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Chapter 2 - Heart's Sorrows
Shizuma seeing Tamao turning to walk away, she closes the distance to stand behind Nagisa and places her hands the girls shoulders in hopes of offering support. “It's ok Nagisa-Chan, I'm sure Suzumi will be f..” Shizuma never finishes as Nagisa lunges forward out of her grasp reaching out to grab Tamao.
“Tamao-Chan!” the tears falling down Nagisa's face in torrents as she beseeches, “Tamao-Chan please stop!”
Fighting back the pain and tears, Tamao continues to walk away seemingly trying her best to ignore Nagisa's heartfelt pleas to stop. Her emotions are warring inside between telling Nagisa her feelings, and avoiding heartache. Her colliding thoughts are cast aside as Nagisa's arms wrap around her trembling body.
“N-Nagisa?” Tamao stutters out not wanting to look back at her roommate and friend as she starts to tremble as Nagisa attempts to turn her.
“Tamao-Chan, p-please look at me.” Nagisa cries out after failing to turn Tamao around. A few tears fall onto Nagisa's arm which causes her to hug Tamao tighter to her. “Please Tamao-Chan.” Nagisa cried out once again.
Shizuma still a little shocked that Nagisa seemingly ignored her heartfelt confession of love begins to walk towards the two newly elected Etoile's. But she is stopped by Miyuki grabbing a hold of her arm, “Shizuma stop this at once!” Miyuki demands as Shizuma tries to shrug her off to get to Nagisa.
“Let me go Miyuki.” Shizuma growls out but is surprised when Shion and Chikaru both move to help Miyuki. After a bit of struggling, Shizuma manages to break free from Miyuki's attempts to stop her from getting to her Nagisa-Chan.
“Shizuma, why are you doing this?” Shion asks as anger begins to build within her.
“This is their time to shine.” Chikaru states while blocking the path to the new Etoile's.
Shizuma looks upon the 3 student council president's with disgust clearly shown on her face, as well as their own. “I will not let you prevent me from getting what is mine!” As Shizuma pushes her way past the three girls trying to block her way.
Loud gasps can be heard from the students gathered after Shizuma's declaration that Nagisa was hers. Nagisa turns her head to stare shockingly at the former Etoile. With a trace of anger crossing her face, she reluctantly releases Tamao and turns to face Shizuma who is now standing directly behind her.
With a slight smirk upon her face Shizuma begins to reach for Nagisa, only to have her hand slapped away by Nagisa. “I am not yours Shizuma-Sama!” Nagisa yells in her face. “You chose a memory of the past over me.” Nagisa again shouts as the tears begin to fall down her face much harder then before.
A look of surprise etched on the face of Shizuma upon hearing those words come from her Nagisa-Chan. “Nagisa-Chan I love you!” Shizuma shouts as a few tears slide down her face, “I've let go of Kaori's memories, our love has shown me the way.”
Tamao having heard everything turns around with her pain and confusion of what is happening. But as she had always done she was determined to make Nagisa happy. I can't let Nagisa do this, I know deep down she still loves Shizuma-Sama.
Nagisa still crying starts to shout at Shizuma again, “You hurt me Shizuma-Sama! I can't just forget the hurt in my heart.” Nagisa takes a deep shaky breath placing her hands over her heart “knowing that I-I couldn't reach you!” Her heartache just fueled the tears more.
Shizuma slowly dropped to her knees crying out, “Nagisa pl-please, I know what I did to you was wrong.” Heavy sobs starting to rack Shizuma's trembling body, “I n-never meant for y-you to be hurt b-because of me and m-my inability to embrace t-the future!” Shizuma reaches out with a trembling hand once again towards Nagisa, a sorrowful look on her tear stained face.
took a step back slowly while shaking her head slowly. Her face clouded with sorrow and pain. “I am sorry Hanazono-san, I care for you, and I always will but after all that has happened I can`t walk away from the now and live in the past like you did for so long.” Nagisa takes in a deep breath away from Shizuma, only to end up looking at the dumbfounded face of Tamao.
Tamao struggling with her emotions, and the finality in Nagisa's declaration to Shizuma, she starts moving towards Nagisa but comes to a halt upon hearing Nagisa's next heart felt plea. “Hanazono-san, please do not make the same mistake with me as you did with Kaori, move on do not destroy yourself, or else you may lose yet another person that would love you.” Not able to take it anymore Tamao reaches out and takes the woman who she loves with all her heart gently into her arms, causing the crying girl burying her face into her chest. Feeling the warm strong arms of the beautiful poet that had given her the strength to do what needed to be done, Nagisa could no longer hold in the sadness and let loose the emotions to the one person she new would always be there for her.
Shizuma collapses onto the floor curling into a fetal position crying tears of loss and sorrow, her strength and confidence having left her as she just lays there. For the first time since Kaori`s untimely passing Shizuma felt truly helpless, not even tears could fall as she looked on the woman who held her heart now being comforted by another. She could barely even breathe as the emptiness spreading through out her body started to consume her mind. Miyuki no longer able to see her best friend in such pain quietly closed the distance, bending down to help Shizuma rise gently to her feet. “Come Shizuma lets get you to your room.” She whispered trying to sooth the heart broken young woman while guiding her slowly out the chapel.
Miyuki fighting back her own tears, trying to stay strong knowing that her friend would need her to be. “Nagisa-Chan, I'm sorry.” she hears Shizuma breath out repeatedly between sobs.
Tamao still hugging Nagisa tightly begins to whisper “Nagisa-Chan maybe we should forfeit being Etoile to Amane-Sempai, and Hikari-Chan!” She lightly releases Nagisa and reaches out to lift her chin to see her face. Nagisa trying to fight back the tears more began shaking her head.
“No Tamao-Chan I want to be the Etoile with you, I can't let this ruin what we've worked so hard to achieve!” Nagisa pulls back from Tamao as she begins to wipe the tears from her eyes.
The students begin to shuffle out of the chapel and return to their dorm rooms for the night, each one stopping to congratulate Nagisa and Tamao. Finally after all the students outside of the completion had fled from the quite room Amane and Hikari made their way over to the Etoile's who where still holding each other softly trying to offer their partner support.
“Congratulations Tamao-Chan, Nagisa-Chan.” Hikari says hugging the both of them.
“Yes Congratulations Tamao-San, Nagisa-San I'm sure you will both be excellent Etoile's.” Amane then puts her arm around Hikari's shoulder Signaling her young lover that it was time to leave.
After what seemed like several minutes Miyuki returned to the chapel after seeing to Shizuma. She steps up to the newly elected Etoile's. “I wish apologize on behalf of Shizuma-San.” Miyuki bows to both Tamao, and Nagisa, “I must also apologize for not preventing her outbursts.” She begins to bow again but is stopped by Nagisa.
“Rokujo-Sama there is no need to apologize no one could have known that Hanazono-San would do this.” Nagisa's voice and still had traces of pain and sorrow. still show some anger in them, and yet sorrow, “If anyone should apologize it should be me.” She bows to Miyuki, “I should have.” Nagisa pauses to take a breath “I should have, taken care of this sooner!”
Authors Note: Going to cut this chapter right here, seeing how I can't really think of a good way to close it, Special thanks to TruePrime & Grumpo for taking the time to Beta read this for me, they've both been a big help to me with grammar and spelling corrections. Plus offering me idea's to better this chapter as well as the Revisions to Chapter 1