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As the others left to investigate katz village Lunar and his young 3rd cousin go to a remote part of Iselia "don't expect me to go easy on you" he gives him a look and they begin to fight Lunar not even wearing his radar rather his instincts and reg vision even though it's all red and heat sensors he swings Miles dodges the attack and swings his sword Lunar blocks it "ha can't you do better than that?" Miles swings his sword Lunar dodges it again and swings his with such force Miles hand tingles he is now frustrated that he can barely make a swing "if you truly love star do it for her" Lunar said egging him on. Blind with love and rage he charges Lunar steps out of the way and kicks him Miles jumps and avoids the kicks flies near a tree and uses it as a spring board giving Lunar a kick to the chest that only sends him back an inch but he is impressed he pushed him as far as he did with his size. Miles swings again catching Lunar off guard and gives him another kick as well as a tail whip this time knocking the giant down Lunar fall on his ass but smiles and gets up.

"Your sneaky and dastardly I like that but you failed to finish me off!" Lunar grabs

Miles by the throat with his tail Miles turns red as teas flow from his face he starts spinning his tails around and lifting him self and lunar off the ground lunar is forced to let go Miles dives under him using a tail he give him a low blow Lunar falls to the ground in pain (can you blame him) Miles kicks the sword away Lunar lunges his tail and grabs it now using his tail as a limb he fights the young fox Lunar gets up and delivers a punch but miles avoids it with all the commotion Collette goes to investigate Collette shocked that the young fox is beign manhandled by the giant wolf/fox. "somebody do something that poor child could get hurt!" Collette says to her self.

Miles has the upper hand Collette watches in shock as Lunar grabs him and choke slams him with such force he leaves a crater in the ground Miles gets up removes his cape holds his sword in a pointing stance and charges Lunar dodges but miles counters and stabs him in the back literally lucky for Lunar the swords were both blunt Miles give Lunar a good swift kick knocking him down Lunar smiles as a sword is pointed at his throat Miles helps him up as they embrace "you did well your mother and Star should be proud Lunar and Miles are both exhausted Colette runs to him but trips Lunar caught her "ha be careful" she just looks at him she then turns to miles and hugs him "you ok sweetie?"

yeah Collette looks at Lunar "you should be ashamed of your self sparring with a small child can't you pick on some one your own size!" "Woman I was training my cousin besides he's not a child he took on Vidarr by himself so back off!!" Collette looks shocked "hehe sorry didnít know that" "I am Lunar prowler of G.U.N. this is my 3rd cousin Miles Prowler" Miles just looks at her as he dusts him self off.

"Don't worry about me the training has just begun" "we break 2 hours let your body recover this time don't hold back hand me your stones" Miles hands him the 3 stones the Wind Stone the Thunder Stone and the Leaf Stone he takes off 5 min later there on a necklace he puts it on his young cousins neck now your ready a fancy necklace with beads and the 3 stones he wears it proudly they all leave Collette holding his hand as she smiles at him he remises about Star only difference is Star was taller (those who played the game know Collette is 5'1) "where do we eat " asked Miles "who knows I only have out currency I doubt that have credit cards here" "Lila in Izoold she can loan you the money but be advised to pay her back!" "how do we get there" "southeast a small fishing port not that long just go to Triet and take the Ossa trail"

"I know a little of Triet Zelos told me" said Miles proudly. "Very well your in charge so lead the way" Miles and Lunar leave.

Meanwhile Raine in the kitchen with Regal making a cake "you add one cup of sugar" Raine does as sheís told "now add the flower" and well I ainít adding no damn recipes.

30 min later a nice cake came out "well done you have talent but you need to be shown how to use it" Raine excited "I can cook I can cook!! Now how do I get Thomas this will be great!" "you have a long way to go" "with what?" "Your cooking." "Oh carry on, oh Thomas your mine me dating a diplomat this is awesome!" "hehehe poor woman pain is love your going to need more than a healing technique to heal the broken heart." Regal says quietly

"ok get the chicken cover it in flower and fry it the oil should be boiling, get the lemons juice them add sugar or red satay to make it sweet and let it get cold."

