Supernatural Fan Fiction ❯ Hell's Heir ❯ Chapter 8

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Chapter 8
Dean leant against the wall, waiting for Sam to get back from meeting with his Father. You'd think finding someone like John Winchester would be easy when it was the Prince himself wanted the information bus so far they had nothing. He straightened up as he felt someone approaching and then nodded in greeting as Astaroth came into view.
“Dean.” The Fallen Angel greeted and Dean nodded at him.
“Are you settling in all right?” Astaroth asked, much to Dean's surprise.
“I guess so. It's a lot to get used to but as long as I'm with Sam I don't mind.” Dean answered softly and much to his shock Astaroth removed his helmet, revealing the features Dean remembered although his blonde hair was actually longer than before.
“You have grown a lot since the last time I saw you. Your parents would be proud of you.” Astaroth told him and Dean smiled slightly before his eyes went wide as he realised what Astaroth had said.
“Do one would ever tell me who my parents were. You and Michael were the closest I had and then you left and Michael...the garrison finished raising me after that.” Dean said and Astaroth sighed before moving to stand beside him. Dean bit his lip nervously and Astaroth smiled at him.
“Your is not surprising Michael has never told you. I was going to when you were a little older.” Astaroth said and Dean turned to him, nervous about what he would learn. For no one to talk about them....part of him dreaded learning the truth.
“Please Astaroth.” Dean whispered and Astaroth nodded.
“Dumah and Sandalphon.” Astaroth answered softly and Dean slumped against the wall in shock. He'd never even suspected that! Though at least he knew where his rank came from.
“I....” He tried to say something but didn't know what. He nearly jumped when Astaroth's armoured hand came to rest on his shoulder.
“I remember your birth Deyn.” Astaroth told him, using his old name.
“Your parents were very happy; it was Dumah that named you. Sandalphon was quiet but very pleased.”
“Why did they abandon me?” Dean whispered and Astaroth stared at him.
“Dumah joined Lucifer; he was bringing you with him but was intercepted by Michael. I know that Sandalphon managed to save you from the battle between them and he brought you to me. I honestly do not know where he went after that, I do not know if anyone has heard from him since. I do know that part of the reason Dumah hates Michael so much is because he was separated from you.” Astaroth explained.
“Is Dumah still alive?” Dean asked and Astaroth sighed.
“When we learnt what Michael did to one could stop him. I'm sorry Dean but he did not survive his attack on Michael.” Astaroth told him gently and Dean nodded. They both looked up as the door opened and Sam walked out.
“Dean? Astaroth? Is everything okay?” Sam asked, moving quickly to Dean's side. Dean turned to him and Sam wrapped his arms around him, not caring that Astaroth was watching.
“No one ever told him of his parentage.” Astaroth told Sam who nodded, holding Dean close.
“Who?” He asked and Astaroth looked at Dean who nodded.
“Dumah and Sandalphon.” Astaroth answered and Sam closed his eyes, tightening his hold on Dean.
“I'm sorry Dean.” Sam whispered and Dean nodded turning in Sam's arms to face Astaroth again.
“You came here for a reason?” Dean asked and Astaroth nodded.
“I have news of John Winchester.” Astaroth said and they both tensed.
“Has he been found?” Dean breathed and Astaroth shook his head.
“I do have information. He spent one hundred and sixty two years under Alistair' He held out for over a century but all humans break eventually. Once that happened Alistair lost interest and released him. He has not been seen in the other levels so he must still be there somewhere. The best bet would be the desert plain or wasteland, the other areas are well watched and we would know if he were there.” Astaroth told them.
“Thank you.” Dean whispered and Astaroth smiled at him before replacing his helmet and leaving.
“How bad is this going to be?”
“Bad. Alistair is top torturer for a reason Dean. He has his very own `level'. The racks are where he tortures souls, angels, anyone sent to him. But surrounding them are various zones. There's a desert, a wasteland, a swamp filled of things better left to the imagination, things like that. Just glad we don't have to search the swamp. I got lost there once when I was about twenty, gave me nightmares for years. Dean....I don't know what we're gonna find. He may not even remember us anymore or have been driven to hate us by Alistair's torture.” Samael explained softly and Dean nodded.
“I know Sammy, but we have to try.” Dean said and Sam nodded.
Castiel stood before Michael and tried not to show fear. He could feel Michael, searching through his memories and he did everything he could to keep him away from what had happened but Michael was an Archangel for a reason. Castiel was no match for his power.
Castiel whimpered at the anger and disgust he saw flash in Michael's eyes than as quick as lightening Michael reached out and grabbed the young Angel.
