Tales Of Eternia Fan Fiction ❯ Because I'm Needed ❯ Chapter 1

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Ok guys, here it is, my Tales of Symphonia fanfic!! This is actually the first story I ever wrote so go easy on me ok? Yes it does have an OC in it, and hopefully you will grow to like her as the story goes on, so please read with an open mind, as I know that there are many people out there who aren't keen on fics with OCs in them. This story will focus mainly on my OC, Zelos and a little on Sheena. And yes, to all those sheelos fans out there, there will be some romance later on! But only if you read and review! Mwa ha ha ha ha!!! Ok, ok, I'm done now lol.
There will be some Zelos and game plot spoilers later on in the story so you have been warned!! Now read and enjoy people!
Disclaimer: I'll probably only do one or two of these so listen up, I don't own Tales of Symphonia or any of its characters or locations, they all belong to Namco. I only own my OC, she is mine and mine alone! ^_^
Chapter 1
A lone shadow looked down upon the trail leading to the Foogi Mountains from Meltokio. From her camp she had an excellent view of the grand Tethe'alla Bridge and of the sun setting behind the ocean that lay beyond. A gentle breeze played with the golden hairs which had escaped the plait she had confined them to earlier that day, blowing them across her face. She sighed and pushed them away impatiently. It had been a long day.
The sky was now stained blood red, streaked with gold, yet there was still no sign of those she waited for.
`Where are they?' she thought, `they should have come this way by now…'
Once again, her hand found the scarlet jewel which lay in the hollow of her throat, perhaps for the sixth time that hour. It was glowing faintly and felt warm against her cold hand. No matter how many times she questioned it, its answer was always the same: wait, they will come. Her annoyance with the little gem only deepened when she realised it was chiding her for asking the same question over and over again.
The sound of beating wings brought her back to reality, as she instinctively reached for her bow. Drawing an arrow from the quiver on her hip, she searched the darkening skies, her ruby eyes darting back and forth. Suddenly a piercing screech echoed throughout the mountains as she was knocked to the ground. The winged dragon circled above, then dove at her again, claws outstretched. Cursing, she rolled out of its reach and whipped away the blood which was oozing from a cut in her knee. The damn dragon was too close! Her arrows were no use at such close range! Desperate, she threw an arrow at the dragon in a feeble attempt to prevent it from coming any closer, but the arrow clattered harmlessly to the ground. The dragon's eyes flashed, delighted by the helplessness of it's prey. It unleashed a current of air that slammed the defenceless girl into the cliff, nearly knocking her senseless.
`This is it' she thought, `I'll never be able to help them now…'
Her crystal started to glow brightly, spilling crimson light across the ground towards the dragon.
`It's all over…'
She braced herself for the final blow… but it never came. Slowly, she opened her eyes to find the dragon, paralyzed before her, drenched in the red light.
Suddenly a pillar of flame fell from the sky and exploded around the dragon. Screaming in agony, it burst into flame and vanished, leaving nothing but a pile of ashes. Shock kept her frozen where she knelt, unable to move.
“Hey, are you ok?!”
A young boy was standing on the rock ledge above her, concern flashing through his violet-blue eyes. He looked about 12 years old, with white hair and had a kendama in his hand.
“Lloyd, over here, I think she's hurt!”
She felt dizzy as the ground rushed up to meet her. The last thing she remembered was her crystal glowing faintly, and then everything went black.
End Chapter
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