Tales Of Eternia Fan Fiction ❯ Because I'm Needed ❯ Chapter 2

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Hello again! Here's chapter 2, and it's much longer like I promised! Enjoy!
Chapter 2
Demonic eyes flashing in the night…
I was waiting…
…a piercing screech…
…there is something I must do…
…beating wings…
…to help them…
…crimson light, flowing like blood…
…I am needed…
…an explosion, fierce, burning…
…that's why I'm here…
She woke up drenched in sweat, the remnants of the nightmare clawing at her mind and making her shiver despite the fire that crackled nearby. Immediately she flinched away, fiery explosions danced before her eyes. She could still see the dragon's flesh burning in her dream; she had been so close to it at the time… Of course, the dragon! She was about to be killed by it. Carefully she sat up, only to flinch again when she felt a sharp pain stab through her back.
`Must have happened when it sent me crashing into the cliff', she thought angrily, `stupid creature!'
Biting her lip so as to shout out, she examined the rest of her body. A few cuts and bruises, and a bandage wrapped around her knee, nothing serious. Where on earth was she? Her ruby eyes flashed in the darkness. Looking around, she found herself in make-shift camp in a sheltered area not far from the Foogi Mountains. A loud snore brought her attention to the dark lumps surrounding the fire, eight in all. Quietly, she got up and limped towards the nearest sleeping bag. A young boy was snoring softly, although it was hard to tell in the darkness, even with her enhanced vision, she could tell he had white hair… Yes, this was the boy who saved her with that powerful magic attack. Smiling to herself, she shook her head. Hard to believe that anyone that young could have possibly cast such advanced magic. His group must have brought her here to heal.
Panic gripped her heart as she hastily checked her throat, but the crystal was still there. Relief seeped through her; they hadn't taken it so they couldn't be bandits.
`I have to get out of here; I have a job to do…'
She began to silently pick her way around the numerous obstacles scattered throughout the camp when, once again, the crystal began to glow faintly. No, it said, you are meant to be here…
`Here? You mean these are the people I've been waiting for? But they saved me!'
Yes…, it answered with a knowing sparkle. It was mocking her again. She let out an exasperated sigh, deciding to ignore it. Stupid crystal. She was supposed to be bonded with it yet it always kept her in the dark, and chided her for her uncertainty. But still, how embarrassing to be rescued by those she was sent to help! Her ancestors would be ashamed! She attempted to focus her thoughts but it was no good, her concentration had abandoned her, and she tripped and fell onto another unsuspecting sleeper.
“ARRGH!!! Zelos you pervert! If that's you trying to feel my bum in the dark again, I'm gonna kill you!!!”
Cursing her clumsiness, she rolled out of the other girl's reach into the shadows, as she tried to kick whoever `Zelos' was.
“Hey, hey! This face needs it's beauty sleep in order to stay beautiful ya know!”
“Zelos! Where you over here just now?!”
“Sheena, I haven't moved all night. Now do you mind keeping it down my demonic banshee?”
“For the last time, don't call me that!”
Their shouting match succeeded in waking up the entire camp. From her crouched position, she saw that there were four girls and four guys in the group, all looking around worriedly for the one who'd caused the disturbance. She knew it was only a matter of time before they noticed her sleeping bag was empty. However she needn't have worried about how to reveal herself without looking like an enemy, because at that moment her injured knee decided to give way, and she fell to the ground with a startled cry. All eyes turned on her as she struggled to get up again.
“Hey, look who's up!”
She turned to see the young warlock smiling at her.
“We were really worried about you, you were hurt pretty bad!”
“Raine healed most of your wounds though, so you should be alright”, said a blonde girl who looked about the same age as herself.
A woman with white hair got up and examined her knee. She must be Raine…
“You sustained quite a deep injury on your knee, since you don't have an exsphere I'm afraid I couldn't heal it completely. You shouldn't try to walk on it so soon.”
“You… you're the one who saved me from that dragon”, she said to the boy.
He blushed, “Well, yeah… I couldn't you just leave you there, you were about to die!”
“What I don't understand is why there was a winged dragon so far down the mountains… they usually stay near the peaks where they can hunt flying prey”, a young girl with pink hair said. Her icy blue eyes betrayed no emotion. “Is there any reason a dragon would be attracted to you?”
She remained silent; they couldn't know the truth, not yet. It was too early.
“You must be cold, come closer to the fire”, invited a boy with brown hair, a little older than her perhaps.
With the help of Raine, she moved closer to the dancing flames, until she was fully in the light. She heard several sharp intakes of breath, and knew what was coming…
“Your eyes!” exclaimed Zelos, “I've never seen a human, elf or half-elf with eyes like that…”
“Who exactly are you?” demanded Raine, “Where do you come from? Why were you travelling alone through a land filled with monsters?”
“Don't push her so hard, she's been through a lot!” yelled Sheena.
