Sonic Series Fan Fiction ❯ A New Shadow ❯ I Think I Should Choose ( Chapter 2 )

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Chapter 2: I Think I Should Choose
Shadow woke up and looked around the room. “Where am I? Oh crap, I hope I didn't…” He sat up and held a hand to his head to block out frightening images. “Ughh, that makes me sick just thinking about it.”
Sonic walked into Tails' room, grinning when he saw Shadow was up. “Okay, you're awake. Breakfast is ready if you're interested.”
“Why are you here faker?” Shadow demanded, narrowing his eyes.
“Why would you be worrying about me when you have Rouge to think about?” the Blue Blur teased.
“How would you know who I like, dipshit?” Shadow asked, immediately cursing himself for letting that slip.
Sonic's grin widened. “You personally told us!”
Shadow's eyes went dull and blank. “What?” he managed.
“You were drunk, remember?”
Shadow vaguely remembered being at a bar, but the image was fuzzy… “No, I wasn't drunk. I don't get drunk. I'm the Ultimate Lifeform, damn it!”
“Yeah, okay `cause you were.”
Shadow let it sink in. Well, how else would he know of my feelings for Rouge? He paled as another thought reached him. What else did I say? “Did I…ah…tell you about Mario?”
Sonic chuckled, enjoying himself. “Yep.”
Shadow paled more. “The pony?”
He leaned against the doorjamb, letting out a hoot of laughter. “Now that was funny. You wanted a pony…Man…That's rich!”
Oh, God, no, Shadow thought. “My sister?”
“Yes,” Sonic confirmed, nodding.
“Oh hell…I really messed up big time.” I could just kill Sonic, he realized. “Are you the only person I told?”
“Well…not exactly. You told me, Knuckles, Amy, and Tails.” He snapped his fingers as if just realizing something. “Plus, I might've, accidentally, told a few news reporters.”
Shadow cocked his gun, aiming for Sonic's head. “Why you no-good son-of-a--''
“Hey! Watch it!” he shouted, darting from the room.
“Screw that!” Shadow yelled, running after him and straight into the kitchen, almost straight into Rouge.
“Hello, Shadow,” Rouge greeted.
He stopped and put his gun away, forgetting about Sonic for the moment. “Uh…uh…umm…hey…”
“You're looking nice today.”
“Thanks,” he responded, suspicious. “Uh…you too?”
Knuckles put his fists up, not liking what he was hearing. “Hey, no flirting with my girl! Or else!” he threatened.
Rounding on his, Shadow sneered. “I can take her if I want!” he announced.
“Shut up! No you can't!”
“Say that to my face!”
“You friggin' suck!” Knuckles yelled. “And you're stupid because I did say it to your face!”
“That's it!”
Shadow pulled out both of his guns and fired them at Knuckles. The Echidna dodged it and punched Shadow in the nose. The guns clattered away at the force of the impact, so they start a fist fight. Shadow launched himself at Knuckles, running in mid-air to smack his kicking feet into the red one, knocking him back. Knuckles jumped to his feet and started fighting like a boxer.
“Wow,” Rouge began, amused, “they're are fighting over me.”
“Oh my God!!” Tails shrieked, panicking. “Shadow, stop! That's the fine china! Knuckles! Oh man! This sucks!”
“You should just cover your eyes, Tails,” Amy advised.
“Oh, Jesus. Boys, I'm not that friggin sexy,” Rouge told the two, still fighting, animals.
Shadow and Knuckles stopped beating on each other for a second to stare at her. In unison they exclaimed, “Yes you are!”
The bat rolled her eyes to the ceiling. “Oh please, just stop!”
Knuckles dropped his fists to study her. “Why?”
Shadow walked across the room to retrieve his guns. “Yeah. Why?” He shot an angry glare in Sonic's direction. “I'm not done with you either, faker.”
Sonic swallowed and started edging towards the door. “Yeah…I better leave.”
Shadow rolled his eyes and looked at Rouge. “Rouge, I love you.”
Knuckles immediately put his fists back up. “No, I love her!”
“No, I do!”
“Wrong! I do!”
“Why don't you two settle down? I think I should choose.”
Both males looked in her direction again. “What?” Knuckles asked just as Shadow said, “Huh?”
“You heard me!” she said, exasperated.
They both shrugged and nodded. “Yeah? So?”