Supernatural Fan Fiction ❯ Hell's Heir ❯ Chapter 6

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Chapter 6
"So we're just meant to vanish? Damn it Sam, it'll kill him." Dean yelled and Sam looked away. He sighed and then nodded, curling up tighter into Dean's body.
“Alright, I'll take care of it.” He said and Dean's eyes widened.
“'s Bobby, do you really think I could hurt him?” Sam asked sadly and Dean closed his eyes before pulling Sam even closer, burying his nose in Sam's hair. Sometimes he could still smell the baby shampoo he'd used when Sam was little.
“I don't know what to believe.” Dean whispered and Sam hugged him.
“You can believe me Dean.” Sam whispered and Dean pulled back to look at him.
“I wanna see.” Dean demanded and Sam nodded. He slowly slipped from Dean's hold and then got up to stand by the bed. Sam smiled at him and then shut his eyes, releasing his power. When he opened his eyes they glowed with power and he stretched his wings out to their full extension of six feet each side.
“I'm half Angel Dean, wings kind of come with the package. Though an angel would have white wings.” Sam babbled and Dean sat up, hesitantly reaching out towards the closet wing before stopping and looking up at Sam who nodded. Dean gently touched the wing, feeling the softness of the black feathers and also their warmth.
“You had wings too; yours were the purest looking white, edged in gold.” Sam told him and Dean bit his lip.
“Dean?” Sam whispered and Dean looked up at him.
“I'm not Deyn, you knew him for centuries. I'm just Dean. You want Deyn back.” Dean whispered and Sam sat beside him, wrapping his arms around Dean.
“I love you Dean. Have since we were teenagers, why do you think I ran away to Stanford? I couldn't deal with what I was feeling so I buried it. I didn't remember Deyn until I died. Yes I love you who were but I love who you are too Dean. If you choose to never break the vial and remember then that's your decision Dean, if you do then I'll help you adjust to the new memories and powers.” Sam whispered as he held Dean close.
“You should get some sleep Dean; the room will be safe for a few more hours.” Sam told him and Dean shook his head.
“Why not?” Sam asked playfully and Dean looked up at him.
“Because I don't know what to do.” Dean whispered and Sam sighed.
“Dean you were nearly killed by a spell and have had a big shock, you need sleep. I promise, I'll be here when you wake up.” Sam soothed and Dean bit his lip but let Sam lay him down. He sighed, his eyes slowly fluttering shut as Sam stroked through his hair. He kept his eyes locked on Sam until he couldn't keep them open any longer.
“I'll always protect you.” Was the last thing Dean heard before sleep claimed him.
Bobby staggered back as Sam appeared in his living room, searching wildly for a weapon. Sam held up his hands in surrender and then walked through the nearest Devil's Trap.
“Relax Bobby.” Sam said even as Bobby finally grabbed a gun.
“Who are you?” Bobby snarled and Sam sighed.
“It's me Bobby, it's okay.”
“Last I check Sam can't just pop in and out.” Bobby growled and Sam smiled.
“Technically I've been able to since I died.” He answered and Bobby's eyes widened.
“Where's Dean?” He demanded.
“Safe, I'd never put him in danger Bobby. He's sleeping off an attack from a coven of witches. But after that....I'm sorry Bobby but it's not safe anymore, we have to leave.”
“I don't understand.” He muttered and Sam leant against the table.
“There's too much to explain and I don't have time. There are....beings that will come looking for us; I couldn't leave you in danger.” Sam explained softly, slowly walking closer.
“It'll be okay Bobby, I'm sorry.” Sam whispered, placing his hand on Bobby's head. Bobby gasped, reaching up to try and grasp Sam's arm but his hands fell limply to his sides. Bobby's eyes slowly rolled back and he began to collapse to the floor but Sam caught him gently.
“I'm so sorry Bobby.” Sam choked, pressing a gentle kiss to the hunter's forehead. He lifted Bobby and took him upstairs, placing him on his bed.
“Goodbye Uncle Bobby.” Sam whispered and then vanished.
He reappeared in the motel room and instantly crawled onto the bed beside Dean, fighting the urge to cry. He curled up beside Dean, sniffling softly and then nearly jumped as arms wrapped around him.
“Sammy?” Dean asked sleepily and Sam turned around, burying his head in Dean's chest.
“What's wrong?” Dean demanded, suddenly fully awake.
“Nothing.” Sam whispered and Dean tugged Sam up so he could look him in the eye.
“No lying Sam, ever.” Dean challenged and Sam nodded.
“I went to Bobby.” Sam whispered.
“Is he okay?” Dean asked and Sam nodded.
“I'm sorry Dean; it was the only thing I could think of....”
“Sam what did you do?” Dean growled and Sam slowly looked up at him.
“I made him forget us Dean. As for as he remembers John Winchester had no children.” Sam whispered and Dean stared at him in horror.
“You can do that?” Dean asked and Sam nodded.
