Supernatural Fan Fiction ❯ Hell's Heir ❯ Chapter 5

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What everyone has been waiting for, the truth about Dean and Sam Winchester.
Chapter 5
“I will not let you take it.” A calm voice stated and Sam turned to face its owner. He was an Angel, Sam could feel that much immediately, but not one he had ever run into. He still felt relatively young actually.
“Why not? All I want to do is return it to its rightful owner.” Sam answered, watching the angel closely.
“It's rightful owner? That is impossible.”
“Why? Because your bosses don't want Dean getting his Grace back?” Sam asked and the Angel looked confusion.
“What's your name?” He asked and the Angel watched him warily, as if confused by him. Didn't he know who Sam was?
“Castiel.” The Angel eventually answered and Sam smiled at him.
“I am Samael. “ Sam introduced himself and watched as the Angel actually backed away fearfully.
“I have no quarrel with you Castiel. I will not start a fight so unless you attack me you have no reason to fear me Uncle.” He soothed, hands held out to reveal he held no weapon.
“Why do you want the Grace held here?” Castiel asked and Sam smiled.
“I already told you, to return it to its owner. You're fairly young, as Angel's go, aren't you? But Deyn was one of the best in Heaven's Garrison; nearly Michael's equal in battle, surely his name has not been forgotten so quickly.” Sam answered and Castiel's eyes widened in shock.
“Deyn....but he was killed in battle, by Lucifer's son.” Castiel whispered and Samael snarled, wings unfurling.
“I would never harm him!” He yelled and Castiel staggered away from him. Seeing that, he took a few deep, calming breaths.
“I apologise Castiel, I should not have yelled at you. You are merely stating what you have been told, but it is untrue. Yes, I met Deyn in battle several times but not once did I even wound him. It was Michael who tore Deyn's grace from him and sent him to Earth, to live as a mortal over and over again. It took me centuries to find out what had happened and track him. My Father was not happy but he did allow me to come to Earth as well. Three lifetimes I have spent here, only remembering my true self upon death. This time though, we were born as brothers and I died only for Dean to bring me back.” Sam explained.
“I do not believe you. Michael would never harm one of our Brother's. He would only be cast from Heaven if he rebelled or Fell himself.” Castiel argued and Sam held out his hand in offer.
“Memories do not lie Castiel. I swear, I will not harm you.” Sam offered but the Angel kept his distance so Sam lowered his hand.
“Fine. So what do you suggest we do? I will not leave without his Grace and you will not let me. I do not wish to fight you over it but I will if I must.”
“What would you do with it?” Castiel asked again.
“Return it to Dean so that he could be who he was again. And then I'll have a lot of explaining to do.” Sam quirked a grin. His expression turned serious again seconds later.
“Dean sold his soul to bring me back to life and the rules must be obeyed. He is destined for Hell, as a mortal or Angel it makes no difference. And there he will be an honoured guest for eternity; I will never allow him to be harmed. But I want him to be whole, to know who he truly is.” Sam explained and for just a second Castiel's expression seemed to soften.
“Please, do not make me fight you.” Sam pleaded and Castiel hesitated but it was enough. Sam spun and plunged his hand into the vault, wrapping it around the vial and then he vanished.
Dean nearly screamed as suddenly Sam appeared in the room, at least he thought it was Sam. But his brother didn't have pitch black wings last time he checked. He had retreated to the bathroom once he'd regained his strength, laying a salt line across the doorway to keep Ruby away from him, and now he clung to the doorframe as he felt power washing over him.
“My Prince.” Ruby greeted, dropping to her knees. Sam nodded at her but then turned to face Dean, his wings fading from view and his eyes losing their glow. Dean bit his lip, it looked like Sam but how could it be?
“Dean.” Sam whispered, smiling softly when he saw him behind the salt line. Sam walked towards him and Dean backed further into the backroom, eyes going wide when Sam stepped over the line as if it didn't exist and then through the Devil's Trap he'd drawn in someone's forgotten lip liner.
“Sam? How?” Dean asked through a throat clogged with tears and fear.
“It's alright Dean, you're safe. Hope Ruby didn't give you too hard a time but I had to go get something that you lost, a rather long time ago.” Sam explained, holding out his hand to Dean.