Back at the Ossa Trail

As they cross the Ossa trail some monsters appear 2 zombies and a harpy "screw the training this is a test on the battle field!" Lunar and Miles fight Miles using his wind attacks driving the harpy down he finishes it off Lunar takes out the zombies with ease.

Well done you no longer need training with the sword however hand techniques and street fighting you need to work on me and the guys wrestle all the time" thatís horse play bedsides you only do it playfully not for real if you mother found out you were training for the WWE she would have you tied to the a pole with out you stones in a metal room good luck breaking out."

Miles growls at him Lunar growls back only with authority Miles just stand there "good the fear is somewhat gone"

They arrive in the small fishing port Izoold where they find a young girl out side sheís kinda cute (well to Miles anyway) "you Lyla?" "who wants to know give me your name and I shall give you mine" "I am Lunar Prowler of the other world I was sent here by Lloyd Irving in response to a loan" "Hmmmm a loan you say? Who is the cute one?"

"Miles Prowler" he said "you brothers or something" "cousins 3rd cousins" "ok how much you need" "100,000,000 gald Lunar then puts his pinkie finger to the side of his lip (DR. Evil)" "riiiite well since he is cute ok but donít play with my money I expect it back if something happens I wan to know who gets the tab" "Raine Sage of Iselia" Miles looked at him he whispers at him C".T. will owe me big for this" she gives him the money and leaves.

"Iím tied of this trail can you fly?" "Yeah why?" Lunar lifts up his hands "well donít just stand there fly us back" Miles files up and flies away with Lunar holding on.

After eh lands he pants and almost collapses. Collette about to pound on his chest when he gives her a hard stare "bully!" she says as she walks away "you all right" "next time lets take off our armor"

"Funny, and if you get mortally wounded I donít have any heal units and finding a way home isnít an option right now so Iíll let you decide and make up your mind."

Miles looks at him "yeah your right itís just so hard thinking and making choices at a time like this." "itís ok to make bad choices I know a I made a few" "like what?" "Well I let my own selfless ways get in my way and I paid the ultimate price why do you think I have a metal plate over my face? Why do I have a computer acting as a 1/3 of my brain? Why do I have a reader and night vision built into my left eye?" "Because of a terrible mistake I made." Tears filled his cousins eyes Luna got on one knee and wiped them away "look you will make mistakes I know you father made a huge one so donít let it get to you your in charge now remember that and remember this." Lunar handed him a pendent he opened it, it was a photograph of him mother as Cosmo the plant "who is this?" "your mother along time ago no body ever told you but along time ago you mother was killed saving the universe , more or less suicide your father revived her thatís why sheís a fox and you are limited in plat abilities." "What about Gust and Faith?" "They were born of plants if it werenít for me you or them would never be born nor C.T. and Molly be together or Ashley and Tom be born always look on the bright side of things I know I do." They embraced (awwww) "so you and my dad werenít always together?" " No but we are now and I swear nothing will ever happen."

"Why did you put me in charge?" "Because I trust you and I want to see if I was right. Now if you finished asking question lets train charge me like a credit card!"

Miles runs toward him Lunar lies on his back while tossing him a in a sacrificial throw Miles lands on his feet (who says dogs canít land on their feet) "HA YOU CAN DO BETER THAN THAT!(he was barking) Miles runs to a tree and spring boards off it spinning around ramming Lunar in the gut with his head Lunar falls back.

He then climbs up them and gives him a hurrcanranna Lunar land hard growling Miles points to the sky to distract him he falls for it Lunar like a dumb ass looks Miles drop kicks him dead in the jaw knocking him down with authority ĎOWNED!í Lunar now annoyed charges him and they start rough housing only Lunar wrapped his arm around Miles neck and started choking him out "ok you want to play hard ball how bout now he activates his radar now making it harder as her struggles to break free turning red and tear flowing again.