“It's not easy but yes, it'll spread from him to anyone he comes in contact with, making them forget us. In a couple of months no hunter will remember we ever existed.” Sam told him and Dean frowned.
“It's the only way to protect them Dean.” Sam whispered and Dean slowly nodded. He raised his hand, revealing his Grace.
“I want you to tell me Sam. If it was you, would you break it?” Dean asked as Sam stared at him.
“Yes.” Sam answered and Dean nodded.
“Okay.” He crushed it in his hand and Sam's eyes went wide. He rolled off the bed as a white light spread up from Dean's hand to enter his eyes, mouth and nose. Sam covered his eyes as the room went white.
“Dean?” He called as it began to fade. He got up and stared at the bed, smiling at the sight of white and gold wings.
“Dean?” he called again and Dean looked up at him, green eyes wide.
“Samael.” Dean whispered and then blinked, shaking his head slightly. Sam slowly sat beside him and reached out to lay a hand on Dean's arm. Dean looked over at him, seeming confused and Sam smiled gently.
“It's okay Dean, just relax and let the memories come. You'll be okay.” Sam whispered, glad Dean hadn't pulled away.
“I...Sammy?” Dean asked and Sam nodded.
“I can't...I don't....”
“Dean look at me.” Sam urged and Dean slowly looked at him.
“Don't fight it or try to force it, just relax.” Sam told him, reaching out to stroke his face. Dean's eyes shut and he leant into Sam's hand.
“I remember....Heaven, the war, my brothers and sisters..........meeting you Samael.” Dean whispered and Sam nodded.
“Michael called me, hurt so much Sammy.” Dean choked out and Sam hugged him.
“It's okay Dean, he can't hurt you again.” Sam promised.
“Because I'm going to Hell.” Dean whispered fearfully and Sam tightened his hug.
“There were rumours, about what happens to Angel's in Hell.”
“Some of them are probably true, enemy combatants. I don't like it but Father insists on intel. None of that will happen to you.”
“I am Deyn but....”
“You're also Dean.” Sam finished for him and Dean nodded. Dean pulled back and stared at him and Sam let him.
“Do you remember your other mortal lives?”
“Not as clearly, I know I've never died of old age.” Dean answered, managing a small smile and Sam smiled back.
“Dean, why did Michael do this to you?” Sam asked and Dean looked down.
“I was talking to Gabriel....about you. I was curious. He told me about your mother's death, it was arranged by Heaven. The plan was to bring you to Heave, keep you from you Father but he got to you first. Michael over heard us, said he was concerned for me, that I was questioning things too much. He said that he was going to protect me, that he would not let me Fall. Then there was this burning pain in my chest.” Dean whispered and Sam held him close.
“It's my fault.” Sam whispered and then Dean pulled back, holding Sam's arms.
“No, it's not. I did not have to answer your summons. I could have attacked you as ordered every time we met on the battlefield but I refused. I...I don't regret it Sam.”
“Neither do I.” Sam told him softly and Dean smiled.
“Is Sam okay?” Dean asked and Sam nodded.
“Sammy's okay too, just for you, if you want.....Dean or Deyn?”
“Dean. Deyn died when Michael took his Grace.” Dean answered and Sam smiled, his smile widening when Dean reached out to take his hand hesitantly.
“I....I don't know what I'm doing but, but I know I love you Sammy.” Dean whispered and Sam hugged him.
“What happens now?” Dean asked.
“We have to leave. It's gonna be disorientating at first but I'll be at your side the whole time. I had a suite made for you, beside mine if you want it, or you can stay with me in mine. You'll need to meet my Father but not straight away; he knows it takes a little while to adjust.” Sam explained and Dean nodded.
“Is there anything you want to take?” Sam asked and Dean grasped his amulet before looking over at his bag in thought.
“Dad's he our Dad still? I don't...” Dean frowned in confusion.
“He was our Dad for these mortal lives Dean, it's okay to love him like he was. I still do and Father knows that.” Sam admitted and Dean nodded and then his eyes went wide.
“Dad's deal! Is he....” Dean trailed off and Sam frowned.
“I never thought...we'll find him if he's there, talk to him. See what we can do for him, okay?” Sam offered and Dean nodded, getting up to get John's journal from the bag and then he held up the Impala's keys.
“Bobby should have her. But...”
“I'll send her to him; he'll recognise her as Dad's.” Sam promised and Dean nodded. Sam took the keys and went outside for a few seconds, coming back empty handed.
“No more sleazy motels.” Dean commented and Sam nodded, smiling softly as he held out a hand. Dean slowly walked over to him and took his hand.
“I love you.” Sam whispered and Dean smiled shakily.
“Love you too.” He answered and Sam held him close.
“Close your eyes.” Sam told him and Dean obeyed, letting himself trust someone he had once called his enemy. He relaxed against Sam, feeling warm arms wrap against him as they relocated.