“What are you?” Dean demanded and Sam smiled.
“Your brother.” Sam answered softly and Dean slowly reached out to take his hand. Sam tugged him back out into the room and Dean looked around but Ruby was gone. Sam sat on the only bed that still had an intact mattress and pulled Dean down beside him. Dean just stared at him, studying him for any changes and Sam let him.
“What happened to you Sam? Is this what the demon...I don't want to kill you.” Dean whispered and Sam leant forward so their foreheads were touching.
“Dean...there's so much to explain...I don't know where to start....” Sam answered just as softly.
“I don't want you to be scared of me, I'll never hurt you.” Sam swore and Dean licked his lips nervously.
“Sammy, I have to know.” Dean insisted and Sam nodded.
“Promise to listen? All the way through.” He asked and Dean nodded, no matter what he owed Sam that, even if....even if this was no longer his brother. Sam lay down on his side and tugged at Dean until he lay down too.
“More comfortable.” Sam said with a small smile. He pulled something out of his pocket and Dean stared at it in awe. It was some sort of crystal vial that appeared to be filled with light. It was breathtaking and....warm feeling. He reached out to touch it but then stopped.
“Go ahead Dean, it's yours anyway.” Sam told him and Dean touched it, feeling it pulse with warmth.
“Mine?” he asked and Sam nodded. Sam let go of it, leaving it in Dean's hand, content to watch his face as he held his Grace for the first time in centuries.
“What is it?”
“Your Grace Dean. There's so much you don't know, don't remember and I don't know what to do. Tell me what to do Dean, do I tell you or let you remember yourself?” Sam begged and Dean met his eyes, seeing the pain in the familiar hazel.
“What do you mean let me remember?” He asked, wanting to know before he answered. That little part of him that sounded like his Dad was screaming at him not to listen but to take the Colt and put a bullet between Sam's, or what used to be Sam, eyes. But Dean told it to shut up; he would let Sam explain before deciding what to do. And if he did use the Colt, then it would end up missing two bullets, not one.
“If you break the vial you'll remember everything I need to tell you.” Sam told him and Dean frowned, how was that even possible?
“No, you tell me Sam. Everything, no half-truths or lies, no keeping something secret for my own good. I want the whole truth and I want you to tell me.” Dean stated and Sam smiled.
“Okay. But it's a really, really long story so do you need a bathroom break first?” Sam asked to try and break the tension and Dean let him.
“No, but I could go for a pizza.” Dean told him and Sam nodded, pulling out his phone to order their usual delivery. They laid there in silence while they waited for it to arrive, Sam because he wanted these happy memories if Dean left him after it all and Dean because he was scared to hear what Sam needed to tell him. After it arrived they chatted about nothing while they ate, needing the normality to get them through. But finally even Dean was full and they lay back down on the bed together.
“Dean I...could I....I know you hate chick flicks and all but....please?” Sam asked nervously and Dean nodded, instantly Sam was clinging to him and Dean hugged him back. Surely Sam was still Sam, no demon would act like this, would it? Sam curled into him and Dean let him, despite the fact that he should keep his distance until Sam had explained and his decision had been made. But he could never say no to Sam when the kid really needed him.
“I don't know where to start....I....” Sam paused and took a deep breath; Dean deserved to know his fate.
“The Deal can't be broken Dean. At the end of the year you're going to hell and I wouldn't stop it even if I could.” Sam whispered the last part but Dean still heard him, his body going still and tense.
“I wouldn't stop it because I selfishly want you with me forever.” That had Dean gasping in shock and starting to pull away.
“Please Dean, you promised to listen. It won't be bad Dean; it's not all like you've been told. And I'd never let anyone hurt you, you'll be an honoured guest, I promise.” Sam rushed out.
“Who are you?” Dean demanded and Sam looked up at him.
“Your Sam, always your Sam, Dean. I have been for centuries. You don't remember but I do. Didn't you ever wonder....I was dead for what? Two days? Did you think my soul was in limbo till you made the Deal?” Sam asked and Dean's eyes went wide, he'd never actually thought about it.
“I went home Dean and I remembered. I thought I'd have to wait years to see you again and then neither of us would remember but then you made that Deal and I could have screamed in joy.”
