Tales Of Symphonia Fan Fiction / Sonic Series Fan Fiction ❯ TAILS OF SYMPHONIA ❯ A New World Pt 1 ( Chapter 3 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Cosmo worried now that her youngest chilled and husband as well as Lunar now gone to who knows where Star worried she should have waited to tell Miles but she then realized he is not a baby and took it rather well. "You go on your date Iíll stay with Cosmo" Star hugged Cosmo and left.
Back at he house of Shadow and Cream "thatís just great they get sucked in a portal" Shadow said quite worried "the only one that know about inter dimensional transporting is the Doctor" "you donít mean Dr Eggman?" "Sorry son but yes if we ever wan tot get them back we need to see the Ďgoodí Doctor" "Cream contact Amy and Sonic maybe she could be of help" "be careful" she said as she hugged her husband "weíll wait here" said Gust "yeah we are not on good terms with him" said Faith quit being babies Iím sure you could just say sorry to him for what ever you did" "we tossed a car after provoking him to chase us to the school" said Gust shamefully "and if you say C.T. is the cause just tell him that" *sigh* said Faith Shadow pulls out a chaos emerald "Chaos Control!" everyone is gone.
Eggmanís base he is a bit skinnier with a bit of hair as a robot changes his bandages "damn Prowler kids setting me up to kill a teacher let them do their own dirty work!" he muttered as the egg pawn cleaned the dressing. Just then a flash of green light appeared Shadow along side the twins and his own kids "Doctor we need you help!" "pah I though you would be busy teaching those kids some respect!" my dad and brother were sucked into a portal Faith said tears in her eyes a Gust wrapped his arm around her "I was forced to set you up C.T. made us!"
"Hmm by made you mean he paid you" "were really sorry we only wanted to hurt the teacher not you." "Very well now tell me what you know." Eggman had a change of heart. Thunder tells them everything "I see" he then pushes a button showing the world there is another world the only way to enter it is forcing the portal open" "how do we do that" Shadow said crossing. "Well you need a large amount of power like the eclipse cannon fire it at the spot unless they find the portal in the other worlds they will be stuck forever!" Gust and Faith embrace each other tears in each otherís eyes.
"Are you mad why donít you just say destroy the Mystic Ruins" barked Shadow "hahaha that would not be as much fun" Shadow annoyed pulls out his gun and cocks it "you want fun ok" he shoots in the air a few times stop youíll destroy my home!!" "then you better cut the crap and help us get them back!" "very well take this" he hands them a device detecting the energy where you could easily enter it thru they all leave.
Luna now married and 7 ½ months pregnant with Lunarís children arrives at Cosmoís not worried she sits down putting her feet on the coffee table "Amy told me everything I know there all right I have a strong feeling" those words gave her some relief when Sonic showed up "well I figured you need my help" "does Molly even know" "like she cares what he does she knows he always comes thru regardless" "why was C.T. with Lunar anyway" asked Cosmo "well he was helping Lunar with the baby shopping since C.T. knows a bit more than most people he was helping out too." Luna said as Ivory looked on.
Sylvarant the quartette exits the portal all crashing one each other Miles fell on his dad C.T. on Lunarís tail "everyone ok" asked CT of course Lunar baked get off my tail! And knocked him off with force C.T. got up and helped him up "your welcome!"
Miles looking around a bit nervous clinging to his dad "I donít thing were in Kansas any more Toto" C.T. said "very funny" barked Lunar a small chilled saw them and rant into the village "well Iím the diplomat so let me do the talking" "thatís what were afraid of" said Tails.
Lloyd relaxing with Collette and Genis along side Zelos Sheen in Mizuho now located where the Palmacosta Ranch once stood Persea with Regal over looking the reconstruction of Palmacosta "Lloyd monsters come quick" the child said as he ran off "get Regal here as well as Sheena we need al the help we can get" (they will and then some) "hey who knows what kind of trouble were in I donít want to loosed my pretty face!" said Zelos all chicken "your horrible" hissed Genis "who asked you brat?" "Zelos can look after me" said Collette "just be careful" Lloyd kissed her and left with Genis as they were leaving Regal showed up "Sheena is on her way" they all head outside met by a wolf/fox and 2 other foxes with 2 tails each along side a Ďhumaní "what the hell are you" Lloyd asked "a diplomat" said C.T. Lunar drew his sword "I donít think a diplomatic way is with these folks" "youíre a diplomat ha I bet itís a trap set by the Desians!" said Lloyd "Lloyd I doubt they were sent by Desians" said Genis "nowís not the time shoot now ask questions later"
"Your right there is a diplomatic solution to this how bout I make my foot the ambassador to your ass!" said Lunar "Miles go and hide this donít look good" "promise me youíll be ok I will they hug as Miles files off"
Genis swings his kedama at CT hitting him in the mouth he just smiled flashing a grill "you throw like a bitch!" he swing it again on C.T. grabs it in his mouth growling as Genis pulls trying to free it his mouth bleeding Lloyd now ready starts swinging his swords at Lunar only missing Lunar was too powerful "is this all you got child" Lloyd now annoyed "Beast!" Lunar counters "ha I bet you mother has better chance at a real sword fight!" Lloyd now pissed "donít ever speak about my parents you filthy beast!" "awwww did I hurt your feeling are you going to throw you diapers at me?" Lloyd now furious get one good slice across his face Lunar tuner around revealing his metal side growling "oh shit" Lloyd now shocked as his radar covers his red eye.
