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[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Summary: Problems usually run rampant in any yaoi pairing, and the ukes are supposedly the ones to suffer. But the semes suffer just as much, if not more. When it comes to chasing down a potential mate as the 'dominate' partner, semes can find themselves very frustrated. Finally there is something to help them - a seminar for semes, dedicated to resolving their problems and offering emotional support. The duration of the event has yet to be determined, but no one is going to walk away without solving his problem. Whether magic or therapy is necessary, there are people willing and ready to help. Semes are no longer alone as the first meeting of the Seme Seminar begins.
Author's Notes: Major crossover, including but not limited to Angel Sanctuary, Card Captor Sakura, Chrono Cross, Dragonball Z, Earthian, Escaflowne, Fake, Final Fantasy 7, FF8, FFX, Fushigi Yuugi, Gokudo, Gundam Wing, Haunted Junction, Here is Greenwood, Inuyasha, Magic Knight Rayearth, Magic User's Club, Nightwalker, Orphen, Psychic Force, Revelutionary Girl Utena, Ronin Warriors, Rurouni Kenshin, Sailor Moon, Sorcerer (Bakuretsu) Hunters, Soul Hunters, Weiss Kreuz, Yami no Matsuei, Yu Yu Hakusho. More may be added in future parts.
Category: Anime, Crossover, Yaoi, TWT (timeline-what-timeline)
Warnings: shonen ai, reference to angst/lemons/etc
Pairings: 1x2, KuramaxHiei, & many many more (all yaoi)
Author: Arigatomina
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Seme Seminar

Part 1

The room started to fill as the minute hand ticked closer to the hour, and bright orange eyes peaked through the door in the back. They were all so quiet, a few sending hesitant glances around at the others. The silence made his eyes sparkle merrily, and he straightened when the two hands finally met on the clock above the podium. With a genki smile, Watari pushed the door open to wave at the men, his white coat ruffling past his legs. "Welcome," he said, pausing only long enough to wink at the one familiar face in the crowd. Tsuzuki flushed a little, but the dark-haired man managed a slight smile in return. "I'm glad all of you are here, and I know we'll be able to help each and every one of you."

Watari had reached the podium, and he leaned forward, propping an elbow casually on the tilted section. "Since we're going to remain on a first name basis, I think it best if we all begin by introducing ourselves. My name is Watari, the self-appointed counselor of this seminar and mad scientist extraordinaire." A soft snort reached him from the back row, and he flashed a grin at Tsuzuki. "If I can't solve your problems through discussion, I'm sure to have some sort of spell I can whip up to do the trick." As far as he could tell, all thirty seats were full, so he waved a hand at the redhead in the first seat closest to the door. "Why don't each of you tell us your name and a little bit about the problem you have with your uke."

Thirty pairs of eyes turned as a tall young man stood, brushing long red hair off one shoulder as he turned to face the audience. Green eyes slid over the curious 'semes' before resting on the orange-haired 'doctor.' "My name is Kurama," he red-haired male said slowly, his light tenor raising at least two eyebrows in the crowd. "I think the crucial problem is that my partner likes to play hard to get. Normally that wouldn't bother me, but I never know when it's safe to push him. Most of the time he turns my advances down completely. And even when he doesn't complain, he's ready to stop after the first round. Our endurance doesn't seem to be well matched at all." The smiling man nodded, and Kurama sighed, taking his seat again.

"Very well done," Watari said, clapping lightly at the green-eyed male. He looked around and nodded to the others. "The key to this is to be as blunt as possible. Holding things back won't help us to solve anything."

Kurama frowned for a second before catching the man's eyes again. "I did leave something out," he admitted, sighing softly. "Hiei can be quite deadly when he's angry. That threat is one of the reasons I don't push him."

"I see," Watari sniffed, straightening his glasses a bit before smiling at the lovely man. "Well, it's good that you told us. There's no need to be embarrassed about anything, not here." Kurama was silent, so he looked to the next man, smiling brightly at him. This one was a head taller than the slender redhead, with dark spiky brown hair that was held over chocolate colored eyes by a red headband. The man looked as young as the first, but he stood casually enough, hands buried in the pockets of his baggy white pants.