“You're not making much sense.” Dean told him and Sam could see the fear in his eyes so he reached up to trace the familiar face. It was amazing how much Dean looked like he had as an Angel.
“My Angel.” Sam whispered and Dean actually blushed making Sam chuckle.
“I used to call you that and you'd get so mad at me, nearly ran me through more than once. But it was true, you were always my Angel.”
“Dean....this is so hard....fine, you want it straight? You were an Angel of the Lord....and I am Lucifer's Son; half human and half Angel.” Sam told him and Dean wanted to laugh it off, except he could see the seriousness in Sam's face. But how could that be? He wasn't an Angel and Sam the son of the Devil? It was ridiculous! But then...
“Casey.” Dean whispered and Sam frowned.
“She, well the demon in her, it said that it believed in Lucifer...and his son. But Sam you can't...” Dean's voice was rising in agitation and Sam smiled at him.
“Shh....I'll explain it all Dean. Okay so you know Lucifer was cast out of Heaven and into the Pit, what you don't know is that he did get out several times. One of those times he seduced a mortal woman and she became pregnant. Her name was Adara and she was my mother. I barely remember her; she died when I was very young and I don't know what happened to her, just that she wasn't with us in hell. I didn't see a lot of my Father when I was young, until I was nine I lived on Earth but then the Angel's found out about me so I was taken to hell. I was trained to fight, to read and speak hundreds of languages, how to use the powers I had inherited from my was hard but it was fun too. I didn't have friends my age but all those who taught me would take time to keep me company when they weren't doing things for my Father. I was physically eighteen, but in reality nearly two hundred, when he started taking a real interest in my training himself. Despite being half human I wasn't much less powerful than Lucifer, something that no one has figured out yet. So he started involving me in the war. I hated it. Fighting Angels, even killing them, it hurt because it felt like hurting family. Father knew how I felt, said that what we were doing was necessary so I kept fighting. Then...I was about five hundred or so, I came face to face with an Angel I hadn't met before. His name was Deyn and he had a fearsome reputation. But I could see the same thing in his eyes that were in mine, he didn't want to fight the war either. So I pulled back but he followed me, we ended up on a mountain somewhere and I shocked him nearly to death when I sheathed my sword and told him I didn't want to fight. He thought it was a trick but I lit a fire and sat down to rest. Eventually he joined me though he kept his dagger in hand. We just sat there for several hours until my Father recalled me.” Sam paused to see how Dean was taking it and he found Dean staring at him, eyes as wide as they had been that day.
“This is crazy.” Dean whispered and Sam shrugged.
“”Is it really that much more crazy than our lives?”He asked and Dean nodded, making Sam smile.
“Want the rest of the story?” This time Dean nodded more seriously.
“Well we kept meeting in battle and I continued to refuse to fight him. So one day I went to what I considered our mountain and summoned him. Needless to say he was very suspicious of my motives, especially when I said all I wanted was to talk. Took three such meetings for him to finally tell me his name, let alone anything else, but eventually he started to open up. We met like that for centuries and...Deyn was my friend but more than that, I loved him. I think I would have even followed him to Heaven if he'd asked, but he never did. And then one day he was gone. I searched the battlefields, tried summoning, but nothing worked. I learnt his fate by accident, I never liked Alistair so I always avoided his area of hell, but that day I was there. He....he had an Angel and was torturing him. And I learnt what Michael had done to my Deyn. He....he stripped his Grace from him and made him human, all in the name of keeping him safe from me. Michael feared Deyn was close to Falling, that if I asked he would follow me back to Hell. So to `save' him they wiped his memories and sentenced him to human life, over and over again, until they killed me or at least made sure I couldn't leave Hell. I went to my Father and while he didn't understand he agreed to let me do it. So I was stripped of my powers and sent to Earth to be reborn, just like my Angel, in the hopes I could find him and be happy. But it didn't work, every lifetime something kept up apart, until this time.” Sam whispered and Dean stared at him with wide eyes.
“You're saying....Sam....”
“You're Deyn and I am Samael. I remembered when I died and went home for the time I was dead, it was two days for you but for was five months. I thought I'd have to wait and try again and then you made the Deal. You can't go back to Heaven Dean; even they cannot break a deal freely made.”