C.T. grabs the kedama puts it in his hands and crushes it as Genis is shocked he pulls out another on "Thunder Blade!" no one is affected "you want to play ruff ok" said Lunar "C.T. you ready" "itís morphing time!" they pull out their Chaos Morphers
and are now more powerful. Just then Regal shows up "I have no need to fight but so be it" Tails looking at him "Eagle Dive" Tails quickly gets out of the way and gives him a raging uppercut and a round house kick to no avail "ha you are a weak little fox" Tails now annoyed "White Fox Thunder!" the blast shocked Regal who counters with his Ultra Uuber Blast of Doom Raine shows up with her staff "Root of Creation grant us the breath of light revitalize!" every one now healed. "Meteor Storm" Genis yelled to no avail as meteors came from the sky not affecting C.T. "where the hell is Sheena" hissed Lloyd as a puff of smoke appeared and the summoner appeared as does Persea. "Chances of victory 1%" as she swings her mighty ax Lunar swign his sowrd shattering the ax leaving Persea helpless as Genis swings his kedama only to have it break in the jaws of the great wolf/fox.
Genis gets out his 3rd and final kedama as Persea escapes time to make you pay "Wind Blade!" C.T. teleports away Genis now confused as C.T. taps his shoulder Genis turns around only to get punched in the face he flies back hitting a tree CT pushed a button making him self as big a Eggman gives the thumbs down and starts jumping up and down so hard the grounds he runs back and fourth and sits on the poor half elf his lasts words are "sis!" he gets up and turns to normal "I summon the envoy from the dark abyss come forth Shadow!" Sheena summons the spirit of darkness "Crumble" but nothing happens "shit these guys are tuff!" Tails sees his chance he points tot eh sky Regal look and get kicked in the ball hard he falls down in pain as Tails Unleashes "Fox Wind" knocking the Duke out cold Lunar sees the chance with his radar and slices Lloydís swords up "you bastard!"
Aww did I break the babies toy! Raine swings her staff only to have it cut up like fire wood Sheena staring C.T. down "you wouldnít hit a lady would you?" "I donít see one sorry Chaos Blast!!" "we surrender we failed" said Lloyd everyone stops fighting Lunar and C.T. power down as Miles comes flying in to his dadís arms.
"Are you stop fighting" "yes only letís resolve this diplomatically" Lunar shining his boot "no" Lunar gives him a stare "well I am the goodwill ambassador" I come in peace he flashes the crazy click symbol with his hands like a gang sign "Resurrection!" reviving Genis and Regal "Lunar tell them what happened" they all sit down talking it over "so a new world does exist where animals live with humans" said Raine fascinating I must visit!" "there she goes again" said Genis "Genis shut up!" She hissed
"Your more than welcome to stay in Iselia" said Raine mainly to study the animals Lunar raises up putting on his fur covering up his metal faceplate "why do you wear that anyway" asked Lloyd "Lloyd thatís a terrible thing to ask apologize to Lunar now!" barked Raine. "Itís ok I was badly wounded in a war some time ago I lost my eye part of my face and a 1/3 of my brain." "Gee Lloyd he has only 2/3 of a brain and is smarter than you." "Shut it!" "That part was replaced by a computer I can act normal with it and my memories are intact." Raineís eyes ligh tup ohh I must study you Lunar raised his sword "study me and youíll be able to see your own insides!" she looks at Tails and Miles "donít even thing about it" hissed Miles Raine is all sad now hey you want to study something study this C.T. tossed her his morpher she is all excited. She pushed it and is now in a white outfit with black gloves and boots "what happened to me?" "Calm down" he pushed the buttons it came off and she was normal again. "My your strong" "feel my left arm at the elbow" she does "itís cold and feels like metal" "thatís because it is my arms was ripped off and reattached the damage was so great they had to add metal to hold it together" "my oh my!" "you people must be tired may I fix you dinner?" "if you want to live I advise you donít" "shut up Genis" barked Raine "trust me cooking wonít kill us besides Lunarís radar can tell" Lunar growled. "Relax your keeping us alive" "humph." "Well you can stay with us if you like since finding out this world wonít be a cake walk" said Raine "first things first Lloyd Iím sorry for the things I said but during a duel talking smack to confuse you opponent is the best way to mix up his mind" I understand and Iím sorry for not talking it over diplomatically as well as calling you a filthy animal" they shake hands. "Thomas sorry for smashing that kedama in you face" "no problem thatís nothing sorry for crushing you and you kedamaísí they shake hand and make up.