"My name is Sano," the tall youth said, frowning a bit as he glanced over the people watching him. "I don't really have trouble convincing my partner, but I'm a little worried about trying anything rough with him. He has a...dark side to him that takes over when he's angry." Sano sniffed, running a hand over his hair. "As bad as it sounds, I can't hold a candle to Kenshin when he's mad. He's old fashioned, too, so I don't know if he'd even be willing to experiment at all. It just feels like we do the same thing all the time. He acts like he's more than willing to do whatever I want, but I always get sidetracked watching his eyes and then I just can't risk it."

"Well," Watari said, his smile easing as he looked from Sano to the first male. "It seems you and Kurama have something in common." The two males glanced at each other, and the orange-haired doctor waved to the next person. "And you?" This man was also tall, but he had spiky black hair that stood at odd angles, making Sano's hair appear almost tame. He was even more muscular than the younger man, and his black eyes crinkled in visible embarrassment when he stood.

"Ano, my name's Goku," the man said, a smile flashing over his lips before disappearing just as quickly. "I don't know if I'm actually qualified to be here since I've never actually done anything with the person I want. That's my problem. I'm pretty sure he hates me, but every time we fight I have this horrible urge to just jump him, right there." A faint blush hit his cheeks, and Goku glanced at the floor. "I'm really not the sort of person to do stuff like that, but he has this way of glaring at me that I just...have so much trouble resisting." The orange-haired man was nodding at him, and Goku sighed in relief, taking his seat again.

The next male looked even younger than Kurama, but he had a bright grin on his lips when he stood. His black hair was pulled back, tied tightly behind his head, and he had an odd glove on his right hand, a string of beads twined over the wrist and palm. Wide and dark gray blue eyes sparkled at Watari. "Hello, my name is Miroku, and I have to say straight out that I've never really looked at other males before recently. But there is someone I've been watching for a while now. He's the violent type," he smirked, glancing back at Goku, "and about the only way I could beat him down enough to jump him is if I waited for him to change forms. He does that once in a while according to the moon. I don't think he'd accept anything too willingly, but that's just the way he is. He's got this abusive girlfriend who forces him to obey all the time, and it drives him crazy. I figure the easiest way to get him would be to fight him into it, but I don't really want to do that when I know he'll just resist all the more. He's very stubborn. That's one of the things I like about him. So I suppose my problem is that I don't know how to approach him in a way that would let me actually succeed."

"A common problem," Watari nodded, his expression sympathetic. The young man smiled at him and took his seat again. The next man in the front row stood with a rather cocky smirk, and Watari smiled at him, taking in his tall, muscular form. The man had short sandy blonde hair and cerulean blue eyes that sparked nearly as merrily as Watari's own orange eyes.

"The name's Gateau," the tall man said, glancing back to take in the number of lovely faces sharing the room with him. "I've been watching my prospect for years now, but he doesn't want to believe I'm actually serious. It doesn't help that he's got this homophobic brother who he's obsessed with protecting. Which is just stupid since he's the *younger* brother. But anyway, I'm starting to think the only way I'm going to convince Marron is to jump him." Gateau sent a quick smirk to Miroku, letting out a soft laugh when the boy grinned up at him. "He's just so sensitive I don't know if he'd forgive me for something like that. I mean, it's not like I'd do anything to hurt him. We've been friends for years. I've just reached the point where I figure flirting's never going to be enough with him."

Watari nodded when the man sat down again, not bothering to take notes. A very good memory was one of his strong points. The next male was even younger looking than Miroku, but he had a dark blue glare that made him seem aged beyond his years. A bit of burnt brown hair fell over the boy's forehead as he stood, those piercing eyes flicking to Watari.

"My name is Heero," the boy said, his voice low and clipped. "My problem is that my lover wants to play during sex. He keeps complaining that we never experiment." Heero's eyes narrowed in a deadpanned stare at the cheerful orange-haired doctor. "I don't experiment. I like things just the way they are. But he keeps griping about how dull it is. The only thing I can think of to shut him up is to gag him. He'd never let me hear the end of it if I did that."

The boy sat down as soon as he'd finished speaking, and Watari gave him a solemn nod. The next man stood, taller than the youth, but nearly as slender. He had dark brown hair as well, but it was straight and longer, pulled back in a loose tail behind his neck with strands falling down to frame his face. His pale brown eyes stared dully at Watari, his expression seeming to exude a patient subdued nature.