"You disappoint me Castiel here I thought you had great potential and you go and betray all of us and our Father." Michael growled; then there was a snap as he broke Castiel's left wing, crippling the little angel and leaving him with barely half his strength and powers. Michael lifted the half conscious angel up with one hand and Castiel looked around for help but there was no one there willing to go against the Archangel. Michael stared at him as if considering destroying him but then he smirked and tossed Castiel out of heaven while his brethren watched, ignoring the young angel's pleas for help as he plummeted towards the earth.
Castiel closed his eyes as he fell, trying to gather his powers enough to teleport or at least control his descent but nothing happened. Then he remembered what Samael had told him and he took a deep breath.
“Samael!” He cried out with everything he had.
Sam had a firm grip on Dean's arm as he transported them to Alistair's `level' of hell. And then he nearly fell to his knees as a scream for help reverberated through his mind.
“Sam!” Dean called, kneeling beside him worriedly. Sam panted and then looked up at him.
“Castiel, he's hurt.” Sam murmured and Dean nodded.
“We need to help him; we can't leave him to them.” Dean told him and Sam frowned.
“Astaroth.” Sam called and the Grand Duke of Hell appeared.
“I just got a call for help from Castiel, the angel who was meant to protect Deyn's Grace. He hid what had happened from the angels and is now in trouble. Go to him.” Samael commanded and Astaroth bowed.
“He's here.” Sam touched Astaroth's helmet, transferring the knowledge.
“Be careful.”
“Always my Prince.” With that Astaroth vanished.
“Astaroth will help Castiel.” Sam told Dean who nodded, he didn't want anyone to go through what he had, especially such a young angel who had only helped them.
“Guess we need to start searching then.” Dean answered, straightening up. Sam nodded and they began walking.
“You can't just send us to the `zone' or whatever?”
“I could but this is the.....foyer so to say. It's more polite to enter through here and then go where you want. Plus anyone in those zones will sense our arrival if we just appear there and we have a better chance of finding him if he isn't spooked by our arrival.” Sam explained as they walked, reaching out to take Dean's hand.
“Dean....whatever you see, there's nothing you can do.” Sam warned and Dean nodded and then regretted agreeing to do nothing. Both his angelic heritage and his hunter training screamed in protest at the sight of human souls being tortured. Sam squeezed his hand and Dean clung to him before straitening, knowing they could not show any weakness in such a place. Sam shot him a brief smile before squaring his shoulders and walking through the racks, Dean following him.
“Welcome home my Prince.” A silky voice called out and Sam turned to see Alistair approaching.
“Alistair.” Samael greeted.
“Can I do anything for you? Ah...bringing me an angel to torture?” Alistair grinned as he stared at Dean who stiffened.
“I know you heard the decree marking Dean as off limits so stop taunting him Alistair.” The or else was silent but the torturer got the message and backed off. While he did not like the Prince he knew better than to test himself against him.
“Go back to I am capable of showing Dean around myself.” Sam ordered and Alistair backed away reluctantly. Sam started walking again and Dean stayed close, forcing himself to not look around as they walked between the racks. It was a relief to pass through a silvery wall and emerge in a barren wasteland.
“Well this is cheerful.” Dean commented and Samael chuckled softly.
“It's not meant to be Dean. But yeah, this is pretty bad. Come on, we better get searching.”
Astaroth blinked as he found himself in mid-air, between Heaven and Earth. He looked around and then dove after the falling figure, getting below it and then opening his arms to catch the smaller figure. He let them drop a few feet further to absorb the impact and then stopped. He studied the young angel in his arms and felt a flash of rage at what had been done to him. One wing had been crippled, perhaps permanently, limiting his power and making him unable to stop his own fall. No wonder he had called out for Samael. Pain filled blue eyes slowly opened and then focused on him, filling with fear.
“It's alright young one, Samael sent me to help you. Rest, you are safe now.” Astaroth murmured and Castiel passed out again. Astaroth took them to earth, not wanting to risk forcing Castiel's body to adjust to hell when he was in such bad condition. It was easy to cloud the mortal's minds and get a room in an upscale hotel. He laid Castiel on the bed and then set about tending to the angels wounds. Wing wounds were very tricky but this was not the first time Astaroth had tended one. He gently straightened the appendage out, wincing in sympathy when Castiel moaned even while unconscious. He cleaned the wounds and then bound the wing tightly, hoping it would heal cleanly. Castiel groaned and then his eyes slowly opened.
“Who? Where?” Castiel moaned and Astaroth removed his helmet, knowing Castiel was scared and that he would look a lot less intimidating without it.
“You are safe Castiel. We are on earth as I did not want to put your body through the trip to hell while you are injured.” He explained and Castiel stared at him before his eyes went wide.
“Astaroth.” Castiel whispered in shock and he nodded.
“Samael sent me to you when he heard your call. I found you falling at a rather alarming speed towards earth. We are in a human hotel at the moment until you have recovered enough to withstand the trip. I have set up wards so there is no fear of heaven finding us.” Astaroth explained and Castiel just stared up at him.