"Tails, Regal you plan to make up" "well I guess so he didnít really want to fight" neither did I he has people to protect so do I itís just instincts." "I see no problem work better for peaceful worlds I once failed to protect the one I loved now I protect everyone." "I know how you feel I made the same mistake." Looks like Tails and Regal are off to a good start. Sheen and Persea both feel dumb for not thinking about the problem Collette was willing to talk it out and Zelos well letís just say as long as Tetheíalla is safe who cares. Inside Raine and Genisís house now rebuilt Tails and Lunar get the second bed not that big but Lunar is able to fit all that training to fit in small spaces seems to pay off Tails curled up on the edge like a house cat even though heís 5í9 he can still curl up.
C.T. on the couch reading a book on the ancient year war Raine offers him a blanket as he adjusts the light "you really had it hard huh?" Raine has a slight crush even though he has on his ring but more on that later "night boys." Miles comes out "mind if I stay with you" "go ahead but thereís not much just his book on some guy named Mithos Yggdrasill" Miles gets on the couch (awwwwww) C.T.. is lying on he lies next to him he grabs his arm and wraps it around him before kissing his cheek (awwwwww) A/N: damn you Vicoden!!!!
"You think Star will ever be with me?" "all depends, she is a very independent woman" I remember how I met her she was almost jumped by Hilary Duffís body guards I stepped in and took a knife in the leg she wasnít too pleased I saved her ass but she lightened up when she saw you." "Really" "yeah your smart with some decent looks and a good personality."
"Why are you wearing your armor itís so hard and cold" let me show you something he gets up removes his shirt and bullet proof vest as well as his undershirt "see these" he never noticed the scars the bullets left only the tattoos somewhat covering them up as well as the muscles and scar where the chip that keeps his legs functioning Miles is shocked.
"So thatís why you were badly hurt" he puts on his armor and shirt " yeah I enjoy life and not really care but the truth is I want to enjoy life while I can now one lives forever. Lunar thinks I am careless but I am really living life to the fullest." Miles is amazed at that remark Lunar over herd him but said nothing of it "well Iím heading to sleep if you like you can finish the book just leave the mark in itís place." He falls asleep Miles puts his arm around him again and starts reading from page one.
Morning comes Miles waking up shaking C.T. trying to wake him up "day light day light!" "dad killing cops is fun defend that guy your a lawyer zzzzzzz" "come on itís morning!" "tell his family to kiss my ass!" Miles gave up so he went to get Lunar and his dad waking them up was easer. "C.T. wonít wake up all he does is mumble about killing cops!" "Let me wake him up." Lunar grabs C.T. by the throat with his tails and shakes him violently "wake your bitch ass up!" Then drops him C.T. gets up "gee couldnít you just splash water in my face?" "That wouldnít be fun now would it." Raine comes in a sexy white lingerie wide open C.T. quickly covers Miles eyes "hey stud why donít we make a baby together I see your good with kids" "where do babies come from?" "ask you father I sure as hell donítí know" "but you have 2 kids" "and I still donít know where they come from if you dad doesnít know ask Ivory"
"You have kids?" "Yeah" "Miles you wonít like what you see donít worry I wonít tell Star" said Lunar Ct removes his hand Miles sees Raine all sexed up "oh carp Iím blind Iím blind!!! he says running off.
"Told ya heís shy of girls" Smiled Lunar as C.T. hands him 5 bucks Tails comes out pissed off looking at Raine "put some clothes on woman you almost blinded my son besides C.T. doesnít like you heís married!" everyone gasps Raine now blushing as red as a beet as she quickly runs to her room."Gee thanks a lot Tails you scared her off" "I just saved you marriage" "no you cost me a cat fight Molly would have man handled her I could have used that money to send some poor kids to college now they canít!" "Lunar back me up!" "sorry heís right" Tails now irate "Miles come on letís go out and have some fun!" they leave.
As they exit people stare a bit no one ever saw a 2 tailed fox that can walk and talk but they were kind Zelos being cocky as ever "so you kids are from another world" "well duh" hissed Miles "we got sent here but I bet for a reason" just then everyone hears some fighting and hissing Tails and Miles head outside the village Lunar and C.T. follow they see 2 katz fighting hissing and scratching as well as some meowing violently.
"Well whoís going to stop them" asked Miles Lunar reading them with his radar "hmmmm this should be fun" Lunar howls and starts barking the katz both stop and flee but Tails and Miles stop them Miles gets a nasty cut on his cheek but shocks them both Tails got cut up so bad he looks like he was in a blender Tails pulled out a heal unit and healed him self and his son. Lunar grabbed them by the scruff of their necks" you better start talking or else youíll be taken out faster than a Chinese take out!"Looks like their adventured have all ready begun what happens next wait and see.