"My name is Kira," the man said, his voice low and soft. "My problem is that I'm attracted to a boy who is deeply in love with his sister. He doesn't know how I feel, and I don't know how to distract myself from him." He could practically feel the weird looks his first statement gained, but Kira didn't acknowledge them, taking his seat again.

Watari gave another solemn nod to Kira before turning his gaze to the dark-haired youth who was next in line. That one was nearly the same height, just as slender, and with similar dark brown hair that was cut shorter, pieces still falling into his brown eyes. The young man's gaze was straightforward, and Watari waited.

Nodding to the orange-haired man, the youth stood. "My name is Touya, and my lover is two people." He glanced over at Miroku. "He has two forms, but they aren't just appearances. He really is two people sharing one soul. And I'm in love with both of them." Touya turned back to Watari, and he sighed. "The problem is that he doesn't want to share his other form with me. He doesn't believe I really want all of him. I don't know how to convince him, and it doesn't help that his other form is colder. That part of him doesn't seem capable of trusting me the way Yukito does."

The young man seemed hurt by his revelation, making Watari sigh as Touya sat down again. But his sympathy shifted to slight amusement when the tall blonde next to the boy stood. He had long wavy hair that fell down to the middle of his back, and pale blue eyes that stared at Watari as if he knew he was superior. It was almost cute.

"Kagetsuya," the man said, nodding a bit at the orange-haired man, "and my lover is cheating on me. It isn't physical, but he thinks of someone else when he's with me. It's been months since that other person died, and yet he can't seem to get over him." Kagetsuya's eyes narrowed in dark anger. "And it wasn't a loved one of his, that person hurt him. But Chihaya continues to be obsessed. It's gotten to the point where all he does is sit and think about him. It's driving me crazy. Intimacy is out of the question, he won't even look at me, as if I were invisible." That said, he took his seat once more, frowning as he waited for the others to introduce themselves.

The last person in the first row of chairs stood with a mottled frown, dark brown hair falling over frustrated eyes. "My name's Dee," he said, "and my lover won't have sex with me." He paused, fully expecting some sort of derogatory comments, and he was actually surprised when none came. His tone softened just a bit as he sighed. "It isn't that he's not attracted to me. Ryo admits that he is. But he's never ready to go any further than kissing. It's killing me. I'm about ready to tie him down and just do it. And the worst thing is, sometimes I think that's what he's waiting for. He never makes the first move, so I'm going to have to do something. I just can't keep waiting like this." Folding his arms over his chest, he sat back down.

Watari looked to the second row of seats, catching the pale blue eyes of the boy in the chair closest to the door. The boy had odd blonde hair, short except for three thick strands that stood in an arc rising from his forehead and curving back to stand over his head. A red stripe darkened the strand on the left side of his face, making the hairstyle even stranger. But he looked at ease, standing with a quick shrug.

"The name's Burn," he said, his voice soft. "I guess my problem is that my lover doesn't want to be a lover. We never did anything like that. I didn't even know he was interested in me until he nearly died. And now he's been hiding from me. I'm linked to him, so I know he's still alive, but he doesn't seem to want me to know that. I'm not sure if I should just meet up with him and talk, or try something more...forward. He's really sweet most of the time, and I know he hasn't had much experience with nice people, so I don't really want to scare him. But he's been very stubborn in avoiding me. I don't know what I should do, just that I want to do something." He smiled softly, glancing over at Gateau for a quick second. "I never spent that much time with him, but I am absolutely sure we could have a good thing going, provided I don't mess it up by doing the wrong thing."

Nodding as the boy sat again, Watari looked at the next one. For a moment he was caught by young man's wide, lovely dark blue eyes. He almost looked like Kurama, except his hair was much longer, a dark bluish black shade that fell past his waist and was held out of his eyes by a pale green cloth. The tall, slender man stood slowly, his eyes moving around the room as he gave a sly smile.

"I am Niari," he said, his deep voice a soft purr. With a small smirk, he directed his gaze to Watari. "I've recently been subjected to a change in status, forced to travel alongside a rather troublesome eyesore. I would not call him a lover, but I do intend to have him eventually. It's just a matter of when. You might say that my problem is boredom." Green eyes flicked back to him, and he paused to give a slow look over Kurama before smirking a bit wider and sitting once more.

