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Lunar with Tails cleaning away the blood and wrapping up his wound Raine showed up with C.T. still in powered form as she starts to heal the people Regal left ashamed for what he did not caring about his wounds or not.
After ward Raine saw the king with Kate he was very ill and dying Raine healed him best she could Miles with Lunar along side Tails return to Iselia the others stay behind with the king in case they return.
Lloyd with Collette as she feels the baby kicking some more "be patient little one you will be in this world soon."
Miles enters his head wrapped up with a few specks of blood seeping form the wound Collette in shock goes to him "are you ok does it hurt?" "he's fine" Lunar enters blood on his sword Collette now enraged "you heartless bastard!" she grabs her chakrams "Pow Hammer" and knocks Lunar out a window Lunar annoyed gets to his feet and draws his sword (you think Lunar will fight a pregnant woman? Well your right see this is evil!) "I have no choice to defend my self" she throws her weapons at him he dodges them and as she throws them a second time he slices them in half as they fall she is in total shock as her angle wings pop out "Judgment!" beams of light crash down he blocks them after a while she passes out muttering "you coward!" Lunar catches her she regains consciousness but in sever pain she went into labor.
Lloyd rushes out to her "you stupid dork your not in the condition to fight and it's not his fault" "ow, ow, ow, ow!!!! I think the baby's coming!!" "We need a doctor!!!" screamed Lloyd just then Eggman showed up "I'm a Doctor!" "my wife she's having a baby do something" Lunar looks at him "you have insurance?" The evil doctor said.
Narrator: what the hell are you doing here Eggman!?
Eggman: what he said she needs a doctor.
Narrator: Hey who's typing this fic any way me or you?
Eggman: You will regret this!!!
Lunar takes her inside "Miles get Raine, Tails find a doctor a medical one too! Lloyd boil some water I guess I have to deliver this baby my self!" "Have you ever did this before?" "Yes once along time ago."
"Ohh it hurts real bad!" "dammit the one time I need C.T. and his dope and he's not here.
He says "push" as she screams in pain he checks "oh crap stop pushing I can see the feet that's not good Collette if you deliver that baby you might lose him and your own life I need to do a c-section" "no save my baby please!" "this won't be pretty" he karate chops her neck and she passed out "get me the best knife you have!" "This is not good." Lloyd does as he says Lunar quickly washes his hands and cleans the knife with a thunder volt. Lloyd watch's in horror as he hold Collette's hand with one quick slice he sticks his hand into her abdomen and remove a baby he dangles him up side down and give him a good hard smack on the ass the baby lets out a loud cry " it's a boy" Lunar smiled he wraps him in a towel Lloyd runs to throw up rather than hold his own son. Lunar now covered in blood lays the child down with the mother even though she's out cold he starts to stitch her up.
Tails comes back with none other that Dr. Light and Dr. Wiley…
Lunar: you idiot not these to again!!!
Tails: Hey I got some doctors!
Narrator: get the fuck out of my fic dammit Christ must I do everything my self!!!
Dr. Light :where's our commission from Namco?
Dr. Wiley: yes we made a cameo and want to get paid
Dr. Cortex: why didn't I get a cameo?
They all leave grumbling..
Lunar looks a Tails Lloyd comes back in Lunar hands him his son as a dwarf rushes in with a gruff Scottish accent "I hope I didn't miss the birth of my grandson" you just made it, it wasn't pretty" "what my grandson?" "no your son bailed out to hurl"
Lloyd looks dumb Collette tried to move ass eh regains consciousness "unn my head and body are really sore" "don't move you need your rest" said Lunar Miles runs back inside with some opium poppies "Lunar I made these they should help" "at least somebody is good for something" well you named the child Lloyd, Collette" said Lunar as she ground the poppies into a fine powder he mixed it with water and had Collette sip it after awhile she was numb and out of it "Mithos Lunar Irving" Lloyd said proudly as Frank and Phaidra finally arrive.
Miles felt proud that he helped Lunar and aid Collette Tails felt dumb that he couldn't find a Dr but all is well Lloyd took off to find Kratos as Dirk and the other stayed behind Lunar now holding Mithos gave him to Miles as a sigh of trust "he looks like his mom" Miles smiled he then handed the baby to Frank and left to get Raine he almost forgot Lunar stayed to look over them since he was the only one who besides Raine and Ivory had medical training.
Meanwhile Faith and Ivory along their new companions walking thru Tethe'alla look for a place to rest and eat they can't seem to go back to the inn after Faith drugged the innkeeper and Yuan robbed him and well you know what he did they find a huge tree to rest under Faith remove her bag and starts to dig into it "hmm lets see" she starts pulling out canned foods (beans meat, fruits and vegetables why she can't grow them herself she was being lazy) "all right trail mix!" she smiled puling out a bag full of dried fruit nuts M&M's and other good stuff.