Lunar tightens the hold everybody comes back to see the poor fox get manhandled Zelos looks at Tails "arenít you going to help him?" "You call that hard thatís easy you should see how he trained me" Miles wraps his tails around Lunarís leg tightening the grip after a while Lunar has no choice but to let him go and remove the tails Miles uses that chance to low blow him he falls down on his knees Miles runs back and with super speed he drops kicks him so hard he crashes into a tree Miles them makes an attempt at a 619 very oddly Lunar still in the tree Miles drop kicks him again only this time he falls out unconscious Miles quickly pins him Tails runs to his side and counts 1-2-3.

Miles reaches in Lunar utility belt and removes some smelling salts and revives him yourÖ. trainingÖ. isÖcompleteÖmake the. Prowler nameÖ.proudÖ

He gets up with the aid of Tails and Miles quite groggy "well dad what did you find out?" "Well the Desians are aback were on our way to Tetheíalla to see the king since your in command you decide who goes the only person that needs to go is C.T. since he is the íAmbassadorí so you decide who goes and who stays." "Letís rest up first, I heard Raine made a marvelous dinner" C.T. now nervous "screw this Iím getting the hell outta here" "where you going" asked Tails "donít know donít care as long I get away from that crazy woman!"

"Chaos Control!" he disappears in a flash of light (if you must know he was in hiding in suspended animation till the close was clear) "oh well let him starve more for us" said Zelos.

"Hehehe" said Lunar "Iím quite impressed he is not committing adultery he and Molly are truly soul-mates."

They all head to Raines place Raine dress up in her ĎGlamorous Beautyí outfit (tan leather boots up to the knee white short dress and black coat hereís a pic (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v322/symphonia_tales/Raine/raine-formal. jpg)

"Oh where is that diplomat at" "heís"ÖMiles said Lunar conked him on the head "taking a stroll" "well letís eat forget about him." Lunar said boasting Raine gave him a look. "Well sis you finally did it" Raine overjoyed put her brother in a bear hug as he mumbles (now I see why he took off) "ok who wants to help me clean up" everybody left except Miles he volunteered (bad idea)

"Iíll help miles smiled" "ooo your so sweet Raine kissed his cheek "they start to clean the table every one else in the forest Lunar teleported them there (good idea) C.T. appears out of nowhere Lunar tossed him a piece of chicken "is she gone" "yes" Tails just standing there "I swear (you will hate me for this part) I want to rip creamís head off for showing the kids some manners!" "you rather me show them how to cuss or Shadow how to use a gun?" "why bother Lunar can do that Sonic can teach them to be cocky and you can show them how to act diplomatic."

Back at Raineís after they finished Miles in her lap his armor removes wearing reg clothes as she holds him they talk (btw heís at least 6-7 in this fic)

"You think thereís a chance Iíll be with him" Miles looks at here "I doubt it heís married sorry, also he likes to swim and binge drink he had a party in the jungle one and it got trashed and everybody got sick I wasnít born but I saw the video the reporter that taped it got bitch slapped!"

Raine turned white as a ghost "was it something I said?" "no what also does he do?" "he takes happy pills called Vicoden he acts all funny after popping them."

He falls asleep in her arms as she holds him.

A/N well here is what happens nextÖ

C.T. :thanks a lot Mr. Big mouth!!!

Miles. :Sorry but she seems nice!

C.T.: Yeah glad I left my pills back at him do they have Opium here?

Genis: Whatís that?

Miles: A drug that makes you feel good.

Lunar: donít you dare last time he took that well I rather not say.

Thomas: He went thru withdraw and felt like crap

Miles: Look whoís a big mouth now!

Chade: you call that evil?

Miles (sobbing a bit): I want my mom!

C.T.: I am truly evil!

Thomas: I am more evil! he removes a bottle of Vicoden and is about to take it

C.T.: no donít you bastard! Please donít!

Thomas puts the Vicoden away yeah thats what I thought

C.T. leaves not too pleased

Star: I despise you!

Lunar: Iím going to kick your ass!

Zelos: hey, hey, hey canít we solve this diplomatically?

Lunar smiles

Lunar: youíre right how bout I make my foot the ambassador to your ass!

Zelos: no not the face!

Star: Excuse me while I attempt to restore my faith in humanity...

End CH well enjoy

Quote "all kinds of WRONG!" Yep just the way we like it