The older male seated next to Niari matched the boy's smirk as he stood. He, too, had long hair, a smoky brown shade that fell thickly over his shoulders despite the loose bit held together behind his back. His pale golden eyes moved directly to Watari, and he gave the doctor a slight nod. "My name is Hotohori, and I also have my eyes set on an acquaintance of mine, though not merely as a conquest. The problem is that he seems completely obsessed with someone else, regardless of the fact that the other person is nearly engaged to a girl he loves. I cannot comprehend why Nuriko would want him, but he does. And he has a rather annoying habit of masking his masculinity. I'm anxious to find some way to prove to him that he will be better with someone who will appreciate his beauty without forcing him to hide it behind women's guise. Though he hides it well, he does have something of an inferiority complex. I want to rid him of that."

Watari smiled, nodding to the next male. This one looked as young as some of the others, but he had a oddly sweet yet confident smile when he stood. The youth was about medium height with magenta hair that fell straight back over his shoulders. Bangs fell straight down to his narrow eyebrows, pale blue eyes flicking around the room in a slow sweep.

"My name is Aburatsubo," he said quietly, his eyes narrowing a bit with his smile, "and my problem is that my lover seems convinced he's straight. Normally his delusion wouldn't bother me. He has been that way since we first began seeing each other, but there are certain females who follow us now, and I've gotten rather irritated watching him blush over them. Takakura never has such hentai thoughts where I'm concerned. But every time he thinks of a girl he becomes a raving lunatic. It's beginning to annoy me." The genki orange-haired doctor nodded, and he resumed his seat.

The next boy stood, seeming near the same age and height, and he had the same willowy build. But his hair was short and fluffy, a bright orange a tint darker than Watari's longer locks. Wide blue eyes blinked quickly over a light blush, and the boy cleared his throat nervously. "I am Haruto, and I haven't actually done anything with my...with the person I'm interested in. The problem is Kazumi's constantly getting possessed by the spirits of animals." He stopped, his face heating a bit more, but managed to go on when no one laughed. "I'm really worried that if I did anything with him one of those spirits would take him over. The canine ghosts can be really scary."

The youth sat quickly, his face still red, and Watari flashed him a consoling smile. The next man stood, notably taller than Haruto, and with a much more confident look in his orange eyes. He smirked at Watari, and tilted his head so butterscotch colored bangs fell over his forehead, his hair not long enough to touch the color of his shirt. "My name is Mitsuru," he said, nodding to the doctor. "I think my problem is that I live with my would-be lover. I am his closest friend, so when I flirt with him, he acts as if it's a game - teasing if you will. But I know he's interested in me, there's no doubt of that. He's also considerably more experienced than I am. I've been waiting for quite a while, but I've decided he isn't going to make a move. Since I don't plan to let him get away, I'll have to do something about this. I'm just not sure what would be the best route. He seems to think that as his friend, I'm off limits."

The young man returned Watari's smile as he sat again, and the next male stood without preamble. Long pale bluish hair caught the doctor's eye. It was pulled back loosely, the tail falling past the tall man's hips. Thick bangs framed the man's face, pale eyes sparkling as he smiled. He was tall, slender, and had an air about him that exuded playful confidence. "Hello," the man smiled, his voice soft and low, "I'm Youzen, and I really shouldn't be getting help at all." He nodded to Watari, but his expression remained playful. "You see, I have plans to attack a certain acquaintance of mine, and it wouldn't be right for anyone to help me do that. I'm very much his senior, and our personalities clash constantly. But I like him. He's wild, violent, cocky, and completely uninterested in the...fairer sex. Of course, Raishinshi hasn't shown interest in me, either, but I really would like to change that. My problem, if I have one, would be how to go about this. I really wouldn't want to hurt him, but I imagine he'll throw a very big fit if I tried anything with him." He shrugged elegantly as he sat once more, and he blinked when the man next to him smirked.