“Rest Castiel, I will not allow any harm to come to you.” Astaroth assured him, seeing that the angel was fighting unconsciousness again.
“This place is really creepy.” Dean whispered and Sam nodded. The wasteland was just that, a wasteland. The sky was overcast and drab, the ground nothing but barren stone with small withered looking trees scattered about. Every now and then they came across a demon or two, even human souls that were still turning but so far there was no sign of John. Sam paused for a while, his eyes going unfocused and Dean realised someone was contacting him mentally. Dean waited patiently until Sam refocused.
“Astaroth got to Castiel in time. He's badly wounded though, they crippled a wing, Astaroth isn't sure whether it'll heal fully or not. He's keeping him on earth until he's well enough to travel.” Sam explained and Dean smiled in relief.
“That's good. Poor Castiel though, he was just trying to help us.” Dean said and Sam nodded, Michael's actions in the last few centuries were making it easier and easier for Sam to get behind the war.
They spent another day searching the wasteland but came up empty. A few of the demons had willingly talked to them once they'd realised who Samael was. None of them had seen John at all.
“Want to take a break or keep searching?” Sam asked and Dean looked at him.
“Not like I really need sleep anymore now that I'm an angel again. But you do so we can stop if you want.” Dean said and Sam nodded.
“On to the desert then.” He led the way and they passed through another silvery wall.
“Okay I'm not sure which is more depressing now.” Dean grumbled as they came out upon what looked like the Sahara, except hotter and somehow....sandier. There was no sun in sight and yet Dean could have sworn he felt it shining down on him oppressively. Dean fanned himself with a hand and then Sam grinned at him.
“What?” He asked and then watched as Sam's wings appeared, moving slowly to fan him. Dean grinned back and his wings appeared, fanning him gently.
“Brilliant Sammy.” Dean told him and Sam smiled.
“Not my first time here.” Sam told him and Dean nodded.
He watched the two winged beings from his hiding place, snarling softly at their appearance. How dare demons take the forms of his sons and change them like that. But there could only be one reason for it, to lure him out. Well it wasn't going to work; he was not going back to the racks. He gathered himself and then bolted, running as fast as he could across the shifting sands. He swore as he heard footsteps behind him, pushing himself faster. He screamed as he slammed into something and then arms were wrapping around him, holding him still as he fought.
Sam held John firmly but as gently as he could as the partially demonic soul fought and screamed in his arms. Dean caught up and stared in shock at what they're mortal father had been reduced to. Dean moved closer, dodging a flailing arm as he gently grasped John's face.
“Dad it's okay. Look at me, come on focus on me.” Dean urged and wild cat slit almost black eyes focused on him. Dean had hidden his wings so he looked like he had when John had last seen him.
“It's alright, you're safe now.” Dean soothed as John slowly went limp in Sam's arms.
“Let me go! I won't go back to the racks, I won't!” John snarled and Dean sighed. He pulled up a small amount of his angelic nature, not enough to hurt John but hopefully enough to sooth him. Once he felt the power surge through him he gently let it flow into John who stiffened and then slowly relaxed. Dean watched as the colour of John's eyes lightened a bit, looking more human.
“It's okay Dad.” Dean whispered and John whimpered.
“You're not Dean.” He spat weakly and Dean sighed.
“Can we get him out of here Sam?” Dean asked and John twisted his head back so he could see the one holding him. Gentle hazel eyes gazed back down at him.
“Yeah, let's go.” Sam answered and Dean moved to grasp Sam's arm. In a second they were inside a suite of rooms and Sam was guiding John over to the bed, laying him down on it since he was still a bit too relaxed from what Dean had done.
“Where are we?” Dean asked and Sam smiled.
“The rooms you could have taken if you hadn't wanted to stay with me.” Sam explained softly. He sat on the edge of the bed and Dean took the other side. John stared up at them, dazed and confused. Sam could feel the darkness that had partially consumed John and it pained him but at least it meant John was safe with them.
“Hey Dad, how are you feeling?” Sam asked.
“Who are you? What do you want from me?” John demanded and Sam sighed.
“Dad it's us.” Dean told him and John snarled.
“Nice try demon.”
“Look who's talking Dad. You're not exactly human anymore. And neither of us are demons.” Dean answered and John frowned.
“It's a long story Dad but you need to hear it. But before that you need to know we both love you.” Sam said, reaching down to take John's hand.
“Will you listen Dad?” Dean asked, grasping John's other hand and pleading with his eyes.
John stared up at them. Could it be true? Could these really be his sons? He knew a lot of his memories were gone or even really fuzzy but he had clung to memories of his boys. These two...they acted like he remembered his sons acting but was his memory reliable? Was it just a trick? But why? John knew he was losing himself; he'd started turning demon the day he'd broken so why do this?
“Please Dad.” Dean whispered and John nodded.