Slayers Fan Fiction ❯ The Slayers: Mirror ❯ Chapter 25

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The Slayers: Mirror
Chapter 25

The dragon-slave spell hit like a bomb, shattering the massive barrier the giants had made and sending them flying in all directions. Into the chaos the four adventurers charged forward, striking out against their stunned foes with the ease of long practice.

“Amelia, Zel,” Lina Inverse called as the fiery haired young woman raced forward, “take out the human troops! Naga and I’ll take the giants.”

Amelia blinked as the black haired woman dressed mostly in white asked Lina, “Are you sure about this?”

“Trust me,” Lina grinned.

“Now I know we’re in trouble,” Zelgadiss muttered, the green skinned warrior casually defeating a guard with just one blow.

Lina decided to ignore that as she and Naga raced by, hurrying up the road to where the dragon-slave had sent the giants flying. Despite the power of the spell the giants were still alive, though their ragged clothes were smoldering a bit from the hit.

“They’re supernaturally tough,” Naga warned as she drew her sword, her short black hair ruffled by the wind, “but that just means you need to know how to hit them.” The woman in simple tunic and pants leapt, her fur cape swirling as she struck, her razor sharp blade slicing into the recovering giant’s arm.

“Surt’s teeth,” the giant cursed as he yanked his arm back, blood beginning to slugishly flow from the wound.

“Explosion Array!” Lina yelled as she detonated the ground beneath a second giant’s feet, sending him reeling backward.

“Die!” he yelled as he recovered his footing, swinging down with a massive club made from a whole tree.

“Ray wing!” Lina activated the spel, soaring up just as the club flattened the area shewas standing on. She gestured, focusing her will, “Fireball!”

The giant howled in pain and surprise as his beard exploded into flames, beating the fire out with his hands. “That was a dirty trick, sorceress,” he growled out, eyes narrowed in fury, “I’ll break your bones and suck out the marrow for this!”

“I doubt it,” Lina responded, energy shimmering around her hands as she focused her will, “Fireball Lance!”

Unlike her usual fireball this was a concentrated bolt of destruction, one that was powerful enough to cut through even the giant’s resistance to harm. With a hiss of steam it bore deep into the giant’s chest, blood splashing the snow as it reeled backwards before collapsing dead on the ground.

“My lord!” the other giant gasped, dodging a strike from Naga as he rushed the his comrade’s side.

“Naga, get him!’ Lina yelled as the giant was distracted.

“No,” Naga shook her head as she warily studied her bloody foe, “it wouldn’t be honorable to strike now.”

“Naga,” Lina groaned.

The younger giant looked down at them, his craggy face etched with grief. “May I take my lord home?” he asked in a rumbly kind of voice, “I swear we will do no more harm to you and your people.”

Lina raised her eyebrows as she looked at her lover, “Naga?”

Naga nodded slightly in agreement as she said, “Go. But if you cross our paths again, we will not be so merciful.”

Meanwhile, Amelia and Zel had proceeded to rout the surviving human warriors. Wandering up from the wrecked barricade they watched the giant lumber off, carrying his comrade as the snow drifted down on them all.

“Do you think they’ll warn their boss?” Amelia wondered as they all set off down the road once again.

“I think not,” Naga said after a moment, “they seemed honestly frightened of Lina.”

Zel didn’t make a smart remark about everyone being frightened of Lina, though he was tempted. Instead he said, “We’d better get going before the snow picks up again.”

“You had to say it,” Lina sighed as more flakes began to fall. Drawing her cloak around her she continued, “Let’s go.”

The road up into the hills was still mostly cleared as the four traveled, boots crunching down the ice and snow. The grey clouds provided a somber backdrop as the winds picked up, the woods on either side of the road invitingly dangerous.

“Do you think they’re still people shadowing us?” Amelia had to ask as they crested a rise, a murky shape becoming visible off in the distance.

“Probably,” Zel answered, “if I was waiting for a attack, I’d have scouts out.”

“Then let’s not disappoint them,” Lina said firmly as they continued on.

The castle gradually emerged from the snows as they approached, built in a commanding position above the road. From there defenders could rain attacks on conventional foes while remaining mostly safe from assault. The four turned off the main path and up the road to the castle, each one mentally preparing for whatever might be coming.

“Not bad,” Naga visually assessed the structure as they walked closer, “outer wall with drawbridge, arrow slits and a walkway for soldiers. And inside, looks like they have a defensible position too....”

“You don’t have to sound admiring,” Zel muttered.

“I appreciate good design,” Naga shrugged.

Meanwhile, inside the castle Dan and Strife finished delivering the bad news to the Sorceress Hectate. “I’m sorry,” Dan finished, “Inverse used the Dragon Slave spell to destroy our barricade and then killed one of the giants.”

“Damn,” Hectate murmured, frowning as the blonde continued, “good work, getting the information back to me.”

“We saw Inverse on her way here as we travelled through the woods,” Strife cautioned, the white haired man standing beside Dan, “they should be here soon.”

“Thank you,” Jira nodded grimly, the brown haired warrior standing on one side of the meeting chamber. She looked up at Hectate, “I’ll prepare the defenses.”

“Go,” Hectate nodded.

Gwenyth offered her mistress a goblet of warmed spice wine as she said quietly, “I think they ran here, ma’am, they look exhausted.”

Hectate gentled her tone as she addressed the two men, “Return to your quarters and rest a bit, though I’m afraid it won’t be too long.”

Strife bowed, “Thank you, m’lady.”

Whispering to Strife as they left Dan said, “I was worried we were going to be in trouble.”

Strife whispered back, “Hectate’s too smart for that. Kill a few people delivering bad news and eventually no one will tell you what’s really going on.”

“Ah,” Dan realized.

Just then Jira hurried back into the meeting room, her expression serious as she went to Hectate’s side. “Lina Inverse and her companions have been spotted on the castle road,” she said grimly, “they’ll be here in minutes.”

Hectate rose from her seat, drawing her sorceress’ garb around her. “Then let’s go meet them,” she said, “I’m sure we have much to talk about.”

“And Naga?” Gwenyth asked timidly.

Hectate murmured something under her breath then said, “I’ve adjusted the spell to confine her to the inner castle, for now.”

To be continued....