus he would never attack me!" Baku tried to dodge another blow but was knocked backwards. Taishi continued pushing him back until he tripped on a log. He raised his sword to deliver a final blow but stopped dead in his tracks. Taishi backed away and sheathed his swords. "What the hell was that all about?!"
"You see Bakunetsumaru...I contol Taishi now..."
"...What...?" Kibao held up a micro chip.
"This. It's a micro chip that you install in the main circuit. It invades all running applications and over-writes them. If removed, the host will die immediately." Baku stared at the chip then at Taishi sadly.
"So he...has one of them. And he can't go back...?"
"Correct. The blue prints were still in the making when I abducted you before. I knew it would be a very useful accessory, so I had made you ready to take the chip..." Baku glared at his superior.
"What do you mean?!"
"That spot on your neck has a direct mainflow of the major circuit right below it. It'll seal your energy into the soffware, so if the soffware's removed, you'll die."
"I won't let you put it on me! I'd rather die than become a slave to you !" Kibao shook his head sadly.
"I thought so. Shame it is. Glad I brought something along to make use of such a powerful tool..." Kibao flung back his cloak to reveal Zero under his strong hold and gasping for breath. Baku's pupils shrunk and his heart skipped a beat.
"Zero!!" He glared daggers at Kibao. "You leave him alone!!"
"Oh, but I thought you said you wouldn't take the chip? I need to try it on someone."
"Try it on yourself, sicko!" Baku went for him but was blocked by Taishi. He tried to push Taishi aside but he grabbed him by the arms.
"Well, how about this, his life for yours?"
"Don't do it!" Zero managed to choke out. Baku felt tears come to his eyes.
"But Zero...I just can't let him do that to you!"
"What's your decision?" He looked down sadly.
"I...I don't have a choice. I'll...take the chip..."
"No!" Kibao tightened his grip on Zero making cough.
"Hurt him and I won't take it!" Kibao loosened his grip slightly. Zero struggled again to free himself." Taishi reluctantly let go of Baku.
"Baku, he'll probably kill me anyway once you get the chip! Or he'll put it on both of us!"
"No he won't, Zero. Kibaomaru doesn't care what happens to you. He's after me...he'll get me eventually even if I do run. It's pointless." Baku slowly walked forward to Kibao.
"No Zero. I have to." I'm sorry my seems I may become your next enemy. I would give my life to not hold this fate. But not Zero's. Baku paused to look back at his brother. I'm sorry I couldn't be there for you Taishi. I'll be joining you soon enough. And Zero... He looked up to Zero's eyes. I can't bring myself to have you get hurt. I don't have much left to hold to, and you have to find Fenn and save Lacroa. You are all that's left for hope in your country. Baku stood in front of Kibao and took a deep breath. I'm sorry. Please don't forget me...
"Good. Any last comments?" He closed his eyes and opened them apathetically.
" can control me, but don't ever forget- you will never control my life." He turned around as Kibao flung Zero aside. Zero sat up painfully and forced back tears.
"Baku!!!" A tear slid down Baku's cheek as he felt Kibao's hand near his scar.

I love you Zero...