Rising to his feet, the tall man turned his somewhat evil smile on Watari. He had long, wavy blonde hair similar to Kagetsuya's, but there was a darker slant to his pale blue eyes as he let out a sigh. "I am Cain, and I, too, have a stubborn lover. He seems convinced that we have nothing in common, but I know I am capable of showing him otherwise. I've taken steps toward that, but so far they've merely pushed him closer to his new flame. I would not call her competition, since Shido views her as a surrogate for his lost daughter, but she's something of a nuisance. My problem is also the manner of attack. I have shown him that he's still attracted to me, but he refuses to believe the depth of my feelings for him. Simple sex I can manage on my own. What I need, is a way to bind him to me once more."

Watari nodded slowly, his lips pressed tight to keep the smile from making it to his face. He had an idea this one wasn't being quite so honest as the others, but it was not his place to judge any of them. The tall blonde sat again, and he looked to the next man. That one was also tall, but his hair was short and black, strands falling down over piercing blue-gray eyes.

"The name is Lantis," the man said, his voice low. "I am in love with two people, but one of them lives in a world beyond my reach. The other one refuses to do anything with me that might intrude on her claim. I've told him that he is a part of us, but he will not believe me. He has no experience, and I don't want to push him into doing something he is not ready for. But I don't know how long I can wait for him to understand. If the third person were with us, I doubt he would hesitate, but that isn't possible. The problem is how to prove to him that there is nothing wrong with our sharing what we have without mourning what we do not have."

The next male to stand was younger, and not so tall, but his pale blue gaze met Watari directly. His right eye was hidden in by his arching bangs, his hair short on the back but fluffy for the most part. Nodding to the doctor, he frowned. "My name is Seiji, and my *uke* wants to be seme." Of the many confessions, his made more people turn to stare. The boy's lips curved into a deeper frown, and he folded his arms over his chest. "We've had a fine relationship so far, but Touma has been pushing me to let him...try some things. He seems to think I might enjoy a little...experimentation. I've refused directly, but he doesn't get it. We haven't done anything in weeks because of this, and the last time we did he tried to take over halfway through. I know there's nothing wrong with the way we do it - he never had cause to complain. I just don't know how to get it through his head without hurting his feelings."

"Mm," Watari nodded, blinking in surprise. He had an idea the boy might not get the help he wanted, but it was interesting to hear a twist to the stories they'd heard so far. The blonde sat again, and the orange-haired doctor smiled at the first youth in the third and final row. This one was taller than Seiji, with short black hair and dark blue eyes that looked as if they were normally gentle. The male scowled.

"My name is Mamoru," he said, nodding curtly, "and I recently ended a relationship with one of the most annoying females ever born. The reason I'm here is because before we broke up, I lost an old friend because of her. I know he's still out there, somewhere, but I don't know where. And even if I could find him, I doubt Fiore would forget that I once chose her over him. You see, our fate has decreed that this girl and I will have a daughter one day, but she's admitted that she loves one of her female friends. I really don't care about that anymore, but I can't stand the thought of how Fiore sacrificed for her only to have her do this. He hasn't returned since then, but I know he isn't too far away...I can sense it at night. My problem is two-fold. First, I need to find him, and second...he was a child the last time I saw him." The teen paused, his eyebrows drawing into a darker scowl. "He regressed to save *her* life. He'd have aged by now, but I don't know if I would have to wait for him to get older again or not. All I know is that I wasted years on her when I should have been thinking of what I had with him. I want him back."

The black-haired teen next to Mamoru stood the moment the other one sat, and Watari blinked to find the boy's dark brown eyes narrowed into a scowl. Dark hair of the same color fell about the youth's face, held off his eyes by a red band that made him seem almost dangerous. He wasn't so slender as some of them, and something about his stance reminded Watari of the dark-haired boy seated closer to the front, Heero. Then the boy sighed and the intense scowl eased.

"The name's Orphen," the boy said, tossing his hands as he unfolded his arms. "And my problem's I'm a potential pedophile." He smirked when Mamoru blinked at him in surprise, and looked back to Watari. "Well, not quite, but Majic's pretty young. He's my apprentice, so it would be wrong of me to do *anything* like what I've been imagining with him. Of course, it's not just me. I've seen him looking at me, but he's so innocent. I'm supposed to take care of him. What kind of guy would take advantage of a kid's trust?" He blinked for a second, then his lips curved into a slow smirk. "I would. And that's my problem." Folding his arms, he sat again and nodded to the red-haired man next to him.