"What is this?" Yuan said looking at the stuff "just try it it's not poison" said Ivory Yuan did as told "not bad" "dammit I need a can opener" hissed Faith "no need" smiled Kratos as she cu the can of beans open with his sword "in your world you store food in metal containers and dry fruits and what not?" "yes" smiled Faith "ok how do you start a fire?" asked Yuan Faith pulled out a cigarette lighter and flicked it on "what kind of magic is that?" " its called a cigarette lighter" said Ivory with concern. "Cigarette?" "yes a piece of paper you smoke and die young using very unhealthy don't ask how I know I'm a Dr."
Yuan got up "I know lets go to Altamira" "heh good luck getting there you flying or what?" Said Kratos.
Yuan released his angle wings and flew there "show off" said Kratos Kratos di dth esame as Faith looks as Ivory "angles Dr. ivory angles!!" Faith never saw an angle in real life and is excited Ivory knows there is something up but rather not tell Faith yet.
"Well know what?" said Ivory looking at Faith "well I can carry you besides I can fly" Faith lifts up Ivory and has a hard time flying with her since the size is out numbering her and the weight on her bag is slowing her down "Wait! Up" she yelled Kratos turns around here hand me the bag Yuan take the cat" Ivory giving him a look "try anything funny I swear I'll scratch your eyes out!" Faith now catching up with ease as they head to the seaside island as they land Yuan let down Ivory with ease.
"This is nice like Emerald beach" Faith smiled an old man dressed like a member of high society sees Kratos. "Kratos I need you help Master Regal is badly hurt and need medical care please talk some since into him!" Faith looks shocked "Faith the time is now I need to you help me with the first aid I trust you." Faith is surprised that her mentor trusts her and with a huge job.
"Great the sinner wants to go to hell so be it" said Yuan who got a much-deserved smack up side the head by Ivory as they rush to the Lezerano Company "go to the sky deck" said the old man they do and find Regal sitting next to a grave bleeding badly "Alicia I will soon join you" he said smiling as if he wants to die. "Hey were here to help" said Faith "you can star by killing me" "Dr. Ivory do something" Ivory touches him and feels the pain of him killing his love and crime it's all to much but she successfully lifts the weight of sin a weight carried way too long. As he is healed he rises and removes the handcuffs from his back pocket he still carries them as a constant reminder "George! Alicia was killed because of you your fired!" sir please I know interfering was wrong please have mercy on me!" "Silence your interference cost her, her life Varley was much to blame as are you!" Regal now blaming George for the crime rather than himself "Alicia forgive me for not getting revenge on this old coot for sending you away" he punches George in the stomach with such force he spits up blood as he puts the cuffs on his formal servant. "Guards take this vile creature away and lock him up and don't release him till he makes his decent into hell!" Faith looked on shocked as Ivory touched her shoulder to heavily armored guards dragged him away. "Thank you, you were able to lift the weight of sin off my shoulders not even Lloyd could do that."
Regal looks at Faith "so I take it you and the others are related." "You mean Dad and Miles are here" "as is the wolf/fox" just then Lloyd on his Rheiard appears "Dad come quick Collette had our baby!!!" "heh me a grand father bout time I saw my son grow hopefully he looks like his mom rather you."
"Well let's get going" said Lloyd everybody leaves back to Iselia.
Mean while Miles rushes to get Raine as everyone is now `patched up' Zelos now being arrogant as always "hey I think my lower areas are hurt mind if I test them on you Raine?"
C.T. now looking real evil "so Zelos is Raine your girl friend? "Well she is one of many"
C.T. now acting over dramatic "Raine how could you I thought you loved me" he fakes crying and runs away.. "Thomas no he's a liar!" Raine now pissed off "Zelos you little punk ass bitch! If I cant have him I swear I'll inflict an injury so bad the gods themselves can't heal you!
"Raine, Collette had her baby come quick everybody lets go" everybody gets up slowly.
Where's C.T. at?" asked Miles "most likely heart broken" said Raine sadly Miles ran out side to a tree where he found C.T. laughing his fucking ass off Miles looks confused CT sees him "just play along and I'll make it worth your while" C.T. acts all sad Miles touches his shoulder "we need to teleport try and act tough that should work" C.T. gets up and morphs

"Lets go" everybody all wrapped up and healing "time to fly Chaos Control!"
they arrive on the out skirts of Iselia Faith is out side along side Ivory when she sees Miles.
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