“Sam....this can I believe this?” Dean asked, pulling away from him and Sam smiled sadly.
“Everything I've ever been told says Lucifer is evil, if you're his son....
“Trust your heart Dean. I'm still Sammy; I'm just Samael as well. I love you and nothing can ever change that. If....If you never love me like that then I'll just have to deal with it, but it's not the only way I love you. You were my friend for centuries, even though we should have been enemies and you've been my brother for nearly twenty six years. And if that's all I'll ever have then I can be happy, as long as I'm with you. My Father...he's apparently mellowed a lot since I was born. He doesn't want to wipe humans out or anything and he understands that I care about them, being half human myself. Its part of why I hate the war, Earth and its inhabitants keep getting stuck in the middle.” Sam said and Dean stared at him, not sure what to believe. But those were his Sammy's eyes pleading with him for understanding. He bit his lip, trying to decide and Sam just watched him, silently begging him not to abandon him.
“Sammy.” He finally whispered and Sam smiled at him, slowly curling into him again. Dean tensed for a second, waiting for the blow but Sam just hugged him close and Dean slowly returned the embrace.
“Why tell me all this now?” he finally asked.
“Because I wanted you to know before your time's up. And it was killing me lying to you all the time. But...when I went to get your Grace I was caught by an Angel, by now he's informed the others...we have to go now. If they find you....I don't know what they'll do this time. It's up to you whether or not you break the vial and become an Angel again, but it would be safer if you did. As a human you'll be powerless in hell unless you become an Angel and while you're under my protection technically you should be perfectly safe but some, like Alistair don't always do as I say. As an Angel you would have the power to defend yourself and...there are some Fallen Angels there that you used to know. No matter which you chose Dean, I'll take care of you forever.” Sam promised. He hated the lost look in Dean's eyes, the fact that he had caused it just made it worse. He could feel that Dean was afraid and angry but that he desperately wanted to believe Sam was still the kid he'd pretty much raised. Sam tightened his grip on Dean, trying to show him that he was still his Sam, still his baby brother in the ways that mattered.
“Why the lies if you've been like this for months?” Dean demanded and Sam sighed.
“Because I was scared, scared that you'd hate me, that you wouldn't listen or believe me. That's why I wanted to find your Grace first. So I'd have some proof. But all it did was make the Angels know what's going on.” Sam admitted tiredly.
“No they don't.” A soft voice said and they sat up, Sam shoving Dean behind him, and they saw the winged being in the room.
“Castiel?” Sam asked and the Angel looked down.
“I told no one, I followed you instead.” Castiel admitted, raising his head to stare at Dean and the vial in his hand.
“It's true.....Deyn.” Castiel whispered.
“I told you the truth Castiel.” Sam said and the Angel nodded.
“I alerted none but they will know as soon as I return.” Castiel said and Sam nodded.
“You'll be punished Castiel.”
“I know, but I had to see for myself. I do not understand why Michael would lie about Deyn's fate.” Castile admitted and Sam studied him, shocked by the Angel's words. If anyone in Heaven heard him say that...could gaining an ally really be so easy? Sam got up and slowly approached his Uncle, keeping his hands out to show he meant no harm. He studied Castiel closely, ignoring Dean and Castiel's nervous questions.
“You have doubts.” Sam whispered and Castiel jerked away from him, eyes wide.
“If they find out....bury your doubts deep down Castiel. If they learn and cast you out, call my name and I will come for you. For what you have done for us, you will have a place in Hell. I know it doesn't sound like a good thing to you but you will be safe and wanted.” Sam told him and Castiel nodded uncertainly.
“Go, before you are missed.” With that Castiel vanished.
“Sam?” Sam turned to face Dean.
“Was he really an Angel?”
“As things in Heaven go, your very much younger brother. That one so young can doubt....things are changing and I don't know if it's good or bad.” Sam muttered to himself.
“Sam, what about Bobby?” Dean asked and Sam looked down.
“He's safer not knowing.” Sam answered.
“If the Angels search his mind thy must find nothing, for his sake.”
“So we're just meant to vanish? Damn it Sam, it'll kill him.” Dean yelled and Sam looked away.
Deyn is another version of Dean. Figured the odds of Mary and John giving them the exact same names? So I went with variations.