With a return smile, the tall man stood and tilted his head to smile at Watari. He had long red hair that fell straight down to the middle of his back and arched over his face on either side. His dark cloudy blue eyes glinted with a hint of confident seduction as he winked at the long-haired doctor. "I'm Touga," he said, smirking when Watari grinned back at him. "Normally I'm a lady's man, but I have this old friend of mine who's been rather rambunctious lately. I've flirted with him in the past, and I know he's no innocent when it comes to women. With me, though, Saiyonji always comes in second. That's the way it has always been. But he seems to have forgotten that. I decided to remind him recently, and it went...rather well. The problem is that I think I want more. I certainly doubt he would cooperate, but I know he enjoyed himself. What I don't know is whether I can keep playing with him without getting serious. He *is* one of my oldest...friends. I think I may have a soft spot for him."

The man smirked again as he sat down, and Watari rubbed a finger over his nose. It wasn't often that he was on the receiving end of such blatant flirting. He rather liked it. But the next man stood, and he turned his attention. The tall man had interesting brown hair that fell along his face, ending just above his shoulders, and eyes so dark he couldn't make out the color. But he also had a cocky smirk to him that definitely resembled Touga's previous expression.

"The name's Yohji," the man said, nodding to Watari. He turned and caught Orphen's eyes, sniffing at the youth. "I'm another would-be pedophile. But Omi isn't as innocent as he looks, only when it comes to sex. He's as dangerous as anyone I know, and we work together, so I don't have to worry about the 'teacher-complex.' But I've a reputation with the ladies." He smiled, running long fingers through his hair and straightening the sunglasses that were riding low on his nose. "I'm a playboy. He knows that, and yet he still acts all comfortable around me. I've been pretty good about resisting the temptation - I do have a rule about not doing anything with people under a certain age - but I think I'm weakening. I don't know how much longer I can hold out. Every time he smiles at me and walks by in one of his little shirts I nearly snap. I just haven't figured out yet if he's doing it on purpose or not."

Watari nodded when the man sat down again, and he had to take a deep breath before looking to the next one. Technically he shouldn't have invited him, considering the group was supposed to be anonymous, but he was the one who'd inspired him to have the workshop in the first place. Dark violet eyes blinked at him above a vague blush, and Watari smiled at the man, nodding encouragingly.

Standing slowly, the tall man sighed and rubbed a hand through his short, dark brown hair. "My name is Tsuzuki," he said slowly, blinking as he looked around, "and I don't know how to approach the one I want. We care about each other. That much is definitely out in the open, but Hisoka has a past. I don't know if he'll ever want to do anything with me now. I want to, and I think if he'd let me I could make him forget everything but us. But I don't know how to start. Every time I try to make an advance he blushes and gets angry at me. He's very temperamental. And I don't have a very good track record with partners." Watari was giving him a sympathetic look, and he sighed when he took his seat.

The next man stood, his fingers tapping on his belt in an obvious nervous habit that Watari noted immediately. He had short and pale tan hair that spiked around his forehead, and pale blue eyes that looked angry at the world. A thin unshaven shadow tainted his face, and he frowned at the pretty male doctor, his eyebrow twitching. "The name's Cid," he muttered, his right hand curling slowly. "And my problem is the guy I'm after is a bloody vampire." He didn't notice when Cain flinched and looked at him, too busy glowering at Watari. "I don't know if he's just an insomniac or what, but he acts weird most of the time, and he doesn't sleep. Vincent hardly ever talks, and if I hadn't caught him taking a shower, I'd never have looked twice at him. But..." He grinned suddenly, rubbing a hand over his chin. "I *did* catch him, and now I can't get him out of my head. I've thought about just telling him, but he'd probably walk away. I can't jump him, either, because he's too strong. If I tried, we'd both be too torn up to do much of anything. I don't know what to do about it, just that I need to do something or I'm going to go crazy being stuck so close to him all the time. I've never seen anyone with eyes like that." He sat again, very glad that they were almost through with the introductions as his right hand snaked inside his coat to tap against the inner pocket.