Her eyes had always been the cause of trouble… they were too different. People automatically associated red eyed with demons and evil. Such was to be expected in these dangerous times. She sighed. These were the people she was sent to find and now she owed them her life, but they wanted an explanation she couldn't give. No… she mustn't, it's too hard! They'd never accept her if she revealed too much now. Often on her journey she had wondered what she would say to them when she finally found them, how she could get them to trust her. She had to admit, she kept putting off thinking about it, hoping she had more time, and now the time had come she had nothing prepared, nothing to hide behind. Suddenly she felt very lost and vulnerable. She clutched the crystal at her throat, so as to hide any tell tale glow.
“My name is Taimat”
“That's a pretty unusual name”, said the brown haired boy.
“Well I'm a pretty unusual person.”
“I think we've figured that out already”, said a man with blue hair, whose wrists were bound by steel handcuffs.
“I don't come from around here”, she said, “I used to live in a small village, hidden in the mountains. It was very secluded, cut off from the rest of the world. No one outside the village knew we existed…
Taimat's eyes glazed over as she stared into the distance, memories flooded through her. Scenes of pain and sorrow flashed before her eyes.
“But several years ago, a disaster wiped us out, destroyed our homes. I was the only survivor. With no home to return to, I… I went on a journey. There was something I had to do.”
“That's so sad…” the blonde girl whispered.
“But what exactly brought you to this region of Tethe'alla? It must have been rather urgent for you to brave the monsters here alone.”
It was Raine who asked the question. She seemed the most suspicious and wary member of the group. It was only natural for her to cautious. Taimat made her gaze meet Raine's piercing blue one, her lips curving to form a small smile.
“Because I'm needed.”
She turned to face the rest of the group.
“Tell me; is it true that Tethe'allan Chosen of Mana travels with you?”
The red-headed swordsman sweat dropped and sank to his knees, “Noooooooo, this can't be happening! Not another hunny who doesn't know me!”
“You're pathetic, you know that right?” Sheena sighed.
Shooting Sheena one of his winning smiles, Zelos got up and sauntered over to Taimat, “I, the great, handsome and sexy Zelos Wilder, am the Chosen of Tethe'alla. How can I help you my ruby-eyed beauty?”
“Its nothing, I was just wondering if the stories I've heard were true.”
“Oh, which stories are these?”
“Just stories…” she said playfully.
Zelos raised an eyebrow in what she assumed he thought was an alluring manner. The Chosen seemed just as big a philanderer as she'd heard. She couldn't see the attraction herself. Sure, he was good looking enough, but the guy was wearing pink! To be honest, when she first saw him she had mistaken him for a girl… until she heard him speak of course. She let the barriers around her mind fall and felt her conscience flow out, briefly touching Zelos's mind. She recoiled at once. Zelos's mind had barriers around it as cold as ice.
`He may act like laid back on the outside, but he's definitely hiding something.'
Was it just her imagination, or did she just see Sheena glaring at her accusingly?
“So what are your plans now?” asked the young magic user.
“If it's alright with everyone, I'd like to join your group and travel with you. Its dangerous travelling alone and I want to help you fight, to repay you for saving my life.”
“I'm not sure that's such a good idea” said Raine, “we are on a journey of world regeneration and its dangerous even for those who have exspheres.”
“I don't need an exosphere, I have this.”
She revealed her crystal, now glowing again. Intrigued, they all gathered around her to get a closer look. Naturally, Raine insisted on examining it thoroughly.
“Fascinating… at first glance it resembles a cruxis crystal but when you look closer it has a completely different structure. What exactly is it?”
Taimat shook her head. “That doesn't matter; it's a treasure that's been passed down in my family. It works a lot like an exsphere as it enhances the wearer's abilities. The only difference is that it isn't made from a human life…”
“You seem to know an awful lot for someone who's lived most of her live in a secluded village” said Zelos.
“I've travelled a lot these past few years, and heard many things, what do you expect?”
The blonde girl and young boy turned to the older boy. Taimat realised he must be the leader of the group.
“Please Lloyd, let her come!”
“She had nowhere else to go!”
“Ok, ok. You're welcome to come with us if you want. I'm Lloyd. The others are Colette, Genis, Presea, and Regal.”
“Oh, I'm so glad we get to travel together! I hope we can be good friends!” cheered the newly identified Colette.
“Alright! A new hunny for me to love!” A comment which earned both Tai and Zelos another scathing glare from a certain summoner.
“Just to make it official, welcome to the group Taimat!” said Genis.
“Thank you. You can call me Tai.”
Dawn was approaching, streaks of pink and orange mingled with the inky blue-black of the retreating night sky. Lloyd and Regal agreed it would be best to move away from the area as soon as possible, in case another dragon was flying low. Tai knew she would have to be more careful when allowing her mind to wander in future; she couldn't risk putting them in danger again. She eyed Zelos warily.
`It must be him…None of the others feel so cold.'
As they departed, Lloyd leading the way and Colette chatting away about how great it was to have another blonde in the group; Raine lingered behind, glaring at Tiamat's back.
“I swear, they are all way too soft hearted for their own good! She could be anyone…”
End chapter
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