Watari didn't say anything, but he made a mental note to see if the private rooms could be rigged for smokers. There was nothing worse than seeing an addict trying to handle a problem without having an outlet. The next man stood, and he shook the thought aside, smiling at the man. He had pale blue hair that fell down past his shoulders, long bangs hanging to either side of his face, and pale eyes. He wasn't as tall as some of the others, but he did have a much more muscular build, gloves covering his hands.

"I'm Karsh," the man said, nodding to Watari. "And my problem is the guy I'm interested in is the brother of my old friend. He thinks I want to use him as some sort of replacement for his older brother. I admit, I didn't pay much attention to Glenn when we were younger, but we've spent a lot of time together since then. And his brother and I were never lovers. I don't know how to prove that to him, though. Every time I bring it up he starts talking about his brother. I really don't know what to do about it." Shaking his head, he sat down again and looked over at the next man.

This one was perhaps the tallest so far, but he had a very elfin face and dark mahogany skin. His wide eyes were the same shade of brown as his hair, which was pulled back into three long tightly bound braids that fell to his slender waist. He didn't smile, but his expression seemed sensitive and thoughtful somehow. "My name is Kiros," he nodded. "I have been in love with my partner for years now, and have been careful to keep that from him. But his wife died some time ago. He still cares for her, that much is obvious, and I don't intend to be a replacement for her. But I think he may be returning my interest. I've noticed his blush more often lately. While there is no age issue between us, he is very young at heart. I don't know how he would take a direct advance on my part, and I doubt he will ever get the courage to say anything on his own. My problem, then, is also how to broach the subject. I think a direct approach would be best, but I do not want to do anything that will ruin the camaraderie we have together."

Once Kiros had taken his seat, the next man stood. He was definitely one of the largest men present, his broad shoulders and height making him tower above the seated males. But his faded violet eye was warm above his dark glasses, his right eye closed with an old scar moving from his eyebrow to his cheek. His cloak hid the back of his dark brownish black hair, bits of bangs falling over his forehead. He immediately looked over to Orphen and gave the youth a nod. "My name is Auron, and my problem is that I am attracted to a boy in my care. I was entrusted to watch over and train him, and I have done so up until now. But I find myself seeing more in his eyes when he looks at me, the same way I find myself looking at him. I think we have the same desire, but it goes against the promise I made to his father. Tidus is young enough that his feelings could easily change. I don't know if I want to risk hurting him."

The last man frowned a bit when Auron sat down, but he stood the moment Watari looked at him. Not as tall as the last one, he was still taller than some of the others present. Pale blond hair fell straight down to the middle of his back, two parts rising a bit framing his cheeks and dipping over his shoulders. His eyes were pale blue, and they sparkled when he nodded to Watari. "My name is Allen. My problem is the boy I want has been mostly a rival of mine in the past. I also have a history of failed relationships with women that I'm sure he would hold against me. But his one love-interest lives in a different world, so there's no physical competition. Mostly, it's the fact that Van doesn't like me very much. I do irritate him on purpose, since he's adorable when riled, but I think we could at least try to have something. At least it could be a very amusing romp. I simply don't know if I want to propose the idea, or enforce it. Either way could have interesting results."

Watari returned the blonde man's smile and sighed, folding his hands on the podium. "Well, it's very nice to meet all of you and hear a little about your problems. What I want to do now, is to separate you into smaller groups according to similar problems. If you'll congregate together as I call your names, we'll get the individual meetings underway. The first group is for those of you with reluctant ukes: Kurama, Sano, Heero, Kagetsuya, and Dee. If you five would go to the first door in the hall, it has a '1' over it." He waited until they'd made their way out before calling off the next group. "For those of you with potential ukes please go to the second door, or door number 2: Goku, Miroku, Youzen, Cid, and Allen. Group three is for those with sensitive ukes: Gateau, Touya, Burn, Lantis, and Kiros. Group four, problematic ukes: Kira, Niari, Aburatsubo, Hotohori, and Touga. Group five for those with complex ukes: Haruto, Mitsuru, Cain, Seiji, and Karsh. And the last group, group six, is for those with innocent ukes: Mamoru, Orphen, Yohji, Auron, and Tsuzuki." The cheerful doctor smiled as he waved the last group out of the room, his orange hair swishing around him. Now it was time for the fun stuff. With a genki grin, he darted out the back door.

* * *
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